Gene Symbol: IL2RG
Description: interleukin 2 receptor subunit gamma
Alias: CD132, CIDX, IL-2RG, IMD4, P64, SCIDX, SCIDX1, cytokine receptor common subunit gamma, CD132 antigen, IL-2 receptor subunit gamma, IL-2R subunit gamma, common cytokine receptor gamma chain, gammaC, interleukin 2 receptor, gamma
Species: human
Products:     IL2RG

Top Publications

  1. Bamborough P, Hedgecock C, Richards W. The interleukin-2 and interleukin-4 receptors studied by molecular modelling. Structure. 1994;2:839-51 pubmed
    ..In addition, they may be of use in the identification of residues which may interact in the ligand-receptor interfaces, and which would therefore be worthy of further investigation. ..
  2. Noguchi M, Nakamura Y, Russell S, Ziegler S, Tsang M, Cao X, et al. Interleukin-2 receptor gamma chain: a functional component of the interleukin-7 receptor. Science. 1993;262:1877-80 pubmed
    ..These findings may help explain the defects of XSCID. Given its role in more than one cytokine receptor system, the common gamma chain (gamma c) is proposed as the designation for IL-2R gamma. ..
  3. Takeshita T, Asao H, Ohtani K, Ishii N, Kumaki S, Tanaka N, et al. Cloning of the gamma chain of the human IL-2 receptor. Science. 1992;257:379-82 pubmed
    ..Thus, the gamma chain is an indispensable component of the functional IL-2R. ..
  4. Giri J, Kumaki S, Ahdieh M, Friend D, Loomis A, Shanebeck K, et al. Identification and cloning of a novel IL-15 binding protein that is structurally related to the alpha chain of the IL-2 receptor. EMBO J. 1995;14:3654-63 pubmed
    ..IL-15R alpha is structurally similar to IL-2R alpha; together they define a new cytokine receptor family. The distribution of IL-15 and IL-15R alpha mRNA suggests that IL-15 may have biological activities distinct from IL-2. ..
  5. Russell S, Johnston J, Noguchi M, Kawamura M, Bacon C, Friedmann M, et al. Interaction of IL-2R beta and gamma c chains with Jak1 and Jak3: implications for XSCID and XCID. Science. 1994;266:1042-5 pubmed
    ..Thus, gamma c mutations in at least some XSCID and XCID patients prevent normal Jak3 activation, suggesting that mutations of Jak3 may result in an XSCID-like phenotype. ..
  6. Kondo M, Takeshita T, Ishii N, Nakamura M, Watanabe S, Arai K, et al. Sharing of the interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor gamma chain between receptors for IL-2 and IL-4. Science. 1993;262:1874-7 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that the IL-2 receptor gamma chain is functionally involved in the IL-4 receptor complex. ..
  7. Russell S, Keegan A, Harada N, Nakamura Y, Noguchi M, Leland P, et al. Interleukin-2 receptor gamma chain: a functional component of the interleukin-4 receptor. Science. 1993;262:1880-3 pubmed
  8. Ellery J, Nicholls P. Alternate signalling pathways from the interleukin-2 receptor. Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 2002;13:27-40 pubmed
    ..This review intends to suggest a role for these differences within the context of the immune system. ..
  9. Cosenza L, Gorgun G, Urbano A, Foss F. Interleukin-7 receptor expression and activation in nonhaematopoietic neoplastic cell lines. Cell Signal. 2002;14:317-25 pubmed
    ..The expression of functional IL-7R on epithelial tumour cells may represent a potential target for receptor-directed therapy. ..

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  1. Zhang J, Foster D, Sebald W. Human IL-21 and IL-4 bind to partially overlapping epitopes of common gamma-chain. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2003;300:291-6 pubmed
    ..These results open the way to understand the molecular recognition mechanism in the IL-21 receptor system and also the promiscuous binding properties of gamma(c). ..
  2. García Tuñón I, Ricote M, Ruiz A, Fraile B, Paniagua R, Royuela M. Interleukin-2 and its receptor complex (alpha, beta and gamma chains) in in situ and infiltrative human breast cancer: an immunohistochemical comparative study. Breast Cancer Res. 2004;6:R1-7 pubmed
    ..The development of breast tumour is associated with an increased expression of IL-2 and its three receptor chains, and this expression also seems to be associated with the malignancy of the tumour. ..
