integrin alpha5


Gene Symbol: integrin alpha5
Description: integrin subunit alpha 5
Alias: CD49e, FNRA, VLA-5, VLA5A, integrin alpha-5, CD49 antigen-like family member E, ITGA5/SLC9B1 fusion, fibronectin receptor subunit alpha, fibronectin receptor, alpha polypeptide, fibronectin receptor, alpha subunit, integrin alpha-F, integrin, alpha 5 (fibronectin receptor, alpha polypeptide), very late activation protein 5, alpha subunit
Species: human
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Top Publications

  1. Fitzgerald L, Poncz M, Steiner B, Rall S, Bennett J, Phillips D. Comparison of cDNA-derived protein sequences of the human fibronectin and vitronectin receptor alpha-subunits and platelet glycoprotein IIb. Biochemistry. 1987;26:8158-65 pubmed
    ..The identity among the protein sequences of the three receptor alpha-subunits ranges from 36.1% to 44.5%, with the Ca2+-binding domains having the greatest homology. These proteins apparently evolved by a process of gene duplication. ..
  2. Porter J, Hogg N. Integrins take partners: cross-talk between integrins and other membrane receptors. Trends Cell Biol. 1998;8:390-6 pubmed
    ..Here, Joanna Porter and Nancy Hogg discuss a few of the best characterized of these specialist integrin partnerships. ..
  3. Okazaki T, Ni A, Ayeni O, Baluk P, Yao L, Vossmeyer D, et al. alpha5beta1 Integrin blockade inhibits lymphangiogenesis in airway inflammation. Am J Pathol. 2009;174:2378-87 pubmed publisher
    ..pulmonis infection because expression of the integrin is selectively increased on lymphatic sprouts and plays an essential role in lymphatic growth...
  4. Birkenmeier T, McQuillan J, Boedeker E, Argraves W, Ruoslahti E, Dean D. The alpha 5 beta 1 fibronectin receptor. Characterization of the alpha 5 gene promoter. J Biol Chem. 1991;266:20544-9 pubmed
    ..Isolation of a functional promoter for the alpha 5 gene is a first step in understanding how expression of this gene is controlled at the molecular level. ..
  5. Francis S, Goh K, Hodivala Dilke K, Bader B, Stark M, Davidson D, et al. Central roles of alpha5beta1 integrin and fibronectin in vascular development in mouse embryos and embryoid bodies. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2002;22:927-33 pubmed
    ..Thus, successful early vasculogenesis and angiogenesis require alpha5-FN interactions. ..
  6. Tanaka R, Owaki T, Kamiya S, Matsunaga T, Shimoda K, Kodama H, et al. VLA-5-mediated adhesion to fibronectin accelerates hemin-stimulated erythroid differentiation of K562 cells through induction of VLA-4 expression. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:19817-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, VLA-4 and VLA-5 may contribute to erythropoiesis at different stages of erythroid differentiation. ..
  7. Wayner E, Carter W, Piotrowicz R, Kunicki T. The function of multiple extracellular matrix receptors in mediating cell adhesion to extracellular matrix: preparation of monoclonal antibodies to the fibronectin receptor that specifically inhibit cell adhesion to fibronectin and react with platele. J Cell Biol. 1988;107:1881-91 pubmed
    ..These results show that multiple ECMRs function in combination to mediate cell adhesion to complex EMC templates and predicts that variation in ECM composition and ECMR expression may direct cell localization to specific tissue domains. ..
  8. Tani T, Mercurio A. PDZ interaction sites in integrin alpha subunits. T14853, TIP/GIPC binds to a type I recognition sequence in alpha 6A/alpha 5 and a novel sequence in alpha 6B. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:36535-42 pubmed
    ..The binding site in alpha(6)B defines a new subclass of type I PDZ interaction site, characterized by a non-aliphatic residue at position 0. ..
  9. Saito T, Kimura M, Kawasaki T, Sato S, Tomita Y. Correlation between integrin alpha 5 expression and the malignant phenotype of transitional cell carcinoma. Br J Cancer. 1996;73:327-31 pubmed
    ..Taken together, it seems that the presence of alpha 5 integrin might be a more malignant phenotype in transitional cell carcinoma. ..

