Gene Symbol: gp130
Description: interleukin 6 signal transducer
Alias: CD130, CDW130, GP130, IL-6RB, interleukin-6 receptor subunit beta, CD130 antigen, IL-6 receptor subunit beta, IL-6R subunit beta, gp130 of the rheumatoid arthritis antigenic peptide-bearing soluble form, gp130, oncostatin M receptor, interleukin receptor beta chain, membrane glycoprotein 130, membrane glycoprotein gp130, oncostatin-M receptor subunit alpha
Species: human
Products:     gp130

Top Publications

  1. Febbraio M. gp130 receptor ligands as potential therapeutic targets for obesity. J Clin Invest. 2007;117:841-9 pubmed
    ..Recent research has focused on the role that gp130 receptor ligands may play as potential therapeutic targets in obesity...
  2. Narazaki M, Yasukawa K, Saito T, Ohsugi Y, Fukui H, Koishihara Y, et al. Soluble forms of the interleukin-6 signal-transducing receptor component gp130 in human serum possessing a potential to inhibit signals through membrane-anchored gp130. Blood. 1993;82:1120-6 pubmed
    The interleukin-6 (IL-6) signal is transduced through membrane-anchored gp130, which is associated with IL-6 receptor (IL-6R) in the presence of IL-6...
  3. Boulanger M, Chow D, Brevnova E, Garcia K. Hexameric structure and assembly of the interleukin-6/IL-6 alpha-receptor/gp130 complex. Science. 2003;300:2101-4 pubmed
    ..signaling assembly composed of IL-6, the IL-6 alpha-receptor (IL-6Ralpha), and the shared signaling receptor gp130. The 3...
  4. Pflanz S, Hibbert L, Mattson J, Rosales R, Vaisberg E, Bazan J, et al. WSX-1 and glycoprotein 130 constitute a signal-transducing receptor for IL-27. J Immunol. 2004;172:2225-31 pubmed
    ..In this study, we describe that WSX-1 together with gp130 constitutes a functional signal-transducing receptor for IL-27...
  5. Dillon S, Sprecher C, Hammond A, Bilsborough J, Rosenfeld Franklin M, Presnell S, et al. Interleukin 31, a cytokine produced by activated T cells, induces dermatitis in mice. Nat Immunol. 2004;5:752-60 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that IL-31 may be involved in promoting the dermatitis and epithelial responses that characterize allergic and non-allergic diseases. ..
  6. Skiniotis G, Boulanger M, Garcia K, Walz T. Signaling conformations of the tall cytokine receptor gp130 when in complex with IL-6 and IL-6 receptor. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2005;12:545-51 pubmed
    b>gp130 is a shared cytokine signaling receptor and the founding member of the 'tall' class of cytokine receptors...
  7. Giese B, Roderburg C, Sommerauer M, Wortmann S, Metz S, Heinrich P, et al. Dimerization of the cytokine receptors gp130 and LIFR analysed in single cells. J Cell Sci. 2005;118:5129-40 pubmed
    The cytokine receptor gp130 is the shared signalling subunit of the IL-6-type cytokines...
  8. Tenhumberg S, Schuster B, Zhu L, Kovaleva M, Scheller J, Kallen K, et al. gp130 dimerization in the absence of ligand: preformed cytokine receptor complexes. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006;346:649-57 pubmed
    ..To investigate gp130 dimerization, we performed co-precipitation experiments with the endogenous cytokine receptors gp130 and leukemia ..
  9. Dagoneau N, Bellais S, Blanchet P, Sarda P, al Gazali L, Di Rocco M, et al. Mutations in cytokine receptor-like factor 1 (CRLF1) account for both Crisponi and cold-induced sweating syndromes. Am J Hum Genet. 2007;80:966-70 pubmed
    ..The identification of CRLF1 mutations in Crisponi syndrome supports the key role of the CNTFR pathway in the function of the autonomic nervous system. ..

