factor I


Gene Symbol: factor I
Description: complement factor I
Alias: AHUS3, ARMD13, C3BINA, C3b-INA, KAF, complement factor I, C3B/C4B inactivator, C3b-inactivator, Konglutinogen-activating factor, complement component I, complement control protein factor I, complement factor I heavy chain, light chain of factor I
Species: human
Products:     factor I

Top Publications

  1. van de Ven J, Nilsson S, Tan P, Buitendijk G, Ristau T, Mohlin F, et al. A functional variant in the CFI gene confers a high risk of age-related macular degeneration. Nat Genet. 2013;45:813-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these findings demonstrate that rare, highly penetrant mutations contribute to the genetic burden of AMD...
  2. Kavanagh D, Pappworth I, Anderson H, Hayes C, Moore I, Hunze E, et al. Factor I autoantibodies in patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome: disease-associated or an epiphenomenon?. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2012;7:417-26 pubmed publisher
    ..This study searched for the presence of factor I autoantibodies in atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome...
  3. Roversi P, Johnson S, Caesar J, McLean F, Leath K, Tsiftsoglou S, et al. Structural basis for complement factor I control and its disease-associated sequence polymorphisms. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:12839-44 pubmed publisher
    ..We have determined the crystal structure of the complement regulatory enzyme human factor I (fI)...
  4. Tsiftsoglou S, Arnold J, Roversi P, Crispin M, Radcliffe C, Lea S, et al. Human complement factor I glycosylation: structural and functional characterisation of the N-linked oligosaccharides. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2006;1764:1757-66 pubmed
    b>Factor I (fI) is a key serine protease that modulates the complement cascade by regulating the levels of C3 convertases...
  5. Geelen J, van den Dries K, Roos A, van de Kar N, de Kat Angelino C, Klasen I, et al. A missense mutation in factor I (IF) predisposes to atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome. Pediatr Nephrol. 2007;22:371-5 pubmed
    ..In this paper, a patient with a heterozygous missense mutation in factor I (IF) is described...
  6. Bienaime F, Dragon Durey M, Regnier C, Nilsson S, Kwan W, Blouin J, et al. Mutations in components of complement influence the outcome of Factor I-associated atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. Kidney Int. 2010;77:339-49 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Factor I is a circulating serine protease that inhibits complement by degrading C3b and up to now only a few mutations in ..
  7. Hair P, Ward M, Semmes O, Foster T, Cunnion K. Staphylococcus aureus clumping factor A binds to complement regulator factor I and increases factor I cleavage of C3b. J Infect Dis. 2008;198:125-33 pubmed publisher
    ..component deposited on the organism's surface, C3b, can be cleaved by the host complement control protein, factor I, resulting in diminished phagocytosis of S. aureus...
  8. Nilsson S, Trouw L, Renault N, Miteva M, Genel F, Zelazko M, et al. Genetic, molecular and functional analyses of complement factor I deficiency. Eur J Immunol. 2009;39:310-23 pubmed publisher
    Complete deficiency of complement inhibitor factor I (FI) results in secondary complement deficiency due to uncontrolled spontaneous alternative pathway activation leading to susceptibility to infections...
  9. Seddon J, Yu Y, Miller E, Reynolds R, Tan P, Gowrisankar S, et al. Rare variants in CFI, C3 and C9 are associated with high risk of advanced age-related macular degeneration. Nat Genet. 2013;45:1366-70 pubmed publisher
    ..These results implicate loss of C3 protein regulation and excessive alternative complement activation in AMD pathogenesis, thus informing both the direction of effect and mechanistic underpinnings of this disorder...

More Information


  1. Yu Y, Bhangale T, Fagerness J, Ripke S, Thorleifsson G, Tan P, et al. Common variants near FRK/COL10A1 and VEGFA are associated with advanced age-related macular degeneration. Hum Mol Genet. 2011;20:3699-709 pubmed publisher
    ..The novel variants identified in this study suggest that angiogenesis (VEGFA) and extracellular collagen matrix (FRK/COL10A1) pathways contribute to the development of advanced AMD. ..
