Gene Symbol: CXCR5
Description: C-X-C motif chemokine receptor 5
Alias: BLR1, CD185, MDR15, C-X-C chemokine receptor type 5, Burkitt lymphoma receptor 1, GTP binding protein (chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 5), Burkitt lymphoma receptor 1, GTP-binding protein, CXC-R5, CXCR-5, MDR-15, chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 5, monocyte-derived receptor 15
Species: human
Products:     CXCR5

Top Publications

  1. El Haibi C, Sharma P, Singh R, Johnson P, Suttles J, Singh S, et al. PI3Kp110-, Src-, FAK-dependent and DOCK2-independent migration and invasion of CXCL13-stimulated prostate cancer cells. Mol Cancer. 2010;9:85 pubmed publisher
    ..We have previously shown that PCa tissue and cell lines express high levels of the chemokine receptor CXCR5, than compared to their normal counterparts, and interaction of CXCR5 with its specific ligand (CXCL13) promoted ..
  2. Hussain S, Zhu W, Chang S, Breen E, Vendrame E, Magpantay L, et al. Serum levels of the chemokine CXCL13, genetic variation in CXCL13 and its receptor CXCR5, and HIV-associated non-hodgkin B-cell lymphoma risk. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2013;22:295-307 pubmed publisher
    CXCL13 and CXCR5 are a chemokine and receptor pair whose interaction is critical for naïve B-cell trafficking and activation within germinal centers...
  3. Bürkle A, Niedermeier M, Schmitt Gräff A, Wierda W, Keating M, Burger J. Overexpression of the CXCR5 chemokine receptor, and its ligand, CXCL13 in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Blood. 2007;110:3316-25 pubmed
    ..homing and positioning within follicles of secondary lymphoid tissues, acting through its cognate receptor, CXCR5. Moreover, the CXCR5-CXCL13 axis plays a unique role in trafficking and homing of B1 cells...
  4. Biswas S, Sengupta S, Roy Chowdhury S, Jana S, Mandal G, Mandal P, et al. CXCL13-CXCR5 co-expression regulates epithelial to mesenchymal transition of breast cancer cells during lymph node metastasis. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2014;143:265-76 pubmed publisher
    We investigated the expression of -CXC chemokine ligand 13 (CXCL13) and its receptor -CXC chemokine receptor 5 (CXCR5) in 98 breast cancer (BC) patients with infiltrating duct carcinoma, out of which 56 were found lymph node metastasis (..
  5. Gunn M, Ngo V, Ansel K, Ekland E, Cyster J, Williams L. A B-cell-homing chemokine made in lymphoid follicles activates Burkitt's lymphoma receptor-1. Nature. 1998;391:799-803 pubmed
    ..We show that BLC stimulates calcium influx into, and chemotaxis of, cells transfected with BLR-1. Our results indicate that BLC functions as a BLR-1 ligand and may guide B lymphocytes to follicles in secondary lymphoid organs. ..
  6. Razis E, Kalogeras K, Kotoula V, Eleftheraki A, Nikitas N, Kronenwett R, et al. Improved outcome of high-risk early HER2 positive breast cancer with high CXCL13-CXCR5 messenger RNA expression. Clin Breast Cancer. 2012;12:183-93 pubmed publisher
    The CXCL13-CXCR5 is a chemokine axis that is activated in some breast cancers. A total of 321 tissue blocks from a group of patients who received adjuvant, dose-dense chemotherapy for high-risk early breast cancer were examined...
  7. Barella L, Loetscher M, Tobler A, Baggiolini M, Moser B. Sequence variation of a novel heptahelical leucocyte receptor through alternative transcript formation. Biochem J. 1995;309 ( Pt 3):773-9 pubmed
    ..The polypeptide, termed monocyte-derived receptor 15 (MDR15), is an alternative form of the Burkitt's lymphoma receptor 1 (BLR1) encoded by a human Burkitt's lymphoma cDNA [..
