Gene Symbol: DUSP12
Description: dual specificity phosphatase 12
Alias: DUSP1, YVH1, dual specificity protein phosphatase 12, YVH1 protein-tyrosine phosphatase ortholog, dual specificity tyrosine phosphatase YVH1, serine/threonine specific protein phosphatase
Species: human
Products:     DUSP12

Top Publications

  1. Muda M, Manning E, Orth K, Dixon J. Identification of the human YVH1 protein-tyrosine phosphatase orthologue reveals a novel zinc binding domain essential for in vivo function. J Biol Chem. 1999;274:23991-5 pubmed
    A human orthologue of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae YVH1 protein-tyrosine phosphatase is able to rescue the slow growth defect caused by the disruption of the S. cerevisiae YVH1 gene...
  2. Sharda P, Bonham C, Mucaki E, Butt Z, Vacratsis P. The dual-specificity phosphatase hYVH1 interacts with Hsp70 and prevents heat-shock-induced cell death. Biochem J. 2009;418:391-401 pubmed publisher
    hYVH1 [human orthologue of YVH1 (yeast VH1-related phosphatase)] is an atypical dual-specificity phosphatase that is widely conserved throughout evolution...
  3. Das S, Chu W, Hale T, Wang X, Craig R, Wang H, et al. Polymorphisms in the glucokinase-associated, dual-specificity phosphatase 12 (DUSP12) gene under chromosome 1q21 linkage peak are associated with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes. 2006;55:2631-9 pubmed
    ..Based on this association, we typed additional markers and screened for sequence variation in the nearby DUSP12 gene...
  4. Ruebel M, Cotter M, Sims C, Moutos D, Badger T, Cleves M, et al. Obesity Modulates Inflammation and Lipid Metabolism Oocyte Gene Expression: A Single-Cell Transcriptome Perspective. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2017;102:2029-2038 pubmed publisher
    ..071) and oxidative stress-related (DUSP1; P = 0.051) genes but had decreased expression of GAS7 (fat metabolism; P = 0.065), TXNIP (oxidative stress; P = 0...
  5. Sautron V, Terenina E, Gress L, Lippi Y, Billon Y, Larzul C, et al. Time course of the response to ACTH in pig: biological and transcriptomic study. BMC Genomics. 2015;16:961 pubmed publisher
    ..In particular, DDIT4, DUSP1, FKBP5, IL7R, NFKBIA, PER1, RGS2 and RHOB were shown to be connected to each other by the glucocorticoid receptor ..
  6. Sharma P, Bansal A, Sharma P. RNA-seq-based transcriptome profiling reveals differential gene expression in the lungs of Sprague-Dawley rats during early-phase acute hypobaric hypoxia. Mol Genet Genomics. 2015;290:2225-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Upregulation of early-phase response genes including Dusp1 (dual specificity phosphatase), Cdkn1a (cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1A), Txnip (thioredoxin-interacting ..
  7. Li H, Wu H, Zhang H, Li Y, Li S, Hou Q, et al. Identification of curcumin-inhibited extracellular matrix receptors in non-small cell lung cancer A549 cells by RNA sequencing. Tumour Biol. 2017;39:1010428317705334 pubmed publisher
    ..Among those significantly altered genes, eight genes ( COL1A1, COL4A1, COL5A1, LAMA5, ITGA3, ITGA2B, DDIT3, and DUSP1) were further examined by quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and western blot analysis ..
  8. Tain Y, Lee C, Huang L. Long-term effects of maternal citrulline supplementation on renal transcriptome prevention of nitric oxide depletion-related programmed hypertension: the impact of gene-nutrient interactions. Int J Mol Sci. 2014;15:23255-68 pubmed publisher
    ..differentially expressed genes in L-NAME and CIT-treated offspring kidneys, including Guca2b, Hmox1, Hba2, Hba-a2, Dusp1, and Serpine1 are related to regulation of blood pressure (BP) and oxidative stress...