  2. Maga T, Nishimura C, Weaver A, Frees K, Smith R. Mutations in alternative pathway complement proteins in American patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. Hum Mutat. 2010;31:E1445-60 pubmed publisher
    ..in a number of complement genes including complement factor H (CFH), complement factor H-related 5 (CFHR5), complement factor I (CFI), CD46 (MCP), complement factor B (CFB), complement component 3 (C3) and thrombomodulin (THBD)...
  3. Chen W, Stambolian D, Edwards A, Branham K, Othman M, Jakobsdottir J, et al. Genetic variants near TIMP3 and high-density lipoprotein-associated loci influence susceptibility to age-related macular degeneration. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:7401-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Our studies extend the catalog of AMD associated loci, help identify individuals at high risk of disease, and provide clues about underlying cellular pathways that should eventually lead to new therapies. ..
  4. Nilsson S, Nita I, Månsson L, Groeneveld T, Trouw L, Villoutreix B, et al. Analysis of binding sites on complement factor I that are required for its activity. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:6235-45 pubmed publisher
    The central complement inhibitor factor I (FI) degrades activated complement factors C4b and C3b in the presence of cofactors such as C4b-binding protein, factor H, complement receptor 1, and membrane cofactor protein...
  5. Moore I, Strain L, Pappworth I, Kavanagh D, Barlow P, Herbert A, et al. Association of factor H autoantibodies with deletions of CFHR1, CFHR3, CFHR4, and with mutations in CFH, CFI, CD46, and C3 in patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. Blood. 2010;115:379-87 pubmed publisher
    ..In 5 patients mutations were identified: 1 in CFH, 1 in CFI, 1 in CD46, and 2 in C3. The latter observation emphasizes that multiple concurrent factors may be necessary in individual patients for disease manifestation. ..
  6. Ponce Castro I, González Rubio C, Delgado Cerviño E, Abarrategui Garrido C, Fontan G, Sanchez Corral P, et al. Molecular characterization of Complement Factor I deficiency in two Spanish families. Mol Immunol. 2008;45:2764-71 pubmed publisher
    b>Complement Factor I (CFI) is a regulator of the classical and alternative pathways. CFI has enzymatic activity and is able to cleave C3b and C4b. Homozygous Factor I deficiency is associated with infectious and/or autoimmune diseases...
  7. Catterall C, Lyons A, Sim R, Day A, Harris T. Characterization of primary amino acid sequence of human complement control protein factor I from an analysis of cDNA clones. Biochem J. 1987;242:849-56 pubmed
    A cDNA clone of the mRNA coding for the human complement system control protein Factor I has been isolated...
  8. Goldberger G, Bruns G, Rits M, Edge M, Kwiatkowski D. Human complement factor I: analysis of cDNA-derived primary structure and assignment of its gene to chromosome 4. J Biol Chem. 1987;262:10065-71 pubmed
    ..conversion of pro-I and activation of other serine proteinase zymogens; and 3) indicates that the light chain of factor I resembles most closely the active subunit of tissue plasminogen activator among all serine proteinases ..
  9. Vyse T, Morley B, Bartok I, Theodoridis E, Davies K, Webster A, et al. The molecular basis of hereditary complement factor I deficiency. J Clin Invest. 1996;97:925-33 pubmed
    The molecular basis of hereditary complement factor I deficiency is described in two pedigrees...
  10. Shiang R, Murray J, Morton C, Buetow K, Wasmuth J, Olney A, et al. Mapping of the human complement factor I gene to 4q25. Genomics. 1989;4:82-6 pubmed
    A detailed genetic and physical map of human complement factor I (IF) using somatic cell hybrids, in situ hybridization, and genetic linkage is reported. The gene has been localized to band 4q25...
  11. Sellier Leclerc A, Fremeaux Bacchi V, Dragon Durey M, Macher M, Niaudet P, Guest G, et al. Differential impact of complement mutations on clinical characteristics in atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2007;18:2392-400 pubmed
    Mutations in factor H (CFH), factor I (IF), and membrane cofactor protein (MCP) genes have been described as risk factors for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS)...
  12. Kavanagh D, Richards A, Noris M, Hauhart R, Liszewski M, Karpman D, et al. Characterization of mutations in complement factor I (CFI) associated with hemolytic uremic syndrome. Mol Immunol. 2008;45:95-105 pubmed
    Recent studies have identified mutations in the complement regulatory gene factor I (CFI) that predispose to atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS)...
