Gene Symbol: GATA3
Description: GATA binding protein 3
Alias: HDR, HDRS, trans-acting T-cell-specific transcription factor GATA-3, GATA-binding factor 3
Species: human
Products:     GATA3

Top Publications

  1. Nakshatri H, Badve S. FOXA1 in breast cancer. Expert Rev Mol Med. 2009;11:e8 pubmed publisher
    ..The transcription factor network composed of the oestrogen (estrogen) receptor alpha (ERalpha), FOXA1 and GATA3 may control the gene expression pattern in luminal subtype A breast cancers...
  2. Sun J, He H, Pillai S, Xiong Y, Challa S, Xu L, et al. GATA3 transcription factor abrogates Smad4 transcription factor-mediated fascin overexpression, invadopodium formation, and breast cancer cell invasion. J Biol Chem. 2013;288:36971-82 pubmed publisher
    ..We identified GATA3, a transcription factor crucial for mammary gland morphogenesis and luminal differentiation, as a negative ..
  3. Amsen D, Antov A, Jankovic D, Sher A, Radtke F, Souabni A, et al. Direct regulation of Gata3 expression determines the T helper differentiation potential of Notch. Immunity. 2007;27:89-99 pubmed
    ..GATA-3 was necessary for Notch-induced Th2 differentiation, and we identified an upstream Gata3 promoter as a direct target for Notch signaling...
  4. Eeckhoute J, Keeton E, Lupien M, Krum S, Carroll J, Brown M. Positive cross-regulatory loop ties GATA-3 to estrogen receptor alpha expression in breast cancer. Cancer Res. 2007;67:6477-83 pubmed
    ..Moreover, they identify GATA-3 as a critical component of the master cell-type-specific transcriptional network including ER alpha and FoxA1 that dictates the phenotype of hormone-dependent breast cancer. ..
  5. Esheba G, Longacre T, Atkins K, Higgins J. Expression of the urothelial differentiation markers GATA3 and placental S100 (S100P) in female genital tract transitional cell proliferations. Am J Surg Pathol. 2009;33:347-53 pubmed publisher
    ..female genital tract transitional proliferations and bladder urothelium, we evaluated the expression of S100P and GATA3, 2 proteins that we previously found to be strongly expressed in bladder urothelial tumors, in 25 benign ovarian ..
  6. Nesbit M, Bowl M, Harding B, Ali A, Ayala A, Crowe C, et al. Characterization of GATA3 mutations in the hypoparathyroidism, deafness, and renal dysplasia (HDR) syndrome. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:22624-34 pubmed
    ..HDR) syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder caused by mutations of the dual zinc finger transcription factor, GATA3. The C-terminal zinc finger (ZnF2) binds DNA, whereas the N-terminal finger (ZnF1) stabilizes this DNA binding and ..
  7. Liu H, Shi J, Wilkerson M, Lin F. Immunohistochemical evaluation of GATA3 expression in tumors and normal tissues: a useful immunomarker for breast and urothelial carcinomas. Am J Clin Pathol. 2012;138:57-64 pubmed publisher
    b>GATA3 expression has been reported in urothelial and breast carcinomas; however, the published data on GATA3 expression in tumors from other organs are limited...
  8. Cimino Mathews A, Subhawong A, Illei P, Sharma R, Halushka M, Vang R, et al. GATA3 expression in breast carcinoma: utility in triple-negative, sarcomatoid, and metastatic carcinomas. Hum Pathol. 2013;44:1341-9 pubmed publisher
    b>GATA3 plays an integral role in breast luminal cell differentiation and is implicated in breast cancer progression. GATA3 immunohistochemistry is a useful marker of breast cancer; however, its use in specific subtypes is unclear...
  9. Pei X, Bai F, Smith M, Usary J, Fan C, Pai S, et al. CDK inhibitor p18(INK4c) is a downstream target of GATA3 and restrains mammary luminal progenitor cell proliferation and tumorigenesis. Cancer Cell. 2009;15:389-401 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that GATA3 binds to and represses INK4C transcription...

