methionyl tRNA synthetase


Gene Symbol: methionyl tRNA synthetase
Description: methionyl-tRNA synthetase
Alias: CMT2U, ILFS2, ILLD, METRS, MRS, MTRNS, SPG70, methionine--tRNA ligase, cytoplasmic, cytosolic methionyl-tRNA synthetase
Species: human
Products:     methionyl tRNA synthetase

Top Publications

  1. Rho S, Kim M, Lee J, Seol W, Motegi H, Kim S, et al. Genetic dissection of protein-protein interactions in multi-tRNA synthetase complex. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999;96:4488-93 pubmed
    ..Thus, small peptide appendices seem to link together different synthetases into a complex. In addition, five interacting pairs that had not been detected previously were suggested from the observed peptide-dependent complexes. ..
  2. Kwon N, Kang T, Lee J, Kim H, Kim H, Hong J, et al. Dual role of methionyl-tRNA synthetase in the regulation of translation and tumor suppressor activity of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-interacting multifunctional protein-3. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:19635-40 pubmed publisher
    Mammalian methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MRS) plays an essential role in initiating translation by transferring Met to initiator tRNA (tRNA(i)(Met))...
  3. Han J, Jeong S, Park M, Kim G, Kwon N, Kim H, et al. Leucyl-tRNA synthetase is an intracellular leucine sensor for the mTORC1-signaling pathway. Cell. 2012;149:410-24 pubmed publisher
    ..This work demonstrates that LRS is a key mediator for amino acid signaling to mTORC1. ..
  4. Lage H, Dietel M. Cloning of a human cDNA encoding a protein with high homology to yeast methionyl-tRNA synthetase. Gene. 1996;178:187-9 pubmed
    A composite 2779-bp cDNA that encodes human cytoplasmic methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) has been constructed from partial cDNA clones derived from the gastric carcinoma cell line EPG85-257RNOV and the nucleotide sequence has been ..
  5. He R, Zu L, Yao P, Chen X, Wang E. Two non-redundant fragments in the N-terminal peptide of human cytosolic methionyl-tRNA synthetase were indispensable for the multi-synthetase complex incorporation and enzyme activity. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2009;1794:347-54 pubmed publisher
    ..The formerly defined N-terminal extension of hcMetRS possesses two functions of two different domains. ..
  6. Mishra B, Ortiz L, Luderer U. Charged iron particles, components of space radiation, destroy ovarian follicles. Hum Reprod. 2016;31:1816-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Additional support was received from the University of California Irvine Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. The authors have no conflicts of interests. ..
  7. Rips J, Meyer Schuman R, Breuer O, Tsabari R, Shaag A, Revel Vilk S, et al. MARS variant associated with both recessive interstitial lung and liver disease and dominant Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Eur J Med Genet. 2018;61:616-620 pubmed publisher
    ..Biallelic MARS mutations are associated with interstitial lung and liver disease (ILLD). Interestingly, the p...
  8. Faghih O, Zhang Z, Ranade R, Gillespie J, Creason S, Huang W, et al. Development of Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase Inhibitors as Antibiotics for Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2017;61: pubmed publisher
    ..The bacterial methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) enzyme is essential for protein synthesis, and the type found in Gram-positive bacteria is substantially ..
  9. Pedró Rosa L, Buckner F, Ranade R, Eberhart C, Madoux F, Gillespie J, et al. Identification of potent inhibitors of the Trypanosoma brucei methionyl-tRNA synthetase via high-throughput orthogonal screening. J Biomol Screen. 2015;20:122-30 pubmed publisher
    ..We targeted T. brucei methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS), an aminoacyl-tRNA synthase (aaRS), which is considered an important drug target due to its role in protein ..

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  1. Wang D, Zhao R, Qu Y, Mei X, Zhang X, Zhou Q, et al. Colonic Lysine Homocysteinylation Induced by High-Fat Diet Suppresses DNA Damage Repair. Cell Rep. 2018;25:398-412.e6 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study reveals a mechanism of Western-diet-associated CRC and highlights an intervention approach for reversing diet-induced oncogenic effects. ..
