Gene Symbol: CSNK2A1
Description: casein kinase 2 alpha 1
Alias: CK2A1, CKII, Cka1, Cka2, OCNDS, casein kinase II subunit alpha, CK2 catalytic subunit alpha, casein kinase 2, alpha 1 polypeptide, casein kinase II alpha 1 polypeptide pseudogene, casein kinase II alpha 1 subunit, protein kinase CK2
Species: human
Products:     CSNK2A1

Top Publications

  1. Loizou J, El Khamisy S, Zlatanou A, Moore D, Chan D, Qin J, et al. The protein kinase CK2 facilitates repair of chromosomal DNA single-strand breaks. Cell. 2004;117:17-28 pubmed
    ..These data identify a direct role for CK2 in the repair of chromosomal DNA strand breaks and in maintaining genetic integrity. ..
  2. Walter J, Schindzielorz A, Grunberg J, Haass C. Phosphorylation of presenilin-2 regulates its cleavage by caspases and retards progression of apoptosis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999;96:1391-6 pubmed
    ..Alterations in the phosphorylation of PS-2 may therefore promote the pathogenesis of AD by affecting the susceptibility of neurons to apoptotic stimuli. ..
  3. Di Maira G, Salvi M, Arrigoni G, Marin O, Sarno S, Brustolon F, et al. Protein kinase CK2 phosphorylates and upregulates Akt/PKB. Cell Death Differ. 2005;12:668-77 pubmed
    Treatment of Jurkat cells with specific inhibitors of protein kinase CK2 induces apoptosis. Here we provide evidence that the anti-apoptotic effect of CK2 can be at least partially mediated by upregulation of the Akt/PKB pathway...
  4. Sayed M, Kim S, Salh B, Issinger O, Pelech S. Stress-induced activation of protein kinase CK2 by direct interaction with p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:16569-73 pubmed
    b>Protein kinase CK2 has been implicated in the regulation of a wide range of proteins that are important in cell proliferation and differentiation...
  5. Popescu M, Gurel Z, Ronni T, Song C, Hung K, Payne K, et al. Ikaros stability and pericentromeric localization are regulated by protein phosphatase 1. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:13869-80 pubmed publisher
  6. Matsumoto G, Wada K, Okuno M, Kurosawa M, Nukina N. Serine 403 phosphorylation of p62/SQSTM1 regulates selective autophagic clearance of ubiquitinated proteins. Mol Cell. 2011;44:279-89 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that phosphorylation of p62 at S403 regulates autophagic clearance of ubiquitinated proteins and protein aggregates that are poorly degraded by proteasomes. ..
  7. Kreutzer J, Ruzzene M, Guerra B. Enhancing chemosensitivity to gemcitabine via RNA interference targeting the catalytic subunits of protein kinase CK2 in human pancreatic cancer cells. BMC Cancer. 2010;10:440 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study examined the impact on cell death following depletion of the individual protein kinase CK2 catalytic subunits alone or in combination with gemcitabine and the molecular mechanisms by which this ..
  8. Miyata Y, Nishida E. CK2 controls multiple protein kinases by phosphorylating a kinase-targeting molecular chaperone, Cdc37. Mol Cell Biol. 2004;24:4065-74 pubmed
  9. Desagher S, Osen Sand A, Montessuit S, Magnenat E, Vilbois F, Hochmann A, et al. Phosphorylation of bid by casein kinases I and II regulates its cleavage by caspase 8. Mol Cell. 2001;8:601-11 pubmed
    ..Here we report that Bid is phosphorylated by casein kinase I (CKI) and casein kinase II (CKII)...

More Information


  1. Keller D, Zeng X, Wang Y, Zhang Q, Kapoor M, Shu H, et al. A DNA damage-induced p53 serine 392 kinase complex contains CK2, hSpt16, and SSRP1. Mol Cell. 2001;7:283-92 pubmed
    ..In addition, phosphorylation by the kinase complex enhances p53 activity. These results thus provide a potential mechanism for p53 activation by UV irradiation. ..
  2. Zschoernig B, Mahlknecht U. Carboxy-terminal phosphorylation of SIRT1 by protein kinase CK2. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009;381:372-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, we demonstrate that SIRT1 is a substrate for protein kinase CK2 both in vitro and in vivo...
