Gene Symbol: LARP4
Description: La ribonucleoprotein domain family member 4
Alias: PP13296, la-related protein 4, c-Mpl binding protein
Species: human
Products:     LARP4

Top Publications

  1. Hussain R, Zawawi M, Bayfield M. Conservation of RNA chaperone activity of the human La-related proteins 4, 6 and 7. Nucleic Acids Res. 2013;41:8715-25 pubmed publisher
  2. Yang R, Gaidamakov S, Xie J, Lee J, Martino L, Kozlov G, et al. La-related protein 4 binds poly(A), interacts with the poly(A)-binding protein MLLE domain via a variant PAM2w motif, and can promote mRNA stability. Mol Cell Biol. 2011;31:542-56 pubmed publisher
    ..We report that newly described La-related protein 4 (LARP4) is a factor that can bind poly(A) RNA and interact with poly(A) binding protein (PABP)...
  3. Zou T, Wang P, Gao Y, Liang W. Circular RNA_LARP4 is lower expressed and serves as a potential biomarker of ovarian cancer prognosis. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2018;22:7178-7182 pubmed publisher
    ..The study aims to investigate the expression of circular RNA_LARP4 (circ LARP4) and clinical significance in ovarian cancer (OC)...
  4. Mattijssen S, Arimbasseri A, Iben J, Gaidamakov S, Lee J, Hafner M, et al. LARP4 mRNA codon-tRNA match contributes to LARP4 activity for ribosomal protein mRNA poly(A) tail length protection. elife. 2017;6: pubmed publisher
    ..La-related protein-4 (LARP4) binds poly(A) and PABP...
  5. Schmoker A, Barritt S, Weir M, Mann J, Hogan T, Ballif B, et al. Fyn Regulates Binding Partners of Cyclic-AMP Dependent Protein Kinase A. Proteomes. 2018;6: pubmed publisher
    ..We also identified and biochemically validated a novel PKA-C interactor, LARP4, which complexed with PKA in the absence of Fyn...
  6. Stavraka C, Blagden S. The La-Related Proteins, a Family with Connections to Cancer. Biomolecules. 2015;5:2701-22 pubmed publisher
    The evolutionarily-conserved La-related protein (LARP) family currently comprises Genuine La, LARP1, LARP1b, LARP4, LARP4b, LARP6 and LARP7...
  7. Nussbacher J, Yeo G. Systematic Discovery of RNA Binding Proteins that Regulate MicroRNA Levels. Mol Cell. 2018;69:1005-1016.e7 pubmed publisher
    ..We also observed that DDX3X regulates primary miR-20a, while LARP4 stabilizes precursor mir-210...
  8. Puigdecanet E, Espinet B, Villa O, Florensa L, Besses C, Serrano S, et al. Detection of abnormalities of PRV-1, TPO, and c-MPL genes detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization in essential thrombocythemia. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 2006;167:39-42 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest a lack of structural and numerical rearrangements (deletions, translocations, or amplifications) of PRV-1, TPO, and c-MPL genes in ET patients. ..
  9. Kralovics R, Skoda R. Molecular pathogenesis of Philadelphia chromosome negative myeloproliferative disorders. Blood Rev. 2005;19:1-13 pubmed
    ..Some of these families display clonal hematopoiesis and other features previously only found in sporadic MPD. Elucidating the molecular defect(s) in these pedigrees will likely be relevant for understanding sporadic MPD pathogenesis. ..

More Information


  1. Houlston R, Cheadle J, Dobbins S, Tenesa A, Jones A, Howarth K, et al. Meta-analysis of three genome-wide association studies identifies susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer at 1q41, 3q26.2, 12q13.13 and 20q13.33. Nat Genet. 2010;42:973-7 pubmed publisher
    ..02 × 10??) and 20q13.33 (rs4925386, OR = 0.93, P = 1.89 × 10?¹?). In addition to identifying new CRC risk loci, this analysis provides evidence that additional CRC-associated variants of similar effect size remain to be discovered. ..
  2. Mattijssen S, Maraia R. LARP4 Is Regulated by Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha in a Tristetraprolin-Dependent Manner. Mol Cell Biol. 2016;36:574-84 pubmed publisher
    b>LARP4 is a protein with unknown function that independently binds to poly(A) RNA, RACK1, and the poly(A)-binding protein (PABPC1). Here, we report on its regulation...
  3. Seetharaman S, Flemyng E, Shen J, Conte M, Ridley A. The RNA-binding protein LARP4 regulates cancer cell migration and invasion. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken). 2016;73:680-690 pubmed publisher
    b>LARP4 is a La-related RNA-binding protein implicated in regulating mRNA translation, which interacts with poly(A)-binding protein (PABP)...
  4. Maraia R, Mattijssen S, Cruz Gallardo I, Conte M. The La and related RNA-binding proteins (LARPs): structures, functions, and evolving perspectives. Wiley Interdiscip Rev RNA. 2017;8: pubmed publisher
    ..One such link may be tRNA surveillance and codon usage by LARP-associated mRNAs. WIREs RNA 2017, 8:e1430. doi: 10.1002/wrna.1430 For further resources related to this article, please visit the WIREs website. ..