neurofilament L


Gene Symbol: neurofilament L
Description: neurofilament light
Alias: CMT1F, CMT2E, CMTDIG, NF-L, NF68, NFL, PPP1R110, neurofilament light polypeptide, light molecular weight neurofilament protein, neurofilament protein, light chain, neurofilament subunit NF-L, neurofilament triplet L protein, neurofilament, light polypeptide 68kDa, protein phosphatase 1, regulatory subunit 110
Species: human
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Top Publications

  1. Frappier T, Stetzkowski Marden F, Pradel L. Interaction domains of neurofilament light chain and brain spectrin. Biochem J. 1991;275 ( Pt 2):521-7 pubmed
    ..Finally, among the tryptic peptides of brain spectrin, we show that some peptides of low molecular mass (35, 25, 20 and 18 kDa) co-sediment with either NF-L or F-actin. ..
  2. Rosengren L, Karlsson J, Karlsson J, Persson L, Wikkelsø C. Patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases have increased levels of neurofilament protein in CSF. J Neurochem. 1996;67:2013-8 pubmed
    In the present study we describe an ELISA to quantify the light subunit of the neurofilament triplet protein (NFL) in CSF...
  3. Mersiyanova I, Perepelov A, Polyakov A, Sitnikov V, Dadali E, Oparin R, et al. A new variant of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 2 is probably the result of a mutation in the neurofilament-light gene. Am J Hum Genet. 2000;67:37-46 pubmed
    ..It is suggested that Gln333Pro represents a rare disease-causing mutation, which results in the CMT2 phenotype. ..
  4. Ge W, Leystra Lantz C, Wen W, Strong M. Selective loss of trans-acting instability determinants of neurofilament mRNA in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis spinal cord. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:26558-63 pubmed
    ..Compared with age-matched control, we observed a greater stability of heterogeneously expressed NFL mRNA in the presence of ALS spinal cord homogenates...
  5. Zetterberg H, Jacobsson J, Rosengren L, Blennow K, Andersen P. Cerebrospinal fluid neurofilament light levels in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: impact of SOD1 genotype. Eur J Neurol. 2007;14:1329-33 pubmed
    ..518, P = 0.001). NF-L levels were lower in SOD1 mutation-associated ALS compared with SOD1 wild-type (wt) ALS (P = 0.03). In conclusion, CSF NF-L levels may provide both diagnostic and prognostic information, particularly in SOD1 wt ALS. ..
  6. Mellgren A, Price R, Hagberg L, Rosengren L, Brew B, Gisslen M. Antiretroviral treatment reduces increased CSF neurofilament protein (NFL) in HIV-1 infection. Neurology. 2007;69:1536-41 pubmed
    Increased levels of the light-chain neurofilament protein (NFL) in CSF provide a marker of CNS injury in several neurodegenerative disorders and have been reported in the AIDS dementia complex (ADC)...
  7. Volkening K, Leystra Lantz C, Strong M. Human low molecular weight neurofilament (NFL) mRNA interacts with a predicted p190RhoGEF homologue (RGNEF) in humans. Amyotroph Lateral Scler. 2010;11:97-103 pubmed publisher
    In the mouse, p190RhoGEF is a low molecular weight neurofilament (NFL) mRNA stability factor that is involved in NF aggregate formation in neurons. A human homologue of this protein has not been described...
  8. Rana O, Schröder J, Baukloh J, Saygili E, Mischke K, Schiefer J, et al. Neurofilament light chain as an early and sensitive predictor of long-term neurological outcome in patients after cardiac arrest. Int J Cardiol. 2013;168:1322-7 pubmed publisher
    ..92-1) on 5th and 0.99 (0.98-1) on 7th day was achieved for NF-L predicting poor neurological outcome. The present data suggest that within 7 days after cardiac arrest serum NF-L is a valuable marker of long-term neurological outcome. ..
  9. Campos Melo D, Droppelmann C, He Z, Volkening K, Strong M. Altered microRNA expression profile in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: a role in the regulation of NFL mRNA levels. Mol Brain. 2013;6:26 pubmed publisher
    ..dysregulated miRNAs that could be responsible for the selective suppression of low molecular weight neurofilament (NFL) mRNA observed in ALS...