More Information


  1. Son D, Li L, Katsuyama H, Komatsu N, Saito M, Tanii H, et al. Abundant expression of Kallikrein 1 gene in human keratinocytes was mediated by GATA3. Gene. 2009;436:121-7 pubmed publisher
    ..and DNA footprinting confirmed the binding of NHEK nuclear protein to these motifs that were supershifted by anti-GATA3 antibody. Among GATA isoforms, GATA3 alone could be amplified in RNA obtained from NHEK...
  2. Dydensborg A, Rose A, Wilson B, Grote D, Paquet M, Giguere V, et al. GATA3 inhibits breast cancer growth and pulmonary breast cancer metastasis. Oncogene. 2009;28:2634-42 pubmed publisher
    The loss of expression of the transcription factor GATA3 in breast tumors has been linked to aggressive tumor development and poor patient survival...
  3. Ho I, Vorhees P, Marin N, Oakley B, Tsai S, Orkin S, et al. Human GATA-3: a lineage-restricted transcription factor that regulates the expression of the T cell receptor alpha gene. EMBO J. 1991;10:1187-92 pubmed
    ..Taken together these results demonstrate that hGATA-3 is a novel lineage-specific hematopoietic transcription factor that appears to play an important role in regulating the T cell-specific expression of the TCR alpha gene. ..
  4. Chu I, Michalowski A, Hoenerhoff M, Szauter K, Luger D, Sato M, et al. GATA3 inhibits lysyl oxidase-mediated metastases of human basal triple-negative breast cancer cells. Oncogene. 2012;31:2017-27 pubmed publisher
    ..Previous studies have demonstrated that expression of GATA3, the master transcriptional regulator of mammary luminal differentiation, can reduce the tumorigenicity and ..
  5. Ciocca V, Daskalakis C, Ciocca R, Ruiz Orrico A, Palazzo J. The significance of GATA3 expression in breast cancer: a 10-year follow-up study. Hum Pathol. 2009;40:489-95 pubmed publisher
    b>GATA3 is a transcription factor closely associated with estrogen receptor alpha in breast carcinoma, with a potential prognostic utility...
  6. Ferraris S, Del Monaco A, Garelli E, Carando A, De Vito B, Pappi P, et al. HDR syndrome: a novel "de novo" mutation in GATA3 gene. Am J Med Genet A. 2009;149A:770-5 pubmed publisher
    Human GATA3 haploinsufficiency leads to HDR (hypoparathyroidism, deafness, and renal dysplasia) syndrome...
  7. Sun Q, Cheng D, Zhang M, He Q, Chen Z, Liu Z. Predominance of intraglomerular T-bet or GATA3 may determine mechanism of transplant rejection. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2011;22:246-52 pubmed publisher
    The transcription factors T-bet and GATA3 determine the differentiation of helper T cells into Th1 or Th2 cells, respectively...
  8. Mehra R, Varambally S, Ding L, Shen R, Sabel M, Ghosh D, et al. Identification of GATA3 as a breast cancer prognostic marker by global gene expression meta-analysis. Cancer Res. 2005;65:11259-64 pubmed
    GATA binding protein 3 (GATA3) is a transcriptional activator highly expressed by the luminal epithelial cells in the breast...
  9. Garcia Closas M, Troester M, Qi Y, Langerød A, Yeager M, Lissowska J, et al. Common genetic variation in GATA-binding protein 3 and differential susceptibility to breast cancer by estrogen receptor alpha tumor status. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2007;16:2269-75 pubmed
    GATA-binding protein 3 (GATA3) is a transcription factor and a putative tumor suppressor that is highly expressed in normal breast luminal epithelium and estrogen receptor alpha (ER)-positive breast tumors...
  10. Usary J, Llaca V, Karaca G, Presswala S, Karaca M, He X, et al. Mutation of GATA3 in human breast tumors. Oncogene. 2004;23:7669-78 pubmed
    b>GATA3 is an essential transcription factor that was first identified as a regulator of immune cell function...