  13. Caprioli J, Noris M, Brioschi S, Pianetti G, Castelletti F, Bettinaglio P, et al. Genetics of HUS: the impact of MCP, CFH, and IF mutations on clinical presentation, response to treatment, and outcome. Blood. 2006;108:1267-79 pubmed
    ..We undertook genetic analysis on membrane cofactor protein (MCP), complement factor H (CFH), and factor I (IF) in 156 patients with non-Stx-HUS...
  14. Servais A, Fremeaux Bacchi V, Lequintrec M, Salomon R, Blouin J, Knebelmann B, et al. Primary glomerulonephritis with isolated C3 deposits: a new entity which shares common genetic risk factors with haemolytic uraemic syndrome. J Med Genet. 2007;44:193-9 pubmed
    Abnormal control of the complement alternative pathway (CAP) (factor H, factor I and membrane cofactor protein (MCP) deficiencies) is a well established risk factor for the occurrence of haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS)...
  15. Wang J, Ohno Matsui K, Yoshida T, Kojima A, Shimada N, Nakahama K, et al. Altered function of factor I caused by amyloid beta: implication for pathogenesis of age-related macular degeneration from Drusen. J Immunol. 2008;181:712-20 pubmed
    ..Our results showed that Abeta binds to complement factor I which inhibits the ability of factor I to cleave C3b to inactivated iC3b...
  16. Fremeaux Bacchi V, Dragon Durey M, Blouin J, Vigneau C, Kuypers D, Boudailliez B, et al. Complement factor I: a susceptibility gene for atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome. J Med Genet. 2004;41:e84 pubmed
  17. Neale B, Fagerness J, Reynolds R, Sobrin L, Parker M, Raychaudhuri S, et al. Genome-wide association study of advanced age-related macular degeneration identifies a role of the hepatic lipase gene (LIPC). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:7395-400 pubmed publisher
    ..Results implicate different biologic pathways than previously reported and provide new avenues for prevention and treatment of AMD. ..
  18. Fagerness J, Maller J, Neale B, Reynolds R, Daly M, Seddon J. Variation near complement factor I is associated with risk of advanced AMD. Eur J Hum Genet. 2009;17:100-4 pubmed publisher
    ..This analysis identified a single nucleotide polymorphism just 3' of complement factor I on chromosome 4 showing significant association (P<10(-7))...
  19. Yoshida Y, Matsumoto M. [Atypical HUS caused by complement-related abnormalities]. Rinsho Ketsueki. 2015;56:185-93 pubmed publisher
    ..activation due to genetic mutations in the alternative pathway, including complement factor H (CFH), complement factor I (CFI), membrane cofactor protein (MCP), thrombomodulin (THBD), complement component C3 (C3), and complement ..
  20. Vieira Martins P, El Sissy C, Bordereau P, Gruber A, Rosain J, Fremeaux Bacchi V. Defining the genetics of thrombotic microangiopathies. Transfus Apher Sci. 2016;54:212-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Pathogenic variants in at least five complement genes coding for complement factor H (CFH) complement factor I (CFI), MCP (CD46), C3 and complement factor B (CFB) have been demonstrated to increase the risk of ..
  21. Nissinen L, Farshchian M, Riihilä P, Kahari V. New perspectives on role of tumor microenvironment in progression of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. Cell Tissue Res. 2016;365:691-702 pubmed publisher
    ..cells increases, and the expression of complement components and inhibitors by tumor cells is induced (CFI complement factor I, CFH complement factor H, FHL-1 Factor H-like protein 1)...
  22. Ipe T, Lim J, Reyes M, Ero M, Leveque C, Lewis B, et al. An extremely rare splice site mutation in the gene encoding complement factor I in a patient with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome. J Clin Apher. 2017;32:584-588 pubmed publisher
    ..Next-generation sequencing showed a rare mutation at a splice site in the gene encoding complement factor I (CFI). Implication of this mutation in aHUS has not been previously described...
  23. Roy N, Ohtani K, Hidaka Y, Amano Y, Matsuda Y, Mori K, et al. Three pentraxins C-reactive protein, serum amyloid p component and pentraxin 3 mediate complement activation using Collectin CL-P1. Biochim Biophys Acta Gen Subj. 2017;1861:1-14 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, depletion of CFH, C4BP and complement factor I (CFI) failed to prevent TCC formation both in ELISA and cell experiments...