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  1. Mould A, Askari J, Barton S, Kline A, McEwan P, Craig S, et al. Integrin activation involves a conformational change in the alpha 1 helix of the beta subunit A-domain. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:19800-5 pubmed
    ..The mechanism of beta subunit A-domain activation appears to be distinct from that of the A-domains found in some integrin alpha subunits. ..
  2. Takagi J, Strokovich K, Springer T, Walz T. Structure of integrin alpha5beta1 in complex with fibronectin. EMBO J. 2003;22:4607-15 pubmed
    ..This finding is corroborated by kinetic analysis of real-time binding data, which shows that the synergy site greatly enhances k(on) but has little effect on the stability or k(off) of the complex. ..
  3. Martin S, Cosset E, Terrand J, Maglott A, Takeda K, Dontenwill M. Caveolin-1 regulates glioblastoma aggressiveness through the control of alpha(5)beta(1) integrin expression and modulates glioblastoma responsiveness to SJ749, an alpha(5)beta(1) integrin antagonist. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2009;1793:354-67 pubmed publisher
    ..Mediator of caveolin-1 effects, alpha(5)beta(1) integrin, is also a marker for glioma aggressiveness and an efficient target for the treatment of glioma especially the ones exerting the highest aggressive phenotype. ..
  4. Kim S, Kang H, Nam E, Choi M, Zhao X, Hong C, et al. TMPRSS4 induces invasion and epithelial-mesenchymal transition through upregulation of integrin alpha5 and its signaling pathways. Carcinogenesis. 2010;31:597-606 pubmed publisher
    ..TMPRSS4 induced integrin alpha5 expression and its signal transduction, leading to invasiveness and EMT accompanied by downregulation of E-..
  5. Zeng B, Fujiwara H, Sato Y, Nishioka Y, Yamada S, Yoshioka S, et al. Integrin alpha5 is involved in fibronectin-induced human extravillous trophoblast invasion. J Reprod Immunol. 2007;73:1-10 pubmed
    ..22 aminoacid sequence of the CHL3 antigen (150kDa) purified from placental tissue completely matched that of integrin alpha5, which is known to interact with fibronectin...
  6. Friedland J, Lee M, Boettiger D. Mechanically activated integrin switch controls alpha5beta1 function. Science. 2009;323:642-4 pubmed publisher
    ..In the context of tissues, this integrin switch connects cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix mechanics to adhesion-dependent motility and signaling pathways. ..
  7. Nam E, Lee Y, Park Y, Lee J, Kim S. ZEB2 upregulates integrin ?5 expression through cooperation with Sp1 to induce invasion during epithelial-mesenchymal transition of human cancer cells. Carcinogenesis. 2012;33:563-71 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings increase our understanding of the pathways beyond E-cadherin reduction that regulate mesenchymal gene expression during EMT and cancer progression. ..
  8. Mould A, Symonds E, Buckley P, Grossmann J, McEwan P, Barton S, et al. Structure of an integrin-ligand complex deduced from solution x-ray scattering and site-directed mutagenesis. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:39993-9 pubmed
    ..We have used solution x-ray scattering to visualize the head region of integrin alpha 5 beta 1 in an inactive (Ca2+-occupied) state, and in complex with a fragment of fibronectin containing the RGD ..
  9. Haenssen K, Caldwell S, Shahriari K, Jackson S, Whelan K, Klein Szanto A, et al. ErbB2 requires integrin alpha5 for anoikis resistance via Src regulation of receptor activity in human mammary epithelial cells. J Cell Sci. 2010;123:1373-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that MCF-10A cells overexpressing ErbB2 upregulate integrin alpha5 via the MAP-kinase pathway in three-dimensional acini and found elevated integrin alpha5 levels associated ..