  3. Wang G, Unger G, Ahmad K, Slaton J, Ahmed K. Downregulation of CK2 induces apoptosis in cancer cells--a potential approach to cancer therapy. Mol Cell Biochem. 2005;274:77-84 pubmed
    ..The results provide the first preliminary evidence that such an approach may be feasible for targeting CK2 in cancer cells. Together, our results suggest that CK2 is potentially a highly plausible target for cancer therapy. ..
  4. Salvi M, Sarno S, Marin O, Meggio F, Itarte E, Pinna L. Discrimination between the activity of protein kinase CK2 holoenzyme and its catalytic subunits. FEBS Lett. 2006;580:3948-52 pubmed
    ..Transfection with individual subunits moreover does not give rise to holoenzyme formation unless the catalytic and regulatory subunits are co-transfected together, arguing against the existence of free subunits in CHO cells. ..
  5. Tarrant M, Rho H, Xie Z, Jiang Y, Gross C, Culhane J, et al. Regulation of CK2 by phosphorylation and O-GlcNAcylation revealed by semisynthesis. Nat Chem Biol. 2012;8:262-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This study suggests how a promiscuous protein kinase can be regulated at multiple levels to achieve particular biological outputs. ..
  6. Pluemsampant S, Safronova O, Nakahama K, Morita I. Protein kinase CK2 is a key activator of histone deacetylase in hypoxia-associated tumors. Int J Cancer. 2008;122:333-41 pubmed
    ..Using TBB, an inhibitor of protein kinase CK2, we showed that CK2 was required for hypoxia-induced HDAC activation...
  7. Li P, Li J, Müller E, Otto A, Dietz R, von Harsdorf R. Phosphorylation by protein kinase CK2: a signaling switch for the caspase-inhibiting protein ARC. Mol Cell. 2002;10:247-58 pubmed
    ..Here we report that the function of ARC is regulated by protein kinase CK2. ARC at threonine 149 is phosphorylated by CK2. This phosphorylation targets ARC to mitochondria...
  8. Ruzzene M, Penzo D, Pinna L. Protein kinase CK2 inhibitor 4,5,6,7-tetrabromobenzotriazole (TBB) induces apoptosis and caspase-dependent degradation of haematopoietic lineage cell-specific protein 1 (HS1) in Jurkat cells. Biochem J. 2002;364:41-7 pubmed
    Incubation of Jurkat cells with 4,5,6,7-tetrabromobenzotriazole (TBB), a specific inhibitor of protein kinase CK2, induces dose-and time-dependent apoptosis as judged by several criteria...
  9. Messenger M, Saulnier R, Gilchrist A, Diamond P, Gorbsky G, Litchfield D. Interactions between protein kinase CK2 and Pin1. Evidence for phosphorylation-dependent interactions. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:23054-64 pubmed
    ..In this study, we demonstrate that Pin1 interacts with protein kinase CK2, an enzyme that generally exists in tetrameric complexes composed of two catalytic CK2 alpha and/or CK2 ..
  10. Raaf J, Issinger O, Niefind K. First inactive conformation of CK2 alpha, the catalytic subunit of protein kinase CK2. J Mol Biol. 2009;386:1212-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the novel inactive conformation for the first time provides a structural basis for the stimulatory impact of CK2beta on CK2alpha. ..
  11. Niefind K, Guerra B, Ermakowa I, Issinger O. Crystal structure of human protein kinase CK2: insights into basic properties of the CK2 holoenzyme. EMBO J. 2001;20:5320-31 pubmed
    The crystal structure of a fully active form of human protein kinase CK2 (casein kinase 2) consisting of two C-terminally truncated catalytic and two regulatory subunits has been determined at 3.1 A resolution...
  12. Zou J, Luo H, Zeng Q, Dong Z, Wu D, Liu L. Protein kinase CK2? is overexpressed in colorectal cancer and modulates cell proliferation and invasion via regulating EMT-related genes. J Transl Med. 2011;9:97 pubmed publisher
    b>Protein kinase CK2 is a highly conserved, ubiquitous protein serine/threonine kinase that phosphorylates many substrates and has a global role in numerous biological and pathological processes...
  13. Faust M, Montenarh M. Subcellular localization of protein kinase CK2. A key to its function?. Cell Tissue Res. 2000;301:329-40 pubmed
    More than 46 years ago, Burnett and Kennedy first described protein kinase CK2 (formerly known as casein kinase 2) in liver extracts. Since then, protein kinase CK2 has been investigated in many organisms from yeast to man...