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  1. Gottardo L, De Cosmo S, Zhang Y, Powers C, Prudente S, Marescotti M, et al. A polymorphism at the IL6ST (gp130) locus is associated with traits of the metabolic syndrome. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2008;16:205-10 pubmed publisher
    The interleukin 6 signal transducer (IL6ST, also known as gp130) is a ubiquitously expressed intermediate of the interleukin-6 signaling pathway...
  2. Skiniotis G, Lupardus P, Martick M, Walz T, Garcia K. Structural organization of a full-length gp130/LIF-R cytokine receptor transmembrane complex. Mol Cell. 2008;31:737-48 pubmed publisher
    b>gp130 is a shared receptor for at least nine cytokines and can signal either as a homodimer or as a heterodimer with Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor (LIF-R)...
  3. Rebouissou S, Amessou M, Couchy G, Poussin K, Imbeaud S, Pilati C, et al. Frequent in-frame somatic deletions activate gp130 in inflammatory hepatocellular tumours. Nature. 2009;457:200-4 pubmed publisher
    ..this response to somatic gain-of-function mutations in the IL6ST gene, which encodes the signalling co-receptor gp130. Indeed, 60% of inflammatory hepatocellular adenomas harbour small in-frame deletions that target the binding site ..
  4. Sherwin J, Smith S, Wilson A, Sharkey A. Soluble gp130 is up-regulated in the implantation window and shows altered secretion in patients with primary unexplained infertility. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2002;87:3953-60 pubmed
    ..The activity of these cytokines is modified by soluble receptors such as the IL-6 receptor (sIL-6R). gp130 is a signal transduction molecule common to the receptor complexes of this family, and its soluble form (sgp130) ..
  5. Tian Y, Xu J, Li Y, Zhao R, Du S, Lv C, et al. MicroRNA-31 Reduces Inflammatory Signaling and Promotes Regeneration in Colon Epithelium, and Delivery of Mimics in Microspheres Reduces Colitis in Mice. Gastroenterology. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..messenger RNAs (RNAs) (which encode receptors for the inflammatory cytokine IL17) and Il16st mRNA (which encodes GP130, a cytokine signaling protein)...
  6. Kowalewska M, Herman A, Szczepkowska A, Skipor J. The effect of melatonin from slow-release implants on basic and TLR-4-mediated gene expression of inflammatory cytokines and their receptors in the choroid plexus in ewes. Res Vet Sci. 2017;113:50-55 pubmed publisher
    ..05) Rev.-erbα expression under basal conditions. This indicates that melatonin from slow-release implants suppresses TLR4-mediated Il6 expression in the ovine CP via a mechanism likely involving clock genes. ..
  7. Eddie S, Childs A, Jabbour H, Anderson R. Developmentally regulated IL6-type cytokines signal to germ cells in the human fetal ovary. Mol Hum Reprod. 2012;18:88-95 pubmed publisher
    ..Expression of the genes encoding the LIF and IL6 receptors, and their common signalling subunit gp130, was also found to be developmentally regulated, with expression increasing significantly with increasing ..
  8. Wang X, Miller E, Goswami M, Zhang P, Ronning K, Karlen S, et al. Rapid monocyte infiltration following retinal detachment is dependent on non-canonical IL6 signaling through gp130. J Neuroinflammation. 2017;14:121 pubmed publisher
    ..Monocyte infiltration was inhibited by blocking gp130, but not by IL6 knockout or IL6Rα blockade...
  9. Liao W, Lin J, Wang L, Li P, Leonard W. Modulation of cytokine receptors by IL-2 broadly regulates differentiation into helper T cell lineages. Nat Immunol. 2011;12:551-9 pubmed publisher lower expression of the genes encoding the IL-6 receptor α-chain (Il6ra) and the IL-6 signal transducer gp130 (encoded by Il6st), and retroviral transduction of Il6st augmented T(H)17 differentiation even when IL-2 was ..