  9. Lee J, Machin M, Russell K, Pavlidis S, Zhu J, Barnes P, et al. Corticosteroid modulation of immunoglobulin expression and B-cell function in COPD. FASEB J. 2016;30:2014-26 pubmed publisher
    ..and mRNA expression and proliferation of human B cells through the dephosphorylation of ERK-1/2 via increased DUSP1 (dual-specificity protein phosphatase 1) expression...

More Information


  1. Stringer Reasor E, Baker G, Skor M, Kocherginsky M, Lengyel E, Fleming G, et al. Glucocorticoid receptor activation inhibits chemotherapy-induced cell death in high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma. Gynecol Oncol. 2015;138:656-62 pubmed publisher
    ..HeyA8 and SKOV3 cells, dexamethasone (100nM) treatment upregulated the pro-survival genes SGK1 and MKP1/DUSP1 and inhibited carboplatin/gemcitabine-induced cell death...
  2. Higa T, Takahashi H, Higa Nakamine S, Suzuki M, Yamamoto H. Up-regulation of DUSP5 and DUSP6 by gonadotropin-releasing hormone in cultured hypothalamic neurons, GT1-7 cells. Biomed Res. 2018;39:149-158 pubmed publisher
    ..These up-regulated genes included four dual-specificity MAPK phosphatases (DUSPs), DUSP1, DUSP2, DUSP5, and DUSP6...
  3. Amini P, Wilson R, Wang J, Tan H, Yi L, Koeblitz W, et al. Progesterone and cAMP synergize to inhibit responsiveness of myometrial cells to pro-inflammatory/pro-labor stimuli. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2019;479:1-11 pubmed publisher
    ..generation, in part, by increasing the expression of dual specificity protein phosphatase 1 (DUSP1), a phosphatase that inactivates mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) including SAPK/JNK...
  4. Xu Y, Huang Y, Cai D, Liu J, Cao X. Analysis of differences in the molecular mechanism of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis based on integration of gene expression profiles. Immunol Lett. 2015;168:246-53 pubmed publisher
    ..and CD53 while P53 could interact with epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and dual specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1)...
  5. Yoshikawa Y, Hirata N, Terada H, Sawashita Y, Yamakage M. Identification of Candidate Genes and Pathways in Dexmedetomidine-Induced Cardioprotection in the Rat Heart by Bioinformatics Analysis. Int J Mol Sci. 2019;20: pubmed publisher
    ..i>Dusp1 and Atm were associated with the GO term of MAP kinase tyrosine/serine/threonine phosphatase activity ..
  6. Khan D, Guillemette C, Sirard M, Richard F. Transcriptomic analysis of cyclic AMP response in bovine cumulus cells. Physiol Genomics. 2015;47:432-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, inhibition of ERK1/2 phosphorylation by FID supported a regulation by dual specific phosphatase (DUSP1) via PKA...
  7. Krüger K, Geist K, Stuhldreier F, Schumacher L, Blümel L, Remke M, et al. Multiple DNA damage-dependent and DNA damage-independent stress responses define the outcome of ATR/Chk1 targeting in medulloblastoma cells. Cancer Lett. 2018;430:34-46 pubmed publisher
    ..By contrast, c-Myc low cells revealed increased p-GSK3? protein and CHOP and DUSP1 mRNA levels...
  8. Li X, Warren S, Pelekanou V, Wali V, Cesano A, Liu M, et al. Immune profiling of pre- and post-treatment breast cancer tissues from the SWOG S0800 neoadjuvant trial. J Immunother Cancer. 2019;7:88 pubmed publisher
    ..Among RD cases, TIL counts and PD-L1 expression did not change but cellular stress and hypoxia associated genes (DUSP1, EGR1), and IL6, CD36, CXCL2, CD69 and the IL8/VEGF metagene increased...