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  1. Pareyson D, Saveri P, Sagnelli A, Piscosquito G. Mitochondrial dynamics and inherited peripheral nerve diseases. Neurosci Lett. 2015;596:66-77 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, we address the abnormalities in mitochondrial dynamics and their role in determining CMT disease and related neuropathies. ..
  2. Montecchiani C, Pedace L, Lo Giudice T, Casella A, Mearini M, Gaudiello F, et al. ALS5/SPG11/KIAA1840 mutations cause autosomal recessive axonal Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Brain. 2016;139:73-85 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results indicate that ALS5/SPG11/KIAA1840 is the causative gene of a wide spectrum of clinical features, including autosomal recessive axonal Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. ..
  3. van Setten G, Trost A, Schrödl F, Kaser Eichberger A, Bogner B, van Setten M, et al. Immunohistochemical Detection of CTGF in the Human Eye. Curr Eye Res. 2016;41:1571-1579 pubmed
    ..In the retina, CTGF-IR was detected in the NFL and weakly in the IPL/OPL. In the choroid, the choriocapillaris and blood vessels displayed CTGF-IR...
  4. Pulliam L, Sun B, Mustapic M, Chawla S, Kapogiannis D. Plasma neuronal exosomes serve as biomarkers of cognitive impairment in HIV infection and Alzheimer's disease. J Neurovirol. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..AIDS 31: F9-F17, 2017). We review our collective data here on HAND and AD and add to the characterization of plasma NDEs as exciting biomarkers of neurodegeneration. ..
  5. Schrödl F, Kaser Eichberger A, Trost A, Strohmaier C, Bogner B, Runge C, et al. Distribution of galanin receptors in the human eye. Exp Eye Res. 2015;138:42-51 pubmed publisher
    ..In the retina, GALR1 was present in fibers of the IPL, OPL, NFL, many cells of the INL and few cells of the ONL...
  6. Badiei A, Sudharsan R, Santana E, Dunaief J, Aguirre G. Comparative localization of cystathionine beta synthases and cystathionine gamma lyase in canine, non-human primate and human retina. Exp Eye Res. 2019;181:72-84 pubmed publisher
    ..retina: photoreceptors, outer plexiform layer (OPL) and notably in the ganglion cells layer/nerve fiber layer (GCL/NFL)...
  7. Saporta M, Dang V, Volfson D, Zou B, Xie X, Adebola A, et al. Axonal Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease patient-derived motor neurons demonstrate disease-specific phenotypes including abnormal electrophysiological properties. Exp Neurol. 2015;263:190-9 pubmed publisher
    ..iPSC lines from patients with two distinct forms of axonal CMT (CMT2A and CMT2E) were differentiated into spinal cord motor neurons and used to study axonal structure and function and ..
  8. Heimfarth L, da Silva Ferreira F, Pierozan P, Mingori M, Moreira J, da Rocha J, et al. Astrocyte-neuron interaction in diphenyl ditelluride toxicity directed to the cytoskeleton. Toxicology. 2017;379:1-11 pubmed publisher
    ..caused hypophosphorylation of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), vimentin and neurofilament subunits (NFL, NFM and NFH) and altered actin organization in co-cultured astrocytes and neurons from cerebral cortex of rats...
  9. Heimfarth L, da Silva Ferreira F, Pierozan P, Loureiro S, Mingori M, Moreira J, et al. Calcium signaling mechanisms disrupt the cytoskeleton of primary astrocytes and neurons exposed to diphenylditelluride. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2016;1860:2510-2520 pubmed publisher
    ..PhTe)2 caused hyperphosphorylation of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), vimentin and neurofilament subunits (NFL, NFM and NFH) from primary astrocytes and neurons, respectively...
  10. Luna B, Bhatia S, Yoo C, Felty Q, Sandberg D, Duchowny M, et al. Proteomic and Mitochondrial Genomic Analyses of Pediatric Brain Tumors. Mol Neurobiol. 2015;52:1341-1363 pubmed publisher
  11. Han Q, Lin Q, Huang P, Chen M, Hu X, Fu H, et al. Microglia-derived IL-1? contributes to axon development disorders and synaptic deficit through p38-MAPK signal pathway in septic neonatal rats. J Neuroinflammation. 2017;14:52 pubmed publisher
    ..The expression of neurofilament-68, neurofilament-160, and neurofilament-200 (NFL, NFM, NFH) and proteolipid (PLP) was markedly reduced in the CC at 7, 14, and 28 days after LPS administration...