  10. Wang X, Guo Y, Wen C, Lv M, Gan N, Zhou H, et al. Molecular characterization of grass carp interleukin-6 receptor and the agonistic activity of its soluble form in head kidney leucocytes. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2019;86:1072-1080 pubmed publisher
    ..IL-6R) can specifically bind to IL-6 and the complex subsequently recruits a transmembrane signal transducer, gp130, to trigger the intracellular signal transduction...
  11. Katsma M, Patel S, Eldon E, Corbell K, Shimkus K, Fluckey J, et al. The influence of chronic IL-6 exposure, in vivo, on rat Achilles tendon extracellular matrix. Cytokine. 2017;93:10-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Chronic treatment with physiologically relevant levels of IL-6 suppresses expression of Col1a1 and LOX while also altering expression of select MMPs but does not alter Achilles tendon collagen synthesis. ..
  12. Willson T, Kuhn B, Jurickova I, Gerad S, Moon D, Bonkowski E, et al. STAT3 genotypic variation and cellular STAT3 activation and colon leukocyte recruitment in pediatric Crohn disease. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2012;55:32-43 pubmed publisher
    ..transcription of STAT3 and SOCS3 after IL-6 stimulation, and increased membrane localization of the IL-6 receptor, GP130, and Janus-associated kinase 2...
  13. Chen Y, Zhu G, Wang X, Shi L, Jiang Y, Zhang X, et al. Deep brain stimulation of the anterior nucleus of the thalamus reverses the gene expression of cytokines and their receptors as well as neuronal degeneration in epileptic rats. Brain Res. 2017;1657:304-311 pubmed publisher
    ..qPCR) was applied for detecting interleukin-1 beta (IL-1?), IL-1 receptor (IL-1R), IL-6, IL-6 receptor (IL-6R), gp130, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-?), TNF-receptor 1 (TNF-R1) and TNF-receptor 2 (TNF-R2) expression 12h after the ..
  14. Didion S. Cellular and Oxidative Mechanisms Associated with Interleukin-6 Signaling in the Vasculature. Int J Mol Sci. 2017;18: pubmed publisher
    ..sources via classical IL-6 signaling involving a membrane-bound IL-6 receptor (IL-6R) and membrane-bound gp130 via Jak/STAT as well as SHP2-dependent signaling pathways...
  15. Lissat A, Joerschke M, Shinde D, Braunschweig T, Meier A, Makowska A, et al. IL6 secreted by Ewing sarcoma tumor microenvironment confers anti-apoptotic and cell-disseminating paracrine responses in Ewing sarcoma cells. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:552 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that IL6 contributes to ES tumor progression by increasing resistance to apoptosis in conditions of cellular stress, such as serum starvation, and by promotion of metastasis. ..
  16. Sereti I, Krebs S, Phanuphak N, Fletcher J, Slike B, Pinyakorn S, et al. Persistent, Albeit Reduced, Chronic Inflammation in Persons Starting Antiretroviral Therapy in Acute HIV Infection. Clin Infect Dis. 2017;64:124-131 pubmed publisher
    ..of inflammation (C-reactive protein [CRP], interleukin 6, soluble interleukin 6 receptor [sIL-6R], soluble gp130, tumor necrosis factor [TNF]), enterocyte turnover (intestinal fatty acid binding protein [I-FABP]), ..
  17. Chen Q, Shi P, Wang D, Liu Q, Li X, Wang Y, et al. Epidermis-Activated Gasdermin-A3 Enhances Thermogenesis of Brown Adipose Tissue through IL-6/Stat3 Signaling. Am J Pathol. 2019;189:1041-1052 pubmed publisher
    ..The higher whole-body heat production in alopecia and excoriation mice could be suppressed by an IL-6 receptor/GP130 inhibitor. Our results uncovered Gsdma3/IL-6-dependent cross talk between the skin and brown adipose tissue.