  11. Yamashita M, Shinnakasu R, Asou H, Kimura M, Hasegawa A, Hashimoto K, et al. Ras-ERK MAPK cascade regulates GATA3 stability and Th2 differentiation through ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:29409-19 pubmed
    Differentiation of naive CD4 T cells into Th2 cells requires protein expression of GATA3. Interleukin-4 induces STAT6 activation and subsequent GATA3 transcription...
  12. Abba M, Nunez M, Colussi A, Croce M, Segal Eiras A, Aldaz C. GATA3 protein as a MUC1 transcriptional regulator in breast cancer cells. Breast Cancer Res. 2006;8:R64 pubmed
    ..The zinc-finger GATA3 transcription factor has been reported to be involved in the growth control and differentiation of breast ..
  13. Arnold J, Choong D, Thompson E, Waddell N, Lindeman G, Visvader J, et al. Frequent somatic mutations of GATA3 in non-BRCA1/BRCA2 familial breast tumors, but not in BRCA1-, BRCA2- or sporadic breast tumors. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2010;119:491-6 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, we found mutations of GATA-3 in only 4% of 81 sporadic tumors analysed. It is possible that GATA3 mutations occur earlier in the evolution of BRCAx tumors, compared to BRCA1, BRCA2 or sporadic tumors, and are ..
  14. Gaynor K, Grigorieva I, Nesbit M, Cranston T, Gomes T, Gortner L, et al. A missense GATA3 mutation, Thr272Ile, causes the hypoparathyroidism, deafness, and renal dysplasia syndrome. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2009;94:3897-904 pubmed publisher
    The hypoparathyroidism, deafness, renal dysplasia (HDR) syndrome is caused by mutations in the gene encoding GATA3, which belongs to a family of dual zinc-finger transcription factors that have a role in vertebrate embryonic development...
  15. Chou J, Provot S, Werb Z. GATA3 in development and cancer differentiation: cells GATA have it!. J Cell Physiol. 2010;222:42-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The transcription factor GATA3 has emerged recently as a strong predictor of clinical outcome in human luminal breast cancer...
  16. Miettinen M, McCue P, Sarlomo Rikala M, Rys J, Czapiewski P, Ważny K, et al. GATA3: a multispecific but potentially useful marker in surgical pathology: a systematic analysis of 2500 epithelial and nonepithelial tumors. Am J Surg Pathol. 2014;38:13-22 pubmed publisher
    b>GATA3 is a transcription factor important in the differentiation of breast epithelia, urothelia, and subsets of T lymphocytes...
  17. Naylor M, Ormandy C. Gata-3 and mammary cell fate. Breast Cancer Res. 2007;9:302 pubmed
    ..These reports offer an understanding of how mammary cells assume and maintain a variety of cell behaviours and functions, and how a mammary cell may potentially subvert these constraints during carcinogenesis. ..
  18. Wilson B, Giguere V. Meta-analysis of human cancer microarrays reveals GATA3 is integral to the estrogen receptor alpha pathway. Mol Cancer. 2008;7:49 pubmed publisher
    The transcription factor GATA3 has recently been shown to be necessary for mammary gland morphogenesis and luminal cell differentiation...
  19. Enciso Mora V, Broderick P, Ma Y, Jarrett R, Hjalgrim H, Hemminki K, et al. A genome-wide association study of Hodgkin's lymphoma identifies new susceptibility loci at 2p16.1 (REL), 8q24.21 and 10p14 (GATA3). Nat Genet. 2010;42:1126-1130 pubmed publisher
    ..91 × 10(-8)), 8q24.21 (rs2019960, PVT1, OR = 1.33, combined P = 1.26 × 10(-13)) and 10p14 (rs501764, GATA3, OR = 1.25, combined P = 7.05 × 10(-8))...