  2. Mayo Ossorio M, Pacheco Garcia J, Pérez Gomar D, Bazán Hinojo M, Vilchez López F, Aguilar Diosdad M, et al. [LONG-TERM FULMINANT HEPATIC FAILURE IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING GASTRIC BYPASS FOR MORBID OBESITY]. Nutr Hosp. 2015;32:430-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Lamentablemente se desconocen los factores que pueden influir en que tras la cirugía bariátrica ocurran este tipo de complicaciones, y probablemente será motivo de estudios futuros. ..
  3. Park M, Hasenstein K. Oxygen dependency of germinating Brassica seeds. Life Sci Space Res (Amst). 2016;8:30-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, sufficient oxygen availability is important for germination before photosynthesis provides necessary oxygen and the determination of an oxygen carrying capacity is important for uniform growth in space conditions. ..
  4. Park B, Yeo S, Jung J, Jeong N. A novel therapeutic target for peripheral nerve injury-related diseases: aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. Neural Regen Res. 2015;10:1656-62 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest the possibility that FARSB, IARS and MARS, as a neurotransmitter, may transfer abnormal sensory signals after peripheral nerve damage and become a new target for drug treatment. ..
  5. van Rooyen J, Hakimi M, Belrhali H. Recombinant expression, purification, and crystallization of the glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase from Toxoplasma gondii. Protein Expr Purif. 2015;110:115-21 pubmed publisher
    ..This work will form the basis of future structural studies into structural-functional relationships of both domains including potential targeted drug-design studies and investigations into the assembly of the Toxoplasma MARS complex. ..
  6. Crane J, Magee L, Lee T, Synnes A, von Dadelszen P, Dahlgren L, et al. Maternal and perinatal outcomes of pregnancies delivered at 23 weeks' gestation. J Obstet Gynaecol Can. 2015;37:214-224 pubmed publisher
  7. Sper R, Koh S, Zhang X, Simpson S, Collins B, Sommer J, et al. Generation of a Stable Transgenic Swine Model Expressing a Porcine Histone 2B-eGFP Fusion Protein for Cell Tracking and Chromosome Dynamics Studies. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0169242 pubmed publisher
    ..To our knowledge this is the first viable transgenic pig model with chromatin-associated eGFP allowing both cell tracking and the study of chromatin dynamics in a large animal model. ..
  8. Liang D, Halpert M, Konduri V, Decker W. Stepping Out of the Cytosol: AIMp1/p43 Potentiates the Link Between Innate and Adaptive Immunity. Int Rev Immunol. 2015;34:367-81 pubmed publisher
  9. Xu L, Chen J, Gao J, Yu H, Yang P. Crosstalk of homocysteinylation, methylation and acetylation on histone H3. Analyst. 2015;140:3057-63 pubmed publisher
    ..However, homocysteine can be recognized and activated by methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRs) to produce Hcy-thiolactone (HTL), which can react with the ε-amino group of a protein lysine residue...
  10. Torrie L, Brand S, Robinson D, Ko E, Stojanovski L, Simeons F, et al. Chemical Validation of Methionyl-tRNA Synthetase as a Druggable Target in Leishmania donovani. ACS Infect Dis. 2017;3:718-727 pubmed publisher
    Methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) has been chemically validated as a drug target in the kinetoplastid parasite Trypanosoma brucei...
  11. Bin Wei Y, McCarthy M, Ren H, Carrillo Roa T, Shekhtman T, DeModena A, et al. A functional variant in the serotonin receptor 7 gene (HTR7), rs7905446, is associated with good response to SSRIs in bipolar and unipolar depression. Mol Psychiatry. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..Our results provided novel pharmacogenomic evidence to support the role of HTR7 in association with antidepressant response. ..
  12. Gomes A, Kordala A, Strack R, Wang X, Geslain R, Delaney K, et al. A dual fluorescent reporter for the investigation of methionine mistranslation in live cells. RNA. 2016;22:467-76 pubmed publisher
    In mammalian cells under oxidative stress, the methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) misacylates noncognate tRNAs at frequencies as high as 10% distributed among up to 28 tRNA species...
  13. Fond G, Bourbon A, Auquier P, Micoulaud Franchi J, Lancon C, Boyer L. Venus and Mars on the benches of the faculty: Influence of gender on mental health and behavior of medical students. Results from the BOURBON national study. J Affect Disord. 2018;239:146-151 pubmed publisher
    ..These results should orientate future health strategies for the prevention of later mental illness onset and stress at work in hospital. ..