  9. Huen N, Pang A, Tucker J, Lee T, Vergati M, Jochems C, et al. Up-regulation of proliferative and migratory genes in regulatory T cells from patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. Int J Cancer. 2013;133:373-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Studies revealed that the levels of expression of genes responsible for T-cell proliferation (C-FOS, C-JUN and DUSP1) and cellular migration (RGS1) were greater in Tregs from mCRPC patients as compared to values observed in healthy ..
  10. Moore E, Kooshki M, Metheny Barlow L, Gallagher P, Robbins M. Angiotensin-(1-7) prevents radiation-induced inflammation in rat primary astrocytes through regulation of MAP kinase signaling. Free Radic Biol Med. 2013;65:1060-1068 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally Ang-(1-7) treatment leads to an increase in dual specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1)...
  11. Ying F, Gu H, Xiong Y, Zuo B. Analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes in Gastrocnemius Muscle between DGAT1 Transgenic Mice and Wild-Type Mice. Biomed Res Int. 2017;2017:5404682 pubmed publisher
    ..05. 169 transcripts were upregulated and 112 transcripts were downregulated. Ten genes (SREBF1, DUSP1, PLAGL1, FKBP5, ZBTB16, PPP1R3C, CDC14A, GLUL, PDK4, and UCP3) were selected to validate the reliability of the ..
  12. Li L, Cai S, Liu S, Feng H, Zhang J. Bioinformatics analysis to screen the key prognostic genes in ovarian cancer. J Ovarian Res. 2017;10:27 pubmed publisher
    ..Then, 25 key prognostic genes were screened, including AXL, FOS, KLF6, WDR77, DUSP1, GADD45B, and SLIT3. Especially, AXL and SLIT3 were enriched in ovulation cycle...
  13. Murray J, Huss J. Estrogen-related receptor ? regulates skeletal myocyte differentiation via modulation of the ERK MAP kinase pathway. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2011;301:C630-45 pubmed publisher
    ..The ERR?-PGC-1? complex activates the Dusp1 gene, which encodes MKP-1, and ERR? occupies the proximal 5' regulatory region during early differentiation in ..
  14. Do M, Kim T, He F, Dave H, Intriago R, Astorga U, et al. Polyribosome and ribonucleoprotein complex redistribution of mRNA induced by GnRH involves both EIF2AK3 and MAPK signaling. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2014;382:346-357 pubmed publisher
    ..The MAP kinase phosphatase Dusp1 was enriched in the polyribosome pool...
  15. Duong Thi Ly H, Nguyen Thi Thu H, Nguyen Hoang L, Nguyen Thi Bich H, Craig T, Duong Quy S. Effects of genetic factors to inhaled corticosteroid response in children with asthma: a literature review. J Int Med Res. 2017;45:1818-1830 pubmed publisher
    ..subfamily 3 group C member 1 ( NR3C1), stress induced phosphoprotein 1 ( STIP1), dual specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1), glucocorticoid induced 1 (GLCCI1), histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC), ORMDL sphingolipid biosynthesis regulator 3 (..
  16. Weng W, Liu N, Toiyama Y, Kusunoki M, Nagasaka T, Fujiwara T, et al. Novel evidence for a PIWI-interacting RNA (piRNA) as an oncogenic mediator of disease progression, and a potential prognostic biomarker in colorectal cancer. Mol Cancer. 2018;17:16 pubmed publisher
    ..Based upon piRNA:mRNA sequence complementarity, we identified a panel of tumor suppressor genes (ATF3, BTG1, DUSP1, FAS,NFKBIA, UPP1, SESN2, TP53INP1 and MDX1) as direct targets of piR-1245, and successfully validated an inverse ..
