Gene Symbol: IFT81
Description: intraflagellar transport 81
Alias: CDV-1, CDV-1R, CDV1, CDV1R, DV1, SRTD19, intraflagellar transport protein 81 homolog, carnitine deficiency-associated gene expressed in ventricle 1, carnitine deficiency-associated protein expressed in ventricle 1
Species: human
Products:     IFT81

Top Publications

  1. Piewbang C, Radtanakatikanon A, Puenpa J, Poovorawan Y, Techangamsuwan S. Genetic and evolutionary analysis of a new Asia-4 lineage and naturally recombinant canine distemper virus strains from Thailand. Sci Rep. 2019;9:3198 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, most of the identified CDV strains (CDV1-3, -5, -8 TH/2014) clustered as a novel Asia-4 lineage, while the CDV4, -6, -7 TH/2014 belonged to the Asia-1 ..
  2. Hauer N, Popp B, Taher L, Vogl C, Dhandapany P, Büttner C, et al. Evolutionary conserved networks of human height identify multiple Mendelian causes of short stature. Eur J Hum Genet. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..Eleven of the candidate genes mapped to 21 of these clusters, including CPZ, EDEM3, FBRS, IFT81, KCND1, PLXNA3, RASA3, SLC7A8, UBR4, USP45, and ZFHX3...
  3. Bertiaux E, Mallet A, Fort C, Blisnick T, Bonnefoy S, Jung J, et al. Bidirectional intraflagellar transport is restricted to two sets of microtubule doublets in the trypanosome flagellum. J Cell Biol. 2018;217:4284-4297 pubmed publisher
    ..High-resolution live imaging of cells expressing mNeonGreen::IFT81 or GFP::IFT52 revealed for the first time IFT trafficking on two parallel lines within the flagellum...
  4. Taschner M, Kotsis F, Braeuer P, Kuehn E, Lorentzen E. Crystal structures of IFT70/52 and IFT52/46 provide insight into intraflagellar transport B core complex assembly. J Cell Biol. 2014;207:269-82 pubmed publisher
    ..and we show that it is essential for IFT-B core integrity by mediating interaction between IFT88/70/52/46 and IFT81/74/27/25/22 subcomplexes...
  5. Lv B, Wan L, Taschner M, Cheng X, Lorentzen E, Huang K. Intraflagellar transport protein IFT52 recruits IFT46 to the basal body and flagella. J Cell Sci. 2017;130:1662-1674 pubmed publisher
    ..Using IFT and motor mutants, we show that the basal body localization of IFT46 depends on IFT52, but not on IFT81, IFT88, IFT122, FLA10 or DHC1b...
  6. Liu H, Li W, Zhang Y, Zhang Z, Shang X, Zhang L, et al. IFT25, an intraflagellar transporter protein dispensable for ciliogenesis in somatic cells, is essential for sperm flagella formation. Biol Reprod. 2017;96:993-1006 pubmed publisher
    ..In Ift25 knockout testes, IFT27, an IFT25 binding partner, was missing, and IFT20 and IFT81 levels were also reduced...
  7. Zhu X, Liang Y, Gao F, Pan J. IFT54 regulates IFT20 stability but is not essential for tubulin transport during ciliogenesis. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2017;74:3425-3437 pubmed publisher
    ..of IFT54 with the axoneme but not with mitotic MTs, and also regulates the flagellar import of IFT54 but not IFT81 and IFT46...
  8. Brown J, Cochran D, Craige B, Kubo T, Witman G. Assembly of IFT trains at the ciliary base depends on IFT74. Curr Biol. 2015;25:1583-93 pubmed publisher
    ..The IFT-B core proteins IFT74 and IFT81 interact directly through central and C-terminal coiled-coil domains, and recently it was shown that the N termini ..
  9. Lin H, Zhang Z, Iomini C, Dutcher S. Identifying RNA splicing factors using IFT genes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Open Biol. 2018;8: pubmed publisher
    ..Using whole-genome sequencing, we identified splice site mutations in two IFT genes, IFT81 (fla9) and IFT121 (ift121-2), which lead to flagellar assembly defects in the unicellular ..