  12. Carvalho R, da Silva Ferreira F, Heimfarth L, Pierozan P, Fernandes C, Pessoa Pureur R. Acute Hyperammonemia Induces NMDA-Mediated Hypophosphorylation of Intermediate Filaments Through PP1 and PP2B in Cerebral Cortex of Young Rats. Neurotox Res. 2016;30:138-49 pubmed publisher
    ..GFAP and vimentin) and neurons (neurofilament subunits of low, middle, and high molecular weight, respectively: NFL, NFM, and NFH) from cerebral cortex of 21-day-old rats...
  13. Tzekov R, Dawson C, Orlando M, Mouzon B, Reed J, Evans J, et al. Sub-Chronic Neuropathological and Biochemical Changes in Mouse Visual System after Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0153608 pubmed publisher
    ..This will allow future identification of therapeutic targets for improving the visual consequences of r-mTBI. ..
  14. Fu J, Yuan Y. A novel homozygous nonsense mutation in NEFL causes autosomal recessive Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Neuromuscul Disord. 2018;28:44-47 pubmed publisher
    The neurofilament light polypeptide (NEFL) gene mutations cause mainly autosomal dominant Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) and rarely the recessive forms of CMT. We describe a 13-year-old girl born of consanguineous parents...
  15. Danielson M, Reinsfelt B, Westerlind A, Zetterberg H, Blennow K, Ricksten S. Effects of methylprednisolone on blood-brain barrier and cerebral inflammation in cardiac surgery-a randomized trial. J Neuroinflammation. 2018;15:283 pubmed publisher
    ..Clinical Trials, Identifier: NCT01755338 , registered 24 December 2012. ..
  16. Markand S, Saul A, Roon P, Prasad P, Martin P, Rozen R, et al. Retinal Ganglion Cell Loss and Mild Vasculopathy in Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase (Mthfr)-Deficient Mice: A Model of Mild Hyperhomocysteinemia. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2015;56:2684-95 pubmed publisher
    ..The SD-OCT revealed a significant decrease in nerve fiber layer (NFL) thickness at 24 weeks in Mthfr+/- compared to Mthfr+/+ mice...
  17. Park G, Choe J, Choo H, Park Y, Sohn J, Kim M. Genome-wide expression profiling of 8-chloroadenosine- and 8-chloro-cAMP-treated human neuroblastoma cells using radioactive human cDNA microarray. Exp Mol Med. 2002;34:184-93 pubmed
    ..up-regulated genes involved in differentiation and development (LIM protein, connexin 26, neogenin, neurofilament triplet L protein and p21(WAF1/CIP1)) and immune response such as natural killer cells protein 4, and down-regulated ..
  18. Simpson E, Korecki A, Fornes O, McGill T, Cueva Vargas J, Agostinone J, et al. New MiniPromoter Ple345 (NEFL) Drives Strong and Specific Expression in Retinal Ganglion Cells of Mouse and Primate Retina. Hum Gene Ther. 2019;30:257-272 pubmed publisher
    ..As single-cell transcriptomics such as Drop-seq become available for other cell types, many new opportunities for additional novel restricted MiniPromoters will present. ..
  19. Pearce L, Yu M, Waddington L, Barr J, Scoble J, Crameri G, et al. Structural characterization by transmission electron microscopy and immunoreactivity of recombinant Hendra virus nucleocapsid protein expressed and purified from Escherichia coli. Protein Expr Purif. 2015;116:19-29 pubmed publisher
    ..We expressed both full-length HeV N, (HeV NFL), and a C-terminal truncated form, (HeV NCORE), using a bacterial heterologous expression system...
  20. Wesseling H, Xu B, Want E, Holmes E, Guest P, Karayiorgou M, et al. System-based proteomic and metabonomic analysis of the Df(16)A+/- mouse identifies potential miR-185 targets and molecular pathway alterations. Mol Psychiatry. 2017;22:384-395 pubmed publisher
    ..Further investigation of these pathways could help to identify novel drug targets for the treatment of schizophrenia...
  21. Oberstadt M, Claßen J, Arendt T, Holzer M. TDP-43 and Cytoskeletal Proteins in ALS. Mol Neurobiol. 2018;55:3143-3151 pubmed publisher
    ..g., the microtubule-associated protein 1B (MAP1B) or the neurofilament light chain (NFL) through direct binding to its RNA...
