Gene Symbol: CSNK1A1
Description: casein kinase 1 alpha 1
Alias: CK1, CK1a, CKIa, HEL-S-77p, HLCDGP1, PRO2975, casein kinase I isoform alpha, CKI-alpha, clock regulator kinase, down-regulated in lung cancer, epididymis secretory sperm binding protein Li 77p
Species: human
Products:     CSNK1A1

Top Publications

  1. Zhu J, Shibasaki F, Price R, Guillemot J, Yano T, Dotsch V, et al. Intramolecular masking of nuclear import signal on NF-AT4 by casein kinase I and MEKK1. Cell. 1998;93:851-61 pubmed
    ..CKIalpha thus acts to establish an intramolecular masking of the nuclear location signal on NF-AT4, while MEKK1 augments this mechanism, and may further provide a link to signal transduction pathways regulating NF-AT4. ..
  2. Yamamoto A, Friedlein A, Imai Y, Takahashi R, Kahle P, Haass C. Parkin phosphorylation and modulation of its E3 ubiquitin ligase activity. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:3390-9 pubmed
    ..Thus, complex regulation of the phosphorylation state of parkin may contribute to the unfolded protein response in stressed cells. ..
  3. Burzio V, Antonelli M, Allende C, Allende J. Biochemical and cellular characteristics of the four splice variants of protein kinase CK1alpha from zebrafish (Danio rerio). J Cell Biochem. 2002;86:805-14 pubmed
    Protein kinase CK1 (previously known as casein kinase I) conforms to a subgroup of the great protein kinase family found in eukaryotic organisms...
  4. Desagher S, Osen Sand A, Montessuit S, Magnenat E, Vilbois F, Hochmann A, et al. Phosphorylation of bid by casein kinases I and II regulates its cleavage by caspase 8. Mol Cell. 2001;8:601-11 pubmed
    ..Moreover, a mutant of Bid that cannot be phosphorylated was found to be more toxic than wild-type Bid. Together, these data indicate that phosphorylation of Bid represents a new mechanism whereby cells control apoptosis. ..
  5. Budd D, McDonald J, Tobin A. Phosphorylation and regulation of a Gq/11-coupled receptor by casein kinase 1alpha. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:19667-75 pubmed
  6. Chen L, Li C, Pan Y, Chen J. Regulation of p53-MDMX interaction by casein kinase 1 alpha. Mol Cell Biol. 2005;25:6509-20 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that CK1alpha is a functionally relevant MDMX-binding protein and plays an important role in regulating p53 activity in the absence or presence of stress. ..
  7. Brockman J, Gross S, Sussman M, Anderson R. Cell cycle-dependent localization of casein kinase I to mitotic spindles. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1992;89:9454-8 pubmed
    ..This localization suggests that alpha-CKI, like HRR25, plays a role in the segregation of chromosomes during mitosis and may be cell cycle-regulated both in humans and in yeast. ..
  8. Bedri S, Cizek S, Rastarhuyeva I, Stone J. Regulation of protein kinase CK1alphaLS by dephosphorylation in response to hydrogen peroxide. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2007;466:242-9 pubmed
    ..These observations indicate that CK1alphaLS and hnRNP-C represent conserved components of a vertebrate-specific H(2)O(2)-responsive nuclear signaling pathway. ..
  9. MacLaine N, Oster B, Bundgaard B, Fraser J, Buckner C, Lazo P, et al. A central role for CK1 in catalyzing phosphorylation of the p53 transactivation domain at serine 20 after HHV-6B viral infection. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:28563-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Mass spectrometry identified casein kinase 1 (CK1) and vaccinia-related kinase 1 (VRK1) as enzymes that coeluted with virus-induced Ser20 site kinase activity...

More Information

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  1. Huart A, MacLaine N, Meek D, Hupp T. CK1alpha plays a central role in mediating MDM2 control of p53 and E2F-1 protein stability. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:32384-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Casein kinase 1 (CK1) is one such enzyme; it stimulates p53 after transforming growth factor-beta treatment, irradiation, or DNA virus ..