  24. Alves E, Severo M, Amorim M, Grande C, Silva S. A short form of the neonatal intensive care unit family needs inventory. J Pediatr (Rio J). 2016;92:73-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Further studies are needed to explore associations with practices of family-centered care. ..
  25. Lopes M, Xavier A, D Orsi E. Cognitive and functional impairment in an older community population from Brazil: The intriguing association with frequent pain. Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2016;66:134-9 pubmed publisher
    ..05). In addition to the diversity of factors associated with CFI, the present study indicated the need to investigate the role of frequent pain in the development and progression of cognitive impairment and dementia. ..
  26. Körner M, Wirtz M, Bengel J, Göritz A. Relationship of organizational culture, teamwork and job satisfaction in interprofessional teams. BMC Health Serv Res. 2015;15:243 pubmed publisher
    ..Further studies investigating the organizational culture and its impact on interprofessional teamwork and team effectiveness in health care are important. ..
  27. Fond G, Boyer L, Boucekine M, Aden L, Schurhoff F, Tessier A, et al. Validation study of the Medication Adherence Rating Scale. Results from the FACE-SZ national dataset. Schizophr Res. 2017;182:84-89 pubmed publisher
    ..Some improvements might be considered to enhance its validity and reliability. ..
  28. Yun S, Kang J. Influencing Factors and Consequences of Workplace Bullying among Nurses: A Structural Equation Modeling. Asian Nurs Res (Korean Soc Nurs Sci). 2018;12:26-33 pubmed publisher
    ..In this regard, workplace bullying among nurses should be addressed using a comprehensive strategy that considers both individual and organizational factors. ..
  29. Fukuta D, Miyagawa S, Kubo T, Kusama T, Shirasu A, Hattori H, et al. Only the light chain is sufficient for the serine protease function of the membrane bound form of factor I on a xeno-surface. Transpl Immunol. 2004;12:109-14 pubmed
    The cell membrane-bound forms of whole factor I (fI-PI), the light chain of the serine protease (SP) domain (SP-PI), and the light chain plus the COOH-terminal 45 amino acid (AA) of the heavy chain (SP+45-PI) were constructed...
  30. Timár K, Junnikkala S, Dallos A, Jarva H, Bhuiyan Z, Meri S, et al. Human keratinocytes produce the complement inhibitor factor I: Synthesis is regulated by interferon-gamma. Mol Immunol. 2007;44:2943-9 pubmed
    ..In the present study, we investigated the synthesis of factor I by human keratinocytes...
  31. Kawakami M, Mustachio L, Zheng L, Chen Y, Rodriguez Canales J, Mino B, et al. Polo-like kinase 4 inhibition produces polyploidy and apoptotic death of lung cancers. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:1913-1918 pubmed publisher
    ..05). Intriguingly, cyclin dependent kinase 2 (CDK2) antagonism cooperated with PLK4 inhibition. Taken together, PLK4 inhibition alone or as part of a combination regimen is a promising way to combat lung cancer. ..
  32. Ismael A, Løvendahl P, Fogh A, Lund M, Su G. Improving genetic evaluation using a multitrait single-step genomic model for ability to resume cycling after calving, measured by activity tags in Holstein cows. J Dairy Sci. 2017;100:8188-8196 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, it is feasible to include CFHA in Nordic Holstein breeding evaluations to improve fertility performance. ..
  33. Kieffer J, Postma T, van de Poll Franse L, Mols F, Heimans J, Cavaletti G, et al. Evaluation of the psychometric properties of the EORTC chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy questionnaire (QLQ-CIPN20). Qual Life Res. 2017;26:2999-3010 pubmed publisher
    ..Neither CFA nor EFA yielded support for a stable subscale structure for the QLQ-CIPN20. Scoring the questionnaire as a simple additive checklist results in acceptable validity. ..
  34. Earnshaw V, Elliott M, Reisner S, Mrug S, Windle M, Emery S, et al. Peer Victimization, Depressive Symptoms, and Substance Use: A Longitudinal Analysis. Pediatrics. 2017;139: pubmed publisher
    ..Interventions are needed to reduce peer victimization among youth and to support youth who have experienced victimization. ..