  14. Song D, Sussman D, Seldin D. Endogenous protein kinase CK2 participates in Wnt signaling in mammary epithelial cells. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:23790-7 pubmed
    b>Protein kinase CK2 (formerly casein kinase II) is a serine/threonine kinase overexpressed in many human tumors, transformed cell lines, and rapidly proliferating tissues...
  15. Torres J, Pulido R. The tumor suppressor PTEN is phosphorylated by the protein kinase CK2 at its C terminus. Implications for PTEN stability to proteasome-mediated degradation. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:993-8 pubmed
    ..The protein kinase CK2 phosphorylated, in a constitutive manner, a cluster of Ser/Thr residues located at the PTEN C terminus...
  16. Vilk G, Weber J, Turowec J, Duncan J, Wu C, Derksen D, et al. Protein kinase CK2 catalyzes tyrosine phosphorylation in mammalian cells. Cell Signal. 2008;20:1942-51 pubmed publisher
    b>Protein kinase CK2 exhibits oncogenic activity in mice and is over-expressed in a number of tumors or leukemic cells...
  17. Song D, Dominguez I, Mizuno J, Kaut M, Mohr S, Seldin D. CK2 phosphorylation of the armadillo repeat region of beta-catenin potentiates Wnt signaling. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:24018-25 pubmed
    b>Protein kinase CK2 is a ubiquitous serine/threonine kinase involved in many biological processes...
  18. Homma M, Homma Y. Cell cycle and activation of CK2. Mol Cell Biochem. 2008;316:49-55 pubmed publisher
  19. Wang D, Westerheide S, Hanson J, Baldwin A. Tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced phosphorylation of RelA/p65 on Ser529 is controlled by casein kinase II. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:32592-7 pubmed
    ..In this report, we demonstrate that casein kinase II (CKII) interacts with p65 in vivo and can phosphorylate p65 at serine 529 in vitro...
  20. Zhang S, Wang Y, Mao J, Hsieh D, Kim I, Hu L, et al. Inhibition of CK2? down-regulates Hedgehog/Gli signaling leading to a reduction of a stem-like side population in human lung cancer cells. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e38996 pubmed publisher
    b>Protein kinase CK2 is frequently elevated in a variety of human cancers...
  21. Nguyen L, Mitchell B. Akt activation enhances ribosomal RNA synthesis through casein kinase II and TIF-IA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013;110:20681-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This model provides an explanation for the ability of activated Akt to promote cell proliferation and, potentially, transformation. ..
  22. Zheng Y, Qin H, Frank S, Deng L, Litchfield D, Tefferi A, et al. A CK2-dependent mechanism for activation of the JAK-STAT signaling pathway. Blood. 2011;118:156-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data provide evidence for novel cross-talk between CK2 and JAK-STAT signaling, with implications for therapeutic intervention in JAK2V617F-positive MPDs. ..
  23. Gu L, Husain Ponnampalam R, Hoffmann Benning S, Henry R. The protein kinase CK2 phosphorylates SNAP190 to negatively regulate SNAPC DNA binding and human U6 transcription by RNA polymerase III. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:27887-96 pubmed
    ..Multiple components in this pathway are phosphorylated by the protein kinase CK2, including the Bdp1 subunit of the Brf2-TFIIIB complex, and RNA polymerase III, with negative and positive ..
  24. Riman S, Rizkallah R, Kassardjian A, Alexander K, Luscher B, Hurt M. Phosphorylation of the transcription factor YY1 by CK2? prevents cleavage by caspase 7 during apoptosis. Mol Cell Biol. 2012;32:797-807 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, we have discovered a regulatory link between YY1 phosphorylation at serine 118 and regulation of its cleavage during programmed cell death. ..
  25. Al Khouri A, Ma Y, Togo S, Williams S, Mustelin T. Cooperative phosphorylation of the tumor suppressor phosphatase and tensin homologue (PTEN) by casein kinases and glycogen synthase kinase 3beta. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:35195-202 pubmed
    ..We concluded that multiple kinases, including CK2 and GSK3beta, participate in PTEN phosphorylation and that GSK3beta may provide feedback regulation of PTEN. ..
