Gene Symbol: OIP5
Description: Opa interacting protein 5
Alias: 5730547N13Rik, CT86, LINT-25, MIS18B, MIS18beta, hMIS18beta, protein Mis18-beta, LAP2alpha interactor-25, MIS18 kinetochore protein homolog B, cancer/testis antigen 86, opa-interacting protein 5
Species: human
Products:     OIP5

Top Publications

  1. Sayad A, Taheri M, Omrani M, Fallah H, Kholghi Oskooei V, Ghafouri Fard S. Peripheral expression of long non-coding RNAs in bipolar patients. J Affect Disord. 2019;249:169-174 pubmed publisher
    ..study, we evaluated expression levels of six apoptosis-related lncRNAs (CCAT2, TUG1, PANDA, NEAT1, FAS-AS1 and OIP5-AS1) in the peripheral blood of bipolar disorder (BD) patients and healthy subjects to assess their contribution in ..
  2. Zheng D, Wang B, Zhu X, Hu J, Sun J, Xuan J, et al. LncRNA OIP5-AS1 inhibits osteoblast differentiation of valve interstitial cells via miR-137/TWIST11 axis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    b>OIP5-AS1, a highly abundant imprinted long non-coding RNA (lncRNA), has been implicated in calcific aortic valve disease (CAVD). However, the function and underlying mechanism of OIP5-AS1 in CAVD progression remains unknown...
  3. Zheng Y, Cui Y, Yang S, Wang Y, Qiu Y, Hu W. Opa interacting protein 5 promotes metastasis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells by promoting EMT via modulation of JAK2/STAT3 signal. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2019;23:613-621 pubmed publisher
    b>Opa interacting protein 5 (OIP5), as a tumor promoter gene, has emerged as a regulator in several types of tumors. However, the role of OIP5 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) has not been reported...
  4. Sun W, Kang T, Wang Y, Sun J, Li C, Liu H, et al. Long noncoding RNA OIP5-AS1 targets Wnt-7b to affect glioma progression via modulation of miR-410. Biosci Rep. 2019;39: pubmed publisher
    The present study was undertaken to investigate the underlying mechanisms of long noncoding RNA OIP5-AS1 via regulating miR-410 to modulate Wnt-7b in the progression of glioma...
  5. Zeng H, Wang J, Chen T, Zhang K, Chen J, Wang L, et al. Downregulation of long non-coding RNA Opa interacting protein 5-antisense RNA 1 inhibits breast cancer progression by targeting sex-determining region Y-box 2 by microRNA-129-5p upregulation. Cancer Sci. 2019;110:289-302 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study investigated the role of lncRNA Opa interacting protein 5-antisense RNA 1 (OIP5-AS1) in the progression of breast cancer...
  6. Safari M, Komaki A, Arsang Jang S, Taheri M, Ghafouri Fard S. Expression Pattern of Long Non-coding RNAs in Schizophrenic Patients. Cell Mol Neurobiol. 2019;39:211-221 pubmed publisher
    ..GAS5, NEAT1 and OIP5-AS1 expressions were not significantly different between patients and controls (P = 0.523, 0.739 and 0...
  7. Rodrigues Junior D, Biassi T, Carlin V, Buri M, Torrecilhas A, Bortoluci K, et al. OIP5 Expression Sensitize Glioblastoma Cells to Lomustine Treatment. J Mol Neurosci. 2018;66:383-389 pubmed publisher
    ..Previously, our group had shown that GBM patients expressing the cancer/testis antigen Opa Interacting Protein 5 (OIP5) present a longer survival period than the OIP5-negative group...
  8. Li S, Xuan Y, Gao B, Sun X, Miao S, Lu T, et al. Identification of an eight-gene prognostic signature for lung adenocarcinoma. Cancer Manag Res. 2018;10:3383-3392 pubmed publisher
    ..In our study, we identified eight candidate genes (DLGAP5, KIF11, RAD51AP1, CCNB1, AURKA, CDC6, OIP5 and NCAPG) closely related to survival in LUAD...
  9. He J, Zhao Y, Zhao E, Wang X, Dong Z, Chen Y, et al. Cancer-testis specific gene OIP5: a downstream gene of E2F1 that promotes tumorigenesis and metastasis in glioblastoma by stabilizing E2F1 signaling. Neuro Oncol. 2018;20:1173-1184 pubmed publisher
    The cancer-testis specific gene Opa interacting protein 5 (OIP5) is reactivated in many human cancers, but its functions in glioblastoma remain unclear...