  2. Inuzuka H, Tseng A, Gao D, Zhai B, Zhang Q, Shaik S, et al. Phosphorylation by casein kinase I promotes the turnover of the Mdm2 oncoprotein via the SCF(beta-TRCP) ubiquitin ligase. Cancer Cell. 2010;18:147-59 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results provide insight into the signaling pathways controlling Mdm2 destruction and further suggest that compromised regulation of Mdm2 results in attenuated p53 activity, thereby facilitating tumor progression. ..
  3. Elyada E, Pribluda A, Goldstein R, Morgenstern Y, Brachya G, Cojocaru G, et al. CKI? ablation highlights a critical role for p53 in invasiveness control. Nature. 2011;470:409-13 pubmed publisher
    ..Inducing the ablation of Csnk1a1 (the gene encoding CKI?) in the gut triggers massive Wnt activation, surprisingly without causing tumorigenesis...
  4. Ursu A, Illich D, Takemoto Y, Porfetye A, Zhang M, Brockmeyer A, et al. Epiblastin A Induces Reprogramming of Epiblast Stem Cells Into Embryonic Stem Cells by Inhibition of Casein Kinase 1. Cell Chem Biol. 2016;23:494-507 pubmed publisher
    ..compound collection and investigation for reprogramming of EpiSCs into cESCs identified casein kinases 1 (CK1) ?/?/? as responsible cellular targets of TR and unraveled the structural parameters that determine reprogramming...
  5. Litlekalsoy J, Rostad K, Kalland K, Hostmark J, Laerum O. Expression of circadian clock genes and proteins in urothelial cancer is related to cancer-associated genes. BMC Cancer. 2016;16:549 pubmed publisher
    ..down-regulation and altered cellular distribution of different clock proteins, a reduction of casein kinase1A1 (CSNK1A1) and increase of casein kinase alpha 1 E (CSNK1E) were found...
  6. Jiang K, Jia J. Analysis of Smoothened Phosphorylation and Activation in Cultured Cells and Wing Discs of Drosophila. Methods Mol Biol. 2015;1322:45-60 pubmed publisher
    ..accumulation and phosphorylation of Smo by multiple kinases, including protein kinase A (PKA), casein kinase 1 (CK1), casein kinase 2 (CK2), G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 (Gprk2), and atypical PKC (aPKC)...
  7. Tan B, Norhaizan M, Huynh K, Heshu S, Yeap S, Hazilawati H, et al. Water extract of brewers' rice induces apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells via activation of caspase-3 and caspase-8 and downregulates the Wnt/β-catenin downstream signaling pathway in brewers' rice-treated rats with azoxymethane-induced colon. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2015;15:205 pubmed publisher
    ..the treatment of HT-29 cells with WBR inhibited Wnt signaling activity through upregulation of the casein kinase 1 (CK1) and adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) mRNA levels...
  8. Tan B, Norhaizan M. Manilkara zapota (L.) P. Royen leaf water extract triggered apoptosis and activated caspase-dependent pathway in HT-29 human colorectal cancer cell line. Biomed Pharmacother. 2019;110:748-757 pubmed publisher
    ..of the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC), glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK3β), AXIN1, and casein kinase 1 (CK1)...
  9. Cerda O, Cáceres M, Park K, Leiva Salcedo E, Romero A, Varela D, et al. Casein kinase-mediated phosphorylation of serine 839 is necessary for basolateral localization of the Ca²⁺-activated non-selective cation channel TRPM4. Pflugers Arch. 2015;467:1723-1732 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, we demonstrated that casein kinase 1 (CK1) phosphorylates S839 and is responsible for the basolateral localization of TRPM4.