  3. Stauber D, Debler E, Horton P, Smith K, Wilson I. Crystal structure of the IL-2 signaling complex: paradigm for a heterotrimeric cytokine receptor. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:2788-93 pubmed
    ..The IL-2/gamma(c) interface itself exhibits the smallest buried surface and the fewest hydrogen bonds in the complex, which is consistent with its promiscuous use in other cytokine receptor complexes. ..
  4. Puck J, Deschenes S, Porter J, Dutra A, Brown C, Willard H, et al. The interleukin-2 receptor gamma chain maps to Xq13.1 and is mutated in X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency, SCIDX1. Hum Mol Genet. 1993;2:1099-104 pubmed
    ..We considered this gene, IL2RG, a candidate for the X-linked form of severe combined immunodeficiency at the SCIDX1 locus, in which affected males have impaired lymphocyte development...
  5. Wang X, Rickert M, Garcia K. Structure of the quaternary complex of interleukin-2 with its alpha, beta, and gammac receptors. Science. 2005;310:1159-63 pubmed
    ..3 angstroms, the binding of IL-2Ralpha to IL-2 stabilizes a secondary binding site for presentation to IL-2Rbeta. gammac is then recruited to the composite surface formed by the IL-2/IL-2Rbeta complex...
  6. Wiekmeijer A, Pike Overzet K, Ijspeert H, Brugman M, Wolvers Tettero I, Lankester A, et al. Identification of checkpoints in human T-cell development using severe combined immunodeficiency stem cells. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2016;137:517-526.e3 pubmed publisher
    ..Arrests in T-cell development caused by mutations in IL-7 receptor α (IL7RA) and IL-2 receptor γ (IL2RG) were observed at the most immature thymocytes much earlier than expected based on gene expression profiling of ..
  7. Almarza E, Zhang F, Santilli G, Blundell M, Howe S, Thornhill S, et al. Correction of SCID-X1 using an enhancerless Vav promoter. Hum Gene Ther. 2011;22:263-70 pubmed publisher
    ..We have tested whether lentiviral vectors expressing the common cytokine receptor gamma chain under the control of the proximal Vav1 gene promoter are effective for correction of signaling ..
  8. Impellizzieri D, Ridder F, Raeber M, Egholm C, Woytschak J, Kolios A, et al. IL-4 receptor engagement in human neutrophils impairs their migration and extracellular trap formation. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..Likewise, in vivo chemotaxis in NOD-scid-Il2rg-/- mice was reduced in IL-4-stimulated human neutrophils compared with control values...
  9. Suzuki S, Iwamoto M, Hashimoto M, Suzuki M, Nakai M, Fuchimoto D, et al. Generation and characterization of RAG2 knockout pigs as animal model for severe combined immunodeficiency. Vet Immunol Immunopathol. 2016;178:37-49 pubmed publisher
    ..We showed more severe immunological defects in the RAG2 and IL2RG double-knockout pig through this study...
  10. Yu H, Zhang V, Stray Pedersen A, Hanson I, Forbes L, de la Morena M, et al. Rapid molecular diagnostics of severe primary immunodeficiency determined by using targeted next-generation sequencing. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2016;138:1142-1151.e2 pubmed publisher
    ..variants and exonic copy number variants, such as hemizygous nonsense, frameshift, and missense changes in IL2RG; compound heterozygous changes in ATM, RAG1, and CIITA; homozygous changes in DCLRE1C and IL7R; and a heterozygous ..
  11. Zeng R, Spolski R, Finkelstein S, Oh S, Kovanen P, Hinrichs C, et al. Synergy of IL-21 and IL-15 in regulating CD8+ T cell expansion and function. J Exp Med. 2005;201:139-48 pubmed
    Interleukin (IL)-21 is the most recently recognized of the cytokines that share the common cytokine receptor gamma chain (gamma(c)), which is mutated in humans with X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency...
  12. Sato K, Oiwa R, Kumita W, Henry R, Sakuma T, Ito R, et al. Generation of a Nonhuman Primate Model of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Using Highly Efficient Genome Editing. Cell Stem Cell. 2016;19:127-38 pubmed publisher
    ..and transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs) to target interleukin-2 receptor subunit gamma (IL2RG) in pronuclear stage marmoset embryos...