  20. Marine J, Winoto A. The human enhancer-binding protein Gata3 binds to several T-cell receptor regulatory elements. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1991;88:7284-8 pubmed
    ..find a common TCR regulatory element, we have studied the ability of the newly described enhancer-binding protein Gata3 to bind to the sequence motif (A/T)GATA(G/A) shared between enhancer elements of all four TCR genes...
  21. Raspollini M, Sardi I, Giunti L, Di Lollo S, Baroni G, Stomaci N, et al. Plasmacytoid urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder: clinicopathologic, immunohistochemical, ultrastructural, and molecular analysis of a case series. Hum Pathol. 2011;42:1149-58 pubmed publisher
    ..Plasmacytoid carcinoma of the bladder is a tumor entity, which can be characterized by specific immunohistochemical markers, including positivity for GATA-3, and presents phenotypic and genotypic peculiarities. ..
  22. Atayar C, Poppema S, Blokzijl T, Harms G, Boot M, van den Berg A. Expression of the T-cell transcription factors, GATA-3 and T-bet, in the neoplastic cells of Hodgkin lymphomas. Am J Pathol. 2005;166:127-34 pubmed
    ..Overall, the T-cell TF and cytokine profiles of the HL cell lines showed a considerable degree of consistency. The expression of T-cell TFs may explain the production of various cytokines by HL cell lines and HRS cells. ..
  23. Van Esch H, Groenen P, Nesbit M, Schuffenhauer S, Lichtner P, Vanderlinden G, et al. GATA3 haplo-insufficiency causes human HDR syndrome. Nature. 2000;406:419-22 pubmed
    ..deletion-mapping studies in two HDR patients, and here we define a critical 200-kilobase region which contains the GATA3 gene...
  24. Kong S, Li G, Loh S, Sung W, Liu E. Cellular reprogramming by the conjoint action of ER?, FOXA1, and GATA3 to a ligand-inducible growth state. Mol Syst Biol. 2011;7:526 pubmed publisher
    ..We mapped the binding profiles of ER? and its interacting transcription factors (TFs), FOXA1 and GATA3 in MCF-7 breast carcinoma cells, and observed that these three TFs form a functional enhanceosome that regulates ..
  25. Tkocz D, Crawford N, Buckley N, Berry F, Kennedy R, Gorski J, et al. BRCA1 and GATA3 corepress FOXC1 to inhibit the pathogenesis of basal-like breast cancers. Oncogene. 2012;31:3667-78 pubmed publisher
    ..describe a novel interaction between the breast/ovarian tumor suppressor gene BRCA1 and the transcription factor GATA3, an interaction, which is important for normal breast differentiation...
  26. Ko L, Yamamoto M, Leonard M, George K, Ting P, Engel J. Murine and human T-lymphocyte GATA-3 factors mediate transcription through a cis-regulatory element within the human T-cell receptor delta gene enhancer. Mol Cell Biol. 1991;11:2778-84 pubmed
    ..We infer that the murine and human GATA-3 proteins play a central and highly conserved role in vertebrate T-cell-specific transcriptional regulation. ..
  27. Fang S, Chen Y, Weigel R. GATA-3 as a marker of hormone response in breast cancer. J Surg Res. 2009;157:290-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we review the literature from the past 10 y on GATA-3 in normal and pathological states of the mammary gland. Conclusions from the literature are confirmed using meta-analyses performed by the Oncomine Research Platform. ..
  28. Voduc D, Cheang M, Nielsen T. GATA-3 expression in breast cancer has a strong association with estrogen receptor but lacks independent prognostic value. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2008;17:365-73 pubmed publisher
    ..GATA-3 is a molecular marker that is highly associated with ER expression, but it does not seem to have prognostic value independent of ER, nor does it predict for response to tamoxifen among ER-positive patients. ..