  22. Samantaray S, Knaryan V, Patel K, Mulholland P, Becker H, Banik N. Chronic intermittent ethanol induced axon and myelin degeneration is attenuated by calpain inhibition. Brain Res. 2015;1622:7-21 pubmed publisher
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    ..We generated a novel line of CMT2E mice expressing hNF-L(E397K), which displayed muscle atrophy of the lower limbs without denervation, proximal ..
  24. Reis K, Heimfarth L, Pierozan P, Ferreira F, Loureiro S, Fernandes C, et al. High postnatal susceptibility of hippocampal cytoskeleton in response to ethanol exposure during pregnancy and lactation. Alcohol. 2015;49:665-74 pubmed publisher
    ..glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), and neurofilament (NF) subunits of low, medium, and high molecular weight (NFL, NFM, and NFH, respectively) in 9- and 21-day-old pups...
  25. Li Z, Takenobu H, Setyawati A, Akita N, Haruta M, Satoh S, et al. EZH2 regulates neuroblastoma cell differentiation via NTRK1 promoter epigenetic modifications. Oncogene. 2018;37:2714-2727 pubmed publisher
    ..g., neurite extension, and the neuronal differentiation markers, NF68 and GAP43. EZH2 inhibitors also induced NB cell differentiation...
  26. Schmitz F, Pierozan P, Biasibetti Brendler H, Ferreira F, dos Santos Petry F, Trindade V, et al. Methylphenidate disrupts cytoskeletal homeostasis and reduces membrane-associated lipid content in juvenile rat hippocampus. Metab Brain Dis. 2018;33:693-704 pubmed publisher
    ..weight neurofilament subunits (NF-M, NF-H) were hypophosphorylated by MPH on KSP repeat tail domains, while NFL, NFM and NFH immunocontents were not altered...
  27. Lam C, Gong A, Lam K, Zhang L, Chen J, Dong T, et al. Jujube-containing herbal decoctions induce neuronal differentiation and the expression of anti-oxidant enzymes in cultured PC12 cells. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016;188:275-83 pubmed publisher
    ..The protein expressions of neurofilaments, including NF68, NF160 and NF200, under the herbal treatment were revealed by western blot...
  28. Cheng W, Stukas S, Martens K, Namjoshi D, Button E, Wilkinson A, et al. Age at injury and genotype modify acute inflammatory and neurofilament-light responses to mild CHIMERA traumatic brain injury in wild-type and APP/PS1 mice. Exp Neurol. 2018;301:26-38 pubmed publisher
    ..This study suggests that mild TBI has minimal effects on Aβ metabolism, but that age and genotype can each modify acute outcomes related to white matter injury. ..
  29. Taniguchi T, Hamano G, Koide M, Hirooka K, Koretsune Y, Kusuoka H, et al. Abdominal admittance helps to predict the amount of fluid accumulation in patients with acute heart failure syndromes. J Cardiol. 2016;67:352-7 pubmed publisher
    ..the relationship between abdominal admittance (AA) at the time of admission for AHFS and net fluid loss (NFL) during hospitalization...
  30. Skillbäck T, Mattsson N, Blennow K, Zetterberg H. Cerebrospinal fluid neurofilament light concentration in motor neuron disease and frontotemporal dementia predicts survival. Amyotroph Lateral Scler Frontotemporal Degener. 2017;18:397-403 pubmed publisher
    ..Previous studies have suggested that cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) neurofilament light (NFL) may serve this purpose...
  31. Salberg S, Yamakawa G, Christensen J, Kolb B, Mychasiuk R. Assessment of a nutritional supplement containing resveratrol, prebiotic fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids for the prevention and treatment of mild traumatic brain injury in rats. Neuroscience. 2017;365:146-157 pubmed publisher
    ..cortex for Golgi-Cox analysis of spine density, and for changes in expression of 6 genes (Aqp4, Gfap, Igf1, Nfl, Sirt1, and Tau)...
  32. Soylu Kucharz R, Sandelius Å, Sjögren M, Blennow K, Wild E, Zetterberg H, et al. Neurofilament light protein in CSF and blood is associated with neurodegeneration and disease severity in Huntington's disease R6/2 mice. Sci Rep. 2017;7:14114 pubmed publisher
    ..As a marker of axonal damage, neurofilament light chain (NfL) has been suggested a marker for neurodegeneration...