  18. Mi F, Gong L. Secretion of interleukin-6 by bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells promotes metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma. Biosci Rep. 2017;37: pubmed publisher
    ..e. IL-6R and gp130), a transcription factor STAT3 (signal transducer and activator of transcription 3), as well as its target genes ..
  19. Li S, Zhu S, Han H, Lu H, Meng H. IL-6 trans-signaling plays important protective roles in acute liver injury induced by acetaminophen in mice. J Biochem Mol Toxicol. 2015;29:288-97 pubmed publisher
    ..A soluble gp130 protein (sgp130Fc) exclusively inhibits IL-6 trans-signaling, whereas an IL-6/soluble IL-6 receptor (sIL-6R) ..
  20. Kim H, Chen Y, Nör F, Warner K, Andrews A, Wagner V, et al. Endothelial-derived interleukin-6 induces cancer stem cell motility by generating a chemotactic gradient towards blood vessels. Oncotarget. 2017;8:100339-100352 pubmed publisher
    ..0217) or co-receptor gp130 (p=0.0422) correlates with low HNSCC patient survival...
  21. Rho J, Ladd J, Li C, Potter J, Zhang Y, Shelley D, et al. Protein and glycomic plasma markers for early detection of adenoma and colon cancer. Gut. 2018;67:473-484 pubmed publisher
    ..88), for the larger second and fourth sets, respectively. A panel including BAG4, IL6ST, VWF, EGFR and CD44 protein/glycomics performed well for detection of early stages of colon cancer and should be further examined in larger studies. ..
  22. Rothaug M, Becker Pauly C, Rose John S. The role of interleukin-6 signaling in nervous tissue. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2016;1863:1218-27 pubmed publisher
    ..In classical signaling binding of IL-6 to the membrane-bound IL-6R activates the ?-receptor glycoprotein 130 (gp130) and subsequent down-stream signaling...
  23. Chen X, Wang L, Wang W, Zhao L, Shan B. B7-H4 facilitates proliferation of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells through promoting interleukin-6/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 pathway activation. Cancer Sci. 2016;107:944-54 pubmed publisher
    ..On the other hand, B7-H4 expression was downregulated by tocilizumab. In all, our study provided the first evidence that B7-H4 facilitated ESCC cell proliferation through promoting IL-6/STAT3 positive loopback pathway activation. ..
  24. Harwardt T, Lukas S, Zenger M, Reitberger T, Danzer D, Übner T, et al. Human Cytomegalovirus Immediate-Early 1 Protein Rewires Upstream STAT3 to Downstream STAT1 Signaling Switching an IL6-Type to an IFNγ-Like Response. PLoS Pathog. 2016;12:e1005748 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results also reveal that IE1, a protein considered to be a key activator of the hCMV productive cycle, has an unanticipated role in tempering viral replication. ..
  25. Kraakman M, Kammoun H, Allen T, Deswaerte V, Henstridge D, Estevez E, et al. Blocking IL-6 trans-signaling prevents high-fat diet-induced adipose tissue macrophage recruitment but does not improve insulin resistance. Cell Metab. 2015;21:403-16 pubmed publisher
    ..form of the IL-6 receptor (sIL-6R) binds IL-6 and activates signaling in inflammatory cells that express the gp130 but not the IL-6 receptor. Here we show that trans-signaling recruits macrophages into adipose tissue (ATM)...
  26. Ruwanpura S, McLeod L, Dousha L, Seow H, Alhayyani S, Tate M, et al. Therapeutic Targeting of the IL-6 Trans-Signaling/Mechanistic Target of Rapamycin Complex 1 Axis in Pulmonary Emphysema. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2016;194:1494-1505 pubmed
    ..We used the gp130F/F genetic mouse model for spontaneous emphysema and cigarette smoke-induced emphysema models...