  8. Airoldi I, Cocco C, Morandi F, Prigione I, Pistoia V. CXCR5 may be involved in the attraction of human metastatic neuroblastoma cells to the bone marrow. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2008;57:541-8 pubmed
    ..In all BM samples, CXCR5 was expressed by the majority of primary neuroblasts and mediated their chemotaxis in response to CXCL13...
  9. Kurtova A, Tamayo A, Ford R, Burger J. Mantle cell lymphoma cells express high levels of CXCR4, CXCR5, and VLA-4 (CD49d): importance for interactions with the stromal microenvironment and specific targeting. Blood. 2009;113:4604-13 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that MCL cells display high levels of functional CXCR4 and CXCR5 chemokine receptors and VLA-4 adhesion molecules...

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  1. Del Grosso F, Coco S, Scaruffi P, Stigliani S, Valdora F, Benelli R, et al. Role of CXCL13-CXCR5 crosstalk between malignant neuroblastoma cells and Schwannian stromal cells in neuroblastic tumors. Mol Cancer Res. 2011;9:815-23 pubmed publisher
    ..Immunohistochemistry confirmed that stroma expresses CXCL13 but not CXCR5. To better understand the role of CXCL13 and CXCR5 in neuroblastic tumors we studied 11 neuroblastoma cell lines ..
  2. Dobner T, Wolf I, Emrich T, Lipp M. Differentiation-specific expression of a novel G protein-coupled receptor from Burkitt's lymphoma. Eur J Immunol. 1992;22:2795-9 pubmed
    ..DNA clone which encodes a novel member of the superfamily of GTP-binding (G) protein-coupled receptors, designated BLR1. The corresponding mRNA is expressed in BL and lymphatic tissues but not in other cell lines either of the B cell ..
  3. Legler D, Loetscher M, Roos R, Clark Lewis I, Baggiolini M, Moser B. B cell-attracting chemokine 1, a human CXC chemokine expressed in lymphoid tissues, selectively attracts B lymphocytes via BLR1/CXCR5. J Exp Med. 1998;187:655-60 pubmed
    ..In agreement with the nomenclature rules for chemokine receptors, we propose the term CXCR5 for BLR1...
  4. Chan C, Shen D, Hackett J, Buggage R, Tuaillon N. Expression of chemokine receptors, CXCR4 and CXCR5, and chemokines, BLC and SDF-1, in the eyes of patients with primary intraocular lymphoma. Ophthalmology. 2003;110:421-6 pubmed
    ..cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1, CXCL12, SCYB12) are chemotactic for human B cells, and their ligands CXCR4 and CXCR5 are differentially expressed on B cells, including malignant B cells...
  5. Singh S, Singh R, Singh U, Rai S, Novakovic K, Chung L, et al. Clinical and biological significance of CXCR5 expressed by prostate cancer specimens and cell lines. Int J Cancer. 2009;125:2288-95 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we show primary PCa tissues and cell lines (LNCaP and PC3) express CXCR5, a specific chemokine receptor for CXCL13. Expression of CXCR5 was significantly higher (p < 0...
  6. Lisignoli G, Toneguzzi S, Piacentini A, Cattini L, Lenti A, Tschon M, et al. Human osteoblasts express functional CXC chemokine receptors 3 and 5: activation by their ligands, CXCL10 and CXCL13, significantly induces alkaline phosphatase and beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase release. J Cell Physiol. 2003;194:71-9 pubmed
    ..and report a novel finding, namely, that OBs express high levels of CXC chemokine receptor 3 (CXCR3) and 5 (CXCR5)...
  7. Meijer J, Zeelenberg I, Sipos B, Roos E. The CXCR5 chemokine receptor is expressed by carcinoma cells and promotes growth of colon carcinoma in the liver. Cancer Res. 2006;66:9576-82 pubmed
    The chemokine receptor CXCR5 is expressed by B cells and certain T cells and controls their migration into and within lymph nodes. Its ligand BCA-1/CXCL13 is present in lymph nodes and spleen and also in the liver...