  26. Singh L, Kalafatis M. Sequencing of full-length cDNA encoding the alpha and beta subunits of human casein kinase II from human platelets and megakaryocytic cells. Expression of the casein kinase IIalpha intronless gene in a megakaryocytic cell line. Biochemistry. 2002;41:8935-40 pubmed
    Casein kinase II (CKII) is a ubiquitous protein kinase composed of two subunits, alpha and beta, that can use both ATP and GTP as phosphoryl donors...
  27. Kulartz M, Hiller E, Kappes F, Pinna L, Knippers R. Protein kinase CK2 phosphorylates the cell cycle regulatory protein Geminin. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2004;315:1011-7 pubmed
    ..We show here that Geminin is an excellent substrate for protein kinase CK2 in vitro; and that the highly specific CK2 inhibitor tetrabromobenzotriazole (TBB) blocks the ..
  28. Ogier Denis E, Pattingre S, el Benna J, Codogno P. Erk1/2-dependent phosphorylation of Galpha-interacting protein stimulates its GTPase accelerating activity and autophagy in human colon cancer cells. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:39090-5 pubmed
    ..They also suggested that Erk1/2 and GAIP are engaged in the signaling control of a major catabolic pathway in intestinal derived cells. ..
  29. Xu X, Toselli P, Russell L, Seldin D. Globozoospermia in mice lacking the casein kinase II alpha' catalytic subunit. Nat Genet. 1999;23:118-21 pubmed
    ..The Ck2alpha and Ck2alpha' isoforms (products of the genes Csnk2a1 and Csnk2a2, respectively) are highly homologous, but the reason for their redundancy and evolutionary ..
  30. Scaglioni P, Yung T, Cai L, Erdjument Bromage H, Kaufman A, Singh B, et al. A CK2-dependent mechanism for degradation of the PML tumor suppressor. Cell. 2006;126:269-83 pubmed
    ..These data identify a key posttranslational mechanism that controls PML protein levels and provide therapeutic means toward PML restoration through CK2 inhibition. ..
  31. Olsen B, Guerra B. Ability of CK2beta to selectively regulate cellular protein kinases. Mol Cell Biochem. 2008;316:115-26 pubmed publisher
    ..a phosphodegron and primes phosphorylation of two other protein kinases, polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1) and protein kinase CK2, which create two additional phosphodegrons recognised by beta-TrCP...
  32. Landesman Bollag E, Song D, Romieu Mourez R, Sussman D, Cardiff R, Sonenshein G, et al. Protein kinase CK2: signaling and tumorigenesis in the mammary gland. Mol Cell Biochem. 2001;227:153-65 pubmed
    ..Thus, CK2 may promote breast cancer through dysregulation of key pathways of transcriptional control in the mammary epithelium, and inhibition of CK2 has a potential role in the treatment of breast and other cancers. ..
  33. Hung M, Lin Y, Mao J, Kim I, Xu Z, Yang C, et al. Functional polymorphism of the CK2alpha intronless gene plays oncogenic roles in lung cancer. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e11418 pubmed publisher
    b>Protein kinase CK2 is frequently up-regulated in human cancers, although the mechanism of CK2 activation in cancer remains unknown...
  34. Ji H, Wang J, Nika H, Hawke D, Keezer S, Ge Q, et al. EGF-induced ERK activation promotes CK2-mediated disassociation of alpha-Catenin from beta-Catenin and transactivation of beta-Catenin. Mol Cell. 2009;36:547-59 pubmed publisher
    ..This EGFR-ERK-CK2-mediated phosphorylation of alpha-catenin promotes beta-catenin transactivation and tumor cell invasion. These findings highlight the importance of the crosstalk between EGFR and Wnt pathways in tumor development. ..
  35. Kim E, Kang J, Rho Y, Kim Y, Kim D, Bae Y. Silencing of the CKII alpha and CKII alpha' genes during cellular senescence is mediated by DNA methylation. Gene. 2009;431:55-60 pubmed publisher
    Previously we reported that down-regulation of CKII activity is tightly associated with cellular senescence and that the mRNA and protein levels of CKII alpha decrease during senescence...
  36. Yu S, Wang H, Davis A, Ahmed K. Consequences of CK2 signaling to the nuclear matrix. Mol Cell Biochem. 2001;227:67-71 pubmed
    b>Protein kinase CK2 is recognized as one of the key cellular signals for cell growth and proliferation. Its nuclear targeting appears to be critical to its role in these functions...