  33. Evgrafov O, Mersiyanova I, Irobi J, Van Den Bosch L, Dierick I, Leung C, et al. Mutant small heat-shock protein 27 causes axonal Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and distal hereditary motor neuropathy. Nat Genet. 2004;36:602-6 pubmed
    ..Cotransfection of neurofilament light chain (NEFL) and mutant HSPB1 resulted in altered neurofilament assembly in cells devoid of cytoplasmic intermediate filaments. ..
  34. Martinez R, Chunjing W, Geffin R, McCarthy M. Depressed neurofilament expression associates with apolipoprotein E3/E4 genotype in maturing human fetal neurons exposed to HIV-1. J Neurovirol. 2012;18:323-30 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that apolipoproteinE genotype is a host factor that could affect the development of neurocognitive dysfunction in HIV-1 infected individuals. ..
  35. Celikbilek A, Tanik N, Sabah S, Borekci E, Akyol L, Ak H, et al. Elevated neurofilament light chain (NFL) mRNA levels in prediabetic peripheral neuropathy. Mol Biol Rep. 2014;41:4017-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Two proteins, neuron-specific enolase (NSE) and neurofilament light chain (NFL), have been examined previously as possible markers of neuronal damage in the pathophysiology of neuropathies...
  36. Lareau C, Hsu A, Anderson R. Return to Play in National Football League Players After Operative Jones Fracture Treatment. Foot Ankle Int. 2016;37:8-16 pubmed publisher
    ..In our clinical experience, an aggressive postoperative rehabilitation protocol for National Football League (NFL) players with an average return to play (RTP) between 8 and 10 weeks can have successful outcomes with few ..
  37. Pérez Santiago J, Schrier R, de Oliveira M, Gianella S, Var S, Day T, et al. Cell-free mitochondrial DNA in CSF is associated with early viral rebound, inflammation, and severity of neurocognitive deficits in HIV infection. J Neurovirol. 2016;22:191-200 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that within a subset of subjects cell-free CSF mtDNA is associated with inflammation and degree of NCI. ..
  38. Sharma N, Xin R, Kim D, Sung S, Lange T, Huq E. NO FLOWERING IN SHORT DAY (NFL) is a bHLH transcription factor that promotes flowering specifically under short-day conditions in Arabidopsis. Development. 2016;143:682-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we identified a key basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor called NFL (NO FLOWERING IN SHORT DAY) that is essential to induce flowering specifically under SD conditions in Arabidopsis...
  39. Feng Y, Tran K, Bale S, Kumar S, Guenaga J, Wilson R, et al. Thermostability of Well-Ordered HIV Spikes Correlates with the Elicitation of Autologous Tier 2 Neutralizing Antibodies. PLoS Pathog. 2016;12:e1005767 pubmed publisher
    ..vitro analysis of trimers derived from the cysteine-stabilized SOSIP platform or the uncleaved, covalently linked NFL platform were evaluated...
  40. Cvenkel B, Sustar M, Perovšek D. Ganglion cell loss in early glaucoma, as assessed by photopic negative response, pattern electroretinogram, and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography. Doc Ophthalmol. 2017;135:17-28 pubmed publisher
    ..amplitude of the PERG, PhNR amplitude and PhNR/b-wave ratio, peripapillary retinal and macular nerve fiber layer (NFL) thicknesses, and ganglion cell complex (GCC) thickness...
  41. Howell J, Watts K, Parker M, Wu J, Kollhoff A, Wingo T, et al. Race modifies the relationship between cognition and Alzheimer's disease cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers. Alzheimers Res Ther. 2017;9:88 pubmed publisher
    ..1, soluble intercellular adhesion molecule 1), ?-synuclein, and neurodegeneration (neurofilament light chain [NfL]), as well as MRI markers, for hippocampal atrophy and cerebrovascular disease (white matter hyperintensity [WMH] ..
  42. Jackson T, Kotermanski S, Jackson E, Kochanek P. BrainPhys® increases neurofilament levels in CNS cultures, and facilitates investigation of axonal damage after a mechanical stretch-injury in vitro. Exp Neurol. 2018;300:232-246 pubmed publisher
    ..BrainPhys® is a promising new reagent which facilities the investigation of molecular targets involved in axonal and/or neuronal injury in vitro. ..