  13. Jin Y, Zhang P, Wang Y, Jin B, Zhou J, Zhang J, et al. Neddylation Blockade Diminishes Hepatic Metastasis by Dampening Cancer Stem-Like Cells and Angiogenesis in Uveal Melanoma. Clin Cancer Res. 2018;24:3741-3754 pubmed publisher
    ..Liver metastasis was evaluated by use of a NOD-scid-IL2Rg-/- mouse model.Results: NAE1 expression was readily detectable in UM...
  14. Dirice E, Walpita D, Vetere A, Meier B, Kahraman S, Hu J, et al. Inhibition of DYRK1A Stimulates Human β-Cell Proliferation. Diabetes. 2016;65:1660-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, 5-IT promotes β-cell proliferation in human islets grafted under the kidney capsule of NOD-scid IL2Rg(null) mice...
  15. Erman B, Bilic I, Hirschmugl T, Salzer E, Boztug H, Sanal O, et al. Investigation of Genetic Defects in Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Patients from Turkey by Targeted Sequencing. Scand J Immunol. 2017;85:227-234 pubmed publisher
    ..diagnosis in six of 19 (33%) patients, including four novel disease-causing mutations identified in RAG1, JAK3 and IL2RG, respectively...
  16. Durost P, Aryee K, Manzoor F, Tisch R, Mueller C, Jurczyk A, et al. Gene Therapy with an Adeno-Associated Viral Vector Expressing Human Interleukin-2 Alters Immune System Homeostasis in Humanized Mice. Hum Gene Ther. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..Using the BLT (bone marrow, liver, thymus) humanized NOD-scid Il2rgnull (NSG) mouse model, which enables efficient development of HLA-restricted effector and regulatory T ..
  17. Wilson E, Bial J, Tarlow B, Bial G, Jensen B, Greiner D, et al. Extensive double humanization of both liver and hematopoiesis in FRGN mice. Stem Cell Res. 2014;13:404-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Immune-deficient, fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase (Fah(-/-)), Rag2(-/-) and Il2rg(-/-) deficient animals on the NOD-strain background (FRGN) were simultaneously co-transplanted with adult human ..
  18. Piasecka Srader J, Blanco F, Delman D, Dixon D, Geiser J, Ciereszko R, et al. Tamoxifen prevents apoptosis and follicle loss from cyclophosphamide in cultured rat ovaries. Biol Reprod. 2015;92:132 pubmed publisher
    ..of lipoxygenase and prostaglandin production and signaling (Alox5, Pla2g1b, Ptgfr), cytokine binding (Il1r1, Il2rg ), apoptosis (Tnfrsf1a), second messenger signaling (Mapk1, Mapk14, Plcg1), as well as tissue remodeling and ..
  19. Tilib Shamoun S, Le Friec G, Spinner N, Kemper C, Baker A. Immune dysregulation in Alagille syndrome: A new feature of the evolving phenotype. Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol. 2015;39:566-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Resting TH1 cells from some patients exhibited high CD132 levels...
  20. Yang J, Wang Y, Zhou T, Wong L, Tian X, Hong X, et al. Generation of Human Liver Chimeric Mice with Hepatocytes from Familial Hypercholesterolemia Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Stem Cell Reports. 2017;8:605-618 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we engrafted FH iHeps into the liver of Ldlr-/-/Rag2-/-/Il2rg-/- mice, and assessed the effect of these same medications on LDL-C clearance and endothelium-dependent ..
  21. Yang J, Wong L, Tian X, Wei R, Lai W, Au K, et al. A Familial Hypercholesterolemia Human Liver Chimeric Mouse Model Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Hepatocytes. J Vis Exp. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..We used Ldlr-/-/Rag2-/-/Il2rg-/- (LRG) mice to avoid immune rejection of transplanted human cells and to assess the effect of LDLR-..
  22. Tonsing Carter E, Bailey B, Saadatzadeh M, Ding J, Wang H, Sinn A, et al. Potentiation of Carboplatin-Mediated DNA Damage by the Mdm2 Modulator Nutlin-3a in a Humanized Orthotopic Breast-to-Lung Metastatic Model. Mol Cancer Ther. 2015;14:2850-63 pubmed publisher
    ..In vivo efficacy studies were conducted in the TMD231 orthotopic mammary fat pad model in NOD.Cg-Prkdc(scid)Il2rg(tm1Wjl)/SzJ (NSG) mice...
