Gene Symbol: DNAH12
Description: dynein axonemal heavy chain 12
Alias: DHC3, DLP12, DLP3, DNAH12L, DNAH7L, DNAHC12, DNAHC3, DNHD2, HDHC3, HL-19, HL19, dynein heavy chain 12, axonemal, axonemal beta dynein heavy chain 12, axonemal dynein heavy chain isotype3, ciliary dynein heavy chain 12, dynein heavy chain domain-containing protein 2, dynein, axonemal, heavy polypeptide 12, dynein, heavy chain-5
Species: human
Products:     DNAH12

Top Publications

  1. Weersma R, Stokkers P, Cleynen I, Wolfkamp S, Henckaerts L, Schreiber S, et al. Confirmation of multiple Crohn's disease susceptibility loci in a large Dutch-Belgian cohort. Am J Gastroenterol. 2009;104:630-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that a genetic risk profile can be constructed that is clinically useful and that can aid in making treatment decisions. ..
  2. Madden S, Clarke C, Stordal B, Carey M, Broaddus R, Gallagher W, et al. OvMark: a user-friendly system for the identification of prognostic biomarkers in publically available ovarian cancer gene expression datasets. Mol Cancer. 2014;13:241 pubmed publisher
    ..For instance, the three genes with the greatest association with survival are SNAI3, VWA3A and DNAH12. OvMark is a powerful tool for examining putative gene/miRNA prognostic biomarkers in ovarian cancer (available at ..
  3. Jones R, Abedalthagafi M, Brahmandam M, Greenfield E, Hoang M, Louis D, et al. Cross-reactivity of the BRAF VE1 antibody with epitopes in axonemal dyneins leads to staining of cilia. Mod Pathol. 2015;28:596-606 pubmed publisher
    ..to generate the VE1 antibody and regions of multiple axonemal dynein heavy chain proteins (eg, DNAH2, DNAH7, and DNAH12)...
  4. Rueggeberg K, Toba F, Bird J, Franck N, Thompson M, Hay A. The lysis cassette of DLP12 defective prophage is regulated by RpoE. Microbiology. 2015;161:1683-93 pubmed publisher
    ..essD, ybcT, rzpD/rzoD) from the defective lambdoid prophage at the 12th minute of Escherichia coli's genome (DLP12) is required in some strains for proper curli expression and biofilm formation...
  5. McCall M, Illei P, Halushka M. Complex Sources of Variation in Tissue Expression Data: Analysis of the GTEx Lung Transcriptome. Am J Hum Genet. 2016;99:624-635 pubmed publisher
    ..A second large cluster included dynein (DNAH9 and DNAH12) and mucin (MUC5B and MUC16) genes, which are exclusive to the respiratory epithelium and goblet cells of ..
  6. Cochrane R, Gao Z, Lambkin G, Xu W, Winter J, Marcus S, et al. Comparison of 10,11-Dehydrocurvularin Polyketide Synthases from Alternaria cinerariae and Aspergillus terreus Highlights Key Structural Motifs. Chembiochem. 2015;16:2479-83 pubmed publisher
    ..We have identified the DHC gene cluster in Alternaria cinerariae, heterologously expressed the active HR PKS (Dhc3) and NR PKS (Dhc5) in yeast, and compared them to corresponding proteins that make DHC in Aspergillus terreus...
  7. Cleynen I, Mahachie John J, Henckaerts L, Van Moerkercke W, Rutgeerts P, Van Steen K, et al. Molecular reclassification of Crohn's disease by cluster analysis of genetic variants. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e12952 pubmed publisher
    ..The used technique can be applied to other common complex diseases as well, and will help to complete patient characterization, in order to evolve towards personalized medicine. ..
  8. Molina H, Horn D, Tang N, Mathivanan S, Pandey A. Global proteomic profiling of phosphopeptides using electron transfer dissociation tandem mass spectrometry. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007;104:2199-204 pubmed
    ..Overall, ETD is an excellent method for localization of phosphorylation sites and should be an integral component of any strategy for comprehensive phosphorylation analysis. ..
  9. Vaisberg E, Grissom P, McIntosh J. Mammalian cells express three distinct dynein heavy chains that are localized to different cytoplasmic organelles. J Cell Biol. 1996;133:831-42 pubmed
    ..DHC2 is a distant member of the "cytoplasmic" branch of the dynein phylogenetic tree, while DHC3 shares more sequence similarity with dynein-like polypeptides that have been thought to be axonemal...

More Information


  1. Chapelin C, Duriez B, Magnino F, Goossens M, Escudier E, Amselem S. Isolation of several human axonemal dynein heavy chain genes: genomic structure of the catalytic site, phylogenetic analysis and chromosomal assignment. FEBS Lett. 1997;412:325-30 pubmed
  2. Neesen J, Koehler M, Kirschner R, Steinlein C, Kreutzberger J, Engel W, et al. Identification of dynein heavy chain genes expressed in human and mouse testis: chromosomal localization of an axonemal dynein gene. Gene. 1997;200:193-202 pubmed
    ..Two of these clones, gHDHC7 and gMDHC7, are homologous genes encoding axonemal inner arm dyneins. While the human clone is assigned to 3p21, the mouse gene maps to chromosome 14. ..
  3. Driskell O, Mironov A, Allan V, Woodman P. Dynein is required for receptor sorting and the morphogenesis of early endosomes. Nat Cell Biol. 2007;9:113-20 pubmed
    ..When dynein function is acutely disrupted, efficient recycling of transferrin from EGF-containing endosomes is retarded, loss of Rab5 is slowed and endosome enlargement is reduced. ..
  4. Kesavan B, Arockiasamy A, Sankaran K. The structure of DLP12 endolysin exhibiting alternate loop conformation and comparative analysis with other endolysins. Proteins. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..Endolysin encoded by DLP12 cryptic prophage is a SAR endolysin which is retained by the bacterium presumably due to the benefit it confers...
  5. Johansson M, Rocha N, Zwart W, Jordens I, Janssen L, Kuijl C, et al. Activation of endosomal dynein motors by stepwise assembly of Rab7-RILP-p150Glued, ORP1L, and the receptor betalll spectrin. J Cell Biol. 2007;176:459-71 pubmed
    ..Dynein will initiate translocation of late endosomes to microtubule minus ends only after interacting with betaIII spectrin, which requires the activities of Rab7-RILP and ORP1L. ..