Gene Symbol: HBS1
Description: HBS1 like translational GTPase
Alias: EF-1a, ERFS, HBS1, HSPC276, eRF3c, HBS1-like protein, ERF3-similar protein, Hsp70 subfamily B suppressor 1-like protein, eRF3 family member
Species: human
Products:     HBS1

Top Publications

  1. Ferreira M, Hottenga J, Warrington N, Medland S, Willemsen G, Lawrence R, et al. Sequence variants in three loci influence monocyte counts and erythrocyte volume. Am J Hum Genet. 2009;85:745-9 pubmed publisher
    ..001, 9.9x10(-5), and 7x10(-5), respectively). The identification of these QTL provides new opportunities for furthering our understanding of the mechanisms regulating hemopoietic cell fate. ..
  2. Farrell J, Sherva R, Chen Z, Luo H, Chu B, Ha S, et al. A 3-bp deletion in the HBS1L-MYB intergenic region on chromosome 6q23 is associated with HbF expression. Blood. 2011;117:4935-45 pubmed publisher
    ..This 3-bp deletion polymorphism is probably the most significant functional motif accounting for HMIP modulation of HbF in all 3 populations. ..
  3. Lettre G, Sankaran V, Bezerra M, Araújo A, Uda M, Sanna S, et al. DNA polymorphisms at the BCL11A, HBS1L-MYB, and beta-globin loci associate with fetal hemoglobin levels and pain crises in sickle cell disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:11869-74 pubmed publisher
    ..We also have shown that HbF-associated SNPs associate with pain crisis rate in SCD patients. These results provide a clear example of inherited common sequence variants modifying the severity of a monogenic disease. ..
  4. Thein S, Menzel S, Peng X, Best S, Jiang J, Close J, et al. Intergenic variants of HBS1L-MYB are responsible for a major quantitative trait locus on chromosome 6q23 influencing fetal hemoglobin levels in adults. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:11346-51 pubmed
    ..The results support a key role for the HBS1L-related genetic variants in HbF control and illustrate the biological complexity of the mechanism of 6q QTL as a modifier of fetal hemoglobin levels in the beta hemoglobinopathies. ..
  5. Makani J, Menzel S, Nkya S, Cox S, Drasar E, Soka D, et al. Genetics of fetal hemoglobin in Tanzanian and British patients with sickle cell anemia. Blood. 2011;117:1390-2 pubmed publisher
    ..Additional loci may be identified through independent genome-wide association studies in African populations. ..
  6. Menzel S, Jiang J, Silver N, Gallagher J, Cunningham J, Surdulescu G, et al. The HBS1L-MYB intergenic region on chromosome 6q23.3 influences erythrocyte, platelet, and monocyte counts in humans. Blood. 2007;110:3624-6 pubmed
    ..These results support the notion that changes of F-cell abundance can be an indicator of more general shifts in hematopoietic patterns in humans. ..
  7. Creary L, Ulug P, Menzel S, McKenzie C, Hanchard N, Taylor V, et al. Genetic variation on chromosome 6 influences F cell levels in healthy individuals of African descent and HbF levels in sickle cell patients. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e4218 pubmed publisher
    ..We have started to distinguish effects originating from European and African ancestral populations in our admixed study populations. ..
  8. Yıldırım K, Kaya Z. Gene regulation network behind drought escape, avoidance and tolerance strategies in black poplar (Populus nigra L.). Plant Physiol Biochem. 2017;115:183-199 pubmed publisher
    ..Specific upregulation of GTP cyclohydrolase II and transcription factors (WRKY and ERFs) in only this genotype were associated to ROS dependent signalling pathways and gene regulation network responsible ..
  9. Andorf C, Kopylov M, Dobbs D, Koch K, Stroupe M, Lawrence C, et al. G-quadruplex (G4) motifs in the maize (Zea mays L.) genome are enriched at specific locations in thousands of genes coupled to energy status, hypoxia, low sugar, and nutrient deprivation. J Genet Genomics. 2014;41:627-47 pubmed publisher
    ..The G4 motifs were prevalent in key regulatory genes associated with hypoxia (group VII ERFs), oxidative stress (DJ-1/GATase1), and energy status (AMPK/SnRK) pathways...