  43. Haddad L, Smith N, Bowser M, Niida Y, Murthy V, Gonzalez Agosti C, et al. The TSC1 tumor suppressor hamartin interacts with neurofilament-L and possibly functions as a novel integrator of the neuronal cytoskeleton. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:44180-6 pubmed
  44. Agrawal P, Joshi M, Marinakis N, Schmitz Abe K, Ciarlini P, Sargent J, et al. Expanding the phenotype associated with the NEFL mutation: neuromuscular disease in a family with overlapping myopathic and neurogenic findings. JAMA Neurol. 2014;71:1413-20 pubmed publisher
    ..We identified a novel neurofilament light polypeptide (NEFL) nonsense mutation in all affected members...
  45. Capasso M, Diskin S, Cimmino F, Acierno G, Totaro F, Petrosino G, et al. Common genetic variants in NEFL influence gene expression and neuroblastoma risk. Cancer Res. 2014;74:6913-24 pubmed publisher
    ..03; HR, 0.68). Our results show that common variants of NEFL influence neuroblastoma susceptibility and they establish that NEFL expression influences disease initiation and progression. ..
  46. Shahim P, Arnell P, Kvarnström A, Rosén A, Bremell D, Hagberg L, et al. Cerebrospinal fluid markers of central nervous system injury in decompression illness - a case-controlled pilot study. Diving Hyperb Med. 2015;45:240-3 pubmed
    ..Further research, including on divers with CNS DCS, is justified. ..
  47. Xu Z, Henderson R, David M, McCombe P. Neurofilaments as Biomarkers for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0164625 pubmed publisher
    ..273, P = 0.011). NF heavy and light chain levels have potential use as a marker of neural degeneration in ALS, but are not specific for the disease, and are more likely to be used as measures of disease progression. ..
  48. Anborgh P, Qian X, Papageorge A, Vass W, DeClue J, Lowy D. Ras-specific exchange factor GRF: oligomerization through its Dbl homology domain and calcium-dependent activation of Raf. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:4611-22 pubmed
  49. Wang Z, Yang J, Xu G, Wang W, Liu C, Yang H, et al. Targeting miR-381-NEFL axis sensitizes glioblastoma cells to temozolomide by regulating stemness factors and multidrug resistance factors. Oncotarget. 2015;6:3147-64 pubmed identify 27 differentially expressed proteins, including the significantly upregulated neurofilament light polypeptide (NEFL), in glioblastoma cells in which miR-381 expression was inhibited...
  50. Rutherford N, Brooks M, Giasson B. Novel antibodies to phosphorylated α-synuclein serine 129 and NFL serine 473 demonstrate the close molecular homology of these epitopes. Acta Neuropathol Commun. 2016;4:80 pubmed publisher
    ..One common issue is cross-reactivity to the low molecular mass neurofilament subunit (NFL) phosphorylated at Ser473...
  51. Dohrn M, Glöckle N, Mulahasanovic L, Heller C, Mohr J, Bauer C, et al. Frequent genes in rare diseases: panel-based next generation sequencing to disclose causal mutations in hereditary neuropathies. J Neurochem. 2017;143:507-522 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that panel based next generation sequencing is a useful, time- and cost-effective approach to assist clinicians in identifying the correct diagnosis and enable causative treatment considerations. ..
  52. Pinchi E, Frati A, Cipolloni L, Aromatario M, Gatto V, La Russa R, et al. Clinical-pathological study on β-APP, IL-1β, GFAP, NFL, Spectrin II, 8OHdG, TUNEL, miR-21, miR-16, miR-92 expressions to verify DAI-diagnosis, grade and prognosis. Sci Rep. 2018;8:2387 pubmed publisher verify neurological results at six months or survival; in fatal cases we searched for βAPP, GFAP, IL-1β, NFL, Spectrin II, TUNEL and miR-21, miR-16, and miR-92 expressions in brain samples, to verify DAI diagnosis and grade ..
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    ..Specific identification of these O-GlcNAc attachment sites has set the stage for more detailed mutagenic analysis of O-GlcNAc functions on neurofilaments. ..