More Information


  1. Dai J, Xu L, Hu X, Han G, Jiang H, Sun H, et al. Long noncoding RNA OIP5-AS1 accelerates CDK14 expression to promote osteosarcoma tumorigenesis via targeting miR-223. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;106:1441-1447 pubmed publisher
    ..In this assay, mechanical researches are performed to investigate the effect and mechanism of lncRNA OIP5-AS1 in osteosarcoma tumorigenesis...
  2. Knyazev E, Mal tseva D, Zakharyants A, Zakharova G, Zhidkova O, Poloznikov A. Expression of microRNA Genes MIR221, MIR222, and MIR181B1 Increases during Induction of Inflammation in the Endothelial Barrier Model. Bull Exp Biol Med. 2018;164:749-752 pubmed publisher
    ..TNF?-induced activation of HUVEC was accompanied by a decrease in the expression of CDKN1B, HIST1H3D, and OIP5 genes that are the common target genes for mature microRNA encoded by MIR221, MIR222, and MIR181B1 genes, whose ..
  3. Arunkumar G, Anand S, Raksha P, Dhamodharan S, Prasanna Srinivasa Rao H, Subbiah S, et al. LncRNA OIP5-AS1 is overexpressed in undifferentiated oral tumors and integrated analysis identifies as a downstream effector of stemness-associated transcription factors. Sci Rep. 2018;8:7018 pubmed publisher
    ..LncRNA Oip5-as1 facilitates stem cell self-renewal in mouse by sponging mmu-miR-7 and modulating NANOG level, yet its role in ..
  4. Chiu H, Somvanshi S, Patel E, Chen T, Singh V, Zorman B, et al. Pan-Cancer Analysis of lncRNA Regulation Supports Their Targeting of Cancer Genes in Each Tumor Context. Cell Rep. 2018;23:297-312.e12 pubmed publisher
    ..To demonstrate proof of concept, we showed that perturbations targeting OIP5-AS1 (an inferred tumor suppressor) and TUG1 and WT1-AS (inferred onco-lncRNAs) dysregulated cancer genes and ..
  5. Zou Y, Yao S, Chen X, Liu D, Wang J, Yuan X, et al. LncRNA OIP5-AS1 regulates radioresistance by targeting DYRK1A through miR-369-3p in colorectal cancer cells. Eur J Cell Biol. 2018;97:369-378 pubmed publisher
    This study aimed to investigate the role of lncRNA OIP5-AS1 in regulating radioresistance of colorectal cancer (CRC) cells. Microarray analysis was used to screen out lncRNAs differentially expressed in radio-resistant CRC cell lines...
  6. Sánchez Muñoz F, Martinez Coronilla G, Leija Montoya A, Rieke Campoy U, Angelina Lopez Carrasco R, de Lourdes Montaño Pérez M, et al. Periodontitis may modulate long-non coding RNA expression. Arch Oral Biol. 2018;95:95-99 pubmed publisher
    ..In both disease groups, the lncRNA OIP5-AS1 expression levels were lower than levels in healthy subjects (P < 0.05)...
  7. Naemura M, Kuroki M, Tsunoda T, Arikawa N, Sawata Y, Shirasawa S, et al. The Long Noncoding RNA OIP5-AS1 Is Involved in the Regulation of Cell Proliferation. Anticancer Res. 2018;38:77-81 pubmed
    OPA-interacting protein 5 antisense transcript 1 (OIP5-AS1) is a long noncoding RNA located on human chromosome 15q15.1 and transcribed in the opposite direction to OIP5...
  8. Zealy R, Fomin M, Davila S, Makowsky D, Thigpen H, McDowell C, et al. Long noncoding RNA complementarity and target transcripts abundance. Biochim Biophys Acta Gene Regul Mech. 2018;1861:224-234 pubmed publisher
    ..that research gap, our lab investigated whether the sequence complementarity of two lncRNAs, lincRNA-p21 and OIP5-AS1, influenced the quantity of target RNA expression...