  17. Zhang C, Elkahloun A, Liao H, Delaney S, Saber B, Morrow B, et al. Expression signatures of the lipid-based Akt inhibitors phosphatidylinositol ether lipid analogues in NSCLC cells. Mol Cancer Ther. 2011;10:1137-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Genes that exhibited early differential expression were partitioned into three groups; those induced by PIAs only (DUSP1, KLF6, CENTD2, BHLHB2, and PREX1), those commonly induced by PIAs and LY (TRIB1, KLF2, RHOB, and CDKN1A), and ..
  18. Sung J, An H, Jeong J, Shin S, Song S. Megestrol Acetate Increases the Proliferation, Migration, and Adipogenic Differentiation of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells via Glucocorticoid Receptor. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2015;4:789-99 pubmed publisher
    ..MA also upregulated genes downstream of GR in ASCs, including ANGPTL4, DUSP1, ERRF11, FKBP5, GLUL, and TSC22D3...
  19. Buck A, Coakley G, Simbari F, McSorley H, Quintana J, Le Bihan T, et al. Exosomes secreted by nematode parasites transfer small RNAs to mammalian cells and modulate innate immunity. Nat Commun. 2014;5:5488 pubmed publisher
    ..Microarray analysis of mouse cells incubated with nematode exosomes in vitro identifies Il33r and Dusp1 as suppressed genes, and Dusp1 can be repressed by nematode miRNAs based on a reporter assay...
  20. Sacristán Reviriego A, Martín H, Molina M. Identification of putative negative regulators of yeast signaling through a screening for protein phosphatases acting on cell wall integrity and mating MAPK pathways. Fungal Genet Biol. 2015;77:1-11 pubmed publisher
    ..The dual specificity phosphatase Yvh1 was found to be important for the maintenance of cell wall integrity and appropriate signaling through the CWI ..
  21. Sá A, Webb A, Gong Y, McDonough C, Shahin M, Datta S, et al. Blood pressure signature genes and blood pressure response to thiazide diuretics: results from the PEAR and PEAR-2 studies. BMC Med Genomics. 2018;11:55 pubmed publisher
    ..FOS, DUSP1 and PPP1R15A were differentially expressed across all cohorts (meta-analysis p-value < 2...
  22. Shi J, Zhang Y, Qi S, Liu G, Dong X, Huang N, et al. Identification of potential crucial gene network related to seasonal allergic rhinitis using microarray data. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2017;274:231-237 pubmed publisher
    ..The up-regulated DEGs were mainly enriched in the Gene Ontology terms about cell death (e.g., DUSP1 and JUN) and pathways related to immune (e.g., FOS and JUN)...
  23. Sahu M, Mallick B. An integrative approach predicted co-expression sub-networks regulating properties of stem cells and differentiation. Comput Biol Chem. 2016;64:250-262 pubmed publisher
    ..matrix involving ITGB1, TGFB1I1 and GBP1, (ii) regulating cell cycle remodeling involving CDKN1A, JUNB and DUSP1 and (iii) helping in epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) involving THBS1, INHBA and LOX...
  24. Tiedje C, Díaz Muñoz M, Trulley P, Ahlfors H, Laaß K, Blackshear P, et al. The RNA-binding protein TTP is a global post-transcriptional regulator of feedback control in inflammation. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016;44:7418-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Increased TTP binding to the 3'UTR of feedback inhibitor mRNAs, such as Ier3, Dusp1 or Tnfaip3, in the absence of MK2-dependent TTP neutralization resulted in a strong reduction of their protein ..
  25. Delogu S, Wang C, Cigliano A, Utpatel K, Sini M, Longerich T, et al. SKP2 cooperates with N-Ras or AKT to induce liver tumor development in mice. Oncotarget. 2015;6:2222-34 pubmed
    ..have been shown to be downregulated by SKP2-dependent degradation in various tumor types, including p27, p57, Dusp1, and Rassf1A were not decreased in liver lesions from SKP2/N-RasV12 and SKP2/myr-AKT1 mice...