  14. Alzaid M, Alshamrani A, Al Harbi A, Alenzi A, Mohamed S. Methionyl-tRNA synthetase novel mutation causes pulmonary alveolar proteinosis. Saudi Med J. 2019;40:195-198 pubmed publisher
    ..Whole exome sequencing identified a homozygous novel variant in the MARS gene, c.854T>C p.(Ile285Thr). ..
  15. Chang C, Chang C, Chakraborty S, Wang S, Tseng Y, Wang C. Modulating the Structure and Function of an Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Cofactor by Biotinylation. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:17102-11 pubmed publisher
    ..protein that forms a ternary complex with glutamyl-tRNA synthetase (GluRSc) and methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) in the cytoplasm to regulate their catalytic activities and subcellular distributions...
  16. Prabhu N, Yun H. Comparative analysis of polyspecificity of the endogenous tRNA synthetase of different expression host towards photocrosslinking amino acids using an in silico approach. J Mol Graph Model. 2017;75:375-382 pubmed publisher
    ..this in mind, we studied in silico analysis of polyspecificity of four endogenous tRNA synthetases (LeuRS, IleRS, MetRS, and LysRS) from six different species such as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Corynebacterium ..
  17. Edlow A, Guedj F, Pennings J, Sverdlov D, Neri C, Bianchi D. Males are from Mars, and females are from Venus: sex-specific fetal brain gene expression signatures in a mouse model of maternal diet-induced obesity. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2016;214:623.e1-623.e10 pubmed publisher
    ..Maternal diet during pregnancy has a significant impact on the embryonic brain transcriptome. It is important to consider both fetal sex and maternal diet when evaluating the effects of maternal obesity on fetal neurodevelopment. ..
  18. Schwartz M, Waldbauer J, Zhang L, Pan T. Global tRNA misacylation induced by anaerobiosis and antibiotic exposure broadly increases stress resistance in Escherichia coli. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016;44:10292-10303 pubmed
    ..with methionine in response to anaerobiosis and antibiotic exposure via the methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS)...
  19. Hasanoor Reja A, Biswas N, Biswas S, Lavania M, Chaitanya V, Banerjee S, et al. Report of rpoB mutation in clinically suspected cases of drug resistant leprosy: a study from Eastern India. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2015;81:155-61 pubmed publisher
    ..The study indicates the existence of rifampicin drug resistance in Eastern India. ..
  20. Schwartz M, Pan T. Temperature dependent mistranslation in a hyperthermophile adapts proteins to lower temperatures. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016;44:294-303 pubmed publisher
    ..mistranslation is facilitated by the misacylation of tRNA(Leu) with methionine by the methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS). At low growth temperatures, the A...
  21. Weil D, Levesque E, McPhail M, Cavallazzi R, Theocharidou E, Cholongitas E, et al. Prognosis of cirrhotic patients admitted to intensive care unit: a meta-analysis. Ann Intensive Care. 2017;7:33 pubmed publisher
    ..Infection-related parameters had a short-term impact, whereas liver and renal failure had a sustained impact on mortality. ..
  22. Fuchs S, Schene I, Kok G, Jansen J, Nikkels P, van Gassen K, et al. Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase deficiencies in search of common themes. Genet Med. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..Assuming residual ARS activity, adequate protein/amino acid supply seems essential instead of the traditional replacement of protein by glucose in patients with metabolic diseases. ..
  23. Erdmann I, Marter K, Kobler O, Niehues S, Abele J, Müller A, et al. Cell-selective labelling of proteomes in Drosophila melanogaster. Nat Commun. 2015;6:7521 pubmed publisher
    ..analysis of newly synthesized proteomes by combining targeted expression of a mutated methionyl-tRNA synthetase (MetRS) with bioorthogonal or fluorescent non-canonical amino-acid-tagging techniques (BONCAT or FUNCAT)...
  24. Sephton Clark P, Voelz K. Spore Germination of Pathogenic Filamentous Fungi. Adv Appl Microbiol. 2018;102:117-157 pubmed publisher
  25. Gu S, Honisch S, Kounenidakis M, Alkahtani S, Alarifi S, Alevizopoulos K, et al. Membrane androgen receptor down-regulates c-src-activity and beta-catenin transcription and triggers GSK-3beta-phosphorylation in colon tumor cells. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2014;34:1402-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results provide strong evidence that mAR activation regulates late expression and/or activity of the tumorigenic gene products c-Src, GSK-3beta, and beta-catenin thus facilitating the pro-apoptotic response in colon tumor cells. ..