  10. Smith J, Vestal D, Irwin S, Burke T, Cheresh D. Purification and functional characterization of integrin alpha v beta 5. An adhesion receptor for vitronectin. J Biol Chem. 1990;265:11008-13 pubmed
    ..Secondly, polyclonal antibodies raised against alpha v beta 5 immunoprecipitate both beta 5 and beta x, and finally, the amino-terminal amino acid sequences of beta x and beta 5 are identical. ..
  11. Mould A, Askari J, Aota S, Yamada K, Irie A, Takada Y, et al. Defining the topology of integrin alpha5beta1-fibronectin interactions using inhibitory anti-alpha5 and anti-beta1 monoclonal antibodies. Evidence that the synergy sequence of fibronectin is recognized by the amino-terminal repeats of the alpha5 subu. J Biol Chem. 1997;272:17283-92 pubmed
    ..These findings provide new insights into the mechanisms, specificity, and topology of integrin-ligand interactions. ..
  12. Isaji T, Sato Y, Zhao Y, Miyoshi E, Wada Y, Taniguchi N, et al. N-glycosylation of the beta-propeller domain of the integrin alpha5 subunit is essential for alpha5beta1 heterodimerization, expression on the cell surface, and its biological function. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:33258-67 pubmed
  13. Zhang X, Groopman J, Wang J. Extracellular matrix regulates endothelial functions through interaction of VEGFR-3 and integrin alpha5beta1. J Cell Physiol. 2005;202:205-14 pubmed
    ..Our results indicate that integrin alpha5beta1 participates in the activation of both VEGFR-3 and its downstream PI3 kinase/Akt signaling pathway, which is essential for FN-mediated lymphatic endothelial cell survival and proliferation. ..
  14. Gibson R, Craig S, Heenan L, Tournier C, Humphries M. Activation of integrin alpha5beta1 delays apoptosis of Ntera2 neuronal cells. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2005;28:588-98 pubmed
    ..The antibody 12G10 specifically delayed loss of phosphorylation of AKT on serine 473, and GSK-3beta on serine 9, induced by serum withdrawal, suggesting that these kinases are critical sensors of integrin activation on neuronal cells. ..
  15. Engl T, Relja B, Marian D, Blumenberg C, Muller I, Beecken W, et al. CXCR4 chemokine receptor mediates prostate tumor cell adhesion through alpha5 and beta3 integrins. Neoplasia. 2006;8:290-301 pubmed
    ..The findings provide a link between chemokine receptor expression and integrin-triggered tumor dissemination. ..
  16. Dingemans A, van den Boogaart V, Vosse B, van Suylen R, Griffioen A, Thijssen V. Integrin expression profiling identifies integrin alpha5 and beta1 as prognostic factors in early stage non-small cell lung cancer. Mol Cancer. 2010;9:152 pubmed publisher
    ..Determining the integrin expression profile might serve as a tool in predicting the prognosis of individual patients. ..
  17. Lobert V, Brech A, Pedersen N, Wesche J, Oppelt A, Malerød L, et al. Ubiquitination of alpha 5 beta 1 integrin controls fibroblast migration through lysosomal degradation of fibronectin-integrin complexes. Dev Cell. 2010;19:148-59 pubmed publisher
    ..Fibronectin and alpha 5 beta 1 integrin therefore are trafficked to lysosomes in a similar way to growth factors and their receptors. ..
  18. Vinod E, Kachroo U, Ozbey O, Sathishkumar S, Boopalan P. Comparison of human articular chondrocyte and chondroprogenitor cocultures and monocultures: To assess chondrogenic potential and markers of hypertrophy. Tissue Cell. 2019;57:42-48 pubmed publisher
    ..even when reported specific markers of identification (CD54 and CD44:chondrocyte markers) and isolation (CD29 and CD49e: forming heterodimeric fibronectin receptor for CP sorting) were examined...
  19. Goto K, Oue N, Hayashi T, Shinmei S, Sakamoto N, Sentani K, et al. Oligophrenin-1 is associated with cell adhesion and migration in prostate cancer. Pathobiology. 2014;81:190-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Knockdown of OPHN1 reduced the expression of ITGA5 and stress fiber formation in LNCaP and PC3 cells. These results suggest that oligophrenin-1 is involved in tumor progression in PCa. ..