  26. Lei Y, Wang W, Mei J, Wang C. Mitogen-activated protein kinase signal transduction in solid tumors. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2014;15:8539-48 pubmed
    ..MAPK network have already been proposed as targets in cancer therapy, such as p38, JNK, ERK, MEK, RAF, RAS, and DUSP1. Among them, alteration of the RAS-RAF-MEK-ERK-MAPK(RAS-MAPK) pathway has frequently been reported in human cancer ..
  27. Kong G, You X, Wen Z, Chang Y, Qian S, Ranheim E, et al. Downregulating Notch counteracts KrasG12D-induced ERK activation and oxidative phosphorylation in myeloproliferative neoplasm. Leukemia. 2019;33:671-685 pubmed publisher
    ..Further mechanistic studies indicate that inhibition of Notch signaling upregulates Dusp1, a dual phosphatase that inactivates p-ERK, and downregulates cytokine-evoked ERK activation in KrasG12D..
  28. Lin Z, Kuo C, Wu D, Chuang W. Anticancer effects of clinically acceptable colchicine concentrations on human gastric cancer cell lines. Kaohsiung J Med Sci. 2016;32:68-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Among these genes, only the upregulated DUSP1 gene may contribute to the antiproliferative effects of colchicine on gastric cancer cells...
  29. Youns M, ElKhoely A, Kamel R. The growth inhibitory effect of gambogic acid on pancreatic cancer cells. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. 2018;391:551-560 pubmed publisher
    ..growth inhibitory effect of gambogic acid on pancreatic cancer cells was modulated through up-regulation of DDIT3, DUSP1, and DUSP5 and down-regulation of ALDOA, TOP2A, and ATG4B...
  30. Lin K, Huang M, Cheng W, Wang S, Fang S, Tu H, et al. RNA-seq transcriptome analysis of breast cancer cell lines under shikonin treatment. Sci Rep. 2018;8:2672 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, shikonin also inhibits the phosphorylation of JNK and p38, the downstream signaling molecules of DUSP1 and DUSP2...
  31. Bjarnadottir O, Kimbung S, Johansson I, Veerla S, Jönsson M, Bendahl P, et al. Global Transcriptional Changes Following Statin Treatment in Breast Cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2015;21:3402-11 pubmed publisher
    ..49) resulted in 21 upregulated and 46 downregulated genes. Significantly upregulated genes included DUSP1, RHOB1, GADD45B, and RGS1...
  32. Parra Damas A, Rubió Ferrarons L, Shen J, Saura C. CRTC1 mediates preferential transcription at neuronal activity-regulated CRE/TATA promoters. Sci Rep. 2017;7:18004 pubmed publisher
    ..transcription of activity-dependent genes containing promoters with proximal CRE/TATA sequences, such as c-fos, Dusp1, Nr4a1, Nr4a2 and Ptgs2, but not genes with proximal CRE/TATA-less promoters (e.g...
  33. Tang T, Scambler T, Smallie T, Cunliffe H, Ross E, Rosner D, et al. Macrophage responses to lipopolysaccharide are modulated by a feedback loop involving prostaglandin E2, dual specificity phosphatase 1 and tristetraprolin. Sci Rep. 2017;7:4350 pubmed publisher
    ..The same feedback mechanism contributes to PGE2-mediated suppression of TNF release. Engagement of the DUSP1-TTP regulatory axis by PGE2 is likely to contribute to the switch between initiation and resolution ..
  34. Pose Utrilla J, Garcia Guerra L, del Puerto A, Martin A, Jurado Arjona J, De León Reyes N, et al. Excitotoxic inactivation of constitutive oxidative stress detoxification pathway in neurons can be rescued by PKD1. Nat Commun. 2017;8:2275 pubmed publisher
    ..dephosphorylation-dependent mechanism mediated by protein phosphatase-1 (PP1) and dual specificity phosphatase-1 (DUSP1). This step turns off the IKK/NF-κB/SOD2 antioxidant pathway...