  10. Hale C, Cheng Q, Ortuno D, Huang M, Nojima D, Kassner P, et al. Identification of modulators of autophagic flux in an image-based high content siRNA screen. Autophagy. 2016;12:713-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Two targets, KAT8 (K[lysine] acetyltransferase 8) and CSNK1A1 (casein kinase 1, ? 1), have been implicated in autophagic regulatory feedback loops...
  11. Lantermann A, Chen D, McCutcheon K, Hoffman G, Frias E, Ruddy D, et al. Inhibition of Casein Kinase 1 Alpha Prevents Acquired Drug Resistance to Erlotinib in EGFR-Mutant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Cancer Res. 2015;75:4937-48 pubmed publisher
    ..in several EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cell lines, we identified casein kinase 1 α (CSNK1A1, CK1α). We found that CK1α suppression inhibits the NF-κB prosurvival signaling pathway...
  12. Yue B, Liu C, Sun H, Liu M, Song C, Cui R, et al. A Positive Feed-Forward Loop between LncRNA-CYTOR and Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Promotes Metastasis of Colon Cancer. Mol Ther. 2018;26:1287-1298 pubmed publisher
    ..Mechanistically, the binding of CYTOR to cytoplasmic β-catenin impeded casein kinase 1 (CK1)-induced β-catenin phosphorylation that enabled it to accumulate and translocate to the nucleus...
  13. Eng G, Edison -, Virshup D. Site-specific phosphorylation of casein kinase 1 δ (CK1δ) regulates its activity towards the circadian regulator PER2. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0177834 pubmed publisher
    ..Casein kinase 1 delta (CK1δ, CSNK1D) is a key regulator of the clock, phosphorylating both stabilizing and destabilizing sites on the PER2 ..
  14. Billot K, Coquil C, Villiers B, Josselin Foll B, Desban N, Delehouze C, et al. Casein kinase 1ε and 1α as novel players in polycystic kidney disease and mechanistic targets for (R)-roscovitine and (S)-CR8. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..These methods revealed casein kinases 1 (CK1) as additional targets of the two drugs...
  15. Jiang K, Liu Y, Fan J, Epperly G, Gao T, Jiang J, et al. Hedgehog-regulated atypical PKC promotes phosphorylation and activation of Smoothened and Cubitus interruptus in Drosophila. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:E4842-50 pubmed publisher
    ..The aPKC-mediated phosphorylation of Smo at Ser680 promotes Ser683 phosphorylation by casein kinase 1 (CK1), and these phosphorylation events elevate Smo activity in vivo...
  16. de Wit T, Baekelandt V, Lobbestael E. Inhibition of LRRK2 or Casein Kinase 1 Results in LRRK2 Protein Destabilization. Mol Neurobiol. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we identified CK1, an upstream kinase of LRRK2, as a regulator of LRRK2 protein stability in cell culture and in vivo...
  17. Cullati S, Gould K. Spatiotemporal regulation of the Dma1-mediated mitotic checkpoint coordinates mitosis with cytokinesis. Curr Genet. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..for this coordination, and a mitotic checkpoint dependent on the E3 ubiquitin ligase Dma1 and the protein kinase CK1 controls SIN signaling to delay cytokinesis when there are errors in mitosis...
  18. Nagashima K, Fukushima H, Shimizu K, Yamada A, Hidaka M, Hasumi H, et al. Nutrient-induced FNIP degradation by SCFβ-TRCP regulates FLCN complex localization and promotes renal cancer progression. Oncotarget. 2017;8:9947-9960 pubmed publisher
    ..that FNIP2 protein is unstable and subjected to proteasome-dependent degradation via β-TRCP and Casein Kinase 1 (CK1)-directed ubiquitination in a nutrition-dependent manner...
  19. Zhang B, Butler A, Shi Q, Xing S, Herman P. P-Body Localization of the Hrr25/Casein Kinase 1 Protein Kinase Is Required for the Completion of Meiosis. Mol Cell Biol. 2018;38: pubmed publisher
    ..P-bodies were found to be present during all phases of the meiotic program and to provide protection for the Hrr25/CK1 protein kinase, a key regulator of this developmental process...
