Gene Symbol: INHBB
Description: inhibin subunit beta B
Alias: inhibin beta B chain, Inhibin, beta-2, activin AB beta polypeptide, activin beta-B chain, inhibin beta B subunit
Species: human
Products:     INHBB

Top Publications

  1. Makanji Y, Harrison C, Stanton P, Krishna R, Robertson D. Inhibin A and B in vitro bioactivities are modified by their degree of glycosylation and their affinities to betaglycan. Endocrinology. 2007;148:2309-16 pubmed
    ..It is concluded that glycosylation of Asn(302) of the alpha-subunit of inhibin A and B results in a decrease in bioactivity, and the effect on inhibin A, at least, is explained by its reduced affinity to betaglycan. ..
  2. Ludlow H, Muttukrishna S, Hyvonen M, Groome N. Development of a new antibody to the human inhibin/activin betaB subunit and its application to improved inhibin B ELISAs. J Immunol Methods. 2008;329:102-11 pubmed
  3. Tsigkou A, Luisi S, De Leo V, Patton L, Gambineri A, Reis F, et al. High serum concentration of total inhibin in polycystic ovary syndrome. Fertil Steril. 2008;90:1859-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Women with PCOS have high serum concentration of total inhibin but not of inhibin A or inhibin B, thus suggesting that PCOS women have an impaired processing of alpha-inhibin precursor proteins. ..
  4. Besson Fournier C, Latour C, Kautz L, Bertrand J, Ganz T, Roth M, et al. Induction of activin B by inflammatory stimuli up-regulates expression of the iron-regulatory peptide hepcidin through Smad1/5/8 signaling. Blood. 2012;120:431-9 pubmed publisher
    ..There is a dramatic induction of Inhbb mRNA, encoding the activin ?(B)-subunit, in the livers of mice challenged with lipopolysaccharide, slightly ..
  5. Casagrandi D, Bearfield C, Geary J, Redman C, Muttukrishna S. Inhibin, activin, follistatin, activin receptors and beta-glycan gene expression in the placental tissue of patients with pre-eclampsia. Mol Hum Reprod. 2003;9:199-203 pubmed
    ..The mechanism(s) involved in increased gene expression in pre-eclampsia is as yet unclear. ..
  6. Makanji Y, Temple Smith P, Walton K, Harrison C, Robertson D. Inhibin B is a more potent suppressor of rat follicle-stimulating hormone release than inhibin a in vitro and in vivo. Endocrinology. 2009;150:4784-93 pubmed publisher
  7. Chen J, Walton K, Winbanks C, Murphy K, Thomson R, Makanji Y, et al. Elevated expression of activins promotes muscle wasting and cachexia. FASEB J. 2014;28:1711-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Critically, we demonstrate that the muscle wasting and fibrosis that ensues in response to excessive activin levels is fully reversible. These findings highlight the therapeutic potential of targeting activins in cachexia...
  8. Zou G, Ren B, Liu Y, Fu Y, Chen P, Li X, et al. Inhibin B suppresses anoikis resistance and migration through the transforming growth factor-β signaling pathway in nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Cancer Sci. 2018;109:3416-3427 pubmed publisher
    Inhibin B (INHBB), a heterodimer of a common α-subunit and a βB-subunit, is a glycoprotein belonging to the transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) family...
  9. Sowers M, Eyvazzadeh A, McConnell D, Yosef M, Jannausch M, Zhang D, et al. Anti-mullerian hormone and inhibin B in the definition of ovarian aging and the menopause transition. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008;93:3478-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Low and nondetectable levels inhibin B levels also were observed 4-5 yr prior to the FMP but were less predictive of time to FMP or age at FMP. ..

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  1. Ojima F, Saito Y, Tsuchiya Y, Ogoshi M, Fukamachi H, Inagaki K, et al. Runx3 regulates folliculogenesis and steroidogenesis in granulosa cells of immature mice. Cell Tissue Res. 2019;375:743-754 pubmed publisher
    ..The expression of genes encoding activin and inhibin subunits (Inha, Inhba and Inhbb) was also decreased in ovaries from the Runx3-/- mice compared with that in wt mice...