  35. Saidak Z, Giacobbi A, Louandre C, Sauzay C, Mammeri Y, Galmiche A. Mathematical modelling unveils the essential role of cellular phosphatases in the inhibition of RAF-MEK-ERK signalling by sorafenib in hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Cancer Lett. 2017;392:1-8 pubmed publisher
    ..was experimentally validated using specific inhibitors of the phosphatases PP2A (Protein Phosphatase 2A) and DUSP1/6 (Dual-specificity phosphatases 1/6)...
  36. Ma L, Bayram Y, McLaughlin H, Cho M, Krokosky A, Turner C, et al. De novo missense variants in PPP1CB are associated with intellectual disability and congenital heart disease. Hum Genet. 2016;135:1399-1409 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest that our heterozygous de novo PPP1CB pathogenic variants are associated with syndromic intellectual disability. ..
  37. Kulkarni R, Villanueva A, Read L, Brisbin J, Bhaumik S, LaMarre J, et al. CpG oligonucleotide-mediated co-stimulation of mouse invariant natural killer T cells negatively regulates their activation status. Cell Tissue Res. 2017;369:541-554 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, CpG treatment leads to an increased induction of phosphatases, DUSP1 and SHP-1, that seem to impede MAPK and TCR signaling, resulting in the negative regulation of iNKT cell ..
  38. Guo H, Cheng G, Li Y, Zhang H, Qin K. A Screen for Key Genes and Pathways Involved in High-Quality Brush Hair in the Yangtze River Delta White Goat. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0169820 pubmed publisher
    ..Metabolic Pathway Significant Enrichment analyses of the differentially expressed genes indicated that the MAP3K1, DUSP1, DUSP6 and the MAPK signaling pathway might play important roles in the traits important for high-quality brush ..
  39. Dedobbeleer M, Willems E, Freeman S, Lombard A, Goffart N, Rogister B. Phosphatases and solid tumors: focus on glioblastoma initiation, progression and recurrences. Biochem J. 2017;474:2903-2924 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this review is to shed light on the role of four different phosphatases (PTEN, PP2A, CDC25 and DUSP1) in five different solid tumors (breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer)..
  40. Kober P, Boresowicz J, Rusetska N, Maksymowicz M, Goryca K, Kunicki J, et al. DNA methylation profiling in nonfunctioning pituitary adenomas. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2018;473:194-204 pubmed publisher
    ..Promoter hypermethylation and decreased expression level of SFN, STAT5A, DUSP1, PTPRE and FGFR2 was confirmed in the enlarged group of NFPAs...
  41. Tomida T, Takekawa M, Saito H. Oscillation of p38 activity controls efficient pro-inflammatory gene expression. Nat Commun. 2015;6:8350 pubmed publisher
    ..oscillation of p38 is generated through a negative feedback loop involving the dual-specificity phosphatase MKP-1/DUSP1. We find that the oscillatory p38 activity is necessary for efficient expression of pro-inflammatory genes such as ..
  42. Newton R, Shah S, Altonsy M, Gerber A. Glucocorticoid and cytokine crosstalk: Feedback, feedforward, and co-regulatory interactions determine repression or resistance. J Biol Chem. 2017;292:7163-7172 pubmed publisher
    ..recruitment increases expression of negative feedback and feedforward regulators, including the phosphatase, DUSP1, the ubiquitin-modifying enzyme, TNFAIP3, or the mRNA-destabilizing protein, ZFP36...
  43. Shah S, King E, Mostafa M, Altonsy M, Newton R. DUSP1 Maintains IRF1 and Leads to Increased Expression of IRF1-dependent Genes: A MECHANISM PROMOTING GLUCOCORTICOID INSENSITIVITY. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:21802-21816 pubmed
    Although the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) phosphatase, DUSP1, mediates dexamethasone-induced repression of MAPKs, 14 of 46 interleukin-1β (IL1B)-induced mRNAs were significantly enhanced by DUSP1 overexpression in pulmonary ..