  35. Takayanagi N, Yoshida S, Yasuda S, Adachi M, Kaneda Osato A, Tanaka M, et al. Psychometric properties of the Japanese ADHD-RS in preschool children. Res Dev Disabil. 2016;55:268-78 pubmed publisher
    ..59%, 16.05%). The P-ADHD-RS shows good reliability and validity for screening children with possible ADHD in a community. Longitudinal studies are needed to examine its predictive validity of adaptation in their lives at school. ..
  36. Berger B, Knebel J, Steigmeier Raith S, Reese S, Meyer Lindenberg A. Long-term outcome after surgical treatment of cranial cruciate ligament rupture in small breed dogs. Comparison of tibial plateau leveling osteotomy and extra-articular stifle stabilization. Tierarztl Prax Ausg K Kleintiere Heimtiere. 2015;43:373-80 pubmed publisher
    ..TPLO seems to be superior to CFI treatment of small breed dogs in this study, although CFI should be considered as treatment option under certain circumstances. ..
  37. Jedmowski C, Brüggemann W. Imaging of fast chlorophyll fluorescence induction curve (OJIP) parameters, applied in a screening study with wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum) genotypes under heat stress. J Photochem Photobiol B. 2015;151:153-60 pubmed publisher
  38. Pabst W, Neuhaus T, Nef S, Bresin E, Zingg Schenk A, Spartà G. Successful long-term outcome after renal transplantation in a patient with atypical haemolytic uremic syndrome with combined membrane cofactor protein CD46 and complement factor I mutations. Pediatr Nephrol. 2013;28:1141-4 pubmed publisher
    ..for a mutation-based management after renal transplantation in aHUS caused by a combined mutation with complement factor I (CFI) and membrane cofactor protein CD46 (MCP) are limited...
  39. Möbius Winkler S, Uhlemann M, Adams V, Sandri M, Erbs S, Lenk K, et al. Coronary Collateral Growth Induced by Physical Exercise: Results of the Impact of Intensive Exercise Training on Coronary Collateral Circulation in Patients With Stable Coronary Artery Disease (EXCITE) Trial. Circulation. 2016;133:1438-48; discussion 1448 pubmed publisher
    ..A significant improvement in CFI was demonstrated in response to moderate- and high-intensity exercise performed for 10 hours per week. URL: http://www.clinicaltrials.gov. Unique identifier: NCT01209637. ..
  40. Tobiasz Adamczyk B, Galas A, Zawisza K, Chatterji S, Haro J, Ayuso Mateos J, et al. Gender-related differences in the multi-pathway effect of social determinants on quality of life in older age-the COURAGE in Europe project. Qual Life Res. 2017;26:1865-1878 pubmed publisher
  41. de Jonge M, Oude Voshaar M, Huis A, van de Laar M, Hulscher M, van Riel P. Development of an item bank to measure factual disease and treatment related knowledge of rheumatoid arthritis patients in the treat to target era. Patient Educ Couns. 2018;101:67-73 pubmed publisher
    ..DataK-RA is a psychometrically sound item bank. DataK-RA provides health professionals and researchers with a tool to identify and target patients' information needs or to assess effects of educational efforts. ..
  42. Li H, Bi R, ZHONG Q. The development and psychometric testing of a Disaster Response Self-Efficacy Scale among undergraduate nursing students. Nurse Educ Today. 2017;59:16-20 pubmed publisher
    ..942, IFI=0.430, p<0.001). The newly developed DRSES has proven good reliability and validity. It could therefore be used as an assessment tool to evaluate self-efficacy in disaster response for Chinese undergraduate nursing students. ..
  43. Yuan W, Lange C, Schwartz C, Martin C, Chabanet C, de Lauzon Guillain B, et al. Infant Dietary Exposures to Sweetness and Fattiness Increase during the First Year of Life and Are Associated with Feeding Practices. J Nutr. 2016;146:2334-2342 pubmed
    ..SweetExp and FatExp increased from CFI until 12 mo and were associated with feeding practices in OPALINE infants. Studying early taste exposure longitudinally should provide new insights regarding the development of food preferences. ..
  44. Leveziel N, Yu Y, Reynolds R, Tai A, Meng W, Caillaux V, et al. Genetic factors for choroidal neovascularization associated with high myopia. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2012;53:5004-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Results generate hypotheses about potential loci related to CNV in high myopia, and larger studies are needed to expand on these findings. ..