  23. Mitra A, Yan J, Zhang L, Li S. A small molecule Hedgehog agonist HhAg1.5 mediated reprogramming breaks the quiescence of noninjured liver stem cells for rescuing liver failure. Transl Res. 2019;205:44-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Grafting of ex vivo expanded LSCs in Fah-/- Rag2-/- Il2rg-/- knockout mice, significantly increased life span compared to control group (P < 0.001)...
  24. Rowson Hodel A, Manjarin R, Trott J, Cardiff R, Borowsky A, Hovey R. Neoplastic transformation of porcine mammary epithelial cells in vitro and tumor formation in vivo. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:562 pubmed publisher
    ..Cg-Prkdc (scid) Il2rg (tm1Wjl) /SzJ (NSG) mice. We demonstrated that lentivirus effectively transduces pMEC in vitro and in vivo...
  25. Puligujja P, Balkundi S, Kendrick L, Baldridge H, Hilaire J, Bade A, et al. Pharmacodynamics of long-acting folic acid-receptor targeted ritonavir-boosted atazanavir nanoformulations. Biomaterials. 2015;41:141-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Drug particles administered to human peripheral blood lymphocyte reconstituted NOD.Cg-Prkdc(scid)Il2rg(tm1Wjl)/SzJ mice and infected with HIV-1ADA led to ATV/r drug concentrations that paralleled FA receptor beta ..
  26. Min S, Kady J, Nam M, Rojas Rodriguez R, Berkenwald A, Kim J, et al. Human 'brite/beige' adipocytes develop from capillary networks, and their implantation improves metabolic homeostasis in mice. Nat Med. 2016;22:312-8 pubmed publisher
    ..When implanted into normal chow-fed, or into high-fat diet (HFD)-fed, glucose-intolerant NOD-scid IL2rg(null) (NSG) mice, brite/beige adipocytes activated in vitro enhance systemic glucose tolerance...
  27. Ou Z, Niu X, He W, Chen Y, Song B, Xian Y, et al. The Combination of CRISPR/Cas9 and iPSC Technologies in the Gene Therapy of Human ?-thalassemia in Mice. Sci Rep. 2016;6:32463 pubmed publisher
    ..iPSC-derived hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) were injected into sublethally-irradiated NOD-scid-IL2Rg-/- (NSI) mice. HBB expression was observed in these HSCs after hematopoietic differentiation in the NSI mice...
  28. Netchiporouk E, Gantchev J, Tsang M, Thibault P, Watters A, Hughes J, et al. Analysis of CTCL cell lines reveals important differences between mycosis fungoides/Sézary syndrome vs. HTLV-1+ leukemic cell lines. Oncotarget. 2017;8:95981-95998 pubmed publisher
    ..Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl/SzJ mice...
  29. Kuijk E, Rasmussen S, Blokzijl F, Huch M, Gehart H, Toonen P, et al. Generation and characterization of rat liver stem cell lines and their engraftment in a rat model of liver failure. Sci Rep. 2016;6:22154 pubmed publisher
    ..Upon transplantation of clonal lines to a Fah(-/-) Il2rg(-/-) rat model of liver failure, the rat liver stem cells engrafted into the host liver where they differentiated ..
  30. Rodriguez G, Ross J, Nagy Z, Kirken R. Forskolin-inducible cAMP pathway negatively regulates T-cell proliferation by uncoupling the interleukin-2 receptor complex. J Biol Chem. 2013;288:7137-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these findings suggest that Fsk activation of adenylate cyclase and PKA can negatively regulate IL-2 signaling at multiple levels that include IL-2R complex formation and Jak3/Stat5 activation. ..
  31. Domene H, Fierro Carrion G. Genetic disorders of GH action pathway. Growth Horm IGF Res. 2018;38:19-23 pubmed publisher defects affecting the GH receptor (GHR), the intracellular GH signaling pathway (STAT5B, STAT3, IKBKB, IL2RG, PIK3R1), the synthesis of insulin-like growth factors (IGF1, IGF2), the transport/bioavailability of IGFs (IGFALS,..