  26. Thomas P, Converse A, Berg H. ZIP9, a novel membrane androgen receptor and zinc transporter protein. Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2018;257:130-136 pubmed publisher
    ..ZIP9 has a very broad tissue distribution and is predicted to mediate numerous and diverse nonclassical androgen actions in vertebrates. ..
  27. Korablev O, Dobrolensky Y, Evdokimova N, Fedorova A, Kuzmin R, Mantsevich S, et al. Infrared Spectrometer for ExoMars: A Mast-Mounted Instrument for the Rover. Astrobiology. 2017;17:542-564 pubmed publisher
    ..The science objectives of the experiment, the instrument design, and operational scenarios are described. Key Words: ExoMars-ISEM-Mars-Surface-Mineralogy-Spectroscopy-AOTF-Infrared. Astrobiology 17, 542-564...
  28. Taubner R, Schleper C, Firneis M, Rittmann S. Assessing the Ecophysiology of Methanogens in the Context of Recent Astrobiological and Planetological Studies. Life (Basel). 2015;5:1652-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Eventually, we give an outlook on the feasibility and the necessity of future astrobiological studies concerning methanogens. ..
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    ..For demonstrative purposes, data series regarding the mortality of children under 5 years of age in Costa Rica were used, comprising the period 1978-2008. ..
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    ..We attribute the observed differences to ancient long-wavelength topography on Mars, recent or ongoing generation of long-wavelength relief on Titan, and the creation of short-wavelength relief by plate tectonics on Earth. ..
  32. Cohen B, Mark D, Cassata W, Lee M, Tomkinson T, Smith C. Taking the pulse of Mars via dating of a plume-fed volcano. Nat Commun. 2017;8:640 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, the authors have measured the crystallization and ejection ages of meteorites from a Martian volcano and find that its growth rate was much slower than analogous volcanoes on Earth...
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    ..These considerations in the management of this entity help in the resolution of liver failure, thus avoiding the need for a liver transplant. ..
  35. Michálek V, Procházka I, Blažej J. Twenty Years of Rad-Hard K14 SPAD in Space Projects. Sensors (Basel). 2015;15:18178-96 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent space applications of K14 SPAD comprises LIDAR and mainly time transfer between ground stations and artificial satellites. These include Laser Time Transfer, Time Transfer by Laser Link, and European Laser Timing projects. ..
  36. Yang Q, Peng S, Wu J, Ban X, He M, Xie C, et al. Spectral CT with monochromatic imaging and metal artifacts reduction software for artifacts reduction of ¹²⁵I radioactive seeds in liver brachytherapy. Jpn J Radiol. 2015;33:694-705 pubmed publisher
    ..Spectral CT imaging (with and without MARS) can provide more accurate CT images for estimating efficacy after (125)I seed brachytherapy in the liver. ..
  37. Youngblut M, Tsai C, Clark I, Carlson H, Maglaqui A, Gau Pan P, et al. Perchlorate Reductase Is Distinguished by Active Site Aromatic Gate Residues. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:9190-202 pubmed publisher
    ..Our combined results provide the first detailed structural insight into the mechanism of biological perchlorate reduction, a critical component of the chlorine redox cycle on Earth. ..
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    ..Resources such as air, food, and medical supplies will be limited and calculated to keep the crew members alive. We explore the bioethical concerns of near-future space travel. ..
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    ..Although the focus here is on biological experiments, the information provided may be useful for designing other payloads as well if the space radiation environment is a factor to be considered. ..
  40. Ying Y, Weng Y, Chang K. The impact of alcohol policies on alcohol-attributable diseases in Taiwan-A population-based study. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2017;180:103-112 pubmed publisher
    ..Attention should be focused on this cohort to protect this vulnerable population. ..
  41. Lin C, Saffari M, Koenig H, Pakpour A. Effects of religiosity and religious coping on medication adherence and quality of life among people with epilepsy. Epilepsy Behav. 2018;78:45-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, religiosity and religious coping may be determinants of medication adherence and QoL in PWE; health professionals may consider asking PWE if religion is important to them and how they use it to cope with their epilepsy. ..