  20. Chadli L, Sotthewes B, Li K, Andersen S, Cahir McFarland E, Cheung M, et al. Identification of regulators of the myofibroblast phenotype of primary dermal fibroblasts from early diffuse systemic sclerosis patients. Sci Rep. 2019;9:4521 pubmed publisher
    ..Together our results demonstrated the value of carefully-phenotyped SSc dermal fibroblasts as a platform for SSc target and drug discovery. ..
  21. Shi J, Chen X, Li H, Wu Y, Wang S, Shi W, et al. Neuron-autonomous transcriptome changes upon ischemia/reperfusion injury. Sci Rep. 2017;7:5800 pubmed publisher
    ..Our research thereby provided novel insights into the molecular mechanisms in ischemic stroke pathophysiology and potential targets for therapeutic intervention after ischemic stroke. ..
  22. Zhu S, Zhang X, Weichert Leahey N, Dong Z, Zhang C, Lopez G, et al. LMO1 Synergizes with MYCN to Promote Neuroblastoma Initiation and Metastasis. Cancer Cell. 2017;32:310-323.e5 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results provide in vivo validation of LMO1 as an important oncogene that promotes neuroblastoma initiation, progression, and widespread metastatic dissemination. ..
  23. Jensen C, Lang S, Somasundaram R, Soneji S, Sigvardsson M. Identification of Stage-Specific Surface Markers in Early B Cell Development Provides Novel Tools for Identification of Progenitor Populations. J Immunol. 2016;197:1937-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Among the stage-specific markers were the cell adhesion proteins CD49E, CD11A, and CD54 that are highly expressed selectively on the most immature progenitors...
  24. Podolnikova N, Yakubenko V, Volkov G, Plow E, Ugarova T. Identification of a novel binding site for platelet integrins alpha IIb beta 3 (GPIIbIIIa) and alpha 5 beta 1 in the gamma C-domain of fibrinogen. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:32251-8 pubmed
    ..Thus, these data suggest that the P3 sequence in the gamma C-domain of fibrinogen defines a previously unknown recognition specificity of alpha IIb beta 3 and alpha 5 beta 1 and may function as a binding site for these integrins. ..
  25. Monferran S, Skuli N, Delmas C, Favre G, Bonnet J, Cohen Jonathan Moyal E, et al. Alphavbeta3 and alphavbeta5 integrins control glioma cell response to ionising radiation through ILK and RhoB. Int J Cancer. 2008;123:357-364 pubmed publisher
  26. Palmieri A, Avantaggiato A, Cura F, Papalia R, Casale M, Bressi F, et al. Effect of biostimulation on oral fibroblast: a pilot study. J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2017;31: pubmed
    ..This study could be useful to consider the possibility of injective biostimulation in oral cavity, clinical applications in oral healing and in gingival atrophy as well...
  27. Anderson J, Grabowska A, Watson S. PTHrP increases transcriptional activity of the integrin subunit alpha5. Br J Cancer. 2007;96:1394-403 pubmed attempt to elucidate the mechanism whereby PTHrP regulates integrin expression, promoter activity of the integrin alpha5 subunit was analysed and significant increases in transcriptional activity were observed in PTHrP ..
  28. Moir L, Burgess J, Black J. Transforming growth factor beta 1 increases fibronectin deposition through integrin receptor alpha 5 beta 1 on human airway smooth muscle. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2008;121:1034-9.e4 pubmed publisher
    ..Proliferation of ASM cells from asthmatic and nonasthmatic subjects was inhibited by blocking the fibronectin receptor subunit alpha(5)beta(1)...
  29. Bass R, Ellis V. Regulation of urokinase receptor function and pericellular proteolysis by the integrin alpha(5)beta(1). Thromb Haemost. 2009;101:954-62 pubmed
    ..These interactions may be modified by other integrins, suggesting a complex interplay between uPAR and integrins on the cell surface with the potential to regulate invasive cell migration. ..