  37. Bosc D, Graham K, Saulnier R, Zhang C, Prober D, Gietz R, et al. Identification and characterization of CKIP-1, a novel pleckstrin homology domain-containing protein that interacts with protein kinase CK2. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:14295-306 pubmed
    The catalytic subunits of protein kinase CK2, CK2alpha and CK2alpha', are closely related to each other but exhibit functional specialization...
  38. Krippner Heidenreich A, Talanian R, Sekul R, Kraft R, Thole H, Ottleben H, et al. Targeting of the transcription factor Max during apoptosis: phosphorylation-regulated cleavage by caspase-5 at an unusual glutamic acid residue in position P1. Biochem J. 2001;358:705-15 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, cleavage by caspase-5 is inhibited by the protein kinase CK2-mediated phosphorylation of Max at Ser-11, a previously mapped phosphorylation site in vivo...
  39. Guerra B, Boldyreff B, Issinger O. FAS-associated factor 1 interacts with protein kinase CK2 in vivo upon apoptosis induction. Int J Oncol. 2001;19:1117-26 pubmed
    We show here that in several different cell lines protein kinase CK2 and Fas-associated factor 1 (FAF1) exist together in a complex which is stable to high monovalent salt concentration...
  40. Lin K, Tai C, Hsu J, Li C, Fang C, Lai H, et al. Overexpression of nuclear protein kinase CK2 ? catalytic subunit (CK2?) as a poor prognosticator in human colorectal cancer. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e17193 pubmed publisher
    ..The purpose of this study is to investigate the involvement of nuclear protein kinase CK2 ? subunit (CK2?) in tumor progression, and in the prognosis of human CRC...
  41. Sheu G, Traugh J. A structural model for elongation factor 1 (EF-1) and phosphorylation by protein kinase CKII. Mol Cell Biochem. 1999;191:181-6 pubmed
    ..To examine the subunit structure of EF-1 and phosphorylation by protein kinase CKII, recombinant beta, gamma, and delta subunits from rabbit were expressed in E...
  42. Stehmeier P, Muller S. Phospho-regulated SUMO interaction modules connect the SUMO system to CK2 signaling. Mol Cell. 2009;33:400-9 pubmed publisher
    ..CK2-regulated phosphoSIM modules were also dissected in the tumor suppressor PML and the exosome component PMSCL1, indicating that these modules serve as general platforms that integrate CK2- and SUMO-regulated signaling networks. ..
  43. Channavajhala P, Seldin D. Functional interaction of protein kinase CK2 and c-Myc in lymphomagenesis. Oncogene. 2002;21:5280-8 pubmed
    b>Protein kinase CK2 (formerly casein kinase II) is frequently upregulated in human cancers, and transgenic expression of CK2alpha in lymphocytes is oncogenic...
  44. Cory G, Cramer R, Blanchoin L, Ridley A. Phosphorylation of the WASP-VCA domain increases its affinity for the Arp2/3 complex and enhances actin polymerization by WASP. Mol Cell. 2003;11:1229-39 pubmed
    ..We propose that constitutive VCA domain phosphorylation is required for optimal stimulation of the Arp2/3 complex by WASP. ..
  45. Zhang X, Ozawa Y, Lee H, Wen Y, Tan T, Wadzinski B, et al. Histone deacetylase 3 (HDAC3) activity is regulated by interaction with protein serine/threonine phosphatase 4. Genes Dev. 2005;19:827-39 pubmed
    ..A protein kinase CK2 phosphoacceptor site in the HDAC3 protein was identified at position Ser424, which is a nonconserved residue ..
  46. Scott G, Fei H, Thomas L, Medigeshi G, Thomas G. A PACS-1, GGA3 and CK2 complex regulates CI-MPR trafficking. EMBO J. 2006;25:4423-35 pubmed
    ..Our results identify a CK2-controlled cascade regulating hydrolase trafficking and sorting of itinerant proteins in the TGN/endosomal system. ..
  47. Shin S, Lee Y, Kim W, Ko H, Choi H, Kim K. Caspase-2 primes cancer cells for TRAIL-mediated apoptosis by processing procaspase-8. EMBO J. 2005;24:3532-42 pubmed
    ..Our data provide novel insights into the regulation, mode of activation, and function of caspase-2 in TRAIL-mediated apoptosis. ..