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    ..Next, we explored the protective mechanism and found that T and DHT altered the expression of synaptophysin (SYN) and postsynaptic dense material 95 (PSD95), which play crucial roles in cognitive function and synaptic plasticity. ..
  43. Grosch E, Hazen R. Microbes, Mineral Evolution, and the Rise of Microcontinents-Origin and Coevolution of Life with Early Earth. Astrobiology. 2015;15:922-39 pubmed publisher
    ..We also consider environmental factors supporting this earliest step in geosphere-biosphere coevolution and the implications for habitability and mineral evolution on other rocky planets, such as Mars. ..
  44. Zawadzki K, Samecka Cymerman A, Kolon K, Wojtuń B, Mróz L, Kempers A. Metals in Pleurozium schreberi and Polytrichum commune from areas with various levels of pollution. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2016;23:11100-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Soil may also be an additional source of metals, and it affects the uptake in endohydric P. commune more than in ectohydric P. schreberi. However, the precise explanation of these relations needs further investigation. ..
  45. Wang X, Wang J, Wang Y, Guo Y, Chu B, Yang G. Sus scrofa matrix attachment region enhances expression of the PiggyBac system transfected into HEK293T cells. Biotechnol Lett. 2016;38:949-58 pubmed publisher
    ..SusMAR enhanced recombinant gene expression levels and stability in HEK293T cells, was not increase transgene copy number. These results could facilitate the development of vectors for stable production of therapeutic proteins. ..
  46. Jost A, Hoson T, Iversen T. The Utilization of Plant Facilities on the International Space Station-The Composition, Growth, and Development of Plant Cell Walls under Microgravity Conditions. Plants (Basel). 2015;4:44-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Linked to these aspects is a description of existing hardware functioning on the International Space Station. ..
  47. Naru J, Aggarwal R, Singh U, Mohanty A, Bansal D, Mangat N, et al. Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins in vitreous humor of patients with retinoblastoma using iTRAQ-coupled ESI-MS/MS approach. Tumour Biol. 2016;37:13915-13926 pubmed
    ..Further investigations into unravelling the biological role of the proteins and their prospects of being utilised as potential candidates in therapeutics are warranted. ..
  48. Lin C, Chen H, Pakpour A. Correlation between adherence to antiepileptic drugs and quality of life in patients with epilepsy: A longitudinal study. Epilepsy Behav. 2016;63:103-108 pubmed publisher
    ..001). The MARS-5 score can predict the QoL in patients with epilepsy for up to 18months. Therefore, healthcare providers may predict the QoL and drug adherence using the MARS-5 score, in order to design personalized interventions. ..
  49. Ahlawat S, Stern S, Belzberg A, Fritz J. High-resolution metal artifact reduction MR imaging of the lumbosacral plexus in patients with metallic implants. Skeletal Radiol. 2017;46:897-908 pubmed publisher
    ..MARS MRI yields high image quality and diagnostic accuracy for the assessment of lumbosacral neuropathies in patients with metallic implants of the pelvis and hips. ..
  50. Chow B, Chen T, Zhong Y, Qiao Y. Direct Formation of Structural Components Using a Martian Soil Simulant. Sci Rep. 2017;7:1151 pubmed publisher
    ..Gas permeability of compacted samples was measured to be on the order of 10-16 m2, close to that of solid rocks. The compaction procedure is adaptive to additive manufacturing. ..
  51. Dhaher Y, Salehghaffari S, Adouni M. Anterior laxity, graft-tunnel interaction and surgical design variations during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A probabilistic simulation of the surgery. J Biomech. 2016;49:3009-3016 pubmed publisher
    ..In the context of the design of prospective studies, our findings highlight the need to include the graft tension and not fixation angle at the time of fixation as a variable in the evaluation of the surgery. ..
  52. Cheng H, Hao R, Zhou Y, Frost R. Visible and near-infrared spectroscopic comparison of five phyllosilicate mineral samples. Spectrochim Acta A Mol Biomol Spectrosc. 2017;180:19-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, such analysis can also provide important constraints on the nature of putative global and local-scale mineralogical transitions on Mars. ..
  53. Colombo L, Melardi E, Ferri P, Montesano G, Samir Attaalla S, Patelli F, et al. Visual function improvement using photocromic and selective blue-violet light filtering spectacle lenses in patients affected by retinal diseases. BMC Ophthalmol. 2017;17:149 pubmed publisher
    ..The use of a combination of photocromic lens with a selective blue-violet light filter showed functional benefit in all evaluated patients. ..