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  1. Bundy M, Kosentka P, Willet A, Zhang L, Miller E, Shpak E. A Mutation in the Catalytic Subunit of the Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Transamidase Disrupts Growth, Fertility, and Stomata Formation. Plant Physiol. 2016;171:974-85 pubmed publisher
    ..TOO MANY MOUTHS (TMM) is a receptor-like protein that is able to form heterodimers with ERfs. Our analysis demonstrates that tmm-1 is epistatic to atgpi8-1, indicating that either TMM is a GPI-AP or there is ..
  2. Wang K, Yin X, Zhang B, Grierson D, Xu C, Chen K. Transcriptomic and metabolic analyses provide new insights into chilling injury in peach fruit. Plant Cell Environ. 2017;40:1531-1551 pubmed publisher
    ..hydrolases and lipid metabolism enzymes were coexpressed with differentially expressed ethylene response factors (ERFs) and contained ERF binding elements in their promoters...
  3. Wong D, Zhang L, Merlin I, Castellarin S, Gambetta G. Structure and transcriptional regulation of the major intrinsic protein gene family in grapevine. BMC Genomics. 2018;19:248 pubmed publisher
    ..analyses of the MIP promoters and their associated GCN members revealed enrichment for numerous CREs including AP2/ERFs and NACs...
  4. Tepakhan W, Yamsri S, Sanchaisuriya K, Fucharoen G, Xu X, Fucharoen S. Nine known and five novel mutations in the erythroid transcription factor KLF1 gene and phenotypic expression of fetal hemoglobin in hemoglobin E disorder. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2016;59:85-91 pubmed publisher
    ..KLF1 is therefore an important genetic factor associated with increased Hb F and in combination with other modifying factors could explain the phenotypic variation of Hb F expression in this common hemoglobinopathy. ..
  5. Ngo D, Bae H, Steinberg M, Sebastiani P, Solovieff N, Baldwin C, et al. Fetal hemoglobin in sickle cell anemia: genetic studies of the Arab-Indian haplotype. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2013;51:22-6 pubmed publisher
    ..These regulatory elements, which remain to be discovered, might be specific in the Saudi and some other populations where HbF levels are especially high. ..
  6. Koyama T, Nii H, Mitsuda N, Ohta M, Kitajima S, Ohme Takagi M, et al. A regulatory cascade involving class II ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR transcriptional repressors operates in the progression of leaf senescence. Plant Physiol. 2013;162:991-1005 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, NtERF3 accumulated in plants treated with a proteasome inhibitor. The Arabidopsis class II ERFs AtERF4 and AtERF8 were also regulated by the proteasome and increased with plant aging...
  7. Canver M, Lessard S, Pinello L, Wu Y, Ilboudo Y, Stern E, et al. Variant-aware saturating mutagenesis using multiple Cas9 nucleases identifies regulatory elements at trait-associated loci. Nat Genet. 2017;49:625-634 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these data establish a widely applicable high-throughput and high-resolution methodology to identify minimal functional sequences within large disease- and trait-associated regions. ..
  8. Najafi S, Sorkheh K, Nasernakhaei F. Characterization of the APETALA2/Ethylene-responsive factor (AP2/ERF) transcription factor family in sunflower. Sci Rep. 2018;8:11576 pubmed publisher
    ..The results confirmed that AP2/ERFs genes could effectively resist abiotic stress...
  9. Shin S, Park M, Choi J, Kim J. Gene network underlying the response of harvested pepper to chilling stress. J Plant Physiol. 2017;219:112-122 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, ERFs and JA biosynthesis gene expression in peppers during long-term cold storage was upregulated by MeJA...
  10. Blanco Ulate B, Hopfer H, Figueroa Balderas R, Ye Z, Rivero R, Albacete A, et al. Red blotch disease alters grape berry development and metabolism by interfering with the transcriptional and hormonal regulation of ripening. J Exp Bot. 2017;68:1225-1238 pubmed publisher
    ..Red blotch caused the abnormal expression of transcription factors (e.g. NACs, MYBs, and AP2-ERFs) and elements of the post-transcriptional machinery that function during red-skinned berry ripening...
  11. Mnika K, Pule G, Dandara C, Wonkam A. An Expert Review of Pharmacogenomics of Sickle Cell Disease Therapeutics: Not Yet Ready for Global Precision Medicine. OMICS. 2016;20:565-574 pubmed
  12. Wang H, Luo L, Zhou Y, Ma H, Li J, Zou H, et al. [Argon plasma coagulation combined with covered stent placement for management of tracheobronchial stenoses/occlusions as well as esophagorespiratory fistulas]. Zhongguo Fei Ai Za Zhi. 2010;13:898-902 pubmed publisher
    ..palliated with bifurcated CZTS placed under fluoroscopy and flexible bronchoscopy in 12 out of 13 patients with ERFs. There is no bleeding introprocedure...