  27. Zhu W, Wang Y, Zhang D, Yu X, Leng X. MiR-7-5p functions as a tumor suppressor by targeting SOX18 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2018;497:963-970 pubmed publisher
    ..underlying targets that transcripted by SOX18, and the result indicated that SOX18 was a transcription factor for gp130 (a subunit of IL-6 receptor), and ChIP assays was performed to prove this prediction...
  28. Lee C, Chang L, Wu P. Lipoic Acid Exerts Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Effects in Response to Heat Shock in C2C12 Myotubes. Inflammation. 2016;39:1160-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, lipoic acid or heat shock alone upregulated the IL-6 receptor (IL-6R-?) and glycoprotein 130 (gp130) mRNA expression followed by IL-6 expression; these data indicate that the regulation of lipoic acid or heat shock ..
  29. Benrick A, Jirholt P, Wernstedt I, Gustafsson M, Scheller J, Eriksson A, et al. A non-conservative polymorphism in the IL-6 signal transducer (IL6ST)/gp130 is associated with myocardial infarction in a hypertensive population. Regul Pept. 2008;146:189-96 pubmed
    ..infarction (MI); therefore we investigated the association between an interleukin-6 signal transducer (IL6ST)/gp130 polymorphism, gp130 function and risk of MI...
  30. Sommer J, Effenberger T, Volpi E, Waetzig G, Bernhardt M, Suthaus J, et al. Constitutively active mutant gp130 receptor protein from inflammatory hepatocellular adenoma is inhibited by an anti-gp130 antibody that specifically neutralizes interleukin 11 signaling. J Biol Chem. 2012;287:13743-51 pubmed publisher
    Ligand-independent constitutively active gp130 mutants were described to be responsible for the development of inflammatory hepatocellular adenomas (IHCAs)...
  31. Schwickert A, Weghake E, Brüggemann K, Engbers A, Brinkmann B, Kemper B, et al. microRNA miR-142-3p Inhibits Breast Cancer Cell Invasiveness by Synchronous Targeting of WASL, Integrin Alpha V, and Additional Cytoskeletal Elements. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0143993 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data identify WASL, ITGAV and several additional cytoskeleton-associated molecules as novel invasion-promoting targets of miR-142-3p in breast cancer. ..
  32. Schaeffer M, Schneiderbauer M, Weidler S, Tavares R, Warmuth M, de Vos G, et al. Signaling through a novel domain of gp130 mediates cell proliferation and activation of Hck and Erk kinases. Mol Cell Biol. 2001;21:8068-81 pubmed
    ..IL-6) induces the activation of the Src family kinase Hck, which is associated with the IL-6 receptor beta-chain, gp130. Here we describe the identification of an "acidic" domain comprising amino acids 771 to 811 of gp130 as ..
  33. Shariat S, Chromecki T, Hoefer J, Barbieri C, Scherr D, Karakiewicz P, et al. Soluble gp130 regulates prostate cancer invasion and progression in an interleukin-6 dependent and independent manner. J Urol. 2011;186:2107-14 pubmed publisher
    Soluble gp130 is a regulator of interleukin-6/soluble interleukin-6 receptor signaling that influences prostate cancer progression...
  34. Asakawa M, Yoshida H, Sakai R, Saeki K, Okada M, Kanamori M, et al. A novel JAK-STAT inhibitor, 2-[(3-Carbamoyl-2-thienyl)amino]-2-oxoethyl(2,6-dichlorophenyl)acetate, suppresses helper T cell differentiation in vitro and collagen-induced arthritis in vivo. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015;468:766-73 pubmed publisher
    ..JI069 inhibited gp130 signaling by inducing dissociation between gp130 and JAK1...
  35. Miller A, McLeod L, Alhayyani S, Szczepny A, Watkins D, Chen W, et al. Blockade of the IL-6 trans-signalling/STAT3 axis suppresses cachexia in Kras-induced lung adenocarcinoma. Oncogene. 2017;36:3059-3066 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we report that the gp130F/F knock-in mouse model displaying hyperactivation of the latent transcription factor STAT3 via the ..