  45. Manjaramkar A, Kokare M. Statistical Geometrical Features for Microaneurysm Detection. J Digit Imaging. 2018;31:224-234 pubmed publisher
    ..The best performance was achieved on per-image evaluation on DIARETDB1 dataset with sensitivity of 88.09 at 92.65% specificity which is quite encouraging for clinical use. ..
  46. Dolatian M, Mahmoodi Z, Dilgony T, Shams J, Zaeri F. The Structural Model of Spirituality and Psychological Well-Being for Pregnancy-Specific Stress. J Relig Health. 2017;56:2267-2275 pubmed publisher
    ..Given that handling stress has a major role in the quality of daily life in pregnant women, stress management skills are recommended to be promoted among pregnant women so as to mitigate stress and its negative consequences. ..
  47. Campo Arias A, Herazo E, Oviedo H. [A Brief Homophobia Scale in Medical Students From Two Universities: Results of A Refinement Process]. Rev Colomb Psiquiatr. 2017;46:31-35 pubmed publisher
    ..991). EHF-4 shows high internal consistency and a single dimension that explains more than 50% of the total variance. Further studies are needed to confirm these observations, that can be taken as preliminary. ..
  48. Queiroz de Medeiros A, Pedrosa L, Yamamoto M. Food cravings among Brazilian population. Appetite. 2017;108:212-218 pubmed publisher
    ..The results of this study also shed light on the importance of considering the cultural diversity of a population when investigating eating behaviors. ..
  49. Wang P, Chen C, Yang R, Wu Y. Psychometric evaluation of health related quality of life among rural-to-urban migrants in China. Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2015;13:155 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, Chinese migrants have lived and worked in a hard environment, their salaries are much lower than that of the counterparts, HRQOL of this group is also a little lower and deserves much attention from society. ..
  50. Westra D, Volokhina E, van der Heijden E, Vos A, Huigen M, Jansen J, et al. Genetic disorders in complement (regulating) genes in patients with atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome (aHUS). Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2010;25:2195-202 pubmed publisher
    ..be caused by predisposing mutations in genes encoding complement (regulating) proteins, such as Factor H (CFH), Factor I (IF), membrane co-factor protein (MCP) and Factor B (FB), or by auto-antibodies against CFH (alphaFH) in ..
  51. Liu Z, Tian L, Chang Q, Sun B, Zhao Y. A Competency Model for Clinical Physicians in China: A Cross-Sectional Survey. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0166252 pubmed publisher
    ..Through these measurements and understandings, the overall level of clinical physicians will be increased in China. ..
  52. Zha G, Qin H, Youssif B, Amjad M, Raja M, Abdelazeem A, et al. Discovery of potential anticancer multi-targeted ligustrazine based cyclohexanone and oxime analogs overcoming the cancer multidrug resistance. Eur J Med Chem. 2017;135:34-48 pubmed publisher
    ..The mechanistic effects of most active antiproliferative compounds on tubulin polymerization, EGFR TK kinases, KAF and BRAFV600E were investigated, followed by in vitro investigation of reversal of efflux-based ..
  53. Hansen U, Willaing I, Ventura A, Olesen K, Speight J, Browne J. Stigma Perceived and Experienced by Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: Linguistic Adaptation and Psychometric Validation of the Danish Version of the Type 1 Diabetes Stigma Assessment Scale (DSAS-1 DK). Patient. 2018;11:403-412 pubmed publisher
    ..The measure is now validated and available to advance research into the stigma perceived and experienced by adults with type 1 diabetes in a Danish context. ..
  54. Halliday J, Hendrieckx C, Busija L, Browne J, Nefs G, Pouwer F, et al. Validation of the WHO-5 as a first-step screening instrument for depression in adults with diabetes: Results from Diabetes MILES - Australia. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2017;132:27-35 pubmed publisher
    ..79 for the <13 cut-off, with similar findings by diabetes type and treatment. These findings support use of a WHO-5 cut-point of <13 to identify likely depression in Australian adults with diabetes, regardless of type/treatment. ..
  55. Mason J, Wei X, Fletcher G, Kiarash R, Brokx R, Hodgson R, et al. Functional characterization of CFI-402257, a potent and selective Mps1/TTK kinase inhibitor, for the treatment of cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017;114:3127-3132 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings provide a rationale for the clinical evaluation of CFI-402257 in patients with solid tumors. ..