  48. Sarno S, Ghisellini P, Pinna L. Unique activation mechanism of protein kinase CK2. The N-terminal segment is essential for constitutive activity of the catalytic subunit but not of the holoenzyme. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:22509-14 pubmed
  49. Li X, Guan B, Maghami S, Bieberich C. NKX3.1 is regulated by protein kinase CK2 in prostate tumor cells. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26:3008-17 pubmed
    ..The NKX3.1 amino acid sequence includes multiple potential phosphoacceptor sites for protein kinase CK2. To investigate posttranslational regulation of NKX3.1, phosphorylation of NKX3.1 by CK2 was studied...
  50. Deshiere A, Duchemin Pelletier E, Spreux E, Ciais D, Combes F, Vandenbrouck Y, et al. Unbalanced expression of CK2 kinase subunits is sufficient to drive epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by Snail1 induction. Oncogene. 2013;32:1373-83 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Protein kinase CK2 is a multi-subunit protein kinase, which, when overexpressed, has been linked to disease progression and ..
  51. Lubas W, Hanover J. Functional expression of O-linked GlcNAc transferase. Domain structure and substrate specificity. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:10983-8 pubmed
    ..Among the many kinases tested, OGT glycosylates glycogen synthase kinase-3 and casein kinase II, two enzymes critical in the regulation of glycogen synthesis...
  52. Shao J, Prince T, Hartson S, Matts R. Phosphorylation of serine 13 is required for the proper function of the Hsp90 co-chaperone, Cdc37. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:38117-20 pubmed
    ..Thus, the data indicate that phosphorylation of Cdc37 on Ser13 is critical for its ability to coordinate Hsp90 nucleotide-mediated conformational switching and kinase binding. ..
  53. Gyenis L, Litchfield D. The emerging CK2 interactome: insights into the regulation and functions of CK2. Mol Cell Biochem. 2008;316:5-14 pubmed publisher
    b>Protein kinase CK2 represents a small family of protein serine/threonine kinases implicated in a variety of biological processes including events relating to cell proliferation and survival...
  54. Scaglioni P, Yung T, Choi S, Choi S, Baldini C, Konstantinidou G, et al. CK2 mediates phosphorylation and ubiquitin-mediated degradation of the PML tumor suppressor. Mol Cell Biochem. 2008;316:149-54 pubmed publisher
    ..At the 5th International Conference on Protein Kinase CK2 in Padova, Italy, we reviewed our recent findings that PML undergoes ubiquitin/proteasome-mediated ..
  55. Bandyopadhyay K, Gjerset R. Protein kinase CK2 is a central regulator of topoisomerase I hyperphosphorylation and camptothecin sensitivity in cancer cell lines. Biochemistry. 2011;50:704-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we identify the serine kinase, protein kinase CK2, as a central regulator of topo I hyperphosphorylation and activity and cellular sensitivity to camptothecin...
  56. Wang G, Ahmad K, Harris N, Ahmed K. Impact of protein kinase CK2 on inhibitor of apoptosis proteins in prostate cancer cells. Mol Cell Biochem. 2008;316:91-7 pubmed publisher
    We have previously demonstrated that protein kinase CK2 is a potent suppressor of apoptosis in cells subjected to diverse mediators of apoptosis...
  57. Olsen B, Issinger O, Guerra B. Regulation of DNA-dependent protein kinase by protein kinase CK2 in human glioblastoma cells. Oncogene. 2010;29:6016-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that cellular depletion of the individual catalytic subunits of protein kinase CK2 by RNA interference leads to significant cell death in M059K human glioblastoma cells expressing DNA-PKcs, ..
  58. MacPherson M, Molina P, Souchelnytskyi S, Wernstedt C, Martin Perez J, Portillo F, et al. Phosphorylation of serine 11 and serine 92 as new positive regulators of human Snail1 function: potential involvement of casein kinase-2 and the cAMP-activated kinase protein kinase A. Mol Biol Cell. 2010;21:244-53 pubmed publisher
    ..These results highlight serines 11 and 92 as new players in Snail1 regulation and suggest the participation of CK2 and PKA in the modulation of Snail1 functionality. ..
  59. Miyata Y. Protein kinase CK2 in health and disease: CK2: the kinase controlling the Hsp90 chaperone machinery. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2009;66:1840-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The tumor kinome appears to become addicted to the Hsp90-Cdc37 chaperone system, thus, targeting Hsp90, Cdc37, and CK2 is a promising strategy for cancer treatment. ..