  8. Singh S, Singh R, Sharma P, Singh U, Rai S, Chung L, et al. Serum CXCL13 positively correlates with prostatic disease, prostate-specific antigen and mediates prostate cancer cell invasion, integrin clustering and cell adhesion. Cancer Lett. 2009;283:29-35 pubmed publisher
    ..We have recently shown that PCa cell lines and primary prostate tumors express CXCR5, which correlates with PCa grade...
  9. Dorhoi A, Kaufmann S. Pathology and immune reactivity: understanding multidimensionality in pulmonary tuberculosis. Semin Immunopathol. 2016;38:153-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Gradients of cytokines and chemokines (CCR2, CXCR2, CXCR3/CXCR5 agonists; TNF/IL-10, IL-1/IFN-I), expression of activation/death markers on immune cells (TNF receptor 1, PD-1, IL-..
  10. Wyller V, Nguyen C, Ludviksen J, Mollnes T. Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) in adolescent chronic fatigue syndrome. J Transl Med. 2017;15:245 pubmed publisher
    ..Also, TGF-β3 was related to expression of the B cell annotated genes TNFRSF13C and CXCR5. Plasma levels of all TGF-β isoforms were not altered in adolescent CFS...
  11. Mensen A, Oh Y, Becker S, Hemmati P, Jehn C, Westermann J, et al. Apoptosis Susceptibility Prolongs the Lack of Memory B Cells in Acute Leukemic Patients After Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2015;21:1895-906 pubmed publisher
    ..Naïve B cells exhibited a decreased expression of CXCR5, which mediates follicular B cell entry...
  12. Badr G, Al Sadoon M, Rabah D. Therapeutic efficacy and molecular mechanisms of snake (Walterinnesia aegyptia) venom-loaded silica nanoparticles in the treatment of breast cancer- and prostate cancer-bearing experimental mouse models. Free Radic Biol Med. 2013;65:175-189 pubmed publisher
    ..CXCL12, CXCL13, and CXCL16 and decreased surface expression of their cognate chemokine receptors CXCR3, CXCR4, CXCR5, and CXCR6; and subsequent reductions in the chemokine-dependent migration of both breast and prostate cancer ..
  13. Comarmond C, Garrido M, Pol S, Desbois A, Costopoulos M, Le Garff Tavernier M, et al. Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy Restores Immune Tolerance to Patients With Hepatitis C Virus-Induced Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis. Gastroenterology. 2017;152:2052-2062.e2 pubmed publisher
    ..05), CD4+IFNγ+ cells (P < .01), CD4+IL17A+ cells (P < .01), and CD4+CXCR5+interleukin 21+ follicular T-helper (Tfh) cells (P < .01)...
  14. Murray K, Godinez D, Brust Mascher I, Miller E, Gareau M, Reardon C. Neuroanatomy of the spleen: Mapping the relationship between sympathetic neurons and lymphocytes. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0182416 pubmed publisher
    ..We identified ChAT+ B- and T-cells express the chemokine receptor CXCR5; indicating that these cells can respond to CXCL13 produced by stromal cells expressing the ?2 adrenergic receptor ..
  15. Kumagai Takei N, Yamamoto S, Lee S, Maeda M, Masuzzaki H, Sada N, et al. Inflammatory Alteration of Human T Cells Exposed Continuously to Asbestos. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..On the other hand, inflammatory changes such as expression of MMP7, CXCR5, CXCL13 and CD44 was found to be markedly higher in sublines continuously exposed to asbestos compared with ..
  16. Nagy Szakál D, Mir S, Harris R, Dowd S, Yamada T, Lacorazza H, et al. Loss of n-6 fatty acid induced pediatric obesity protects against acute murine colitis. FASEB J. 2015;29:3151-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Further experiments revealed that anti-chemokine ligand (Cxcl)13 (the ligand of Cxcr5) antibody treatment decreased DSS colitis severity, implicating the importance of the Cxcr5-Cxcl13 pathway in ..