  56. Fottner A, Woiczinski M, Kistler M, Schröder C, Schmidutz T, Jansson V, et al. Influence of undersized cementless hip stems on primary stability and strain distribution. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. 2017;137:1435-1441 pubmed publisher
    ..This study confirms the clinical assumption that undersized stem result in a significantly reduced primary stability. Furthermore, in vitro studies allow to determine the effects of undersizing and stress shielding processes. ..
  57. Chipi E, Frattini G, Eusebi P, Mollica A, D Andrea K, Russo M, et al. The Italian version of cognitive function instrument (CFI): reliability and validity in a cohort of healthy elderly. Neurol Sci. 2018;39:111-118 pubmed publisher
    ..In order to definitely propose the use of CFI for tracking longitudinal changes of cognitive and functional abilities in subjects without clinical impairment, data from the follow-up of this cohort are needed. ..
  58. Rhodes D. Human Tamm-Horsfall protein, a renal specific protein, serves as a cofactor in complement 3b degradation. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0181857 pubmed publisher
    ..Next, the ability of THP to alter CFH's normal action as it functioned as a cofactor in complement factor I (CFI)-mediated complement 3b (C3b) degradation was investigated...
  59. Su C, Yang A, Lin C. Comparing two schizophrenia-specific quality of life instruments in institutionalized people with schizophrenia. Psychiatry Res. 2017;258:274-282 pubmed publisher
    ..039, SRMR = 0.039), which supported the validity of both instruments. Although both SQLS-R4 and LQOLP were valid and reliable, using SQLS-R4 on institutionalized people seemed to be more psychometrically solid than using the LQOLP. ..
  60. Bonyadi M, Jabbarpoor Bonyadi M, Yaseri M, Soheilian M. Interactions among different genetic loci in age-related macular degeneration. Ophthalmic Genet. 2017;:1-5 pubmed publisher
    ..A69S), DNA repair SMUG1 rs3087404, CCL2-2518, C3 (R102G), CFH Y402H, complement factor B (L9H), and complement factor I (CFI) (G119R) in advanced age-related macular degeneration compared to those of healthy controls...
  61. Flores Flores O, Lajo Aurazo Y, Zevallos Morales A, Rondan P, Lizaraso Soto F, Jorquiera T. [Psychometric analysis of a questionnaire to measure the educational environment in a sample of medical students in Peru]. Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica. 2017;34:255-260 pubmed publisher
    ..70. In addition, the quality indices did not support the five-dimensional structure of the DREEM. In conclusion, the DREEM questionnaire did not perform optimally in this Peruvian sample...
  62. Niculescu A, Le Niculescu H, Levey D, Phalen P, Dainton H, ROSEBERRY K, et al. Precision medicine for suicidality: from universality to subtypes and personalization. Mol Psychiatry. 2017;22:1250-1273 pubmed publisher
  63. Sethi S, Fervenza F, Zhang Y, Zand L, Meyer N, Borsa N, et al. Atypical postinfectious glomerulonephritis is associated with abnormalities in the alternative pathway of complement. Kidney Int. 2013;83:293-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, the sequela is continual glomerular deposition of complement factors with resultant inflammation and development of an 'atypical' postinfectious glomerulonephritis...
  64. McCabe B, Escoto E, Cruz Ortega L, Munoz Rojas D, Gattamorta K. Translation and psychometric properties of a Spanish version of the College Alcohol Problems Scale. Addict Behav. 2017;75:36-39 pubmed publisher
    ..This measure may be useful for future research, intervention, and prevention with samples of U.S. Hispanic college students or Spanish-speaking students in other nations. ..
  65. Turner N, Sartain S, Hui S, Moake J. Regulatory components of the alternative complement pathway in endothelial cell cytoplasm, factor H and factor I, are not packaged in Weibel-Palade bodies. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0121994 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Factor I, a regulatory component of the alternative complement pathway that is functionally related to factor H, is also ..
  66. Shin D, Webb B, Nakao M, Smith S. Characterization of shark complement factor I gene(s): genomic analysis of a novel shark-specific sequence. Mol Immunol. 2009;46:2299-308 pubmed publisher
    b>Complement factor I is a crucial regulator of mammalian complement activity. Very little is known of complement regulators in non-mammalian species...
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