  20. Su Z, Song J, Wang Z, Zhou L, Xia Y, Yu S, et al. Tumor promoter TPA activates Wnt/?-catenin signaling in a casein kinase 1-dependent manner. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:E7522-E7531 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we found that TPA could enhance Wnt/?-catenin signaling in a casein kinase 1 (CK1) ?/?-dependent manner. TPA stabilized CK1? and enhanced its kinase activity...
  21. Ode K, Ueda H. Design Principles of Phosphorylation-Dependent Timekeeping in Eukaryotic Circadian Clocks. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..phosphorylation is catalyzed by kinases that induce sequential multisite phosphorylation such as casein kinase 1 (CK1) with temperature-compensated activity...
  22. Peng Y, Grassart A, Lu R, Wong C, Yates J, Barnes G, et al. Casein kinase 1 promotes initiation of clathrin-mediated endocytosis. Dev Cell. 2015;32:231-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, the casein kinase 1 (CK1) Hrr25 is shown to be an endocytic protein and to be among the earliest proteins to appear at endocytic sites...
  23. Kuga T, Kume H, Adachi J, Kawasaki N, Shimizu M, Hoshino I, et al. Casein kinase 1 is recruited to nuclear speckles by FAM83H and SON. Sci Rep. 2016;6:34472 pubmed publisher
    In some fibroblasts, casein kinase 1? (CK1?) is localized to nuclear speckles, which are sub-nuclear compartments supplying splicing factors, whereas it is recruited on keratin filaments in colorectal cancer cells such as DLD1 cells...
  24. Chen D, Zhu X, Zhou L, Wang J, Tao X, Wang S, et al. Gilgamesh is required for the maintenance of germline stem cells in Drosophila testis. Sci Rep. 2017;7:5737 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we have found that Drosophila gilgamesh (gish), which encodes a homologue of human CK1-γ (casein kinase 1-gamma), is required intrinsically for GSC maintenance...
  25. Bozatzi P, Dingwell K, Wu K, Cooper F, Cummins T, Hutchinson L, et al. PAWS1 controls Wnt signalling through association with casein kinase 1α. EMBO Rep. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..We show that PAWS1 interacts and co-localises with the α isoform of casein kinase 1 (CK1), and that PAWS1 mutations incapable of binding CK1 fail both to activate Wnt signalling and to elicit axis ..
  26. Eshete M, Liu H, Li M, Adeyemo W, Gowans L, Mossey P, et al. Loss-of-Function GRHL3 Variants Detected in African Patients with Isolated Cleft Palate. J Dent Res. 2018;97:41-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, 1 mutation damaged a predicted sumoylation site, and another disrupted a predicted CK1 phosphorylation site...
  27. Hernandez Valencia J, Garcia Villa E, Arenas Hernandez A, Garcia Mena J, Diaz Chavez J, Gariglio P. Induction of p53 Phosphorylation at Serine 20 by Resveratrol Is Required to Activate p53 Target Genes, Restoring Apoptosis in MCF-7 Cells Resistant to Cisplatin. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..It also activates different kinases, such as CK1, CHK2, and AMPK to induce phosphorylation of p53 in S20, suggesting a novel mechanism of p53 activation and ..
  28. Su R, Fu S, Zhang Y, Wang R, Zhou Y, Li J, et al. Comparative genomic approach reveals novel conserved microRNAs in Inner Mongolia cashmere goat skin and longissimus dorsi. Mol Biol Rep. 2015;42:989-95 pubmed publisher
    ..WDR12 and CSNK1A1 involved in Notch/Wnt signal transduction pathway were finally identified...