  2. Wijayarathna R, de Kretser D, Sreenivasan R, Ludlow H, Middendorff R, Meinhardt A, et al. Comparative analysis of activins A and B in the adult mouse epididymis and vas deferens. Reproduction. 2018;155:15-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, Inhbb can compensate for Inhba in regulating epididymal morphology, although testis and epididymal maturation ..
  3. Frandsen U, Porneki A, Floridon C, Abdallah B, Kassem M. Activin B mediated induction of Pdx1 in human embryonic stem cell derived embryoid bodies. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2007;362:568-74 pubmed
    ..The data suggest that additional suppression of Shh signaling may be required to allow for proper specification of pancreatic cell lineages in hESCs. ..
  4. Terenina E, Fabre S, Bonnet A, Monniaux D, Robert Granié C, SanCristobal M, et al. Differentially expressed genes and gene networks involved in pig ovarian follicular atresia. Physiol Genomics. 2017;49:67-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Among these genes known to be inhibitors of apoptosis, stimulators of apoptosis, or tumor suppressors INHBB, HNF4, CLU, different interleukins (IL5, IL24), TNF-associated receptor (TNFR1), and cytochrome-c oxidase (COX) ..
  5. Tamminen J, Yin M, Rönty M, Sutinen E, Pasternack A, Ritvos O, et al. Overexpression of activin-A and -B in malignant mesothelioma - attenuated Smad3 signaling responses and ERK activation promote cell migration and invasive growth. Exp Cell Res. 2015;332:102-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Blocking activin activity offers a new therapeutic approach for inhibition of mesothelioma invasive growth. ..
  6. Purdue M, Graubard B, Chanock S, Rubertone M, Erickson R, McGlynn K. Genetic variation in the inhibin pathway and risk of testicular germ cell tumors. Cancer Res. 2008;68:3043-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Thirty-eight tagging SNPs in six genes (INHA, INHBA, INHBB, INHBC, INHBE, and SMAD4) were genotyped...
  7. Liu Z, Ren Y, Pangas S, Adams J, Zhou W, Castrillon D, et al. FOXO1/3 and PTEN Depletion in Granulosa Cells Promotes Ovarian Granulosa Cell Tumor Development. Mol Endocrinol. 2015;29:1006-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Key genes (Amh, Bmp2, and Fshr) controlling follicle growth, apoptosis, and differentiation were also suppressed. Inhbb and Grem1 were selectively elevated, whereas reduction of Inha provided additional evidence that activin signaling ..
  8. Wang S, Liu W, Pang X, Dai S, Liu G. The Mechanism of Melatonin and Its Receptor MT2 Involved in the Development of Bovine Granulosa Cells. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..were down-regulated, while genes related to hormonal synthesis (StAR, RUNX2, INHA and INHBB) were up-regulated without affecting the expression of INHBA, suggesting that MT2 silencing may ..
  9. Luisi S, Borges L, Lazzeri L, Dell Anna A, Severi F, Petraglia F. Vaginally administered estroprogestinic decreases serum inhibin A and inhibin B levels and reduces endometrial thickness. Fertil Steril. 2006;86:1483-7 pubmed
    ..The present findings showed that treatment with vaginal estroprogestinic decreases serum inhibin A and inhibin B levels, the follicular diameter, and endometrial thickness, showing a rapid and significant effect with the vaginal route. ..
  10. Cai K, Hua G, Ahmad S, Liang A, Han L, Wu C, et al. Action mechanism of inhibin α-subunit on the development of Sertoli cells and first wave of spermatogenesis in mice. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e25585 pubmed publisher
    ..Inha silencing also suppressed Pdgfa, Igf1, and Kitl mRNA levels and up-regulated Tgfbrs, Inhba, Inhbb, Cyp11a1, Dhh, and Tjp1 mRNA levels (as indicated by real-time polymerase chain reaction [PCR] analysis)...
  11. Brand J, Humphreys K, Li J, Karlsson R, Hall P, Czene K. Common genetic variation and novel loci associated with volumetric mammographic density. Breast Cancer Res. 2018;20:30 pubmed publisher P < 5 × 10- 8): one for percent dense volume (HABP2) and two for the absolute dense volume (INHBB, LINC01483)...
  12. Dutta D, Zameer A, Mariani J, Zhang J, Asp L, Huynh J, et al. Combinatorial actions of Tgf? and Activin ligands promote oligodendrocyte development and CNS myelination. Development. 2014;141:2414-28 pubmed publisher
    ..In spinal cords of ActB-deficient Inhbb(-/-) embryos, apoptosis in the oligodendrocyte lineage is increased and OLP numbers transiently reduced, but ..