  30. Lee M, Huang J, Chen Y, Aplin J, Wu Y, Chen C, et al. Angiogenesis in differentiated placental multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells is dependent on integrin alpha5beta1. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e6913 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that differentiated hPMSCs may contribute to blood vessel formation, and this activity depends on integrin alpha(5)beta(1). ..
  31. Li X, Lu J, Tan C, Wang Q, Feng Y. RUNX2 promotes breast cancer bone metastasis by increasing integrin ?5-mediated colonization. Cancer Lett. 2016;380:78-86 pubmed publisher
  32. Wei T, Luo D, Chen L, Wu T, Wang K. Cyclic hydrodynamic pressure induced proliferation of bladder smooth muscle cells via integrin alpha5 and FAK. Physiol Res. 2014;63:127-34 pubmed
    ..b>Integrin alpha5 siRNA was applied to validate the role of integrin alpha5 in cell proliferation...
  33. Yun S, Budatha M, Dahlman J, Coon B, Cameron R, Langer R, et al. Interaction between integrin ?5 and PDE4D regulates endothelial inflammatory signalling. Nat Cell Biol. 2016;18:1043-53 pubmed publisher
    ..In vivo knockdown of PDE4D5 inhibited inflammation at athero-prone sites. These data elucidate a molecular mechanism linking ECM remodelling and inflammation, thereby identifying a new class of therapeutic targets. ..
  34. Jia D, Zhu Q, Liu H, Zuo C, He Y, Chen G, et al. Osteoprotegerin Disruption Attenuates HySu-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension Through Integrin ?v?3/FAK/AKT Pathway Suppression. Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2017;10: pubmed publisher
    ..Osteoprotegerin facilitates PAH pathogenesis by regulating pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation, suggesting that it may be a potential biomarker and therapeutic target in this disease. ..
  35. Koelblen T, Bergé C, Cherrier M, Brillet K, Jiménez Soto L, Ballut L, et al. Molecular dissection of protein-protein interactions between integrin α5β1 and the Helicobacter pylori Cag type IV secretion system. FEBS J. 2017;284:4143-4157 pubmed publisher
  36. Rehn M, Veikkola T, Kukk Valdre E, Nakamura H, Ilmonen M, Lombardo C, et al. Interaction of endostatin with integrins implicated in angiogenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001;98:1024-9 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these results implicate integrins as potential targets for endostatin function and support the importance of integrins in endothelial cell biology and angiogenesis. ..
  37. Asokan A, Hamra J, Govindasamy L, Agbandje McKenna M, Samulski R. Adeno-associated virus type 2 contains an integrin alpha5beta1 binding domain essential for viral cell entry. J Virol. 2006;80:8961-9 pubmed
    ..The aforementioned results suggest that the internalization of AAV2 in 293 cells might follow a "click-to-fit" mechanism that involves the cooperative binding of heparan sulfate and alpha5beta1 integrin by the AAV2 capsids. ..
  38. Souza Andrade E, da Costa Miguel M, Pinto L, de Souza L. Ameloblastoma and adenomatoid odontogenic tumor: the role of alpha2beta1, alpha3beta1, and alpha5beta1 integrins in local invasiveness and architectural characteristics. Ann Diagn Pathol. 2007;11:199-205 pubmed
    ..Our findings suggest an important role of the integrins studied in the architectural characteristics of ameloblastomas and AOTs and a possible participation of alpha5beta1 integrin in the mechanism of local invasion of ameloblastomas. ..
  39. Xie J, Guo J, Wu Z, Xu X, Wu J, Chen B, et al. Integrin α5 promotes tumor progression and is an independent unfavorable prognostic factor in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Hum Pathol. 2016;48:69-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Combined, integrin α5 might play important roles in the progression of ESCC. Integrin α5 is a novel biomarker to predict the prognosis of ESCC patients. ..