  36. Al Quraishy S, Dkhil M, Abdel Baki A, Ghanjati F, Erichsen L, Santourlidis S, et al. Protective vaccination and blood-stage malaria modify DNA methylation of gene promoters in the liver of Balb/c mice. Parasitol Res. 2017;116:1463-1477 pubmed publisher
    ..Genes with down-methylated promoters encompass those encoding CX3CL1, GP130, and GATA2, known to be involved in monocyte recruitment, IL-6 trans-signaling, and onset of erythropoiesis, ..
  37. Necula L, Chivu Economescu M, Stanciulescu E, Bleotu C, Dima S, Alexiu I, et al. IL-6 and IL-11 as markers for tumor aggressiveness and prognosis in gastric adenocarcinoma patients without mutations in Gp130 subunits. J Gastrointestin Liver Dis. 2012;21:23-9 pubmed
    A point mutation (gp130Y757F/Y759F) was identified as being responsible for aberrant activation of gp130 in mice and associated with gastric adenocarcinoma induction...
  38. Classen Linke I, Muller Newen G, Heinrich P, Beier H, von Rango U. The cytokine receptor gp130 and its soluble form are under hormonal control in human endometrium and decidua. Mol Hum Reprod. 2004;10:495-504 pubmed
    The transmembrane protein gp130 plays a central role in cytokine action as a signal transducing receptor subunit common to all interleukin-6 type cytokines...
  39. Rose John S. The soluble interleukin-6 receptor and related proteins. Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2015;29:787-97 pubmed publisher
    ..Interleukin-6 binds to an interleukin-6 receptor, and then associates with a dimer of the ubiquitously expressed gp130 receptor subunit, which initiates intracellular signaling...
  40. Su R, Dong L, Zou D, Zhao H, Ren Y, Li F, et al. microRNA-23a, -27a and -24 synergistically regulate JAK1/Stat3 cascade and serve as novel therapeutic targets in human acute erythroid leukemia. Oncogene. 2016;35:6001-6014 pubmed publisher
    ..scale, we identify that miR-23a, -27a and -24 synergistically target multiple members of the oncogenic gp130-JAK1-Stat3 pathway, and thus reinforce their inhibition on the cascade to regulate cell proliferation and ..
  41. Wang H, Qu Y, Dai B, Zhu Y, Shi G, Zhu Y, et al. PBRM1 regulates proliferation and the cell cycle in renal cell carcinoma through a chemokine/chemokine receptor interaction pathway. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0180862 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicate that PBRM1 alters cell cycle progression and inhibits proliferation and migration of ACHN cells through the chemokine/chemokine receptor pathway. ..
  42. Janssen H, Wagner C, Demmer P, Callies S, Sölter G, Loghmani Khouzani H, et al. Acute perioperative-stress-induced increase of atherosclerotic plaque volume and vulnerability to rupture in apolipoprotein-E-deficient mice is amenable to statin treatment and IL-6 inhibition. Dis Model Mech. 2015;8:1071-80 pubmed publisher
    ..A single dose of an IL-6-neutralizing antibody or the fusion protein gp130-Fc selectively targeting IL-6 trans-signaling was subcutaneously injected...
  43. Kudo H, Wang Z, Jinnin M, Nakayama W, Inoue K, Honda N, et al. EBI3 Downregulation Contributes to Type I Collagen Overexpression in Scleroderma Skin. J Immunol. 2015;195:3565-73 pubmed publisher
    ..We also found that gp130, the EBI3 receptor, was expressed in both normal and SSc fibroblasts...
  44. Zhang H, Huang E, Kahwaji J, Nast C, Li P, Mirocha J, et al. Plasma Exosomes From HLA-Sensitized Kidney Transplant Recipients Contain mRNA Transcripts Which Predict Development of Antibody-Mediated Rejection. Transplantation. 2017;101:2419-2428 pubmed publisher
    ..Among 21 candidate genes, we identified multiple genes (gp130, CCL4, TNFα, SH2D1B, CAV1, atypical chemokine receptor 1 [duffy blood group]) whose mRNA transcript levels in ..