  29. Yang Y, Ding L, Hu Q, Xia J, Sun J, Wang X, et al. MicroRNA-218 functions as a tumor suppressor in lung cancer by targeting IL-6/STAT3 and negatively correlates with poor prognosis. Mol Cancer. 2017;16:141 pubmed publisher
    ..MiR-218 acts as a tumor suppressor in lung cancer via IL-6/STAT3 signaling pathway regulation. ..
  30. Park D, Yoon G, Lee H, Choi S. Capsaicin inhibits the Wnt/?-catenin signaling pathway by down-regulating PP2A. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2016;478:455-461 pubmed publisher
    ..In support of this, capsaicin up-regulated the level of GSK3- or CK1-phosphorylated ?-catenin, concomitantly lowering that of its de-phosphorylated version...
  31. Sanlorenzo M, Vujic I, Posch C, Ma J, Lin K, Lai K, et al. Oncogenic KIT mutations in different exons lead to specific changes in melanocyte phospho-proteome. J Proteomics. 2016;144:140-7 pubmed publisher
    ..We concluded that CK1 ? and ? are more active in cell clones harboring KIT(559) and KIT(642) mutations, whereas PAK4 is more active in ..
  32. Yang L, Wang J, Fan Y, Yu K, Jiao B, Su X. Hsa_circ_0046264 up-regulated BRCA2 to suppress lung cancer through targeting hsa-miR-1245. Respir Res. 2018;19:115 pubmed publisher
    ..Hsa_circ_0046264 inhibited the tumor growth in vivo. Hsa_circ_0046264 was a tumor suppressor in lung cancer. Overexpression of hsa_circ_0046264 could up-regulate BRCA2 expression through down-regulating of miR-1245. ..
  33. Murungi E, Kariithi H. Genome-Wide Identification and Evolutionary Analysis of Sarcocystis neurona Protein Kinases. Pathogens. 2017;6: pubmed publisher
    ..Two out of the three S. neurona CK1 enzymes had high sequence similarities to Toxoplasma gondii TgCK1-? and TgCK1-? and the Plasmodium PfCK1...
  34. Yang W, Garrett L, Feng D, Elliott G, Liu X, Wang N, et al. Wnt-induced Vangl2 phosphorylation is dose-dependently required for planar cell polarity in mammalian development. Cell Res. 2017;27:1466-1484 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, serine/threonine kinases CK1? and CK1? are redundantly required for Wnt5a-induced Vangl2 phosphorylation...
  35. Sun T, Li X, Zhang P, Chen W, Zhang H, Li D, et al. Acetylation of Beclin 1 inhibits autophagosome maturation and promotes tumour growth. Nat Commun. 2015;6:7215 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, the phosphorylation of Beclin 1 at S409 by CK1 is required for the subsequent p300 binding and Beclin 1 acetylation...
  36. Krüger M, Kalbacher H, Kastritis P, Bischof J, Barth H, Henne Bruns D, et al. New potential peptide therapeutics perturbing CK1?/?-tubulin interaction. Cancer Lett. 2016;375:375-383 pubmed publisher
    Members of the CK1 family are highly conserved serine/threonine specific kinases being expressed in all eukaryotes. They are involved in many cellular processes and therefore tightly regulated...
  37. McKenzie J, Riento K, Ridley A. Casein kinase I epsilon associates with and phosphorylates the tight junction protein occludin. FEBS Lett. 2006;580:2388-94 pubmed
    ..These data identify CKI epsilon as a novel occludin kinase that may be important for the regulation of occludin. ..
  38. Lu L, Gao Y, Zhang Z, Cao Q, Zhang X, Zou J, et al. Kdm2a/b Lysine Demethylases Regulate Canonical Wnt Signaling by Modulating the Stability of Nuclear β-Catenin. Dev Cell. 2015;33:660-74 pubmed publisher
    In the absence of Wnt activation, cytosolic β-catenin is degraded through GSK3/CK1-mediated phosphorylation at the N terminus...
