Gene Symbol: CKM
Description: creatine kinase, M-type
Alias: CKMM, CPK-M, M-CK, creatine kinase M-type, creatine kinase M chain, creatine kinase, muscle, creatine phosphokinase M-type
Species: human
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Top Publications

  1. Huszar G, Vigue L. Spermatogenesis-related change in the synthesis of the creatine kinase B-type and M-type isoforms in human spermatozoa. Mol Reprod Dev. 1990;25:258-62 pubmed
    ..However, in the presence of muscle M-CK, the muscle-sperm MB-CK hybrid has formed. Thus in sperm and muscle the M-CK isoforms are structurally different, whereas the B-CKs are apparently homologous.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) ..
  2. Perryman M, Kerner S, Bohlmeyer T, Roberts R. Isolation and sequence analysis of a full-length cDNA for human M creatine kinase. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1986;140:981-9 pubmed
    ..The degree of sequence conservation observed implies an evolutionary constraint on M creatine kinase structure beyond that which would be expected for the maintenance of enzymatic function. ..
  3. Yamin C, Amir O, Sagiv M, Attias E, Meckel Y, Eynon N, et al. ACE ID genotype affects blood creatine kinase response to eccentric exercise. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2007;103:2057-61 pubmed
    ..We suggest that the II genotype imposes increased risk for developing muscle damage, whereas the DD genotype may have protective effects. These findings support the role of local RAS in the regulation of exertional muscle injury. ..
  4. Wallimann T, Hemmer W. Creatine kinase in non-muscle tissues and cells. Mol Cell Biochem. 1994;133-134:193-220 pubmed
    ..Most interesting in this respect is the observed upregulation of CK expression by adenoviral oncogenes. ..
  5. Zhao T, Yan Y, Liu Y, Zhou H. The generation of the oxidized form of creatine kinase is a negative regulation on muscle creatine kinase. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:12022-9 pubmed
    ..Therefore, it can be concluded that the generation of O-CK was a negative regulation of R-CK and that O-CK might play essential roles in the molecular turnover of MM-CK. ..
  6. Chen Z, Zhao T, Li J, Gao Y, Meng F, Yan Y, et al. Slow skeletal muscle myosin-binding protein-C (MyBPC1) mediates recruitment of muscle-type creatine kinase (CK) to myosin. Biochem J. 2011;436:437-45 pubmed publisher
    ..The results of the present study suggest that MyBPC1 acts as an adaptor to connect the ATP consumer (myosin) and the regenerator (MM-CK) for efficient energy metabolism and homoeostasis. ..
  7. Borchel A, Verleih M, Kühn C, Rebl A, Goldammer T. Evolutionary expression differences of creatine synthesis-related genes: Implications for skeletal muscle metabolism in fish. Sci Rep. 2019;9:5429 pubmed publisher
    ..glycine amidinotransferase (GATM), guanidinoacetate N-methyltransferase (GAMT) and muscle-type creatine kinase (CKM) in kidney, liver, and muscle tissues of fish and mammals...
  8. Jezek J, Smethurst D, Stieg D, Kiss Z, Hanley S, Ganesan V, et al. Cyclin C: The Story of a Non-Cycling Cyclin. Biology (Basel). 2019;8: pubmed publisher
    ..with its partner kinase Cdk8 and two accessory subunits Med12 and Med13 called the Cdk8-dependent kinase module (CKM)...
  9. Dubé M, Zetler R, Barhdadi A, Brown A, Mongrain I, Normand V, et al. CKM and LILRB5 are associated with serum levels of creatine kinase. Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2014;7:880-6 pubmed publisher
    ..We found a strong association signal between serum levels of CK and the muscle CK (CKM) gene (rs11559024: P=3.69×10(-16); R(2)=0...

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  1. Fuochi V, Barbagallo I, DiStefano A, Puglisi F, Palmeri R, Di Rosa M, et al. Biological properties of Cakile maritima Scop. (Brassicaceae) extracts. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2019;23:2280-2292 pubmed publisher
    Cakile maritima scop. (CKM) is a herbaceous plant (Brassicaceae) growing also in high salinity environment. It is an annual plant growing in clumps or mounds in the sand on beaches and bluffs...
  2. Zehsaz F, Safabakhsh A, Farhangi N, Keynezhad N, Monfaredan A, Ghahramani M. Do ACE and CKMM gene variations have potent effects on physical performance in inactive male adolescents?. Mol Biol Rep. 2019;46:1835-1843 pubmed publisher
    We studied to ascertain whether the ACE and/or CKMM genotypes independently influence the baseline level of some sport performances in 613 inactive male adolescents (mean ± SD age: 13.24 ± 0.28 years)...
  3. Burkin D, Wallace G, Nicol K, Kaufman D, Kaufman S. Enhanced expression of the alpha 7 beta 1 integrin reduces muscular dystrophy and restores viability in dystrophic mice. J Cell Biol. 2001;152:1207-18 pubmed
    ..A video that contrasts kyphosis, gait, joint contractures, and mobility in mdx/utr(-/-) and alpha 7BX2-mdx/utr(-/-) mice can be accessed at ..