  17. Liu N, Liu B, Zhang L, Li H, Chen Z, Luo A, et al. Recovery of circulating CD56dim NK cells and the balance of Th17/Treg after nucleoside analog therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis B and low levels of HBsAg. Int Immunopharmacol. 2018;62:59-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, the frequency of CD40L+CXCR5+CD4+T cells and CD40+CD19+CD27+CD38+B cells was ..
  18. Brütting C, Emmer A, Kornhuber M, Staege M. A survey of endogenous retrovirus (ERV) sequences in the vicinity of multiple sclerosis (MS)-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Mol Biol Rep. 2016;43:827-36 pubmed publisher
    ..The associated genes (CYP27B1, CD6, CD58, MPV17L2, IL12RB1, CXCR5, PTGER4, TAGAP, TYK2, ICAM3, CD86, GALC, GPR65 as well as the HLA DRB1*1501) are mainly involved in the immune ..
  19. Long D, Chen Y, Wu H, Zhao M, Lu Q. Clinical significance and immunobiology of IL-21 in autoimmunity. J Autoimmun. 2019;99:1-14 pubmed publisher
    ..genes, such as B lymphocyte induced maturation protein-1 (Blimp-1), suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS), CXCR5 and Bcl-6, play important roles in the immune response. Therefore, IL-21 has been linked to autoimmune diseases...
  20. Dkhil M, Khalil M, Al Quraishy S. Profiling of jejunum inflammatory gene expression during murine eimeriosis. Microb Pathog. 2017;104:196-201 pubmed publisher
    ..The expression profiles of the Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule 3(FAIM3), chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 5 (Cxcr5), succinate receptor 1 (SUCNR1), hydroxy-delta-5-steroid dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and steroid delta-isomerase 3 (..
  21. Figueiredo M, Costa P, Diniz S, Henriques P, Kano F, Tada M, et al. T follicular helper cells regulate the activation of B lymphocytes and antibody production during Plasmodium vivax infection. PLoS Pathog. 2017;13:e1006484 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that P. vivax infection triggers IL-21 production and an increase in Tfh cells (PD-1+ICOS+CXCR5+CD45RO+CD4+CD3+)...
  22. Slawinska A, Plowiec A, Siwek M, Jaroszewski M, Bednarczyk M. Long-Term Transcriptomic Effects of Prebiotics and Synbiotics Delivered In Ovo in Broiler Chickens. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0168899 pubmed publisher
    ..and CA7), signaling (FGG, G3BP2, UBB, G3BP2, CACNA1G, and ATP6V0A4), and immune responses (MSMB, LGALS3, CABIN1, CXCR5, PAX5, and TNFRSF14)...
  23. Cook K, Shpargel K, Starmer J, Whitfield Larry F, Conley B, Allard D, et al. T Follicular Helper Cell-Dependent Clearance of a Persistent Virus Infection Requires T Cell Expression of the Histone Demethylase UTX. Immunity. 2015;43:703-14 pubmed publisher
    ..who are predisposed to chronic ear infections, had reduced UTX expression in immune cells and decreased circulating CD4(+) CXCR5(+) T cell frequency. Thus, we identify a critical link between UTX in T cells and immunity to infection.
  24. Cai Y, Abdel Mohsen M, Tomescu C, Xue F, Wu G, Howell B, et al. BCL6 Inhibitor-Mediated Downregulation of Phosphorylated SAMHD1 and T Cell Activation Are Associated with Decreased HIV Infection and Reactivation. J Virol. 2019;93: pubmed publisher
    ..and (ii) cytotoxic CD8+ T cells within lymphoid tissues express low levels of chemokine receptor (CXCR5), thus limiting their ability to enter the GCs to control/eliminate HIV-infected Tfh cells...