  13. Wonkam A, Makani J, Ofori Aquah S, Nnodu O, Treadwell M, Royal C, et al. Sickle cell disease and H3Africa: enhancing genomic research on cardiovascular diseases in African patients. Cardiovasc J Afr. 2015;26:S50-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Several H3Africa projects are focused on cardiovascular diseases and present major opportunities to build genome-based research on existing SCD platforms in Africa to transform the health outcomes of patients. ..
  14. Li H, Liu Q, Zhang Q, Qin E, Jin C, Wang Y, et al. Curd development associated gene (CDAG1) in cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis) could result in enlarged organ size and increased biomass. Plant Sci. 2017;254:82-94 pubmed publisher
    ..expression of the endogenous OSR genes, ARGOS and ARL, while a series of ethylene-responsive transcription factors (ERFs) were found to increased expression in 35S:CDAG1 transgenic Arabidopsis plants...
  15. Zhou T, Luo X, Yu C, Zhang C, Zhang L, Song Y, et al. Transcriptome analyses provide insights into the expression pattern and sequence similarity of several taxol biosynthesis-related genes in three Taxus species. BMC Plant Biol. 2019;19:33 pubmed publisher
    ..media and T. cuspidata. Moreover, 48 JA-related transcription factor (TF) genes, including 10 MYBs, 5 ERFs, 4 RAPs, 3 VTCs, and 26 other TFs, were analyzed...
  16. Tezuka D, Kawamata A, Kato H, Saburi W, Mori H, Imai R. The rice ethylene response factor OsERF83 positively regulates disease resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae. Plant Physiol Biochem. 2018;135:263-271 pubmed publisher
    ..A gel-shift assay using recombinant OsERF83 protein indicated that, like other ERFs, it binds to the GCC box...
  17. Baeza Richer C, Arroyo Pardo E, Blanco Rojo R, Toxqui L, Remacha A, Vaquero M, et al. Genetic contribution to iron status: SNPs related to iron deficiency anaemia and fine mapping of CACNA2D3 calcium channel subunit. Blood Cells Mol Dis. 2015;55:273-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Association of SNPs from fine mapping with ferritin and serum iron suggests that calcium channels could be a potential pathway for iron uptake in physiological conditions. ..
  18. Krishnamurthy P, Mohanty B, Wijaya E, Lee D, Lim T, Lin Q, et al. Transcriptomics analysis of salt stress tolerance in the roots of the mangrove Avicennia officinalis. Sci Rep. 2017;7:10031 pubmed publisher
    ..officinalis. Further, ethylene response factors (ERFs) were abundantly expressed upon salt treatment and the Arabidopsis mutant aterf115, a homolog of AoERF114 is ..
  19. Mingo V, Lötters S, Wagner N. Risk of pesticide exposure for reptile species in the European Union. Environ Pollut. 2016;215:164-169 pubmed publisher
    ..Lizards display the highest sensitivity toward pesticides, although no differences in overall ERFs can be observed between taxonomic groups...
  20. Wonkam A, Mnika K, Ngo Bitoungui V, Chetcha Chemegni B, Chimusa E, Dandara C, et al. Clinical and genetic factors are associated with pain and hospitalisation rates in sickle cell anaemia in Cameroon. Br J Haematol. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..APOL1 G1/G2 correlated with increased hospitalisation (P = 0·048). This first study from Africa has provided evidence supporting possible development of genetic risk model for pain in SCD...
  21. Zuo J, Wang Y, Zhu B, Luo Y, Wang Q, Gao L. Comparative Analysis of DNA Methylation Reveals Specific Regulations on Ethylene Pathway in Tomato Fruit. Genes (Basel). 2018;9: pubmed publisher
    ..are involved in ethylene synthesis and signaling transduction (such as ACS, ACO, MADS-Box, ERFs, and F-box)...