  4. Okamoto S, Asgar N, Yokota S, Saito K, Minokoshi Y. Role of the α2 subunit of AMP-activated protein kinase and its nuclear localization in mitochondria and energy metabolism-related gene expressions in C2C12 cells. Metabolism. 2019;90:52-68 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, the nuclear translocation of AMPKα2 is necessary for maintenance of PGC-1α1 mRNA during myogenesis. ..
  5. Lynch J, Dolman A, Guo C, Dolan K, Xiang C, Reda S, et al. Mutant myocilin impacts sarcomere ultrastructure in mouse gastrocnemius muscle. PLoS ONE. 2018;13:e0206801 pubmed publisher
    ..from transgenics indicated a decrease in two M-band proteins, myomesin 1 (MYOM1) and muscle creatine kinase (CKM). Immunoprecipitation identified CKM as a MYOC binding partner...
  6. Gao Y, Wang Y, Li C, Chen Z, Yan Y, Zhou H. Dissecting the key residues crucial for the species-specific thermostability of muscle-type creatine kinase. Int J Biol Macromol. 2010;47:366-70 pubmed publisher
    ..The results showed that two residues close to the dimer interface of MMCK, the 46th and 146th residue, were crucial for species-specific thermal stability. ..
  7. Yoon S, Sugamori K, Grynpas M, Mitchell J. Positive effects of bisphosphonates on bone and muscle in a mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Neuromuscul Disord. 2016;26:73-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Pamidronate treatment had positive effects on skeletal muscle in the Mdx mice with decreased serum and muscle creatine kinase and evidence of improved muscle histology and grip strength. ..
  8. López C, Bru E, Vignolo G, Fadda S. Identification of small peptides arising from hydrolysis of meat proteins in dry fermented sausages. Meat Sci. 2015;104:20-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This work represents a first peptidomic approach for fermented sausages, thereby providing a baseline to define key peptides acting as potential biomarkers. ..
  9. Tu J, Chang M, Huang L, Chang C, Huang H, Lee R, et al. The blue fluorescent protein from Vibrio vulnificus CKM-1 is a useful reporter for plant research. Bot Stud. 2014;55:79 pubmed publisher
    ..protein that was originally identified from the non-bioluminescent pathogenic bacteria Vibrio vulnificus CKM-1...
  10. Shabrova E, Hoyos B, Vinogradov V, Kim Y, Wassef L, Leitges M, et al. Retinol as a cofactor for PKCδ-mediated impairment of insulin sensitivity in a mouse model of diet-induced obesity. FASEB J. 2016;30:1339-55 pubmed publisher
    ..The distinct role in whole-body energy homeostasis establishes the PKCδ signalosome as a promising target for therapeutic intervention in metabolic disorders. ..
  11. Desai M, Jackson V, Zhai W, Suman S, Nair M, Beach C, et al. Proteome basis of pale, soft, and exudative-like (PSE-like) broiler breast (Pectoralis major) meat. Poult Sci. 2016;95:2696-2706 pubmed
    ..Actin alpha, myosin heavy chain, phosphoglycerate kinase, creatine kinase M type, beta-enolase, carbonic anhydrase 2, proteasome subunit alpha, pyruvate kinase, and malate dehydrogenase ..
  12. Jin J, Lv W, Xia P, Xu Z, Zheng A, Wang X, et al. Long noncoding RNA SYISL regulates myogenesis by interacting with polycomb repressive complex 2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:E9802-E9811 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our results reveal that SYISL is a repressor of muscle development and plays a vital role in PRC2-mediated myogenesis. ..
  13. Okamoto I, Tonkin Crine S, Rayner H, Murtagh F, Farrington K, Caskey F, et al. Conservative care for ESRD in the United Kingdom: a national survey. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2015;10:120-6 pubmed publisher
    Conservative kidney management (CKM) has been developed in the United Kingdom (UK) as an alternative to dialysis for older patients with stage 5 CKD (CKD5) and multiple comorbidities...
  14. Heled Y, Bloom M, Wu T, Stephens Q, Deuster P. CK-MM and ACE genotypes and physiological prediction of the creatine kinase response to exercise. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2007;103:504-10 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the CK-MM AA genotype and percent body fat may be part of the constellation of mechanisms that explain susceptibility to ERB. A physiological test that may assist in predicting ERB is also presented. ..
  15. Doring F, Onur S, Kürbitz C, Boulay M, Perusse L, Rankinen T, et al. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the myostatin (MSTN) and muscle creatine kinase (CKM) genes are not associated with elite endurance performance. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2011;21:841-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in muscle myostatin (MSTN) and creatine kinase (CKM) genes are candidates for VO2max and skeletal muscle performance phenotypes...
  16. Kelley W, Lockwood C, Cervelli D, Sterner J, Scott M, Duh S, et al. Cardiovascular disease testing on the Dimension Vista system: biomarkers of acute coronary syndromes. Clin Biochem. 2009;42:1444-51 pubmed publisher
    ..The Dimension Vista cTnI, CK-MB, MYO, NTproBNP, and hsCRP methods demonstrate acceptable performance characteristics for use as an aid in the diagnosis and risk assessment of patients presenting with suspected acute coronary syndromes. ..