  32. Bryce P, Falahati R, Kenney L, Leung J, Bebbington C, Tomasevic N, et al. Humanized mouse model of mast cell-mediated passive cutaneous anaphylaxis and passive systemic anaphylaxis. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2016;138:769-779 pubmed publisher
    ..This model is based on the NOD-scid IL2rg(null)SCF/GM-CSF/IL3 (NSG-SGM3) strain of mice engrafted with human thymus, liver, and hematopoietic stem cells (..
  33. Mou W, He J, Chen X, Zhang H, Ren X, Wu X, et al. A novel deletion mutation in IL2RG gene results in X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency with an atypical phenotype. Immunogenetics. 2017;69:29-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Genetic analysis revealed a novel deletion at nucleotide 52 in exon 1 of IL2RG gene...
  34. Puck J, Pepper A, Bedard P, Laframboise R. Female germ line mosaicism as the origin of a unique IL-2 receptor gamma-chain mutation causing X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency. J Clin Invest. 1995;95:895-9 pubmed
    The IL2RG gene encoding the gamma chain of the lymphocyte receptor for IL-2 lies in human Xq13.1 and is mutated in males with X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID)...
  35. Fernández L, Métais J, Escudero A, Vela M, Valentín J, Vallcorba I, et al. Memory T Cells Expressing an NKG2D-CAR Efficiently Target Osteosarcoma Cells. Clin Cancer Res. 2017;23:5824-5835 pubmed publisher
    ..For the in vivo orthotopic model, 531MII YFP-luc osteosarcoma cells were used as targets in NOD-scid IL2Rgnull mice...
  36. Tanaka N, Asao H, Ohbo K, Ishii N, Takeshita T, Nakamura M, et al. Physical association of JAK1 and JAK2 tyrosine kinases with the interleukin 2 receptor beta and gamma chains. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1994;91:7271-5 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate that the JAK1 and JAK2 tyrosine kinases are physically associated with the beta chain and gamma chain, respectively, and suggest that regulation of the kinases may be linked to IL-2-induced signal transduction. ..
  37. de Jong J, Farner N, Widmer M, Giri J, Sondel P. Interaction of IL-15 with the shared IL-2 receptor beta and gamma c subunits. The IL-15/beta/gamma c receptor-ligand complex is less stable than the IL-2/beta/gamma c receptor-ligand complex. J Immunol. 1996;156:1339-48 pubmed
    ..This result was identical for both surface-iodinated YT cells and immunoprecipitates that were probed for IL-2R beta and IL-2R gamma c on Western blots. ..
  38. Recher M, Berglund L, Avery D, Cowan M, Gennery A, Smart J, et al. IL-21 is the primary common ? chain-binding cytokine required for human B-cell differentiation in vivo. Blood. 2011;118:6824-35 pubmed publisher
    SCID resulting from mutations in IL2RG or JAK3 is characterized by lack of T and natural killer cells; B cells are present in normal number, but antibody responses are defective...
  39. Ghazaryan H, Petrek M, Boyajyan A. Chronic schizophrenia is associated with over-expression of the interleukin-2 receptor gamma gene. Psychiatry Res. 2014;217:158-62 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this study was to investigate mRNA expression of the IL2RG gene (IL2RG) in schizophrenia patients in comparison with healthy subjects (controls)...
  40. Ebbing E, Steins A, Fessler E, Stathi P, Lesterhuis W, Krishnadath K, et al. Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Cells and Xenograft Tumors Exposed to Erb-b2 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase 2 and 3 Inhibitors Activate Transforming Growth Factor Beta Signaling, Which Induces Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition. Gastroenterology. 2017;153:63-76.e14 pubmed publisher
    ..NOD.Cg-PrkdcscidIl2rgtm1Wjl/SzJ (NSG) mice were given subcutaneous injections of AMC-EAC-007B cells and also given injections ..
  41. Bani L, David D, Fevrier M, Pialoux G, Dupont B, Sugamura K, et al. Interleukin-2 receptor beta and gamma chain dysregulation during the inhibition of CD4 T cell activation by human immunodeficiency virus-1 gp120. Eur J Immunol. 1997;27:2188-94 pubmed
    ..This is the first study of IL-2R beta and IL-2R gamma dysregulation in the context of HIV infection and shows that CD4 is also involved in IL-2R expression. ..
  42. Fanos J, Davis J, Puck J. Sib understanding of genetics and attitudes toward carrier testing for X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency. Am J Med Genet. 2001;98:46-56 pubmed
    ..Mapping of XSCID in 1985 and identification of the disease gene, IL2RG, in 1993 made possible patient and carrier diagnosis...