  22. Chai P, Dong S, Chai L, Chen S, Flaishman M, Ma H. Cytokinin-induced parthenocarpy of San Pedro type fig (Ficus carica L.) main crop: explained by phytohormone assay and transcriptomic network comparison. Plant Mol Biol. 2019;99:329-346 pubmed publisher
    ..showed consistent upregulation in both female flowers and receptacle after CPPU treatment, and more than a dozen of ERFs demonstrated opposing changes in expression...
  23. Guydosh N, Kimmig P, Walter P, Green R. Regulated Ire1-dependent mRNA decay requires no-go mRNA degradation to maintain endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis in S. pombe. elife. 2017;6: pubmed publisher
    ..We used a genetic screen to identify factors critical to the Ire1-mediated UPR and found several proteins, Dom34, Hbs1 and Ski complex subunits, previously implicated in ribosome rescue and mRNA no-go-decay (NGD)...
  24. Wang Y, Gao L, Li J, Zhu B, Zhu H, Luo Y, et al. Analysis of long-non-coding RNAs associated with ethylene in tomato. Gene. 2018;674:151-160 pubmed publisher
    ..associated with ethylene signaling including auxin response factors and auxin-induced proteins, F-box proteins, ERFs and MADS-box proteins...
  25. Alter B, Rosenberg P, Day T, Menzel S, Giri N, Savage S, et al. Genetic regulation of fetal haemoglobin in inherited bone marrow failure syndromes. Br J Haematol. 2013;162:542-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus Hb F is regulated in IBMFS by Xmn1-HBG2, as it is in the haemoglobinopathies. ..
  26. Lado J, Rodrigo M, Zacarías L. Analysis of ethylene biosynthesis and perception during postharvest cold storage of Marsh and Star Ruby grapefruits. Food Sci Technol Int. 2015;21:537-46 pubmed publisher
    ..However, ethylene appears to be implicated in the transcriptional regulation of ERFs both under cold storage and shelf-life.
  27. Choi K, Higgs B, Wendland J, Song J, McMahon F, Webster M. Gene expression and genetic variation data implicate PCLO in bipolar disorder. Biol Psychiatry. 2011;69:353-9 pubmed publisher
  28. Velivelli S, Lojan P, Cranenbrouck S, de Boulois H, Suarez J, Declerck S, et al. The induction of Ethylene response factor 3 (ERF3) in potato as a result of co-inoculation with Pseudomonas sp. R41805 and Rhizophagus irregularis MUCL 41833 - a possible role in plant defense. Plant Signal Behav. 2015;10:e988076 pubmed publisher
    ..solani. The significance of ethylene response factors (ERFs) in pathogen defense has been well documented in the literature...
  29. Harkey A, Watkins J, Olex A, DiNapoli K, Lewis D, Fetrow J, et al. Identification of Transcriptional and Receptor Networks That Control Root Responses to Ethylene. Plant Physiol. 2018;176:2095-2118 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, a subset of these clusters of ethylene-responsive transcripts were enriched in targets of EIN3 and ERFs. These results are consistent with EIN3-independent developmental and transcriptional changes in light-grown roots...
  30. Szádeczky Kardoss I, Gál L, Auber A, Taller J, Silhavy D. The No-go decay system degrades plant mRNAs that contain a long A-stretch in the coding region. Plant Sci. 2018;275:19-27 pubmed publisher
    ..These long A-stretches trigger endonucleolytic cleavage, and then the 5' fragments are degraded in a Pelota-, HBS1- and SKI2- dependent manner, while XRN4 eliminates the 3' fragment...
  31. Sakamoto S, Somssich M, Nakata M, Unda F, Atsuzawa K, Kaneko Y, et al. Complete substitution of a secondary cell wall with a primary cell wall in Arabidopsis. Nat Plants. 2018;4:777-783 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate that the group IIId and IIIe AP2/ERFs are transcription factors regulating primary cell wall deposition and could form the foundation for exchanging one ..
  32. Lago S, Scharinger M, Kronrod Y, Idsardi W. Categorical effects in fricative perception are reflected in cortical source information. Brain Lang. 2015;143:52-8 pubmed publisher
    ..of phonological and acoustic information to the perception of sibilant fricatives using event-related fields (ERFs) and dipole modeling with magnetoencephalography (MEG)...
  33. Chen M, Shpak E. ERECTA family genes regulate development of cotyledons during embryogenesis. FEBS Lett. 2014;588:3912-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we explore the role of these genes during embryogenesis. ERfs are expressed in the developing embryo, where their expression is progressively limited to the upper half of the ..