  40. Lynch L, Vodyanik P, Boettiger D, Guvakova M. Insulin-like growth factor I controls adhesion strength mediated by alpha5beta1 integrins in motile carcinoma cells. Mol Biol Cell. 2005;16:51-63 pubmed
    ..Understanding how cell adhesion and migration are coordinated has an important application in cancer research, developmental biology, and tissue bioengineering. ..
  41. Kuwada S, Kuang J, Li X. Integrin alpha5/beta1 expression mediates HER-2 down-regulation in colon cancer cells. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:19027-35 pubmed
    ..Little is known about the regulation of HER-2 signaling in colon cancer cells. Integrin alpha5/beta1 expression is frequently lost in colorectal cancer cells compared with normal intestinal epithelium, ..
  42. Pon J, Wong J, Saberi S, Alder O, Moksa M, Grace Cheng S, et al. MEF2B mutations in non-Hodgkin lymphoma dysregulate cell migration by decreasing MEF2B target gene activation. Nat Commun. 2015;6:7953 pubmed publisher
    ..The K4E and D83V mutations decrease MEF2B DNA binding. In conclusion, our map of the MEF2B regulome connects MEF2B to drivers of oncogenesis. ..
  43. Zhang X, Song L, Wen H, Bai X, Li Z, Ma L. Upregulation of microRNA-31 targeting integrin α5 suppresses tumor cell invasion and metastasis by indirectly regulating PI3K/AKT pathway in human gastric cancer SGC7901 cells. Tumour Biol. 2016;37:8317-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study concluded that upregulation of miR-31 targeting ITGA5 may suppress tumor cell invasion and metastasis by indirectly regulating PI3K/AKT signaling pathway in human SGC7901 GC cells. ..
  44. Wang H, Li J, Zhang X, Ning T, Ma D, Ge Y, et al. Priming integrin alpha 5 promotes the osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament stem cells due to cytoskeleton and cell cycle changes. J Proteomics. 2018;179:122-130 pubmed publisher
    To seek a potential target for periodontal tissue regeneration, this study aimed to explore the role of Integrin alpha 5 (ITGA5) in human periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs)...
  45. Hu D, Lin E, Kovach N, Hoyer J, Smith J. A biochemical characterization of the binding of osteopontin to integrins alpha v beta 1 and alpha v beta 5. J Biol Chem. 1995;270:26232-8 pubmed
    ..Collectively, these findings prove that integrins alpha v beta 1, alpha v beta 3, and alpha v beta 5 have similar affinity for OPN. Therefore, all three integrins must be considered when evaluating the biological affects of OPN. ..
  46. Koria P, Andreadis S. KGF promotes integrin alpha5 expression through CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein-beta. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2007;293:C1020-31 pubmed
  47. Chen Z, Chen C, Gong W, Li J, Xing Y. Integrin-alpha5 mediates epidermal growth factor-induced retinal pigment epithelial cell proliferation and migration. Pathobiology. 2010;77:88-95 pubmed publisher
    ..The study provided evidence that EGF might influence PVR by promoting integrin-alpha(5) expression and subsequent proliferation and migration of RPE. ..
  48. Lee B, Clarke D, Al Ahmad A, Kahle M, Parham C, Auckland L, et al. Perlecan domain V is neuroprotective and proangiogenic following ischemic stroke in rodents. J Clin Invest. 2011;121:3005-23 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that perlecan domain V represents a promising approach for stroke treatment. ..
  49. Freeman T, Black J, Bray H, Dagliyan O, Wu Y, Tripathy A, et al. Identification of novel integrin binding partners for calcium and integrin binding protein 1 (CIB1): structural and thermodynamic basis of CIB1 promiscuity. Biochemistry. 2013;52:7082-90 pubmed publisher
    ..These new mechanistic details of CIB1-integrin binding imply that CIB1 could bind to all integrin complexes and act as a broad regulator of integrin function. ..
  50. De Franceschi N, Peuhu E, Parsons M, Rissanen S, Vattulainen I, Salmi M, et al. Mutually Exclusive Roles of SHARPIN in Integrin Inactivation and NF-κB Signaling. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0143423 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether these data suggest that the roles of SHARPIN in inhibiting integrin activity and supporting linear ubiquitination are (molecularly) distinct. ..