  43. Holsinger L, Ward K, Duffield B, Zachwieja J, Jallal B. The transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase DEP1 interacts with p120(ctn). Oncogene. 2002;21:7067-76 pubmed
    ..p120(ctn) was found to colocalize with these structures. Together these data suggest an important role for DEP-1 in the function of cell-cell contacts and adherens junctions. ..
  44. Rahmig S, Kronstein Wiedemann R, Fohgrub J, Kronstein N, Nevmerzhitskaya A, Bornhauser M, et al. Improved Human Erythropoiesis and Platelet Formation in Humanized NSGW41 Mice. Stem Cell Reports. 2016;7:591-601 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that stably engrafted KIT-deficient NOD/SCID Il2rg-/-KitW41/W41 (NSGW41) mice support much improved human erythropoiesis and platelet formation ..
  45. Jones A, Clark P, Katz F, Genet S, McMahon C, Alterman L, et al. B-cell-negative severe combined immunodeficiency associated with a common gamma chain mutation. Hum Genet. 1997;99:677-80 pubmed
    ..Approximately 40% of cases are thought to be of the X-linked type (SCIDX1), which is phenotypically characterised by the absence, or very low numbers, of T cells, but normal or even high B ..
  46. Neubert J, Meindl A, Theisen A, Adams O, Schulz A, Feyen O, et al. A novel mutation in the interleukin-2 receptor gamma gene as the cause of lymphopenia in a neonate vertically exposed to human immunodeficiency virus. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2005;24:187-9 pubmed
    ..In this context, we report a unique case of X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency in a neonate vertically exposed to HIV. ..
  47. Zhang Q, Wang H, Liu X, Bhutani G, Kantekure K, Wasik M. IL-2R common gamma-chain is epigenetically silenced by nucleophosphin-anaplastic lymphoma kinase (NPM-ALK) and acts as a tumor suppressor by targeting NPM-ALK. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:11977-82 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate that the oncogenic tyrosine kinase NPM-ALK induces epigenetic silencing of the IL-2R? gene and that IL-2R? acts as a tumor suppressor by reciprocally inhibiting expression of NPM-ALK. ..
  48. Kuijpers T, Baars P, Aan de Kerk D, Jansen M, Derks I, Bredius R, et al. A novel mutation in CD132 causes X-CID with defective T-cell activation and impaired humoral reactivity. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2011;128:1360-1363.e4 pubmed publisher
  49. Selliah N, Finkel T. Cutting edge: JAK3 activation and rescue of T cells from HIV gp120-induced unresponsiveness. J Immunol. 1998;160:5697-701 pubmed
    ..In addition, rescue from gp120-mediated T cell unresponsiveness by activation of JAK3 suggests a novel therapeutic approach for enhancing immune function in HIV disease. ..
  50. Letzelter F, Wang Y, Sebald W. The interleukin-4 site-2 epitope determining binding of the common receptor gamma chain. Eur J Biochem. 1998;257:11-20 pubmed
    ..This site-2 affinity seems to be sufficient, however, to promote, in a second step, a productive association of gamma(c) to an IL-4/alpha chain complex in the membrane. ..
  51. Pham K, Delitto D, Knowlton A, Hartlage E, Madhavan R, Gonzalo D, et al. Isolation of Pancreatic Cancer Cells from a Patient-Derived Xenograft Model Allows for Practical Expansion and Preserved Heterogeneity in Culture. Am J Pathol. 2016;186:1537-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Cg-Prkdc(scid)Il2rg(tm1Wjl)/SzJ mice...
  52. Chattopadhyay S, Bhattacharyya S, Saha B, Chakraborty J, Mohanty S, Sakib Hossain D, et al. Tumor-shed PGE(2) impairs IL2Rgammac-signaling to inhibit CD4 T cell survival: regulation by theaflavins. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e7382 pubmed publisher
    ..or celecoxib-pre-treated MCF-7 cells, we show that tumor-shed PGE2 severely impairs interleukin 2 receptor gammac (IL2Rgammac)-mediated survival signaling in CD4+ T cells...