  25. Klimatcheva E, Pandina T, Reilly C, Torno S, Bussler H, Scrivens M, et al. CXCL13 antibody for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. BMC Immunol. 2015;16:6 pubmed publisher
    ..It is the only known ligand for the CXCR5 receptor, which is expressed on mature B cells, follicular helper T cells (Tfh), Th17 cells and regulatory T (Treg)..
  26. Rivino L, Kumaran E, Jovanovic V, Nadua K, Teo E, Pang S, et al. Differential targeting of viral components by CD4+ versus CD8+ T lymphocytes in dengue virus infection. J Virol. 2013;87:2693-706 pubmed publisher
    ..of dengue virus-specific CD4(+) T cells have phenotypic characteristics of circulating follicular helper T cells (CXCR5 expression and production of interleukin-21 or gamma interferon), suggesting that they are interacting with B ..
  27. Cook K, Kline H, Whitmire J. NK cells inhibit humoral immunity by reducing the abundance of CD4+ T follicular helper cells during a chronic virus infection. J Leukoc Biol. 2015;98:153-62 pubmed publisher chronic infection, and this effect depended on CD4(+) T cells and was associated with elevated numbers of CXCR5(+)CD4(+) TFH cells...
  28. Moon H, Park C, Lee J, Shin S, Lee J, Kho I, et al. Early Development in the Peritoneal Cavity of CD49dhigh Th1 Memory Phenotype CD4+ T Cells with Enhanced B Cell Helper Activity. J Immunol. 2015;195:564-75 pubmed publisher
    ..some characteristics of follicular Th cells, such as the expression of programmed cell death 1, ICOS, IL-21, and CXCR5. Moreover, peritoneal CD49d(high)CD4(+) T cells enhanced the secretion of IgM Abs by B-1a cells and IgG Abs by ..
  29. Meguro K, Suzuki K, Hosokawa J, Sanayama Y, Tanaka S, Furuta S, et al. Role of Bcl-3 in the development of follicular helper T cells and in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2015;67:2651-60 pubmed publisher
    ..Bcl-3 levels in CD4+ T cells from RA patients correlated positively with the levels of Tfh cell-related genes CXCR5, inducible costimulator, and achaete-scute homolog 2...
  30. Sumitomo S, Nakachi S, Okamura T, Tsuchida Y, Kato R, Shoda H, et al. Identification of tonsillar CD4+CD25-LAG3+ T cells as naturally occurring IL-10-producing regulatory T cells in human lymphoid tissue. J Autoimmun. 2017;76:75-84 pubmed publisher
    ..cells expressed interleukin 10 (IL10), PR/SET domain 1 (PRDM1), and CD274 at high levels and chemokine receptor 5 (CXCR5) at low levels...
  31. Kotb A, Klippert A, Daskalaki M, Sauermann U, Stahl Hennig C, Neumann B. Elevated granzyme B+ B-cell level in SIV-infection correlate with viral load and low CD4 T-cell count. Immunol Cell Biol. 2017;95:316-320 pubmed publisher
    ..SIV-infected rhesus macaques exhibit an elevated expression of CD5, CD10, CD25 and CD27, while expression of CD19, CD185 and HLA-DR is reduced...
  32. Schmitt N, Liu Y, Bentebibel S, Ueno H. Molecular Mechanisms Regulating T Helper 1 versus T Follicular Helper Cell Differentiation in Humans. Cell Rep. 2016;16:1082-1095 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that T-bet promoted the expression of CXCR5 in human CD4(+) T cells...
  33. Ma X, Sun Z, Zhai P, Yu W, Wang T, Li F, et al. Effect of follicular helper T cells on the pathogenesis of asthma. Exp Ther Med. 2017;14:967-972 pubmed publisher
    ..that B cell lymphoma 6, inducible T-cell costimulator (ICOS), ICOS ligand, C-X-C chemokine receptor type 5 (CXCR5) and interleukin (IL)-21 protein and mRNA expression levels were higher in the asthma group, as compared with the ..