  44. Boulding T, Wu F, McCuaig R, Dunn J, Sutton C, Hardy K, et al. Differential Roles for DUSP Family Members in Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition and Cancer Stem Cell Regulation in Breast Cancer. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0148065 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that DUSP1, DUSP4, and DUSP6 are involved in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and breast cancer stem cell (CSC) ..
  45. Zhao Y, Wang S, Chu Z, Dang Y, Zhu J, Su X. MicroRNA-101 in the ventrolateral orbital cortex (VLO) modulates depressive-like behaviors in rats and targets dual-specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1). Brain Res. 2017;1669:55-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the dual specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1) protein levels were increased in the VLOs in CUMS rats, whereas the ERK phosphorylation and BDNF levels in the ..
  46. Zhao B, Keasey S, Tropea J, Lountos G, Dyas B, Cherry S, et al. Phosphotyrosine Substrate Sequence Motifs for Dual Specificity Phosphatases. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0134984 pubmed publisher
    ..We investigated the interactions of peptide substrates with select DUSPs of four types: MAP kinases (DUSP1 and DUSP7), atypical (DUSP3, DUSP14, DUSP22 and DUSP27), viral (variola VH1), and Cdc25 (A-C)...
  47. Kesarwani M, Kincaid Z, Gomaa A, Huber E, Rohrabaugh S, Siddiqui Z, et al. Targeting c-FOS and DUSP1 abrogates intrinsic resistance to tyrosine-kinase inhibitor therapy in BCR-ABL-induced leukemia. Nat Med. 2017;23:472-482 pubmed publisher
    ..of the signaling proteins FBJ osteosarcoma oncogene (c-FOS, encoded by Fos) and dual-specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1)...
  48. Wein F, Otto T, Lambertz P, Fandrey J, Hansmann M, Küppers R. Potential role of hypoxia in early stages of Hodgkin lymphoma pathogenesis. Haematologica. 2015;100:1320-6 pubmed publisher
    ..The Hodgkin and Reed/Sternberg cell-expressed epigenetic regulators KDM4C and PCGF2, as well as the phosphatase DUSP1 were partially induced in hypoxic B cells. Inhibition of DUSP1 was toxic for classical Hodgkin lymphoma cell lines...
  49. Ou M, Huang R, Xiong L, Luo L, Chen G, Liao L, et al. Molecular cloning of the MARCH family in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus) and their response to grass carp reovirus challenge. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2017;63:480-490 pubmed publisher
    ..The mRNA expression of MARCH8, MHC II, TfR, IL1RAP, EGR1, and DUSP1 in the intestine after GCRV infection was analyzed, and the results showed that MARCH8 could negatively regulate ..
  50. Kang Y, Nagaraja A, Armaiz Pena G, Dorniak P, Hu W, Rupaimoole R, et al. Adrenergic Stimulation of DUSP1 Impairs Chemotherapy Response in Ovarian Cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2016;22:1713-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Increased DUSP1 production by sympathetic nervous system mediators (e.g...
  51. Wei X, Tang C, Lu X, Liu R, Zhou M, He D, et al. MiR-101 targets DUSP1 to regulate the TGF-β secretion in sorafenib inhibits macrophage-induced growth of hepatocarcinoma. Oncotarget. 2015;6:18389-405 pubmed
    ..We found that dual specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1) is a direct target of miR-101...
  52. Khan D, Guillemette C, Sirard M, Richard F. Characterization of FSH signalling networks in bovine cumulus cells: a perspective on oocyte competence acquisition. Mol Hum Reprod. 2015;21:688-701 pubmed publisher
    ..More specifically, FSH increased dual specific phosphatase (DUSP1) transcripts via PKA although DUSP1 protein did not change since EGF was required to prevent degradation...