  29. Jiang S, Katayama H, Wang J, Li S, Hong Y, Radvanyi L, et al. Estrogen-induced aurora kinase-A (AURKA) gene expression is activated by GATA-3 in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells. Horm Cancer. 2010;1:11-20 pubmed publisher
  30. Arshad S, Karmaus W, Kurukulaaratchy R, Sadeghnejad A, Huebner M, Ewart S. Polymorphisms in the interleukin 13 and GATA binding protein 3 genes and the development of eczema during childhood. Br J Dermatol. 2008;158:1315-22 pubmed publisher
    ..We assessed the association of polymorphisms in the IL13 and GATA3 genes with childhood eczema...
  31. Inman D, Kawana K, Schust D, Lininger R, Young S. Cyclic regulation of T-Bet and GATA-3 in human endometrium. Reprod Sci. 2008;15:83-90 pubmed publisher
    ..T-Bet and GATA-3 are both upregulated during the late secretory phase and in the same cell types. The expression patterns of T-Bet and GATA-3 oppose PR, suggesting antagonistic function and/or regulation between PR and T-Bet/GATA-3. ..
  32. Yan W, Cao Q, Arenas R, Bentley B, Shao R. GATA3 inhibits breast cancer metastasis through the reversal of epithelial-mesenchymal transition. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:14042-51 pubmed publisher
    b>GATA3, a transcription factor that regulates T lymphocyte differentiation and maturation, is exclusively expressed in early stage well differentiated breast cancers but not in advanced invasive cancers...
  33. Chou J, Lin J, Brenot A, Kim J, Provot S, Werb Z. GATA3 suppresses metastasis and modulates the tumour microenvironment by regulating microRNA-29b expression. Nat Cell Biol. 2013;15:201-13 pubmed publisher
    Despite advances in our understanding of breast cancer, patients with metastatic disease have poor prognoses. GATA3 is a transcription factor that specifies and maintains mammary luminal epithelial cell fate, and its expression is lost ..
  34. Ali A, Christie P, Grigorieva I, Harding B, Van Esch H, Ahmed S, et al. Functional characterization of GATA3 mutations causing the hypoparathyroidism-deafness-renal (HDR) dysplasia syndrome: insight into mechanisms of DNA binding by the GATA3 transcription factor. Hum Mol Genet. 2007;16:265-75 pubmed
    ..syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder caused by mutations of the dual zinc finger transcription factor, GATA3. We investigated 21 HDR probands and 14 patients with isolated hypoparathyroidism for GATA3 abnormalities...
  35. Theodorou V, Stark R, Menon S, Carroll J. GATA3 acts upstream of FOXA1 in mediating ESR1 binding by shaping enhancer accessibility. Genome Res. 2013;23:12-22 pubmed publisher
    ..b>GATA3 is an ESR1-cooperating transcription factor mutated in breast tumors; however, its genomic properties are not ..
  36. Nguyen A, Tremblay M, Haigh K, Koumakpayi I, Paquet M, Pandolfi P, et al. Gata3 antagonizes cancer progression in Pten-deficient prostates. Hum Mol Genet. 2013;22:2400-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that the transcription factor Gata3 is progressively lost in Pten-deficient mouse prostate tumors as a result of both transcriptional down-regulation ..
  37. Ono Y, Fukuhara N, Yoshie O. TAL1 and LIM-only proteins synergistically induce retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 expression in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia by acting as cofactors for GATA3. Mol Cell Biol. 1998;18:6939-50 pubmed the second intron was essential and sufficient for the TAL1- and LMO-dependent transcriptional activation, and GATA3 binds to this site...
  38. Asnagli H, Afkarian M, Murphy K. Cutting edge: Identification of an alternative GATA-3 promoter directing tissue-specific gene expression in mouse and human. J Immunol. 2002;168:4268-71 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that similar to other GATA factors, the GATA-3 gene can be controlled by two promoters that may direct lineage- and tissue-specific expression. ..
  39. Miyamoto H, Izumi K, Yao J, Li Y, Yang Q, McMahon L, et al. GATA binding protein 3 is down-regulated in bladder cancer yet strong expression is an independent predictor of poor prognosis in invasive tumor. Hum Pathol. 2012;43:2033-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Loss of GATA binding protein 3 was associated with high-grade and/or muscle-invasive tumors, whereas strong expression was an independent predictor of poor prognosis. ..