  9. Kim J, Abdelmohsen K, Yang X, De S, Grammatikakis I, Noh J, et al. LncRNA OIP5-AS1/cyrano sponges RNA-binding protein HuR. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016;44:2378-92 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, analysis of a highly abundant mammalian lncRNA, OIP5-AS1, known as cyrano in zebrafish, revealed that OIP5-AS1 reduces cell proliferation...
  10. Lennox K, Behlke M. Cellular localization of long non-coding RNAs affects silencing by RNAi more than by antisense oligonucleotides. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016;44:863-77 pubmed publisher
    ..to degradation by either ASOs or RNAi, nuclear lncRNAs (MALAT1 and NEAT1), cytoplasmic lncRNAs (DANCR and OIP5-AS1) and dual-localized lncRNAs (TUG1, CasC7 and HOTAIR) were compared for knockdown efficiency...
  11. Sugawara S, Yamada Y, Arai T, Okato A, Idichi T, Kato M, et al. Dual strands of the miR-223 duplex (miR-223-5p and miR-223-3p) inhibit cancer cell aggressiveness: targeted genes are involved in bladder cancer pathogenesis. J Hum Genet. 2018;63:657-668 pubmed publisher
    ..Among these targets, high expression of five genes (ANLN, INHBA, OIP5, CCNB1, and CDCA2) was significantly associated with poor prognosis of BC patients based on The Cancer Genome Atlas ..
  12. Kim J, Noh J, Lee S, Munk R, Sharov A, Lehrmann E, et al. LncRNA OIP5-AS1/cyrano suppresses GAK expression to control mitosis. Oncotarget. 2017;8:49409-49420 pubmed publisher
    ..We sought to identify the mechanism through which the lncRNA OIP5-AS1, which is abundant in the cytoplasm, suppressed cell proliferation...
  13. Liu X, Zheng J, Xue Y, Yu H, Gong W, Wang P, et al. PIWIL3/OIP5-AS1/miR-367-3p/CEBPA feedback loop regulates the biological behavior of glioma cells. Theranostics. 2018;8:1084-1105 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Methods: The expression of PIWIL3, piR-30188, OIP5-AS1, miR-367, CEBPA and TRAF4 were measured in glioma tissues and cells...
  14. Zhang Z, Liu F, Yang F, Liu Y. Kockdown of OIP5-AS1 expression inhibits proliferation, metastasis and EMT progress in hepatoblastoma cells through up-regulating miR-186a-5p and down-regulating ZEB1. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;101:14-23 pubmed publisher
    Long non-coding RNA OIP5-AS1 has been studied in human diseases, including several kinds of cancers. It was not studied or reported in hepatoblastoma, so we chose it to do our research in hepatoblastoma...
  15. Tarnowski M, Czerewaty M, Deskur A, Safranow K, Marlicz W, Urasinska E, et al. Expression of Cancer Testis Antigens in Colorectal Cancer: New Prognostic and Therapeutic Implications. Dis Markers. 2016;2016:1987505 pubmed publisher
    ..Results. We report that 6 out of 18 (33%) CTAs tested (MAGEA3, OIP5, TTK, PLU1, DKKL1, and FBXO39) were significantly (p < 0...
  16. Hu G, Wu L, Kuang W, Chen Y, Zhu X, Guo H, et al. Knockdown of linc-OIP5 inhibits proliferation and migration of glioma cells through down-regulation of YAP-NOTCH signaling pathway. Gene. 2017;610:24-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we investigated the expression level and biological function of linc-OIP5 in glioma...
  17. Naetar N, Hutter S, Dorner D, Dechat T, Korbei B, Gotzmann J, et al. LAP2alpha-binding protein LINT-25 is a novel chromatin-associated protein involved in cell cycle exit. J Cell Sci. 2007;120:737-47 pubmed
    ..Our data show a role of LINT-25 and LAP2alpha during cell cycle exit, in which LINT-25 acts upstream of LAP2alpha. ..
  18. Li H, Zhang J, Lee M, Yu G, Han X, Kim D. OIP5, a target of miR-15b-5p, regulates hepatocellular carcinoma growth and metastasis through the AKT/mTORC1 and ?-catenin signaling pathways. Oncotarget. 2017;8:18129-18144 pubmed publisher
    b>Opa interacting protein 5 (OIP5) is upregulated in some types of human cancers, but the biological implications of its upregulation have not yet been clarified in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)...