  34. Reuter M, Del Rio Estrada P, Buggert M, Petrovas C, Ferrando Martinez S, Nguyen S, et al. HIV-Specific CD8+ T Cells Exhibit Reduced and Differentially Regulated Cytolytic Activity in Lymphoid Tissue. Cell Rep. 2017;21:3458-3470 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that memory, follicular CXCR5+, and HIV-specific CD8+ T cells from LNs do not manifest the properties of cytolytic CD8<..
  35. Schaerli P, Loetscher P, Moser B. Cutting edge: induction of follicular homing precedes effector Th cell development. J Immunol. 2001;167:6082-6 pubmed
    ..Here, we demonstrate that the CXCR5 is a marker for recently activated memory CD4+ T cells...
  36. Kim C, Johnston B, Butcher E. Trafficking machinery of NKT cells: shared and differential chemokine receptor expression among V alpha 24(+)V beta 11(+) NKT cell subsets with distinct cytokine-producing capacity. Blood. 2002;100:11-6 pubmed
    ..CCR2, CCR5, and CXCR3), while few NKT cells express lymphoid tissue-homing chemokine receptors (CCR7 and CXCR5)...
  37. Zhang J, Zhang Y, Yang J, Zhang L, Sun L, Pan H, et al. Three SNPs in chromosome 11q23.3 are independently associated with systemic lupus erythematosus in Asians. Hum Mol Genet. 2014;23:524-33 pubmed publisher
    ..25E-08, OR = 1.20), DDX6 (rs638893, P(_combined) = 5.19E-07, OR = 1.22) and CXCR5 (rs10892301, P(_combined) = 2.51E-08, OR = 0.85)...
  38. Zhao J, Kubo S, Nakayamada S, Shimajiri S, Zhang X, Yamaoka K, et al. Association of plasmacytoid dendritic cells with B cell infiltration in minor salivary glands in patients with Sjögren's syndrome. Mod Rheumatol. 2016;26:716-24 pubmed publisher
    ..The density of pDCs was characteristically correlated with the accumulation of CXCL13(+)CD68(+) macrophages and CXCR5(+)CD19(+) B in the MSG of pSS...
  39. Wiener A, Schippers A, Wagner N, Tacke F, Ostendorf T, Honke N, et al. CXCR5 is critically involved in progression of lupus through regulation of B cell and double-negative T cell trafficking. Clin Exp Immunol. 2016;185:22-32 pubmed publisher
    ..Among these, the CXCL13/CXCR5 axis is thought to be involved critically in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and lupus nephritis pathogenesis...
  40. Saadoun D, Pol S, Ferfar Y, Alric L, Hezode C, Si Ahmed S, et al. Efficacy and Safety of Sofosbuvir Plus Daclatasvir for Treatment of HCV-Associated Cryoglobulinemia Vasculitis. Gastroenterology. 2017;153:49-52.e5 pubmed publisher
    ..After antiviral therapy, patients had increased numbers of T-regulatory cells, IgM+CD21-/low-memory B cells, CD4+CXCR5+ interleukin 21+ cells, and T-helper 17 cells, compared with before therapy...
  41. Hu C, Xiong J, Zhang L, Huang B, Zhang Q, Li Q, et al. PEG10 activation by co-stimulation of CXCR5 and CCR7 essentially contributes to resistance to apoptosis in CD19+CD34+ B cells from patients with B cell lineage acute and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Cell Mol Immunol. 2004;1:280-94 pubmed
    ..B cell lineage acute and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-ALL and B-CLL) in terms of expression and functions of CXCR5/CXCL13 and CCR7/CCL19...
  42. Pallikkuth S, Sharkey M, Babic D, Gupta S, Stone G, Fischl M, et al. Peripheral T Follicular Helper Cells Are the Major HIV Reservoir within Central Memory CD4 T Cells in Peripheral Blood from Chronically HIV-Infected Individuals on Combination Antiretroviral Therapy. J Virol. 2015;90:2718-28 pubmed publisher
    ..cellular reservoir for HIV in peripheral blood and contain a subset of CD4 TCM cells expressing chemokine receptor CXCR5 similar in function to LN Tfh cells termed peripheral Tfh (pTfh) cells...