  13. Wacker I, Behrens J. Activin B antagonizes RhoA signaling to stimulate mesenchymal morphology and invasiveness of clear cell renal cell carcinomas. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e111276 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our data provide evidence that reduction of RhoA signaling by Activin B together with persistent Rac1 activity is a prerequisite for inducing an invasive phenotype in clear cell renal cell carcinoma. ..
  14. Burger H, Igarashi M. Inhibin: definition and nomenclature, including related substances. Endocrinology. 1988;122:1701-2 pubmed
  15. Cuny A, Trivin C, Brailly Tabard S, Adan L, Zerah M, Sainte Rose C, et al. Inhibin B and anti-Müllerian hormone as markers of gonadal function after treatment for medulloblastoma or posterior fossa ependymoma during childhood. J Pediatr. 2011;158:1016-1022.e1 pubmed publisher
    ..The plasma concentrations of inhibin B and AMH are useful means of detecting primary gonad deficiency in patients with no increase in their plasma gonadotropin levels because of radiation-induced gonadotropin deficiency. ..
  16. Radicioni A, Anzuini A, De Marco E, Nofroni I, Castracane V, Lenzi A. Changes in serum inhibin B during normal male puberty. Eur J Endocrinol. 2005;152:403-9 pubmed
    ..We found that in mid-puberty (G3-G4), the serum concentration of InhB increases, as its inverse relationship with FSH is being established and hence spermatogenesis. ..
  17. Nio Kobayashi J, Trendell J, Giakoumelou S, Boswell L, Nicol L, Kudo M, et al. Bone morphogenetic proteins are mediators of luteolysis in the human corpus luteum. Endocrinology. 2015;156:1494-503 pubmed publisher
    ..Like Activin A, BMP4 and BMP6 stimulated the expression of Inhibin/Activin subunits with a marked effect on INHBB expression (P<.05-.01)...
  18. Miao M, Huang H. Dynamic measurements of serum inhibin B and estradiol: a predictive evaluation of ovarian response to gonadotrophin stimulation in the early stage of IVF treatment. J Zhejiang Univ Sci B. 2009;10:35-45 pubmed publisher
  19. Liu Q, Li Y, Feng Y, Liu C, Ma J, Li Y, et al. Single-cell analysis of differences in transcriptomic profiles of oocytes and cumulus cells at GV, MI, MII stages from PCOS patients. Sci Rep. 2016;6:39638 pubmed publisher
    ..Differentially expressed genes including PPP2R1A, PDGFRA, EGFR, GJA1, PTGS2, TNFAIP6, TGF-?1, CAV1, INHBB et al...
  20. Sebastian A, Hum N, Morfin C, Murugesh D, Loots G. Global gene expression analysis identifies Mef2c as a potential player in Wnt16-mediated transcriptional regulation. Gene. 2018;675:312-321 pubmed publisher
    ..and TGF-β/BMP signaling pathway (Bmp7, Inhba, Inhbb, Tgfb2 etc.). Wnt16 also regulated a large number of genes with known bone phenotypes...
  21. Hayes H, Zhang L, Becker T, Haldeman J, Stephens S, Arlotto M, et al. A Pdx-1-Regulated Soluble Factor Activates Rat and Human Islet Cell Proliferation. Mol Cell Biol. 2016;36:2918-2930 pubmed publisher
    ..Microarray and gene ontology (GO) analysis identified inhibin beta-B (Inhbb), an activin subunit and member of the transforming growth factor β (TGF-β) superfamily, as a Pdx-1-responsive ..
  22. Cadoret V, Frapsauce C, Jarrier P, Maillard V, Bonnet A, Locatelli Y, et al. Molecular evidence that follicle development is accelerated in vitro compared to in vivo. Reproduction. 2017;153:493-508 pubmed publisher
    ..expression of GJA1, CYP19A1, ESR1, ESR2, FSHR, INHA, INHBA, INHBB and FST There was a decrease in the expression of oocyte-specific molecular markers GJA4, KIT<..