  40. Pomari E, Stefanon B, Colitti M. Effects of Two Different Rhodiola rosea Extracts on Primary Human Visceral Adipocytes. Molecules. 2015;20:8409-28 pubmed publisher
    ..factor FGF2 and significant increase in expression of genes involved in inhibition of adipogenesis, such as GATA3, WNT3A, WNT10B...
  41. Carrara M, Tenconi C, Rossi G, Borroni M, Cerrotta A, Grisotto S, et al. In vivo rectal wall measurements during HDR prostate brachytherapy with MOSkin dosimeters integrated on a trans-rectal US probe: Comparison with planned and reconstructed doses. Radiother Oncol. 2016;118:148-53 pubmed publisher
    ..a trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS) probe may be used for in vivo dosimetry on the rectal wall surface during US-based HDR prostate brachytherapy and to quantify possible discrepancies between planned and delivered doses...
  42. Ding L, Yan S, Jiang L, Liu M, Zhang J, Zhao J, et al. HANABA TARANU regulates the shoot apical meristem and leaf development in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.). J Exp Bot. 2015;66:7075-87 pubmed publisher
    ..HANABA TARANU (HAN) encodes a GATA3-type transcription factor that functions in floral organ development, SAM organization, and embryo development in ..
  43. Haugas M, Tikker L, Achim K, Salminen M, Partanen J. Gata2 and Gata3 regulate the differentiation of serotonergic and glutamatergic neuron subtypes of the dorsal raphe. Development. 2016;143:4495-4508 pubmed
    ..These populations differ in their requirements for transcription factors Gata2 and Gata3, which are activated in the post-mitotic precursors...
  44. Rai R, Chen Y, Lei M, Chang S. TRF2-RAP1 is required to protect telomeres from engaging in homologous recombination-mediated deletions and fusions. Nat Commun. 2016;7:10881 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we present evidence that mammalian RAP1 is essential to protect telomere from homology directed repair (HDR) of telomeres...
  45. Fransecky L, Neumann M, Heesch S, Schlee C, Ortiz Tánchez J, Heller S, et al. Silencing of GATA3 defines a novel stem cell-like subgroup of ETP-ALL. J Hematol Oncol. 2016;9:95 pubmed
    b>GATA3 is pivotal for the development of T lymphocytes. While its effects in later stages of T cell differentiation are well recognized, the role of GATA3 in the generation of early T cell precursors (ETP) has only recently been explored...
  46. Fishwick C, Higgins J, Percival Alwyn L, Hustler A, Pearson J, Bastkowski S, et al. Heterarchy of transcription factors driving basal and luminal cell phenotypes in human urothelium. Cell Death Differ. 2017;24:809-818 pubmed publisher
    ..urothelial cell phenotypes, including forkhead box A1 (FOXA1), P63, GRHL2, CTCF and GATA-binding protein 3 (GATA3)...
  47. van Hamburg J, Tas S. Molecular mechanisms underpinning T helper 17 cell heterogeneity and functions in rheumatoid arthritis. J Autoimmun. 2018;87:69-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover proteins encoded by established genetic risk factors for RA including CCR6, CD226, CSF2, EOMES, ETS1, GATA3, IL2, IL6R, IL23R, IKZF3, IRAK1, IRF4, IRF8, PRKCQ, PRDM1, RBPJ, RUNX1 and TAGAP are directly involved in Th17 ..
  48. Olarte A, Cambeiro M, Moreno Jiménez M, Arbea L, Pérez Gracia J, Gil Bazo I, et al. Dose escalation with external beam radiation therapy and high-dose-rate brachytherapy combined with long-term androgen deprivation therapy in high and very high risk prostate cancer: Comparison of two consecutive high-dose-rate schemes. Brachytherapy. 2016;15:127-35 pubmed publisher
    ..toxicity, and nadir+2 PSA relapse-free survival (bRFS) in two consecutive Phase II protocols of high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy used at the authors institution from 2001 to 2012...