  45. Escobar Morreale H, Calvo R, Villuendas G, Sancho J, San Millan J. Association of polymorphisms in the interleukin 6 receptor complex with obesity and hyperandrogenism. Obes Res. 2003;11:987-96 pubmed
    ..two membrane-bound glycoproteins: an 80-kDa IL-6 binding unit (IL6R-alpha) and a 130-kDa IL-6 signal transducer (gp130). Genetic variability at these loci might contribute to explain the development of obesity and hyperandrogenism...
  46. Kershaw N, Laktyushin A, Nicola N, Babon J. Reconstruction of an active SOCS3-based E3 ubiquitin ligase complex in vitro: identification of the active components and JAK2 and gp130 as substrates. Growth Factors. 2014;32:1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..SOCS3-induced polyubiquitination was rapid and could proceed through a number of different ubiquitin lysines. SOCS3 catalyzed the ubiquitination of both the IL-6 receptor common chain (gp130) and JAK2.
  47. Zhang C, Xin H, Zhang W, Yazaki P, Zhang Z, Le K, et al. CD5 Binds to Interleukin-6 and Induces a Feed-Forward Loop with the Transcription Factor STAT3 in B Cells to Promote Cancer. Immunity. 2016;44:913-923 pubmed publisher
    ..IL-6 directly bound to CD5, leading to activation of the transcription factor STAT3 via gp130 and its downstream kinase JAK2...
  48. Schmidt Arras D, Müller M, Stevanovic M, Horn S, Schütt A, Bergmann J, et al. Oncogenic deletion mutants of gp130 signal from intracellular compartments. J Cell Sci. 2014;127:341-53 pubmed publisher
    Interleukin 6 (IL-6) and, hence, activation of the IL-6 receptor signalling subunit glycoprotein 130 (gp130; also known as interleukin-6 receptor subunit ?, IL6ST), has been linked to inflammation and tumour formation...
  49. Lokau J, Göttert S, Arnold P, Düsterhöft S, Massa López D, Grötzinger J, et al. The SNP rs4252548 (R112H) which is associated with reduced human height compromises the stability of IL-11. Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Res. 2018;1865:496-506 pubmed publisher
    ..replacement that Arg-112 does not participate in binding of IL-11 to its receptors IL-11R and glycoprotein 130 (gp130). Recombinant IL-11 R112H expressed in E...
  50. Boulanger M, Bankovich A, Kortemme T, Baker D, Garcia K. Convergent mechanisms for recognition of divergent cytokines by the shared signaling receptor gp130. Mol Cell. 2003;12:577-89 pubmed
    b>Gp130 is a shared cell-surface signaling receptor for at least ten different hematopoietic cytokines, but the basis of its degenerate recognition properties is unknown...
  51. Novotny Diermayr V, Zhang T, Gu L, Cao X. Protein kinase C delta associates with the interleukin-6 receptor subunit glycoprotein (gp) 130 via Stat3 and enhances Stat3-gp130 interaction. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:49134-42 pubmed
    ..of the endogenous PKCdelta by phorbol 12-myristate 3-acetate treatment abrogates the association of Stat3 with gp130. At the same time, PKCdelta is recruited to gp130 via association with Stat3, which may facilitate its ..
  52. Nault J, Couchy G, Balabaud C, Morcrette G, Caruso S, Blanc J, et al. Molecular Classification of Hepatocellular Adenoma Associates With Risk Factors, Bleeding, and Malignant Transformation. Gastroenterology. 2017;152:880-894.e6 pubmed publisher
    ..This classification system might be used to select treatment strategies for patients with HCA. ..