  23. Niimi S, Hyuga M, Kazama H, Inagawa M, Seki T, Ariga T, et al. Activins A, AB, and B inhibit hepatocyte growth factor synthesis by MRC-5 human lung fibroblasts. Biol Pharm Bull. 2002;25:1405-8 pubmed
    ..At 25 ng/ml, activin A inhibited the increase in HGF in the cellular lysate and the increase in HGF mRNA level approximately 80% and 40%, respectively. ..
  24. Decanter C, Pigny P, Lefebvre C, Thomas P, Leroy M, Dewailly D. Serum inhibin B during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation: an additional criterion for deciding whether to proceed with egg retrieval. Fertil Steril. 2009;91:2419-25 pubmed publisher
    ..The degree of inhibin B increment during COH provides additional information for predicting ovarian response to COH. An increment >300 pg/mL is required to rule out the eventuality of a poor ovarian response. ..
  25. Merriman T. An update on the genetic architecture of hyperuricemia and gout. Arthritis Res Ther. 2015;17:98 pubmed publisher
    ..At the other 26 loci, probable causal genes can be identified at three (PDZK1, SLC22A11, and INHBB) with strong candidates at a further 10 loci...
  26. Shi J, Yoshino O, Osuga Y, Koga K, Hirota Y, Hirata T, et al. Bone morphogenetic protein-6 stimulates gene expression of follicle-stimulating hormone receptor, inhibin/activin beta subunits, and anti-Müllerian hormone in human granulosa cells. Fertil Steril. 2009;92:1794-8 pubmed publisher
  27. Barton D, Yang Feng T, Mason A, Seeburg P, Francke U. Mapping of genes for inhibin subunits alpha, beta A, and beta B on human and mouse chromosomes and studies of jsd mice. Genomics. 1989;5:91-9 pubmed
    ..The possibility that the mutation in jsd involves the INH alpha or INH beta B gene was investigated by Southern blotting of DNA from jsd/jsd mice, and no major deletions or rearrangements were detected. ..
  28. Martens J, de Winter J, Timmerman M, McLuskey A, van Schaik R, Themmen A, et al. Inhibin interferes with activin signaling at the level of the activin receptor complex in Chinese hamster ovary cells. Endocrinology. 1997;138:2928-36 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, these data show that in Chinese hamster ovary cells inhibin acts directly at the activin receptor complex, most likely through displacement of activin from the activin type II receptor. ..
  29. Chen W, Liu L, Ge W. Expression analysis of growth differentiation factor 9 (Gdf9/gdf9), anti-müllerian hormone (Amh/amh) and aromatase (Cyp19a1a/cyp19a1a) during gonadal differentiation of the zebrafish, Danio rerio. Biol Reprod. 2017;96:401-413 pubmed publisher
    ..that Gdf9 significantly suppressed the expression of amh while increased that of activin beta subunits (inhbaa and inhbb) in vitro...
  30. Mylonas I. Inhibin beta B: a useful tumor marker in uterine endometrioid adenocarcinomas?. Histol Histopathol. 2011;26:1415-22 pubmed publisher
    ..However, further research is warranted in elucidating the possible implications of inhibin-?B and endometrial carcinogenesis. ..
  31. Liu X, Wang Y, Dan X, Kumar A, Ye T, Yu Y, et al. Anti-inflammatory potential of β-cryptoxanthin against LPS-induced inflammation in mouse Sertoli cells. Reprod Toxicol. 2016;60:148-55 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, CX significantly limited the LPS-induced down-regulation of AR, HSF2, CREB, FSHR, INHBB and ABP in Sertoli cells...
  32. Gherardi S, Ripoche D, Mikaelian I, Chanal M, Teinturier R, Goehrig D, et al. Menin regulates Inhbb expression through an Akt/Ezh2-mediated H3K27 histone modification. Biochim Biophys Acta Gene Regul Mech. 2017;1860:427-437 pubmed publisher
    ..Having found that ActivinB - a TGF? superfamily member encoded by the Inhbb gene - is upregulated in insulinoma tumours caused by Men1 invalidation, we hypothesize that Menin could directly ..
  33. Adkins J, Varnum S, Auberry K, Moore R, Angell N, Smith R, et al. Toward a human blood serum proteome: analysis by multidimensional separation coupled with mass spectrometry. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2002;1:947-55 pubmed
    ..With this study, we have performed the most extensive analysis of serum proteins to date and laid the foundation for future refinements in the identification of novel protein biomarkers of disease. ..