  51. Zauli G, Gibellini D, Celeghini C, Mischiati C, Bassini A, La Placa M, et al. Pleiotropic effects of immobilized versus soluble recombinant HIV-1 Tat protein on CD3-mediated activation, induction of apoptosis, and HIV-1 long terminal repeat transactivation in purified CD4+ T lymphocytes. J Immunol. 1996;157:2216-24 pubmed
    ..While co-immobilized Tat plus CD3 mAb did not show any significant effect on activation-induced cell death, high concentrations of soluble Tat synergized with immobilized CD3 mAb in the induction of apoptosis. ..
  52. Wong C, Wiedle G, Ballestrem C, Wehrle Haller B, Etteldorf S, Bruckner M, et al. PECAM-1/CD31 trans-homophilic binding at the intercellular junctions is independent of its cytoplasmic domain; evidence for heterophilic interaction with integrin alphavbeta3 in Cis. Mol Biol Cell. 2000;11:3109-21 pubmed
    ..However, based on cocapping experiments performed on proT cells, we provide evidence that the integrin alphavbeta3 associates with PECAM-1 on the same cell surface as in a cis manner. ..
  53. Zhijun X, Shulan Z, Zhuo Z. Expression and significance of the protein and mRNA of metastasis suppressor gene ME491/CD63 and integrin alpha5 in ovarian cancer tissues. Eur J Gynaecol Oncol. 2007;28:179-83 pubmed
    ..the expression and significance of the proteins and mRNA of metastasis suppressor gene Me491/cd63 and integrin alpha5 in ovarian cancer tissues...
  54. Reyes C, Petrie T, Garcia A. Mixed extracellular matrix ligands synergistically modulate integrin adhesion and signaling. J Cell Physiol. 2008;217:450-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The enhanced adhesive activities of the mixed ligand surfaces also promoted elevated proliferation rates. Our results demonstrate interplay between multivalent ECM ligands in adhesive responses and downstream cellular signaling. ..
  55. Wang B, Wang W, Niu W, Liu E, Liu X, Wang J, et al. SDF-1/CXCR4 axis promotes directional migration of colorectal cancer cells through upregulation of integrin ?v?6. Carcinogenesis. 2014;35:282-91 pubmed publisher
    ..These data support combined inhibition of CXCR4 and ?v?6 to prevent development of liver metastasis of CRC. ..
  56. Hirano T, Higuchi T, Ueda M, Inoue T, Kataoka N, Maeda M, et al. CD9 is expressed in extravillous trophoblasts in association with integrin alpha3 and integrin alpha5. Mol Hum Reprod. 1999;5:162-7 pubmed
    ..Since it is associated with integrin alpha5 which has been proposed to regulate trophoblast invasion, CD9 may be implicated in trophoblast invasion at ..
  57. Mendes K, Wang G, Fuller G, Zhang W. JNK mediates insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2/integrin alpha5-dependent glioma cell migration. Int J Oncol. 2010;37:143-53 pubmed
    ..shown that a molecular interaction between insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2 (IGFBP2) and integrin alpha5 is necessary for the enhancement of cell migration in IGFBP2-overexpressing gliomas...
  58. Unnikrishnan A, Papaemmanuil E, Beck D, Deshpande N, Verma A, Kumari A, et al. Integrative Genomics Identifies the Molecular Basis of Resistance to Azacitidine Therapy in Myelodysplastic Syndromes. Cell Rep. 2017;20:572-585 pubmed publisher
  59. Li Y, Zhou C, Gao Y. Interaction between oral squamous cell carcinoma cells and fibroblasts through TGF-β1 mediated by podoplanin. Exp Cell Res. 2018;369:43-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our findings indicate that podoplanin regulates the interaction between OSCC cells and CAFs via the mutual paracrine effects of TGF-β1. ..