  53. Radtke S, Hermanns H, Haan C, Schmitz Van de Leur H, Gascan H, Heinrich P, et al. Novel role of Janus kinase 1 in the regulation of oncostatin M receptor surface expression. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:11297-305 pubmed
    ..Finally we demonstrate that in Jak1-deficient cells, the endogenous OSMR is significantly down-regulated, an effect that can be reversed by transient expression of Jak1 in these cells. ..
  54. Petersen P, Wolf R, Lei X, Peterson J, Wong G. Immunomodulatory roles of CTRP3 in endotoxemia and metabolic stress. Physiol Rep. 2016;4: pubmed publisher
    ..transgenic mice had lower circulating levels of IL-5, TNF-?, sVEGF2, and sVEGFR3, and a higher level of soluble gp130. Contingent upon the metabolic state, CTRP3 overexpression altered chemokine levels in lean mice, and attenuated ..
  55. Diveu C, Venereau E, Froger J, Ravon E, Grimaud L, Rousseau F, et al. Molecular and functional characterization of a soluble form of oncostatin M/interleukin-31 shared receptor. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:36673-82 pubmed
    ..M (OSM) requires the binding of the cytokine to either type I OSM receptor (leukemia inhibitory factor receptor/gp130) or to type II OSM receptor (OSMR/gp130)...
  56. de la Torre M, Urra J, Blanco J. Raised expression of cytokine receptor gp130 subunit on peripheral lymphocytes of patients with active lupus. A useful tool for monitoring the disease activity?. Lupus. 2009;18:216-22 pubmed publisher
    The glycoprotein gp130 is a signal traducing subunit with a membrane domain of the IL-6 receptor...
  57. Tanaka Y, Tanaka N, Saeki Y, Tanaka K, Murakami M, Hirano T, et al. c-Cbl-dependent monoubiquitination and lysosomal degradation of gp130. Mol Cell Biol. 2008;28:4805-18 pubmed publisher
    ..receptor complex, which consists of two ligand-binding alpha subunits and two signal-transducing subunits known as gp130. There is a wealth of studies on signals mediated by gp130, but its downregulation is less well understood...
  58. Lee E, Lee S, Kim J, Kim K, Yang S, Jeong K, et al. Radiation Inhibits Interleukin-12 Production via Inhibition of C-Rel through the Interleukin-6/ Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 Signaling Pathway in Dendritic Cells. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0146463 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our study suggests that irradiation-induced IL-6 can decrease IL-12 production through the inhibition of C-Rel phosphorylation by the IL-6/STAT3 signaling pathway. ..
  59. Rizavi H, Ren X, Zhang H, Bhaumik R, Pandey G. Abnormal gene expression of proinflammatory cytokines and their membrane-bound receptors in the lymphocytes of depressed patients. Psychiatry Res. 2016;240:314-320 pubmed publisher
    ..No significant differences in the lymphocyte mRNA levels of IL-1R2, IL-6R, and Gp130 were observed between MDD patients and NC...
  60. Ibrahim S, Gadalla R, El Ghonaimy E, Samir O, Mohamed H, Hassan H, et al. Syndecan-1 is a novel molecular marker for triple negative inflammatory breast cancer and modulates the cancer stem cell phenotype via the IL-6/STAT3, Notch and EGFR signaling pathways. Mol Cancer. 2017;16:57 pubmed publisher
    ..Intriguingly, qPCR results indicate downregulation of the IL-6, IL-8, CCL20, gp130 and EGFR mRNA upon Syndecan-1 suppression in both cell lines...
  61. Shushakova N, Tkachuk N, Dangers M, Tkachuk S, Park J, Zwirner J, et al. Urokinase-induced activation of the gp130/Tyk2/Stat3 pathway mediates a pro-inflammatory effect in human mesangial cells via expression of the anaphylatoxin C5a receptor. J Cell Sci. 2005;118:2743-53 pubmed
    ..This effect is mediated via the interaction of the uPA-specific receptor (uPAR, CD87) and gp130, a signal transducing subunit of the receptor complexes for the IL-6 cytokine family...
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