  49. Boman E, Satherley T, Schleich N, Paterson D, Greig L, Louwe R. The validity of Acuros BV and TG-43 for high-dose-rate brachytherapy superficial mold treatments. Brachytherapy. 2017;16:1280-1288 pubmed publisher
    The purpose of this work is to validate the Acuros BV dose calculation algorithm for high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy superficial mold treatments in the absence of full scatter conditions and compare this with TG-43 dose calculations...
  50. Pinto F, Calarco A, Recupero S, Totaro A, Sacco E, Bassi P. [Brachytherapy in men with prostate cancer: update on indications and outcomes]. Urologia. 2013;80:87-98 pubmed publisher
    Brachytherapy (BT), using either a low-dose-rate (LDR) or mostly high-dose-rate (HDR) technique, is the device able to deliver the highest dose-rate in the most conformal way...
  51. Sakurai N, Takahashi K, Emura N, Hashizume T, Sawai K. Effects of downregulating TEAD4 transcripts by RNA interference on early development of bovine embryos. J Reprod Dev. 2017;63:135-142 pubmed publisher
    ..of POU class 5 transcription factor 1 (OCT-4), NANOG, caudal-type homeobox 2 (CDX2), GATA binding protein 3 (GATA3), and interferon-tau (IFNT)...
  52. Scanlon S, Scanlon C, Hegan D, Sulkowski P, Glazer P. Nickel induces transcriptional down-regulation of DNA repair pathways in tumorigenic and non-tumorigenic lung cells. Carcinogenesis. 2017;38:627-637 pubmed publisher
    ..leads to down-regulation of DNA repair proteins involved in homology-dependent DNA double-strand break repair (HDR) and mismatch repair (MMR) in tumorigenic and non-tumorigenic human lung cells...
  53. Aslan Y, Tadjuidje E, Zorn A, Cha S. High-efficiency non-mosaic CRISPR-mediated knock-in and indel mutation in F0 Xenopus. Development. 2017;144:2852-2858 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we report a method for CRISPR-mediated genome editing in Xenopus oocytes with homology-directed repair (HDR) that provides efficient non-mosaic targeted insertion of small DNA fragments (40-50 nucleotides) in 4.4-25...
  54. Cai L, Bai H, Mahairaki V, Gao Y, He C, Wen Y, et al. A Universal Approach to Correct Various HBB Gene Mutations in Human Stem Cells for Gene Therapy of Beta-Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2018;7:87-97 pubmed publisher
    ..making a sequence-specific nuclease to enhance correction of a specific HBB mutation by homology-directed repair (HDR) is becoming straightforward, targeting various HBB mutations of β-thal is still challenging because individual ..
  55. Kinoshita T, Kudo Saito C, Muramatsu R, Fujita T, Saito M, Nagumo H, et al. Determination of poor prognostic immune features of tumour microenvironment in non-smoking patients with lung adenocarcinoma. Eur J Cancer. 2017;86:15-27 pubmed publisher
    ..Potentially immunoregulatory CD8+ FOXP3+ T cells and immunodysfunctional CD8+ GATA3+ T cells were increased in adenocarcinoma of non-smokers...
  56. Li G, Zhang X, Zhong C, Mo J, Quan R, Yang J, et al. Small molecules enhance CRISPR/Cas9-mediated homology-directed genome editing in primary cells. Sci Rep. 2017;7:8943 pubmed publisher
    ..However, efficiency of knock-in mediated by homology-directed repair (HDR) pathway is substantially lower compared with the efficiency of knockout mediated by the nonhomologous end-joining (..