  53. Kaltenmeier C, Vollmer L, Vernetti L, Caprio L, Davis K, Korotchenko V, et al. A Tumor Cell-Selective Inhibitor of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Phosphatases Sensitizes Breast Cancer Cells to Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cell Activity. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2017;361:39-50 pubmed publisher
    ..that is devoid of developmental toxicity and restores defective MAPK activity caused by overexpression of DUSP1 and DUSP6 in mammalian cells...
  54. Smallie T, Ross E, Ammit A, Cunliffe H, Tang T, Rosner D, et al. Dual-Specificity Phosphatase 1 and Tristetraprolin Cooperate To Regulate Macrophage Responses to Lipopolysaccharide. J Immunol. 2015;195:277-88 pubmed publisher
    ..It functions as an essential negative regulator of innate immune responses, hence disruption of the Dusp1 gene renders mice extremely sensitive to a wide variety of experimental inflammatory challenges...
  55. Köröskényi K, Kiss B, Szondy Z. Adenosine A2A receptor signaling attenuates LPS-induced pro-inflammatory cytokine formation of mouse macrophages by inducing the expression of DUSP1. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2016;1863:1461-71 pubmed publisher
    ..As a result, lower basal and LPS-induced DUSP1 mRNA and protein levels can be detected in A2AR null macrophages...
  56. Pan W, Zhang Y, Yu H, Gao Y, Zheng B, Li P, et al. Identifying key genes associated with Hirschsprung's disease based on bioinformatics analysis of RNA-sequencing data. World J Pediatr. 2017;13:267-273 pubmed publisher
    ..Functional enrichment analysis suggested that FOS and DUSP1 were implicated in response to endogenous stimulus...
  57. Hou R, Liu R, Zhao X, Jia Y, An P, Hao Z, et al. Increased miR-155-5p expression in dermal mesenchymal stem cells of psoriatic patients: comparing the microRNA expression profile by microarray. Genet Mol Res. 2016;15: pubmed publisher
    ..tumor necrosis factor-alpha transcription factor (LITAF), dual-specificity protein phosphatase 1 (DUSP1), vascular endothelial growth factor ? (VEGF?), and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-5 (IGFBP5), are ..
  58. Kobayashi Y, Ito K, Kanda A, Tomoda K, Mercado N, Barnes P. Impaired Dual-Specificity Protein Phosphatase DUSP4 Reduces Corticosteroid Sensitivity. Mol Pharmacol. 2017;91:475-481 pubmed publisher
    ..The effects of knocking down DUSPs (DUSP1, 4, 8, 16, and 22) by small interfering RNA (siRNA) were evaluated in a monocytic cell line (U937)...
  59. Arrizabalaga O, Moreno Cugnon L, Auzmendi Iriarte J, Aldaz P, Ibanez de Caceres I, Garros Regulez L, et al. High expression of MKP1/DUSP1 counteracts glioma stem cell activity and mediates HDAC inhibitor response. Oncogenesis. 2017;6:401 pubmed publisher
  60. Kato H, Naiki Ito A, Naiki T, Suzuki S, Yamashita Y, Sato S, et al. Connexin 32 dysfunction promotes ethanol-related hepatocarcinogenesis via activation of Dusp1-Erk axis. Oncotarget. 2016;7:2009-21 pubmed publisher
    ..up-regulated phosphorylated Erk1/2 with decrease of the Erk1/2 inhibitor, dual specificity protein phosphatase 1 (Dusp1) in whole livers of Tg and Wt rats...
  61. Shah S, Mostafa M, McWhae A, Traves S, Newton R. Negative Feed-forward Control of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) by Tristetraprolin (ZFP36) Is Limited by the Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Phosphatase, Dual-specificity Phosphatase 1 (DUSP1): IMPLICATIONS FOR REGULATION BY GLUCOCORTICOIDS. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:110-25 pubmed publisher
    ..A549 cells, we confirm that interleukin-1β (IL1B) induces expression of dual-specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1), ZFP36, and TNF...
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