  34. Florio P, Calonaci G, Luisi S, Severi F, Ignacchiti E, Palumbo M, et al. Inhibin A, inhibin B and activin A concentrations in umbilical cord artery and vein. Gynecol Endocrinol. 2003;17:181-5 pubmed
  35. Mylonas I, Schiessl B, Jeschke U, Vogl J, Makrigiannakis A, Kuhn C, et al. Expression of inhibin/activin subunits alpha (-alpha), beta A (-beta (A)) and beta B (-beta (B)) in placental tissue of normal and intrauterine growth restricted (IUGR) pregnancies. J Mol Histol. 2006;37:43-52 pubmed
  36. Grusch M, Drucker C, Peter Vörösmarty B, Erlach N, Lackner A, Losert A, et al. Deregulation of the activin/follistatin system in hepatocarcinogenesis. J Hepatol. 2006;45:673-80 pubmed
    ..The sensitivity of preneoplastic hepatocytes to activin signals suggests the activin/follistatin system as promising target for therapeutic intervention. ..
  37. Lee A, Tyrer J, Doherty J, Stram D, Kupryjanczyk J, Dansonka Mieszkowska A, et al. Evaluating the ovarian cancer gonadotropin hypothesis: a candidate gene study. Gynecol Oncol. 2015;136:542-8 pubmed publisher
    ..However, there was some suggestion of gene-level associations for four gonadotropin signaling pathway genes: INHBB (p=0.045, mucinous), LHCGR (p=0.046, high-grade serous), GNRH (p=0.041, high-grade serous), and FSHB (p=0...
  38. Dixit H, Deendayal M, Singh L. Mutational analysis of the mature peptide region of inhibin genes in Indian women with ovarian failure. Hum Reprod. 2004;19:1760-4 pubmed
    ..001) with complete absence of this mutation in controls (none out of 100). The INHalpha gene is a strong candidate gene for ovarian failure. Mutations in INHbetaB and INHbetaA genes are not associated with ovarian failure. ..
  39. Auge A, Longui C, Almeida Prado R, Rocha M, Neves M, Hirota A, et al. Abnormal inhibin A and inhibin B secretion in obese women with and without insulin resistance. Gynecol Endocrinol. 2005;21:7-11 pubmed
    ..In obese women, the percentage increase of inhibin A can represent an additional marker to recognize follicle luteinization. ..
  40. Raja Khan N, Kunselman A, Demers L, Ewens K, Spielman R, Legro R. A variant in the fibrillin-3 gene is associated with TGF-? and inhibin B levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Fertil Steril. 2010;94:2916-9 pubmed publisher
  41. Johnson M, Brennecke S, East C, Goring H, Kent J, Dyer T, et al. Genome-wide association scan identifies a risk locus for preeclampsia on 2q14, near the inhibin, beta B gene. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e33666 pubmed publisher
    ..These SNPs reside in an intergenic region less than 15 kb downstream from the 3' terminus of the Inhibin, beta B (INHBB) gene on 2q14.2. They are in linkage disequilibrium (LD) with each other (r(2)?=?0.92), but not (r(2)<0...
  42. Wang Y, Bilandzic M, Ooi G, Findlay J, Stenvers K. Endogenous inhibins regulate steroidogenesis in mouse TM3 Leydig cells by altering SMAD2 signalling. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2016;436:68-77 pubmed publisher
    ..The expression of Inha, Inhba, and Inhbb in TM3 cells was determined by RT-PCR and the production of the inhibin-alpha subunit was confirmed by western ..
  43. Jiang L, Hermeking H. miR-34a and miR-34b/c Suppress Intestinal Tumorigenesis. Cancer Res. 2017;77:2746-2758 pubmed publisher
    ..elevated expression in primary human colorectal cancers that was associated with lymph-node metastases (INHBB, AXL, FGFR1, and PDFGRB) and upregulation of INHBB and AXL in primary colorectal cancer ..
  44. Feng Z, Bardin C, Chen C. Characterization and regulation of testicular inhibin beta-subunit mRNA. Mol Endocrinol. 1989;3:939-48 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the inhibin subunit mRNAs are differentially regulated in rat testis. ..