  39. Wang J, Davis S, Menon S, Zhang J, Ding J, Cervantes S, et al. Ypt1/Rab1 regulates Hrr25/CK1δ kinase activity in ER-Golgi traffic and macroautophagy. J Cell Biol. 2015;210:273-85 pubmed publisher
    ..Phosphorylation of the COPII coat by casein kinase 1 (CK1), Hrr25, contributes to the directional delivery of ER-derived vesicles to the Golgi...
  40. Wang S, Hu Y, Yang J, Smith C, Richardson A, Yamakoshi Y, et al. Fam83h null mice support a neomorphic mechanism for human ADHCAI. Mol Genet Genomic Med. 2016;4:46-67 pubmed publisher
    ..Casein kinase 1 (CK1) interacts with the FAM83H PLD-like domain via an F(270)-X-X-X-F(274)-X-X-X-F(278) motif...
  41. Zhao J, Zhang J, Zhang X, Feng M, Qu J. High temperature requirement A3 (HTRA3) expression predicts postoperative recurrence and survival in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer. Oncotarget. 2016;7:40725-40734 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, HTRA3 suppresses tumor cell invasiveness and may serve as a prognostic biomarker for postoperative recurrence or survival in NSCLC. ..
  42. Sudha G, Yamunadevi S, Tyagi N, Das S, Srinivasan N. Structural and molecular basis of interaction of HCV non-structural protein 5A with human casein kinase 1α and PKR. BMC Struct Biol. 2012;12:28 pubmed publisher
    ..of non-structural protein 5A (NS5A) of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) with human kinases namely, casein kinase 1α (ck1α) and protein kinase R (PKR) have different functional implications such as regulation of viral replication and ..
  43. Xiao B, Liu H, Gu Z, Ji C. Expression of microRNA-133 inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition in lung cancer cells by directly targeting FOXQ1. Arch Bronconeumol. 2016;52:505-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore our data support the role of miR-133 as a potential molecular therapeutic tool in treating lung cancer. ..
  44. Frohwitter G, Buerger H, van Diest P, Korsching E, Kleinheinz J, Fillies T. Cytokeratin and protein expression patterns in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity provide evidence for two distinct pathogenetic pathways. Oncol Lett. 2016;12:107-113 pubmed
    ..cell growth factor receptor, p21, p27, p16, p53, B-cell lymphoma 6, epidermal growth factor receptor, cyclin D1 and CK1, 5/6, 8/18, 10, 14 and 19. Expression patterns were analyzed with biomathematical permutation analysis...
  45. Föhr K, Knippschild U, Herkommer A, Fauler M, Peifer C, Georgieff M, et al. State-dependent block of voltage-gated sodium channels by the casein-kinase 1 inhibitor IC261. Invest New Drugs. 2017;35:277-289 pubmed publisher
    ..has previously been introduced as an isoform specific inhibitor of casein kinase 1 (CK1) causing cell cycle arrest or cell death of established tumor cell lines...
  46. Manni S, Carrino M, Piazza F. Role of protein kinases CK1α and CK2 in multiple myeloma: regulation of pivotal survival and stress-managing pathways. J Hematol Oncol. 2017;10:157 pubmed publisher
    ..The phylogenetically related Ser/Thr kinases CSNK1A1 (CK1α) and CSNK2 (CK2) have recently gained a growing importance in hematologic malignancies arising both from ..
  47. Alappat E, Feig C, Boyerinas B, Volkland J, Samuels M, Murmann A, et al. Phosphorylation of FADD at serine 194 by CKIalpha regulates its nonapoptotic activities. Mol Cell. 2005;19:321-32 pubmed
    ..In contrast, a low level of cycling splenocytes from mice expressing FADD with a mutated phosphorylation site was insensitive to CKI inhibition. These data suggest that phosphorylation of FADD by CKI is a crucial event during mitosis. ..