  43. Paris R, Petrovas C, Ferrando Martinez S, Moysi E, Boswell K, Archer E, et al. Selective Loss of Early Differentiated, Highly Functional PD1high CD4 T Cells with HIV Progression. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0144767 pubmed publisher
    ..In line with our previous findings, PD-1high EI CD4 T cells were also characterized by a high expression of CCR7, CXCR5 and CCR6, a phenotype associated with increased in vitro B cell help...
  44. Rodriguez Barbosa J, Fernández Renedo C, Moral A, Buhler L, del Rio M. T follicular helper expansion and humoral-mediated rejection are independent of the HVEM/BTLA pathway. Cell Mol Immunol. 2017;14:497-510 pubmed publisher
    ..The frequencies of CD4 T follicular helper (Tfh) cells (B220-, CD4+ CXCR5+ PD-1high), extrafollicular helper cells (B220-, CD4+ CXCR5- PD-1+ and PD-1-) and germinal centre (GC) B cells (..
  45. Pandya J, Lundell A, Hallström M, Andersson K, Nordström I, Rudin A. Circulating T helper and T regulatory subsets in untreated early rheumatoid arthritis and healthy control subjects. J Leukoc Biol. 2016;100:823-833 pubmed
    ..Regulatory T cells were defined by expression of CD25+ CD127low and also FOXP3 CXCR5+ cells among regulatory and nonregulatory T cells were defined as T follicular regulatory and T ..
  46. Ferretti E, Ponzoni M, Doglioni C, Pistoia V. IL-17 superfamily cytokines modulate normal germinal center B cell migration. J Leukoc Biol. 2016;100:913-918 pubmed
    ..CBs express CXCR4 and are attracted to the dark zone by stromal cell-derived CXCL12, whereas CCs express CXCR5 and are recruited to the light zone along a gradient of CXCL13 produced by follicular dendritic cells (FDCs)...
  47. Bakheet S, Alzahrani M, Nadeem A, Ansari M, Zoheir K, Attia S, et al. Resveratrol treatment attenuates chemokine receptor expression in the BTBR T+tf/J mouse model of autism. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2016;77:1-10 pubmed publisher
    ..receptor (CXCR) (CCR3+, CCR5+, CCR7+ and CCR9+, CXCR3+ and CXCR5+) in cluster of differentiation 4-positive (CD4+) T cells in the spleen...
  48. Dyer W, Tan J, Day T, Kiers L, Kiernan M, Yiannikas C, et al. Immunomodulation of inflammatory leukocyte markers during intravenous immunoglobulin treatment associated with clinical efficacy in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy. Brain Behav. 2016;6:e00516 pubmed
    ..Leukocyte markers of clinical efficacy included reduced CD185+ follicular helper T cells, increased regulatory markers (CD23 and CD72) on B cells, and reduction in ..
  49. Pattarini L, Trichot C, Bogiatzi S, Grandclaudon M, Meller S, Keuylian Z, et al. TSLP-activated dendritic cells induce human T follicular helper cell differentiation through OX40-ligand. J Exp Med. 2017;214:1529-1546 pubmed publisher
    ..TSLP-induced T cells expressed CXCR5, CXCL13, ICOS, PD1, BCL6, BTLA, and SAP, among other Tfh markers...
  50. Flynn G, Maru S, Loughlin J, Romero I, Male D. Regulation of chemokine receptor expression in human microglia and astrocytes. J Neuroimmunol. 2003;136:84-93 pubmed
    ..levels of CXCR1 and CXCR3, and some CCR3, while both cell types also expressed CCR4, CCR5, CCR6, CXCR2, CXCR4 and CXCR5 at lower levels...