  54. Grant J, Venegas J, McDermott W, Hermans I. Aerobic Oxidations of Light Alkanes over Solid Metal Oxide Catalysts. Chem Rev. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..e., propane to acrylic acid) require specific reaction sites for each oxidation step and benefit from site isolation provided by spectator species. These themes, and others, are discussed in the text...
  55. Weekly T, Walker N, Beck J, Akers S, Weaver M. A Review of Apps for Calming, Relaxation, and Mindfulness Interventions for Pediatric Palliative Care Patients. Children (Basel). 2018;5: pubmed publisher
    ..Provision of mobile apps resource summary has the potential to foster pediatric palliative care providers' knowledge of app functionality and applicability as part of ongoing patient care. ..
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    ..We concluded that clinical outcomes and plain radiographs for screening MoM patients underestimates the presence of pseudotumours in MoM patients. The true clinical relevance of these pseudotumours is still unclear...
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    ..algae MARS 14 was associated with overexpression of EptA (27-fold increase), which plays a crucial role in the arrangement of outer membrane lipopolysaccharide. ..
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    ..These results demonstrate that 82-kDa ChAT and SATB1 play critical roles in the response of neural cells to acute A?-exposure. ..
  59. Spatz J, Ellman R, Cloutier A, Louis L, van Vliet M, Dwyer D, et al. Sclerostin antibody inhibits skeletal deterioration in mice exposed to partial weight-bearing. Life Sci Space Res (Amst). 2017;12:32-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, these results demonstrate the efficacy of sclerostin antibody therapy in preventing astronaut bone loss during terrestrial solar system exploration. ..
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    ..O-MAR also reduced susceptibility artifacts associated with metal fiducial markers so that they appeared on MRI at their true dimensions. ..
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    ..Future updates to the secondary light particle production methods in the nuclear model within HETC-HEDS are expected to improve light ion flux predictions. ..
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    ..The information obtained from this study is useful in the designs of the future space missions as well as accelerator-based experiments dedicated to cosmic-ray research...
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    ..This new approach and the resulting novel products will enable human exploration and settlement on Mars, while providing new manufacturing approaches for life on Earth. ..
  65. Raack J, Conway S, Herny C, Balme M, Carpy S, Patel M. Water induced sediment levitation enhances downslope transport on Mars. Nat Commun. 2017;8:1151 pubmed publisher
    ..Sediment levitation must therefore be considered when evaluating the formation of recent and present-day martian mass wasting features, as much less water may be required to form such features than previously thought. ..
  66. Afulani P, Kirumbi L, Lyndon A. What makes or mars the facility-based childbirth experience: thematic analysis of women's childbirth experiences in western Kenya. Reprod Health. 2017;14:180 pubmed publisher
    ..To improve person-centered maternity care, interventions need to address the responsiveness of health facilities, ensure women receive supportive and dignified care, and promote effective patient-provider communication. ..
  67. van Meel E, Wegner D, Cliften P, Willing M, White F, Kornfeld S, et al. Rare recessive loss-of-function methionyl-tRNA synthetase mutations presenting as a multi-organ phenotype. BMC Med Genet. 2013;14:106 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that the F370L and I523T mutations did not affect the association of MARS with the multisynthetase complex. This infant expands the catalogue of inherited human diseases caused by mutations in aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase genes. ..
  68. Ploutz Snyder L. Evaluating countermeasures in spaceflight analogs. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2016;120:915-21 pubmed publisher
    ..In preparation for Mars exploration it will be necessary to fully integrate countermeasures to protect all organ systems. The synergistic and antagonistic effects of multiple countermeasures needs to be the focus of future work. ..
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    ..Finally, our evidence places a stern warning about the abilities of popular geometrical criteria to determine the existence of hydrogen bonds. ..
  70. Bridges J, Clemmet J, Croon M, Sims M, Pullan D, Muller J, et al. Identification of the Beagle 2 lander on Mars. R Soc Open Sci. 2017;4:170785 pubmed publisher
    ..This implies that the main part of the entry, descent and landing sequence, the ejection from MEX, atmospheric entry and parachute deployment, and landing worked as planned with perhaps only the final full panel deployment failing...
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