  57. Wasserman J, Williams P, Islam S, Robertson S. GATA-3 expression is not associated with complete pathological response in triple negative breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Pathol Res Pract. 2016;212:539-44 pubmed publisher
    ..4±2.5 vs. 1.1±2.4; p=0.778) expression between patients with and without pCR. GATA-3 expression is frequent in TNBC even in the absence of AR. However, neither GATA-3 nor AR are associated with pCR after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. ..
  58. Diez P, Aird E, Sander T, Gouldstone C, Sharpe P, Lee C, et al. A multicentre audit of HDR/PDR brachytherapy absolute dosimetry in association with the INTERLACE trial [NCT015662405]. Phys Med Biol. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    A UK multicentre audit to evaluate HDR and PDR brachytherapy has been performed using alanine absolute dosimetry...
  59. Takaku M, Grimm S, Shimbo T, Perera L, Menafra R, Stunnenberg H, et al. GATA3-dependent cellular reprogramming requires activation-domain dependent recruitment of a chromatin remodeler. Genome Biol. 2016;17:36 pubmed publisher
    ..Mechanistic information on this process is currently sparse. Here we explore the mechanistic basis by which GATA3 functions as a pioneer TF in a cellular reprogramming event relevant to breast cancer, the mesenchymal to ..
  60. Rak M, König T, Tönnies K, Walke M, Ricke J, Wybranski C. Joint deformable liver registration and bias field correction for MR-guided HDR brachytherapy. Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg. 2017;12:2169-2180 pubmed publisher
    ..The presented approach is sufficiently accurate to map information available from brachytherapy pre-planning onto interventional data. It is also reasonably fast, providing a starting point for computer-aidance during intervention. ..
  61. Huber J, Gonzales van Horn S, Roybal K, Gill M, Farrar J. IFN-? suppresses GATA3 transcription from a distal exon and promotes H3K27 trimethylation of the CNS-1 enhancer in human Th2 cells. J Immunol. 2014;192:5687-94 pubmed publisher
    CD4(+) Th2 development is regulated by the zinc finger transcription factor GATA3. Once induced by acute priming signals, such as IL-4, GATA3 poises the Th2 cytokine locus for rapid activation and establishes a positive-feedback loop ..
  62. Gulbinas A, Berberat P, Dambrauskas Z, Giese T, Giese N, Autschbach F, et al. Aberrant gata-3 expression in human pancreatic cancer. J Histochem Cytochem. 2006;54:161-9 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, strong specific upregulation of Gata-3 impaired nuclear translocation and its cooperative action with the TGF-beta pathway, suggesting that Gata-3 plays a central role in human pancreatic cancer. ..
  63. Singh P, Yadav U, Azad K, Goswami P, Kinare V, Bandyopadhyay A. NFIA and GATA3 are crucial regulators of embryonic articular cartilage differentiation. Development. 2018;145: pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we have characterized in chick the regulatory roles of two transcription factors, NFIA and GATA3, in articular cartilage differentiation, maintenance and the coordinated differentiation of articular and ..
  64. Song H, Suehiro J, Kanki Y, Kawai Y, Inoue K, Daida H, et al. Critical role for GATA3 in mediating Tie2 expression and function in large vessel endothelial cells. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:29109-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Of these factors, GATA3 was expressed at the highest levels...
  65. Chang A, Brimo F, Montgomery E, Epstein J. Use of PAX8 and GATA3 in diagnosing sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma and sarcomatoid urothelial carcinoma. Hum Pathol. 2013;44:1563-8 pubmed publisher
    Immunohistochemistry for PAX8 and GATA3 are sensitive markers for renal cell carcinoma and urothelial carcinoma, respectively...
  66. Wang L, Lin Q, Wang H, Guan J, Lan L, Xie L, et al. Clinical Auditory Phenotypes Associated with GATA3 Gene Mutations in Familial Hypoparathyroidism-deafness-renal Dysplasia Syndrome. Chin Med J (Engl). 2017;130:703-709 pubmed publisher
    ..HDR) syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder primarily caused by haploinsufficiency of GATA binding protein 3 (GATA3) gene mutations, and hearing loss is the most frequent phenotypic feature...
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