  34. Murphy E, Vu L, Van den Broeck L, Lin Z, Ramakrishna P, van de Cotte B, et al. RALFL34 regulates formative cell divisions in Arabidopsis pericycle during lateral root initiation. J Exp Bot. 2016;67:4863-75 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we describe a role for ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTORs (ERFs) in regulating RALFL34 expression...
  35. Hwang J, Sato H, Tang Y, Matsuda D, Maquat L. UPF1 association with the cap-binding protein, CBP80, promotes nonsense-mediated mRNA decay at two distinct steps. Mol Cell. 2010;39:396-409 pubmed publisher
    ..UPF1 to CBP80 inhibits NMD at two steps: the association of SMG1 and UPF1 with the two eukaryotic release factors (eRFs) during SURF complex formation at a PTC, and the subsequent association of SMG1 and UPF1 with an exon-junction ..
  36. Hong K, Gong D, Zhang L, Hu H, Jia Z, Gu H, et al. Transcriptome characterization and expression profiles of the related defense genes in postharvest mango fruit against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. Gene. 2016;576:275-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, qRT-PCR of 35 defense-related unigenes, including 17 ethylene response factors (ERFs), 6 nucleotide binding site-leucine-rich repeats (NBS-LRRs), 6 nonexpressor of pathogenesis-related genes (NPRs) ..
  37. Heyman J, Canher B, Bisht A, Christiaens F, De Veylder L. Emerging role of the plant ERF transcription factors in coordinating wound defense responses and repair. J Cell Sci. 2018;131: pubmed publisher
    ..This interaction turns ERFs into highly potent and stress-responsive activators of cell proliferation...
  38. Machida K, Mikami S, Masutani M, Mishima K, Kobayashi T, Imataka H. A translation system reconstituted with human factors proves that processing of encephalomyocarditis virus proteins 2A and 2B occurs in the elongation phase of translation without eukaryotic release factors. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:31960-71 pubmed publisher
    ..We successfully reproduced 2A-2B processing in the reconstituted system even without eRFs. Our results indicate that this unusual event occurs in the elongation phase of translation.
  39. Bulygin K, Graifer D, Hountondji C, Frolova L, Karpova G. Exploring contacts of eRF1 with the 3'-terminus of the P site tRNA and mRNA stop signal in the human ribosome at various translation termination steps. Biochim Biophys Acta Gene Regul Mech. 2017;1860:782-793 pubmed publisher
    ..eS30 from the interaction with the nucleotide adjacent to stop codon observed with pre-termination ribosome free of eRFs. Altogether, our findings brought important information on contacts of the key structural elements of eRF1, tRNA ..
  40. Baumgarten T, Schnitzler A, Lange J. Prestimulus Alpha Power Influences Tactile Temporal Perceptual Discrimination and Confidence in Decisions. Cereb Cortex. 2016;26:891-903 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, poststimulus event-related fields (ERFs) were modulated by prestimulus alpha power and reflect the result of a decisional process rather than physical ..
  41. Czaplinski K, Ruiz Echevarria M, Paushkin S, Han X, Weng Y, Perlick H, et al. The surveillance complex interacts with the translation release factors to enhance termination and degrade aberrant mRNAs. Genes Dev. 1998;12:1665-77 pubmed
    ..Consistent with Upf1p interacting with the eRFs, the Upf1p is found in the prion-like aggregates that contain eRF1 and eRF3 observed in yeast [PSI+] strains...
  42. Ortega E, Gutierrez L, Bernad M, Salmeron F, Juarez I, Vargas D. Evaluation of Different Oral Formulations of Clindamycin Extended Release in Dogs. Drug Res (Stuttg). 2017;67:32-37 pubmed publisher
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of extended-release formulations (ERFs) of clindamycin with polymeric-based matrices...
  43. Wonkam A, Ngo Bitoungui V, Vorster A, Ramesar R, Cooper R, Tayo B, et al. Association of variants at BCL11A and HBS1L-MYB with hemoglobin F and hospitalization rates among sickle cell patients in Cameroon. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e92506 pubmed publisher
    ..This study has confirmed the associations of SNPs in BCL11A and HBS1L-MYB and fetal haemoglobin in Cameroonian SCA patients; hematological indices and hospitalization rates were also associated with specific allelic variants. ..