  53. Radtke S, Haworth K, Kiem H. The frequency of multipotent CD133(+)CD45RA(-)CD34(+) hematopoietic stem cells is not increased in fetal liver compared with adult stem cell sources. Exp Hematol. 2016;44:502-7 pubmed publisher
    ..We noted that engraftment in NSG (NOD scid gamma [NOD.Cg-Prkdc(scid) Il2rg(tm1Wjl)/SzJ]) mice was driven mostly by LMPPs, confirming recent findings that repopulation in mice is not a ..
  54. Ishii N, Asao H, Kimura Y, Takeshita T, Nakamura M, Tsuchiya S, et al. Impairment of ligand binding and growth signaling of mutant IL-2 receptor gamma-chains in patients with X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency. J Immunol. 1994;153:1310-7 pubmed
    ..These findings indicate that the gamma-chain gene mutations that accompany XSCID induce loss of the gamma-chain function, possibly resulting in stagnation of the differentiation and development of T cells. ..
  55. Nata T, Basheer A, Cocchi F, van Besien R, Massoud R, Jacobson S, et al. Targeting the binding interface on a shared receptor subunit of a cytokine family enables the inhibition of multiple member cytokines with selectable target spectrum. J Biol Chem. 2015;290:22338-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, our technology can be expanded to target various combinations of γc-cytokines and thereby will provide a novel strategy to the current anti-cytokine therapies against immune, inflammatory, and malignant diseases. ..
  56. Abdallah B, Al Shammary A, Skagen P, Abu Dawud R, Adjaye J, Aldahmash A, et al. CD34 defines an osteoprogenitor cell population in mouse bone marrow stromal cells. Stem Cell Res. 2015;15:449-458 pubmed publisher
    ..Among these, we identified osteoprogenitor-associated CD markers expressed only in mBMSC(Bone): CD34, CD54, CD73, CD132, CD200, CD227 and adipoprogenitor-associated CD markers expressed only in mBMSC(Adipo): CD53, CD80, CD134, CD141 ..
  57. Wang K, Mei D, Liu Q, Qiao X, Ruan W, Huang T, et al. Research of methods to detect genomic mutations induced by CRISPR/Cas systems. J Biotechnol. 2015;214:128-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Using the newly discovered RNA-guided CRISPR/Cas systems, the IL2RG and EMX1 genes were edited in the human 293T cell line in order to compare the mutation detection accuracies of ..
  58. Chen P, Huang Y, Womer K. Effects of mesenchymal stromal cells on human myeloid dendritic cell differentiation and maturation in a humanized mouse model. J Immunol Methods. 2015;427:100-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Humanized mice were established by injection of cord blood CD34(+) cells into NOD.Cg-Prkdc(scid) Il2rg(tm1Wjl/SzJ) (NOD scid gamma, NSG) mice...
  59. Ehrentraut S, Schneider B, Nagel S, Pommerenke C, Quentmeier H, Geffers R, et al. Th17 cytokine differentiation and loss of plasticity after SOCS1 inactivation in a cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Oncotarget. 2016;7:34201-16 pubmed publisher
    ..Th17 conversion of MAC-1 cells by IL-2 was blocked by pharmacological inhibition of JAK3 or STAT5, implicating IL2RG - JAK3 - STAT5 signaling in plasticity responses...
  60. Ito R, Katano I, Kawai K, Yagoto M, Takahashi T, Ka Y, et al. A Novel Xenogeneic Graft-Versus-Host Disease Model for Investigating the Pathological Role of Human CD4+ or CD8+ T Cells Using Immunodeficient NOG Mice. Am J Transplant. 2017;17:1216-1228 pubmed publisher
    ..T cells were purified from peripheral blood and were transplanted into immunodeficient NOD/Shi-scid IL2rgnull (NOG) mice...
  61. Luque Y, Cathelin D, Vandermeersch S, Xu X, Sohier J, Placier S, et al. Glomerular common gamma chain confers B- and T-cell-independent protection against glomerulonephritis. Kidney Int. 2017;91:1146-1158 pubmed publisher
    ..Anti-GBM-GN was induced in three strains of immune-deficient mice (Rag2-/-, Rag2-/-Il2rg-/-, and Rag2-/-Il2rb-/-) that are devoid of either T/B cells or T/B/NK cells...
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    ..More emphasis should be made in including this simple, inexpensive test in clinical practice and studies of HPS/HLH. ..
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