  48. Huang X, Langelotz C, Hetfeld Pechoc B, Schwenk W, Dubiel W. The COP9 signalosome mediates beta-catenin degradation by deneddylation and blocks adenomatous polyposis coli destruction via USP15. J Mol Biol. 2009;391:691-702 pubmed publisher
    ..A model is provided that proposes a role of CSN-mediated deneddylation in the formation of the beta-catenin-degrading supercomplex and the protection of complex-bound APC via CSN-associated USP15. ..
  49. Hirota T, Lee J, Lewis W, Zhang E, Breton G, Liu X, et al. High-throughput chemical screen identifies a novel potent modulator of cellular circadian rhythms and reveals CKI? as a clock regulatory kinase. PLoS Biol. 2010;8:e1000559 pubmed publisher
    ..Longdaysin provides novel possibilities in manipulating clock function due to its ability to simultaneously inhibit several key components of this conserved network across species. ..
  50. Zhan M, Fu J, Chen T, Li Y, Zhang J, Li X, et al. Effects of bypass system on PCDD/F emission and chlorine circulation in cement kilns. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2016;23:19657-66 pubmed publisher
    ..circulation were studied in two typical dry cement kilns with 5000 ton/day clinker capacity in China and named CK1 and CK2, respectively...
  51. Cheng Y, Tong M, Edge A. Destabilization of Atoh1 by E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Huwe1 and Casein Kinase 1 Is Essential for Normal Sensory Hair Cell Development. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:21096-21109 pubmed
    ..The interaction with Huwe1 and polyubiquitylation were blocked by disruption of casein kinase 1 (CK1) activity, and mass spectrometry and mutational analysis identified serine 334 as an important phosphorylation site ..
  52. Watanabe Y, Tsujimura A, Taguchi K, Tanaka M. HSF1 stress response pathway regulates autophagy receptor SQSTM1/p62-associated proteostasis. Autophagy. 2017;13:133-148 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, HSF1 inhibition impaired aggregate-induced autophagosome formation and elimination of protein aggregates. Our findings indicate that HSF1 triggers SQSTM1-mediated proteostasis. ..
  53. Drusbosky L, Medina C, Martuscello R, Hawkins K, Chang M, Lamba J, et al. Computational drug treatment simulations on projections of dysregulated protein networks derived from the myelodysplastic mutanome match clinical response in patients. Leuk Res. 2017;52:1-7 pubmed publisher
    ..as a potential resistance factor to HMA treatment and paradoxical activation of beta-catenin (through Csnk1a1 inhibition) as a resistance factor to lenalidomide treatment...
  54. Beyaert R, Vanhaesebroeck B, Declercq W, van Lint J, Vandenabele P, Agostinis P, et al. Casein kinase-1 phosphorylates the p75 tumor necrosis factor receptor and negatively regulates tumor necrosis factor signaling for apoptosis. J Biol Chem. 1995;270:23293-9 pubmed
    ..Taken together, our data demonstrate that the p75 TNF receptor is phosphorylated and associated with CK-1, which negatively regulates p75-mediated TNF signaling. ..
  55. Kuga T, Kume H, Kawasaki N, Sato M, Adachi J, Shiromizu T, et al. A novel mechanism of keratin cytoskeleton organization through casein kinase I? and FAM83H in colorectal cancer. J Cell Sci. 2013;126:4721-31 pubmed publisher
  56. Fan J, Jiang K, Liu Y, Jia J. Hrs promotes ubiquitination and mediates endosomal trafficking of smoothened in Drosophila hedgehog signaling. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e79021 pubmed publisher
    ..We have characterized that the N-terminus of Hrs directly interacts with the PKA/CK1 phosphorylation clusters to prevent Smo phosphorylation and activation, indicating an ubiquitin-independent ..
  57. Ianes C, Xu P, Werz N, Meng Z, Henne Bruns D, Bischof J, et al. CK1δ activity is modulated by CDK2/E- and CDK5/p35-mediated phosphorylation. Amino Acids. 2016;48:579-92 pubmed publisher
    b>CK1 protein kinases form a family of serine/threonine kinases which are highly conserved through different species and ubiquitously expressed...