  44. Kowalinski E, Schuller A, Green R, Conti E. Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ski7 Is a GTP-Binding Protein Adopting the Characteristic Conformation of Active Translational GTPases. Structure. 2015;23:1336-43 pubmed publisher
    ..The C-terminal region of Ski7 (Ski7C) shares overall sequence similarity with the translational GTPase (trGTPase) Hbs1, but whether Ski7 has retained the properties of a trGTPase is unclear...
  45. Wang X, Liu S, Tian H, Wang S, Chen J. The Small Ethylene Response Factor ERF96 is Involved in the Regulation of the Abscisic Acid Response in Arabidopsis. Front Plant Sci. 2015;6:1064 pubmed publisher
    ..Ethylene response factors (ERFs) are plant-specific transcription factors and are a subfamily of the AP2 (APETALA2)/ERF transcription factor family...
  46. Nishikawa M, Miyake H, Fujisawa M. De Ritis (aspartate transaminase/alanine transaminase) ratio as a significant predictor of recurrence-free survival in patients with upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma following nephroureterectomy. Urol Oncol. 2016;34:417.e9-417.e15 pubmed publisher
    ..ratio in addition to conventional clinicopathological parameters on the extravesical recurrence-free survival (eRFS) in these 109 patients were retrospectively analyzed...
  47. Nedellec V, Rabl A, Dab W. Public health and chronic low chlordecone exposure in Guadeloupe, Part 1: hazards, exposure-response functions, and exposures. Environ Health. 2016;15:75 pubmed publisher
    ..We derive ERFs for 3 possible effects at chronic low chlordecone dose: cancers, developmental impairment, and hepatotoxicity...
  48. Shao S, Murray J, Brown A, Taunton J, Ramakrishnan V, Hegde R. Decoding Mammalian Ribosome-mRNA States by Translational GTPase Complexes. Cell. 2016;167:1229-1240.e15 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results provide a structural framework for how different states of the mammalian ribosome are selectively recognized by the appropriate decoding factor?GTPase complex to ensure translational fidelity. ..
  49. Lin G, Zhang L, Han Z, Yang X, Liu W, Li E, et al. A receptor-like protein acts as a specificity switch for the regulation of stomatal development. Genes Dev. 2017;31:927-938 pubmed publisher
    ..show that TMM and ER or ER-LIKE1 (ERL1) form constitutive complexes, which recognize EPF1 and EPF2, but the single ERfs do not...
  50. Aly H, Suzuki J, Watashi K, Chayama K, Hoshino S, Hijikata M, et al. RNA Exosome Complex Regulates Stability of the Hepatitis B Virus X-mRNA Transcript in a Non-stop-mediated (NSD) RNA Quality Control Mechanism. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:15958-74 pubmed publisher
    ..The degradation of HBV X-mRNA at the RNA exosome was also mediated by HBS1L (HBS1-like translational GTPase) protein, a known component of the host RNA quality control system...
  51. Mtatiro S, Singh T, Rooks H, Mgaya J, Mariki H, Soka D, et al. Genome wide association study of fetal hemoglobin in sickle cell anemia in Tanzania. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e111464 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the largest GWAS study in SCA in Africa. We have confirmed known associations and identified new genetic associations with HbF that require further replication in SCA populations in Africa. ..
  52. Gopalakrishnan R, Burgess R, Plow E, Floden D, Machado A. Early event related fields during visually evoked pain anticipation. Clin Neurophysiol. 2016;127:1855-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we utilized magnetoencephalography to study early event-related fields (ERFs) in healthy subjects exposed to a 3 s visual countdown task that preceded a painful stimulus, a non-painful ..
  53. Liu A, Cheng C. Pathogen-induced ERF68 regulates hypersensitive cell death in tomato. Mol Plant Pathol. 2017;18:1062-1074 pubmed publisher
    Ethylene response factors (ERFs) are a large plant-specific transcription factor family and play diverse important roles in various plant functions. However, most tomato ERFs have not been characterized...
  54. Paikari A, Sheehan V. Fetal haemoglobin induction in sickle cell disease. Br J Haematol. 2017;: pubmed publisher
  55. Murray M, Thelen A, Thut G, Romei V, Martuzzi R, Matusz P. The multisensory function of the human primary visual cortex. Neuropsychologia. 2016;83:161-169 pubmed publisher
    ..visual cortex is involved in multisensory processes during early post-stimulus stages (as revealed by EEG/ERP/ERFs as well as TMS)...