  19. Stellfox M, Nardi I, Knippler C, Foltz D. Differential Binding Partners of the Mis18?/? YIPPEE Domains Regulate Mis18 Complex Recruitment to Centromeres. Cell Rep. 2016;15:2127-2135 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, the Mis18 complex contains dual CENP-C recognition motifs that are combinatorially required to generate robust centromeric localization that leads to CENP-A deposition. ..
  20. Kim T, Lee S, Park Y, Park S, Oh B, Park Y, et al. Opa-interacting protein 5 modulates docetaxel-induced cell death via regulation of mitophagy in gastric cancer. Tumour Biol. 2017;39:1010428317733985 pubmed publisher
  21. He X, Hou J, Ping J, Wen D, He J. Opa interacting protein 5 acts as an oncogene in bladder cancer. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2017;143:2221-2233 pubmed publisher
    To explore the biological functions and mechanism of Opa interacting protein 5 (OIP5) in bladder cancer (BC)...
  22. Deng J, Deng H, Liu C, Liang Y, Wang S. Long non-coding RNA OIP5-AS1 functions as an oncogene in lung adenocarcinoma through targeting miR-448/Bcl-2. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;98:102-110 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the specific function of OIP5-AS1 on the progression of lung adenocarcinoma is still uncertain...
  23. Mobasheri M, Shirkoohi R, Modarressi M. Cancer/Testis OIP5 and TAF7L Genes are Up-Regulated in Breast Cancer. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2015;16:4623-8 pubmed
    ..We conducted the present study to analyze transcript changes of two cancer/testis antigens, OIP5 and TAF7L, in breast tumors and cell lines in comparison with normal breast tissues by quantitative real time RT-..
  24. Pan D, Klare K, Petrovic A, Take A, Walstein K, Singh P, et al. CDK-regulated dimerization of M18BP1 on a Mis18 hexamer is necessary for CENP-A loading. elife. 2017;6: pubmed publisher
    ..Using an improved viral 2A peptide co-expression strategy, we demonstrate that CDK1 controls Mis18 complex recruitment to centromeres by regulating oligomerization of M18BP1 through the Mis18?:Mis18? scaffold. ..
  25. Nardi I, Zasadzińska E, Stellfox M, Knippler C, Foltz D. Licensing of Centromeric Chromatin Assembly through the Mis18α-Mis18β Heterotetramer. Mol Cell. 2016;61:774-787 pubmed publisher
    ..Binding of HJURP deposits CENP-A at centromeres and facilitates the removal of Mis18, restricting CENP-A deposition to a single event per cell cycle. ..
  26. Yuryev A, Wennogle L. Novel raf kinase protein-protein interactions found by an exhaustive yeast two-hybrid analysis. Genomics. 2003;81:112-25 pubmed
    ..We propose possible functional consequences of these novel Raf interactions. ..
  27. Subramanian L, Medina Pritchard B, Barton R, Spiller F, Kulasegaran Shylini R, Radaviciute G, et al. Centromere localization and function of Mis18 requires Yippee-like domain-mediated oligomerization. EMBO Rep. 2016;17:496-507 pubmed publisher
  28. Wang J, Liu X, Dou Z, Chen L, Jiang H, Fu C, et al. Mitotic regulator Mis18? interacts with and specifies the centromeric assembly of molecular chaperone holliday junction recognition protein (HJURP). J Biol Chem. 2014;289:8326-36 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these data define a novel molecular mechanism underlying the temporal regulation of CENP-A incorporation into the centromere by accurate Mis18?-HJURP interaction. ..
  29. Kim I, Lee M, Park J, Jeon R, Baek S, Kim K. ?TrCP-mediated ubiquitylation regulates protein stability of Mis18? in a cell cycle-dependent manner. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2014;443:62-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, we propose that ?TrCP-mediated regulation of Mis18? stability is a mechanism to restrict centromere function of Mis18 complex from late mitosis to early G1 phase. ..
  30. Koinuma J, Akiyama H, Fujita M, Hosokawa M, Tsuchiya E, Kondo S, et al. Characterization of an Opa interacting protein 5 involved in lung and esophageal carcinogenesis. Cancer Sci. 2012;103:577-86 pubmed publisher
    ..In this process, we identified a gene, Opa interacting protein 5 (OIP5), to be highly transactivated in the majority of lung and esophageal cancers...