  60. Walsh C, Radeff Huang J, Matteo R, Hsiao A, Subramaniam S, Stupack D, et al. Thrombin receptor and RhoA mediate cell proliferation through integrins and cysteine-rich protein 61. FASEB J. 2008;22:4011-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus Cyr61 is a highly inducible, secreted extracellular factor through which GPCR and RhoA signaling pathways engage integrins that contribute to GPCR-mediated proliferation. ..
  61. Dontenwill M, Piletz J, Chen M, Baldwin J, Pascal G, Ronde P, et al. IRAS is an anti-apoptotic protein. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2003;1009:400-12 pubmed
    ..A partial activation of the PI3 kinase pathway is possibly implicated in the anti-apoptotic effect of IRAS. Thus, IRAS appears to represent a previously unknown anti-apoptotic protein involved in the regulation of cell survival. ..
  62. Jiang H, Liang S, Yao X, Jin Y, Shen X, Yuan B, et al. Laminarin improves developmental competence of porcine early stage embryos by inhibiting oxidative stress. Theriogenology. 2018;115:38-44 pubmed publisher
    ..This evidence provides a novel method for embryo development improvement associated with exposure to LMA. ..
  63. Croset M, Pantano F, Kan C, Bonnelye E, Descotes F, Alix Panabières C, et al. miRNA-30 Family Members Inhibit Breast Cancer Invasion, Osteomimicry, and Bone Destruction by Directly Targeting Multiple Bone Metastasis-Associated Genes. Cancer Res. 2018;78:5259-5273 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Significance: These findings suggest miR-30 family members may serve as an effective means to therapeutically attenuate metastasis in triple-negative breast cancer. Cancer Res; 78(18); 5259-73. ©2018 AACR. ..
  64. Wickström S, Alitalo K, Keski Oja J. Endostatin associates with integrin alpha5beta1 and caveolin-1, and activates Src via a tyrosyl phosphatase-dependent pathway in human endothelial cells. Cancer Res. 2002;62:5580-9 pubmed
    ..In addition, the antimigratory effect of endostatin involves phosphatase-dependent Src activation and impaired cell-matrix interactions. ..
  65. Gridley D, Mao X, Tian J, Cao J, Perez C, Stodieck L, et al. Genetic and Apoptotic Changes in Lungs of Mice Flown on the STS-135 Mission in Space. In Vivo. 2015;29:423-33 pubmed
    ..Additional genes with increased expression were cadherin 3 (Cdh3), collagen, type V, alpha 1 (Col5a1), integrin alpha 5 (Itga5), laminin, gamma 1 (Lamc1), matrix metallopeptidase 14 (Mmp14), neural cell adhesion molecule 1 (Ncam1)..
  66. El Faham D, Elnoury M, Morsy M, El Shaer M, Nour Eldin G, Azmy O. Has the time come to include low-level laser photobiomodulation as an adjuvant therapy in the treatment of impaired endometrial receptivity?. Lasers Med Sci. 2018;33:1105-1114 pubmed publisher
    ..The current study proofed that LLLT was able to increase the proliferative and functional capacity of cultured endometrial cells. ..
  67. Maroder M, Scarpa S, Screpanti I, Stigliano A, Meco D, Vacca A, et al. Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 tat protein modulates fibronectin expression in thymic epithelial cells and impairs in vitro thymocyte development. Cell Immunol. 1996;168:49-58 pubmed
  68. Li N, Gemenetzidis E, Marshall F, Davies D, Yu Y, Frese K, et al. RhoC interacts with integrin ?5?1 and enhances its trafficking in migrating pancreatic carcinoma cells. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e81575 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that RhoC facilitates tumor cell invasion and promotes subsequent metastasis, in part, by enhancing integrin ?5?1 trafficking. Thus, RhoC may serve as a biomarker and a therapeutic target. ..
  69. Gulubova M, Vlaykova T. Immunohistochemical assessment of fibronectin and tenascin and their integrin receptors alpha5beta1 and alpha9beta1 in gastric and colorectal cancers with lymph node and liver metastases. Acta Histochem. 2006;108:25-35 pubmed
    ..These findings imply that the studied proteins may be involved in cell processes such as growth, adhesion, migration and apoptosis. ..
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