  56. Mishra S, Phukan U, Tripathi V, Singh D, Luqman S, Shukla R. PsAP2 an AP2/ERF family transcription factor from Papaver somniferum enhances abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco. Plant Mol Biol. 2015;89:173-86 pubmed publisher
    The AP2/ERFs are one of the most important family of transcription factors which regulate multiple responses like stress, metabolism and development in plants...
  57. Zhang W, Yang G, Mu D, Li H, Zang D, Xu H, et al. An Ethylene-responsive Factor BpERF11 Negatively Modulates Salt and Osmotic Tolerance in Betula platyphylla. Sci Rep. 2016;6:23085 pubmed publisher
    Ethylene responsive factors (ERFs) play important roles in the abiotic stress; however, only a few ERF genes from woody plants have been functionally characterized...
  58. Mishra R, Mohanty J, Chand S, Joshi R. Can-miRn37a mediated suppression of ethylene response factors enhances the resistance of chilli against anthracnose pathogen Colletotrichum truncatum L. Plant Sci. 2018;267:135-147 pubmed publisher
    ..Consequently, the expression of its three target genes encoding the ethylene response factors (ERFs) was down-regulated in PL as well as in the over-expression lines of AL genotypes...
  59. Franckenberg S, Becker T, Beckmann R. Structural view on recycling of archaeal and eukaryotic ribosomes after canonical termination and ribosome rescue. Curr Opin Struct Biol. 2012;22:786-96 pubmed publisher
    ..paralogs (Pelota/aPelota for ribosome rescue) and homologs of translational GTPases (eRF3/aEF1? in termination, Hbs1/aEF1? in ribosome rescue). These events are followed by recycling of the ribosome...
  60. Adams R, Bauer M, Pinotsis D, Friston K. Dynamic causal modelling of eye movements during pursuit: Confirming precision-encoding in V1 using MEG. Neuroimage. 2016;132:175-189 pubmed publisher
    ..Dynamic causal modelling (DCM) was used to fit models of eye trajectories and the ERFs. The DCM for pursuit was based on predictive coding and active inference, and predicts subjects' eye movements ..
  61. Kodama T, Bard Chapeau E, Newberg J, Kodama M, Rangel R, Yoshihara K, et al. Two-Step Forward Genetic Screen in Mice Identifies Ral GTPase-Activating Proteins as Suppressors of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Gastroenterology. 2016;151:324-337.e12 pubmed publisher
    ..These proteins might serve as therapeutic targets for liver cancer. ..
  62. Shcherbik N, Chernova T, Chernoff Y, Pestov D. Distinct types of translation termination generate substrates for ribosome-associated quality control. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016;44:6840-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we examined how the canonical release factors Sup45-Sup35 (eRF1-eRF3) and their paralogs Dom34-Hbs1 affect the total population of ubiquitinated nascent chains associated with yeast ribosomes...
  63. Raghavan M, Li Z, Carlson C, Anderson C, Stout J, Sabsevitz D, et al. MEG language lateralization in partial epilepsy using dSPM of auditory event-related fields. Epilepsy Behav. 2017;73:247-255 pubmed publisher
    ..source modeling can replicate the results of prior studies that have used dipole-modeling of event-related fields (ERFs) generated by an auditory word-recognition task to determine language dominance in patients with epilepsy...
  64. Pisareva V, Skabkin M, Hellen C, Pestova T, Pisarev A. Dissociation by Pelota, Hbs1 and ABCE1 of mammalian vacant 80S ribosomes and stalled elongation complexes. EMBO J. 2011;30:1804-17 pubmed publisher
    ..Two interacting proteins Dom34(yeast)/Pelota(mammals) and Hbs1, which are paralogues of eRF1 and eRF3, are implicated in these processes...
  65. Liu W, Karemera N, Wu T, Yang Y, Zhang X, Xu X, et al. The ethylene response factor AtERF4 negatively regulates the iron deficiency response in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0186580 pubmed publisher
    ..role in responses to Fe deficiency, a limited number of studies have been carried out on ethylene response factor (ERFs) as components of plant regulation mechanisms...
  66. Tomecki R, Kristiansen M, Lykke Andersen S, Chlebowski A, Larsen K, Szczesny R, et al. The human core exosome interacts with differentially localized processive RNases: hDIS3 and hDIS3L. EMBO J. 2010;29:2342-57 pubmed publisher
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