  58. Hao Y, Yang X, Zhang D, Luo J, Chen R. Long noncoding RNA LINC01186, regulated by TGF-?/SMAD3, inhibits migration and invasion through Epithelial-Mesenchymal-Transition in lung cancer. Gene. 2017;608:1-12 pubmed publisher
    ..And LINC01186 affected several EMT markers expression. These findings suggest that LINC01186, a mediator of TGF-? signaling, can play a significant role in the regulation of EMT and lung cancer cell migration and invasion. ..
  59. Lee G, Zheng Y, Cho S, Jang C, England C, Dempsey J, et al. Post-transcriptional Regulation of De Novo Lipogenesis by mTORC1-S6K1-SRPK2 Signaling. Cell. 2017;171:1545-1558.e18 pubmed publisher
    ..mTORC1-activated S6K1 phosphorylates SRPK2 at Ser494, which primes Ser497 phosphorylation by CK1. These phosphorylation events promote SRPK2 nuclear translocation and phosphorylation of SR proteins...
  60. Xing Y, Clements W, Le Trong I, Hinds T, Stenkamp R, Kimelman D, et al. Crystal structure of a beta-catenin/APC complex reveals a critical role for APC phosphorylation in APC function. Mol Cell. 2004;15:523-33 pubmed
    ..Our work suggests that the phosphorylation of the APC 20 aa repeats could be a critical switch for APC function. ..
  61. Xu S, Wong C, Tong E, Chung S, Yates J, Yin Y, et al. Phosphorylation by casein kinase 1 regulates tonicity-induced osmotic response element-binding protein/tonicity enhancer-binding protein nucleocytoplasmic trafficking. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:17624-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we have shown that the pharmacological inhibition of casein kinase 1 (CK1) abolishes the phosphorylation of Ser-158 and impedes OREBP/TonEBP nuclear export and that recombinant CK1 ..
  62. Petzold G, Fischer E, Thomä N. Structural basis of lenalidomide-induced CK1α degradation by the CRL4(CRBN) ubiquitin ligase. Nature. 2016;532:127-30 pubmed publisher
    ..of the lymphoid transcription factors Ikaros and Aiolos (also known as IKZF1 and IKZF3), and casein kinase 1α (CK1α), which contributes to its clinical efficacy in the treatment of multiple myeloma and 5q-deletion associated ..
  63. Wang Z, Wang S, Wang W, Gu Y, Liu H, Wei F, et al. Targeted disruption of CK1? in Toxoplasma gondii increases acute virulence in mice. Eur J Protistol. 2016;56:90-101 pubmed publisher
    Toxoplasma gondii, the causative agent of toxoplasmosis, encodes two casein kinase 1 (CK1) isoforms, CK1? and CK1?, with only CK1? having enzyme activity...
  64. Akizuki K, Toyama T, Yamashita M, Sugiyama Y, Ishida A, Kameshita I, et al. Facile preparation of highly active casein kinase 1 using Escherichia coli constitutively expressing lambda phosphatase. Anal Biochem. 2018;549:99-106 pubmed publisher
    Casein kinase 1 (CK1) is a widely expressed Ser/Thr kinase in eukaryotic organisms that is involved in various cellular processes (e.g., circadian rhythm and apoptosis)...
  65. Zemlickova E, Johannes F, Aitken A, Dubois T. Association of CPI-17 with protein kinase C and casein kinase I. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2004;316:39-47 pubmed
    ..We previously found that CPI-17 co-purified with casein kinase I in brain suggesting they are part of a complex and we now show that CPI-17 associates with the kinase domain of CKI isoforms. ..
  66. Tuppi M, Kehrloesser S, Coutandin D, Rossi V, Luh L, Strubel A, et al. Oocyte DNA damage quality control requires consecutive interplay of CHK2 and CK1 to activate p63. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2018;25:261-269 pubmed publisher
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