  45. M baye M, Hua G, Khan H, Yang L. RNAi-mediated knockdown of INHBB increases apoptosis and inhibits steroidogenesis in mouse granulosa cells. J Reprod Dev. 2015;61:391-7 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, the INHBB gene was knocked down by three RNAi-Ready pSIREN-RetroQ-ZsGreen vector- mediated recombinant plasmids to explore ..
  46. Jørgensen N, Liu F, Andersson A, Vierula M, Irvine D, Auger J, et al. Serum inhibin-b in fertile men is strongly correlated with low but not high sperm counts: a coordinated study of 1,797 European and US men. Fertil Steril. 2010;94:2128-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Serum inhibin-b levels decrease nonlinearly during the daytime, and are positively correlated with sperm counts, but the predictive power is best when inhibin-b is low. ..
  47. Kottgen A, Albrecht E, Teumer A, Vitart V, Krumsiek J, Hundertmark C, et al. Genome-wide association analyses identify 18 new loci associated with serum urate concentrations. Nat Genet. 2013;45:145-54 pubmed publisher
    ..28 genome-wide significant loci in association with serum urate concentrations (18 new regions in or near TRIM46, INHBB, SFMBT1, TMEM171, VEGFA, BAZ1B, PRKAG2, STC1, HNF4G, A1CF, ATXN2, UBE2Q2, IGF1R, NFAT5, MAF, HLF, ACVR1B-ACVRL1 ..
  48. Nio Kobayashi J, Kudo M, Sakuragi N, Iwanaga T, Duncan W. Loss of luteotropic prostaglandin E plays an important role in the regulation of luteolysis in women. Mol Hum Reprod. 2017;23:271-281 pubmed publisher
    ..PGF synthetic enzymes and down-regulate luteolytic molecules such as ?A- and ?B-inhibin subunits (INHBA and INHBB) and bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP2, BMP4 and BMP6)...
  49. Turkyilmaz Z, Karabulut R, Sonmez K, Demirogullari B, Ozen O, Moralioglu S, et al. Inhibin B levels in peripheral vein do not correlate with inhibin B levels in the spermatic vein in adolescents with varicocele. Arch Androl. 2006;52:325-8 pubmed
    ..05). Preoperative serum inhibin B concentration could not reliably predict a response to varicocelectomy, but the increase in inhibin B levels after treatment might suggest an improvement in testicular function. ..
  50. Lahlou N, Roger M. Inhibin B in pubertal development and pubertal disorders. Semin Reprod Med. 2004;22:165-75 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, inhibin determination is an essential tool in the assessment of physiological development as well as in the management of pubertal disorders. ..
  51. Mabeck L, Jensen M, Toft G, Thulstrup M, Andersson M, Jensen T, et al. Fecundability according to male serum inhibin B--a prospective study among first pregnancy planners. Hum Reprod. 2005;20:2909-15 pubmed
    ..Our findings do not support the replacement of sperm density by male inhibin B when obtaining sperm data is an option. ..
  52. Chapman S, Woodruff T. Modulation of activin signal transduction by inhibin B and inhibin-binding protein (INhBP). Mol Endocrinol. 2001;15:668-79 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that InhBP is an inhibin B-specific receptor that mediates antagonism of activin signal transduction through the modulation of activin heteromeric receptor complex assembly. ..
  53. Wang K, Li W, Zhang C, Wang Z, Glessner J, Grant S, et al. A genome-wide association study on obesity and obesity-related traits. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e18939 pubmed publisher
    ..67 × 10(-9)), previously associated with body weight and fat distribution. Our study demonstrated how a relatively small sample ascertained through extreme phenotypes can detect genuine associations in a GWAS. ..
  54. Hauzman E, Fancsovits P, Murber A, Rabe T, Strowitzki T, Papp Z, et al. Luteal-phase inhibin A and follicular-phase inhibin B levels are not characteristic of patients with an elevated LH-to-FSH ratio. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2006;23:141-7 pubmed
    ..Opposite correlations with LH and BMI suggest dysregulation of inhibin secretion rather than dimeric inhibins having a central role to the endocrinological imbalance observed in polycystic ovary syndrome. ..
  55. Taneli F, Ersoy B, Ozhan B, Calkan M, Yilmaz O, Dinc G, et al. The effect of obesity on testicular function by insulin-like factor 3, inhibin B, and leptin concentrations in obese adolescents according to pubertal stages. Clin Biochem. 2010;43:1236-40 pubmed publisher
    ..This study demonstrated for the first time in the literature that obesity effects testicular Leydig cell function starting from Tanner stage 2. ..