More Information


  1. Kubo T, Brown J, Bellve K, Craige B, Craft J, Fogarty K, et al. Together, the IFT81 and IFT74 N-termini form the main module for intraflagellar transport of tubulin. J Cell Sci. 2016;129:2106-19 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent in vitro studies have suggested that, together, the calponin-homology domain within the IFT81 N-terminus and the highly basic N-terminus of IFT74 form a module for IFT of tubulin...
  2. Bhogaraju S, Weber K, Engel B, Lechtreck K, Lorentzen E. Getting tubulin to the tip of the cilium: one IFT train, many different tubulin cargo-binding sites?. Bioessays. 2014;36:463-7 pubmed publisher
    ..study using purified IFT complexes has identified a tubulin-binding module in the two core IFT proteins IFT74 and IFT81 that likely serves to bind and transport tubulin within cilia...
  3. Zhang W, Taylor S, Nevarez L, Lachman R, Nickerson D, Bamshad M, et al. IFT52 mutations destabilize anterograde complex assembly, disrupt ciliogenesis and result in short rib polydactyly syndrome. Hum Mol Genet. 2016;25:4012-4020 pubmed publisher
    ..mutant cells synthesized a significantly reduced amount of IFT52 protein, leading to reduced synthesis of IFT74, IFT81, IFT88 and ARL13B, other key anterograde complex members...
  4. Zhang Y, Liu H, Li W, Zhang Z, Shang X, Zhang D, et al. Intraflagellar transporter protein (IFT27), an IFT25 binding partner, is essential for male fertility and spermiogenesis in mice. Dev Biol. 2017;432:125-139 pubmed publisher
    ..Some sperm flagella also lost cell membrane. Levels of IFT25 and IFT81 were significantly reduced in the testis of the conditional Ift27 knockout mice, and levels of IFT20, IFT74, and ..
  5. Xin D, Christopher K, Zeng L, Kong Y, Weatherbee S. IFT56 regulates vertebrate developmental patterning by maintaining IFTB complex integrity and ciliary microtubule architecture. Development. 2017;144:1544-1553 pubmed publisher
    ..core IFTB proteins are unable to accumulate normally within Ift56hop cilia, including IFT88, IFT81 and IFT27, which are crucial for key processes such as tubulin transport and Shh signaling...
  6. Kanie T, Abbott K, Mooney N, Plowey E, Demeter J, JACKSON P. The CEP19-RABL2 GTPase Complex Binds IFT-B to Initiate Intraflagellar Transport at the Ciliary Base. Dev Cell. 2017;42:22-36.e12 pubmed publisher
    ..Activated RABL2B then captures and releases its single effector, the intraflagellar transport B holocomplex, from the large pool of pre-docked IFT-B complexes, and thus initiates ciliary entry of IFT. ..
  7. Bhogaraju S, Cajanek L, Fort C, Blisnick T, Weber K, Taschner M, et al. Molecular basis of tubulin transport within the cilium by IFT74 and IFT81. Science. 2013;341:1009-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we found that the two core IFT proteins IFT74 and IFT81 form a tubulin-binding module and mapped the interaction to a calponin homology domain of IFT81 and a highly basic ..
  8. Dharmat R, Liu W, Ge Z, Sun Z, Yang L, Li Y, et al. IFT81 as a Candidate Gene for Nonsyndromic Retinal Degeneration. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017;58:2483-2490 pubmed publisher
    b>IFT81, a core component of the IFT-B complex, involved in the bidirectional transport of ciliary proteins, has been recently implicated in syndromic ciliopathies...
  9. Peng J, Yu L, Horiuchi M, Zhang P, Huang X, Zhang Y, et al. Identification of human CDV-1R and mouse Cdv-1R, two novel proteins with putative signal peptides, especially highly expressed in testis and increased with the male sex maturation. Mol Biol Rep. 2002;29:353-62 pubmed
    ..In addition, it was proved that the expression level of Cdv-1R in JVS mouse testis was as high as that in normal mouse testis, and both were not regulated by carnitine. ..
  10. Durán I, Taylor S, Zhang W, Martin J, Forlenza K, Spiro R, et al. Destabilization of the IFT-B cilia core complex due to mutations in IFT81 causes a Spectrum of Short-Rib Polydactyly Syndrome. Sci Rep. 2016;6:34232 pubmed publisher
    ..Herein we describe a new spectrum of SRPS caused by mutations in the gene IFT81, a key component of the IFT-B complex essential for anterograde transport...
  11. Higashi M, Kobayashi K, Iijima M, Wakana S, Horiuchi M, Yasuda T, et al. Genomic organization and mapping of mouse CDV (carnitine deficiency-associated gene expressed in ventricle)-1 and its related CDV-1R gene. Mamm Genome. 2000;11:1053-7 pubmed
    ..All these data revealed that two mRNA species, CDV-1 and CDV-1R, are expressed tissue-specifically by using promoters peculiar to each transcript in a single gene. ..
  12. Perrault I, Halbritter J, Porath J, Gerard X, Braun D, Gee H, et al. IFT81, encoding an IFT-B core protein, as a very rare cause of a ciliopathy phenotype. J Med Genet. 2015;52:657-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Consequently, we identified a homozygous mutation in IFT81 affecting an obligatory donor splice site in an individual with nephronophthisis and polydactyly...
  13. Nishijima Y, Hagiya Y, Kubo T, Takei R, Katoh Y, Nakayama K. RABL2 interacts with the intraflagellar transport-B complex and CEP19 and participates in ciliary assembly. Mol Biol Cell. 2017;28:1652-1666 pubmed publisher
    ..show that RABL2 interacts, in its GTP-bound state, with the intraflagellar transport (IFT)-B complex via the IFT74-IFT81 heterodimer and that the interaction is disrupted by a mutation found in male infertile mice (Mot mice) ..