  54. Hartig W, Krueger M, Hofmann S, Preißler H, Märkel M, Frydrychowicz C, et al. Up-regulation of neurofilament light chains is associated with diminished immunoreactivities for MAP2 and tau after ischemic stroke in rodents and in a human case. J Chem Neuroanat. 2016;78:140-148 pubmed publisher
    ..Accordingly, cytoskeletal elements appear as a promising target for stroke treatment. ..
  55. McCarty E, Kraeutler M, Langner P, Cook S, Ellis B, Godfrey J. Historical Patterns and Variation in Treatment of Injuries in NFL (National Football League) Players and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I Football Players. Am J Orthop (Belle Mead NJ). 2016;45:E319-E327 pubmed to identify and contrast patterns in the treatment of common injuries that occur in National Football League (NFL) players and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I football players...
  56. Rajan T, Giacoppo S, Trubiani O, Diomede F, Piattelli A, Bramanti P, et al. Conditioned medium of periodontal ligament mesenchymal stem cells exert anti-inflammatory effects in lipopolysaccharide-activated mouse motoneurons. Exp Cell Res. 2016;349:152-161 pubmed publisher
    ..Inflammatory cytokines (TNF-?, IL-10), neuroprotective markers (Nestin, NFL 70, NGF, GAP43), and apoptotic markers (Bax, Bcl-2, p21) were modulated...
  57. Hoglund K, Kern S, Zettergren A, Börjesson Hansson A, Zetterberg H, Skoog I, et al. Preclinical amyloid pathology biomarker positivity: effects on tau pathology and neurodegeneration. Transl Psychiatry. 2017;7:e995 pubmed publisher
    ..On the basis of this, our data suggest that these subjects are at risk for developing AD. We also confirm the association between APOE ɛ4 and amyloid pathology in healthy older individuals. ..
  58. Siebert C, Pierozan P, Kolling J, Dos Santos T, Sebotaio M, Marques E, et al. Vitamin D3 Reverses the Hippocampal Cytoskeleton Imbalance But Not Memory Deficits Caused by Ovariectomy in Adult Wistar Rats. Neuromolecular Med. 2017;19:345-356 pubmed publisher the hyperphosphorylation of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), low molecular weight neurofilament subunit (NFL), medium molecular weight neurofilament subunit (NFM) and high molecular weight neurofilament subunit (NFH), and ..
  59. Alberti C, Gonzalez J, Maldonado H, Medina F, Barriga A, Garcia L, et al. Comparative study of CSF neurofilaments in HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis and other neurological disorders. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2009;25:803-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this study was to determine if there were elevated concentrations of neurofilament light subunit (NFL) and phosphorylated forms of neurofilament heavy subunit (PNFH) in HAM/TSP CSF...
  60. Bjerke M, Zetterberg H, Edman A, Blennow K, Wallin A, Andreasson U. Cerebrospinal fluid matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases in combination with subcortical and cortical biomarkers in vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease. J Alzheimers Dis. 2011;27:665-76 pubmed publisher
    ..The CSF biomarkers reflecting AD pathology (T-tau, P-tau(181), and A?(1-42)), white matter lesions (NF-L and MBP) and matrix remodeling (MMP-9 and TIMP-1) perform well in differentiating between SVD and AD patients. ..
  61. Bendlin B, Carlsson C, Johnson S, Zetterberg H, Blennow K, Willette A, et al. CSF T-Tau/Aβ42 predicts white matter microstructure in healthy adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e37720 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the results clearly suggest that early pathological changes in AD can be detected with DTI and occur not only in cortex, but also in white matter. ..
  62. Wang H, Fan D, Wang W, Zhang S, Wang X. [Early diagnosis of diabetic autonomic neuropathy by corneal confocal microscopy]. Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2015;95:2851-6 pubmed
    ..17, 4.81, 7.78; P=0.002, 0.031, 0.003). Though corneal nerve fiber length (NFL) decreased ((15±5) vs (13±5) mm/mm2), there is no statistic significance (t=1.275, P=0.232)...
  63. Chambers C, Lynch T, Gibbs D, Ghodasra J, Sahota S, Franke K, et al. Superior Labrum Anterior-Posterior Tears in the National Football League. Am J Sports Med. 2017;45:167-172 pubmed publisher
    Shoulder disorders are common in football players, with up to 50% of National Football League (NFL) recruits reporting a history of shoulder injuries...
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