  56. Nicolas N, Michel V, Bhushan S, Wahle E, Hayward S, Ludlow H, et al. Testicular activin and follistatin levels are elevated during the course of experimental autoimmune epididymo-orchitis in mice. Sci Rep. 2017;7:42391 pubmed publisher
    ..expression during the active phase of the disease, whereas mRNA expression of the inhibin B subunits (Inha and Inhbb) and activin receptor subunits (Acvr1b and Acvr2b) were downregulated...
  57. Freeman E, Sammel M, Lin H, Gracia C, Pien G, Nelson D, et al. Symptoms associated with menopausal transition and reproductive hormones in midlife women. Obstet Gynecol. 2007;110:230-40 pubmed
    ..Fluctuations of E2, decreased levels of inhibin b, and increased FSH levels were associated with these symptoms. II. ..
  58. Dafopoulos K, Venetis C, Messini C, Pournaras S, Anifandis G, Garas A, et al. Inhibin secretion in women with the polycystic ovary syndrome before and after treatment with progesterone. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2011;9:59 pubmed publisher
    ..It is possible that compared to normal ovaries, the PCOS ovaries are less sensitive to endogenous LH regarding inhibin A secretion and more sensitive to exogenous FSH stimulation in terms of inhibin A and inhibin B secretion. ..
  59. Shav Tal Y, Zipori D. The role of activin a in regulation of hemopoiesis. Stem Cells. 2002;20:493-500 pubmed
    ..Whereas the functions of activin A in vitro are well established, further research tools are needed to elucidate its role within specific hemopoietic microenvironments in vivo. ..
  60. Fanchin R, Schonauer L, Righini C, Guibourdenche J, Frydman R, Taieb J. Serum anti-Müllerian hormone is more strongly related to ovarian follicular status than serum inhibin B, estradiol, FSH and LH on day 3. Hum Reprod. 2003;18:323-7 pubmed
    ..This suggests that AMH may reflect ovarian follicular status better than the usual hormone markers. ..
  61. Di Bisceglie C, Bertagna A, Baldi M, Lanfranco F, Tagliabue M, Gazzera C, et al. Varicocele sclerotherapy improves serum inhibin B levels and seminal parameters. Int J Androl. 2007;30:531-6 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, varicocele sclerotherapy improves inhibin B levels and seminal parameters, confirming the positive effect of this treatment on spermatogenesis and Sertoli cell function. ..
  62. Jückstock J, Brüning A, Blankenstein T, Kunze S, Shabani N, Bergauer F, et al. Immunolabeling of the inhibin-βA and -βB subunit in normal and malignant human cervical tissue and cervical cancer cell lines. Int J Gynecol Cancer. 2010;20:1117-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the synthesis of this subunit in cervical carcinoma cell lines also allows the use of this cell line to elucidates their functions in cervical cancer pathogenesis. ..
  63. Chang H, Cheng J, Klausen C, Taylor E, Leung P. Effects of recombinant activins on steroidogenesis in human granulosa-lutein cells. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2014;99:E1922-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Activin A, B, and AB have similar effects on steroidogenesis in human granulosa cells. In contrast, activin AC is not biologically active and does not act as a competitive antagonist. ..
  64. Damsgaard J, Joensen U, Carlsen E, Erenpreiss J, Blomberg Jensen M, Matulevicius V, et al. Varicocele Is Associated with Impaired Semen Quality and Reproductive Hormone Levels: A Study of 7035 Healthy Young Men from Six European Countries. Eur Urol. 2016;70:1019-1029 pubmed publisher
    ..The presence and increasing grade of varicocele is adversely associated with semen quality and reproductive hormone levels in young men from the general population. ..
  65. Maurizi G, Petäistö T, Maurizi A, Della Guardia L. Key-genes regulating the liposecretion process of mature adipocytes. J Cell Physiol. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..and intra-cellular interactions were analyzed studying the role of CDH2, CDH11, ITGA5, E-Syt1, PAI-1, IGF1, and INHBB genes...
  66. Ying S. Inhibins and activins: chemical properties and biological activity. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1987;186:253-64 pubmed
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