  31. Afsharpad M, Nowroozi M, Mobasheri M, Ayati M, Nekoohesh L, Saffari M, et al. Cancer-Testis Antigens as New Candidate Diagnostic Biomarkers for Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Bladder. Pathol Oncol Res. 2019;25:191-199 pubmed publisher
    ..Among the known CTAs only MAGEA3, MAGEB4, TSGA10, PIWIL2, OIP5, and ODF4 were expressed specifically in TCC tissues and UEC samples...
  32. He X, Ding X, Wen D, Hou J, Ping J, He J. Exploration of the pathways and interaction network involved in bladder cancer cell line with knockdown of Opa interacting protein 5. Pathol Res Pract. 2017;213:1059-1066 pubmed publisher
    In our previous study, we displayed that knockdown of Opa interacting protein 5 (OIP5) inhibited cell growth, disturbed cell cycle and increased cell apoptosis in bladder cancer (BC) cell line...
  33. Yang N, Chen J, Zhang H, Wang X, Yao H, Peng Y, et al. LncRNA OIP5-AS1 loss-induced microRNA-410 accumulation regulates cell proliferation and apoptosis by targeting KLF10 via activating PTEN/PI3K/AKT pathway in multiple myeloma. Cell Death Dis. 2017;8:e2975 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, downregulated expression of lncRNA OIP5-AS1 was inversely correlated with miR-410 expression in MM tissues...
  34. Yazarloo F, Shirkoohi R, Mobasheri M, Emami A, Modarressi M. Expression analysis of four testis-specific genes AURKC, OIP5, PIWIL2 and TAF7L in acute myeloid leukemia: a gender-dependent expression pattern. Med Oncol. 2013;30:368 pubmed publisher
    ..To find new CTA genes in AML, we analyzed the expression pattern of four testis-specific genes AURKC, OIP5, PIWIL2 and TAF7L using real-time quantitative PCR in 51 AMLs and 6 myelodysplastic syndrome cases in comparison ..
  35. Chun H, Chung K, Kim H, Kang J, Kang M, Kim J, et al. OIP5 is a highly expressed potential therapeutic target for colorectal and gastric cancers. BMB Rep. 2010;43:349-54 pubmed
    Previously, we reported that overexpression of Opa (Neisseria gonorrhoeae opacity-associated)-interacting protein 5 (OIP5) caused multi-septa formation and growth defects, both of which are considered cancer-related phenotypes...
  36. Fujita Y, Hayashi T, Kiyomitsu T, Toyoda Y, Kokubu A, Obuse C, et al. Priming of centromere for CENP-A recruitment by human hMis18alpha, hMis18beta, and M18BP1. Dev Cell. 2007;12:17-30 pubmed
    ..identification of three human proteins essential for centromere/kinetochore structure and function, hMis18alpha, hMis18beta, and M18BP1, the complex of which is accumulated specifically at the telophase-G1 centromere...
  37. Li H, Chen Y, Feng W, Cai H, Mei Y, Jiang Y, et al. Loss of the Opa interacting protein 5 inhibits breast cancer proliferation through miR-139-5p/NOTCH1 pathway. Gene. 2017;603:1-8 pubmed publisher
    b>Opa interacting protein 5 (OIP5) has been reported to be over-expressed in several kinds of human cancer. However, the biological function and clinical significance of OIP5 in human breast cancer remains unknown...
  38. McKinley K, Cheeseman I. Polo-like kinase 1 licenses CENP-A deposition at centromeres. Cell. 2014;158:397-411 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, CENP-A deposition is controlled by a two-step regulatory paradigm comprised of Plk1 and CDK that is crucial for genomic integrity. ..
  39. Williams J, Chen G, Zhu L, Rest R. Using the yeast two-hybrid system to identify human epithelial cell proteins that bind gonococcal Opa proteins: intracellular gonococci bind pyruvate kinase via their Opa proteins and require host pyruvate for growth. Mol Microbiol. 1998;27:171-86 pubmed
    ..We identified five different OIPs, designated OIP1-OIP5, two of which are homologous to human proteins--thyroid hormone receptor interacting protein (TRIP6) and pyruvate ..