  51. Locci M, Havenar Daughton C, Landais E, Wu J, Kroenke M, Arlehamn C, et al. Human circulating PD-1+CXCR3-CXCR5+ memory Tfh cells are highly functional and correlate with broadly neutralizing HIV antibody responses. Immunity. 2013;39:758-69 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we identified in normal individuals a subpopulation of circulating memory PD-1?CXCR5?CD4? T cells that are resting memory cells most related to bona fide GC Tfh cells by gene expression profile, ..
  52. Blackburn M, Zhong Min M, Caccuri F, McKinnon K, Schifanella L, Guan Y, et al. Regulatory and Helper Follicular T Cells and Antibody Avidity to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Glycoprotein 120. J Immunol. 2015;195:3227-36 pubmed publisher
    ..T cell subset that migrates to germinal centers (GC) during Ag presentation by upregulating the chemokine receptor CXCR5. In the GC, TFR control T follicular helper cell (TFH) expansion and modulate the development of high-affinity Ag-..
  53. Kim S, Han S, Lee Y, Jung W, Lee H, Kim Y, et al. Prion protein-deficient mice exhibit decreased CD4 T and LTi cell numbers and impaired spleen structure. Immunobiology. 2016;221:94-102 pubmed publisher
    ..of decreased LTi cell numbers and altered expression of the lymphoid tissue-organizing genes lymphotoxin-α and CXCR5, although expression of the lymphatic marker podoplanin and CXCL13 by stromal cells was not affected...
  54. Preite S, Baumjohann D, Foglierini M, Basso C, Ronchi F, Fernandez Rodriguez B, et al. Somatic mutations and affinity maturation are impaired by excessive numbers of T follicular helper cells and restored by Treg cells or memory T cells. Eur J Immunol. 2015;45:3010-21 pubmed publisher
    ..numbers and GC B-cell numbers and dynamics were also restored by pre-reconstitution of Cd3e(-/-) mice with Cxcr5(-/-) Treg cells or non-regulatory, memory CD4(+) T cells...
  55. Würsch D, Ormsby C, Romero Rodríguez D, Olvera García G, Zuniga J, Jiang W, et al. CD38 Expression in a Subset of Memory T Cells Is Independent of Cell Cycling as a Correlate of HIV Disease Progression. Dis Markers. 2016;2016:9510756 pubmed publisher
    ..HIV infection, stratified in maturation subpopulations, and subpopulation subsets defined by the expression of CXCR5, CXCR3, and CCR4...
  56. Costantino A, Acosta C, Onetti L, Mussano E, Cadile I, Ferrero P. Follicular helper T cells in peripheral blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Reumatol Clin. 2017;13:338-343 pubmed publisher
    ..CD4T cells expressing CXCR5, referred as follicular helper T cells (Tfh), collaborate with B cells to produce antibodies...
  57. Peng M, Zhao G, Yang F, Cheng G, Huang J, Qin X, et al. NCOA1 is a novel susceptibility gene for multiple myeloma in the Chinese population: A case-control study. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0173298 pubmed publisher
    ..Several recent large-scale genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified HLA-I, HLA-II, CXCR5, ETS1, LPP and NCOA1 genes as genetic risk factors associated with NHL, and this study aimed to investigate ..
  58. Löfroos A, Kadivar M, Resic Lindehammer S, Marsal J. Colorectal cancer-infiltrating T lymphocytes display a distinct chemokine receptor expression profile. Eur J Med Res. 2017;22:40 pubmed publisher
    ..In CRC, the frequencies of cells expressing CCR2 and CXCR5 were significantly lower in both the CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocyte populations compared to ..
  59. Sprokholt J, Kaptein T, van Hamme J, Overmars R, Gringhuis S, Geijtenbeek T. RIG-I-like receptor activation by dengue virus drives follicular T helper cell formation and antibody production. PLoS Pathog. 2017;13:e1006738 pubmed publisher
    ..Inhibiting RLR activation as well as neutralizing antibodies against IL-27 prevented TFH formation. DENV-induced CXCR5+PD-1+Bcl-6+ TFH cells secreted IL-21 and activated B cells to produce IgM and IgG...
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