  17. Liu Z, Li W, Ma X, Ding N, Spallotta F, Southon E, et al. Essential role of the zinc finger transcription factor Casz1 for mammalian cardiac morphogenesis and development. J Biol Chem. 2014;289:29801-16 pubmed publisher
    ..that are critical for muscular system development and function, such as muscle contraction genes TNNI2, TNNT1, and CKM; contractile fiber gene ACTA1; and cardiac arrhythmia associated ion channel coding genes ABCC9 and CACNA1D...
  18. Taylor B, Panza G, Thompson P. Increased creatine kinase with statin treatment may identify statin-associated muscle symptoms. Int J Cardiol. 2016;209:12-3 pubmed publisher
  19. Ying S, Xiang M, Fang L, Wang J. Temporal changes in circulating P-selectin, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, magnesium, and creatine kinase after percutaneous coronary intervention. J Zhejiang Univ Sci B. 2010;11:575-82 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings highlight the need for using antiplatelet therapy and Mg to reduce the risks associated with PCI. ..
  20. Man N, Cartwright A, Andrews K, Morris G. Treatment of human muscle creatine kinase with glutaraldehyde preferentially increases the immunogenicity of the native conformation and permits production of high-affinity monoclonal antibodies which recognize two distinct surface epitopes. J Immunol Methods. 1989;125:251-9 pubmed
    ..Immunoassays based on the high affinity antibody can easily measure less than 1 ng of CK, a sensitivity comparable to, or better than, standard enzymatic assays. ..
  21. Hollander S, Hochman E, Shoval G, Taler M, Trommer S, Hermesh H, et al. The association between serum creatine kinase, mood and psychosis in inpatients with schizophrenia, bipolar and schizoaffective disorders. Psychiatry Res. 2016;238:333-337 pubmed publisher
    ..After controlling for confounders, it seems that sCK level is associated with the both affective and psychotic components. Serum CK may serve as a biomarker for affective exacerbation rather than psychosis. ..
  22. Hussain M, Afzal M, Ali T, Ali R, Khan W, Jamshed A, et al. Data-driven knowledge acquisition, validation, and transformation into HL7 Arden Syntax. Artif Intell Med. 2018;92:51-70 pubmed publisher
    ..The PM is converted into a refined-clinical knowledge model (R-CKM), which follows a rigorous validation process...
  23. Vikenes K, Melberg T, Farstad M, Nordrehaug J. Elevated CK-MB values after routine angioplasty predicts worse long-term prognosis in low-risk patients. Scand Cardiovasc J. 2010;44:69-75 pubmed publisher
    ..CK-MB mass values > or = three times the reference after elective angioplasty predicts reduced long-term event-free survival. ..
  24. Underwood R, Deng Y, Greenwald I. Integration of EGFR and LIN-12/Notch Signaling by LIN-1/Elk1, the Cdk8 Kinase Module, and SUR-2/Med23 in Vulval Precursor Cell Fate Patterning in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics. 2017;207:1473-1488 pubmed publisher
    ..complex that acts in mammalian EGFR signaling-lin-1/Elk1, sur-2/Med23, and the Cdk8 Kinase module (CKM)-previously implicated in aspects of 1° fate in C...
  25. Min L, Tian Q, Lu X, Duan H. Modeling EHR with the openEHR approach: an exploratory study in China. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 2018;18:75 pubmed publisher
    ..59 (91%) archetypes could be found in Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM), of which 35 could be reused directly without change, and 23 required further development including two revisions, ..
  26. Athar F, Parnaik V. Potential gene regulatory role for cyclin D3 in muscle cells. J Biosci. 2015;40:497-512 pubmed
    ..Our results have implications for a regulatory role for cyclin D3 in muscle-specific gene activation. ..
  27. Singh H, Kaur P, Kaur P, Muthuraman A, Singh G, Kaur M. Investigation of therapeutic potential and molecular mechanism of vitamin P and digoxin in I/R-induced myocardial infarction in rat. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. 2015;388:565-74 pubmed publisher
    ..It may be due to its free radical scavenging and anti-infarct property via inhibition of Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase activity. Therefore, it can be used as a potential therapeutic medicine for the management of cardiovascular disorders. ..
  28. Öztürk Kaloglu D, Hercher D, Heher P, Posa Markaryan K, Sperger S, Zimmermann A, et al. A Noninvasive In Vitro Monitoring System Reporting Skeletal Muscle Differentiation. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2017;23:1-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Due to the highly specific, fast, and convenient expression analysis for cells undergoing myogenic differentiation, this reporter system provides a powerful tool for application in skeletal muscle tissue engineering...
  29. Filali M, Lalonde R, Gérard C, Coulombe Z, Tremblay J. Sensorimotor skills in Fxn KO/Mck mutants deficient for frataxin in muscle. Brain Res. 2015;1608:91-6 pubmed publisher
    ..The Fxn KO/Mck model reproduces some key features of patients with Friedreich ataxia and provides an opportunity of ameliorating their symptoms with experimental therapies. ..
  30. Eider J, Ahmetov I, Fedotovskaya O, Moska W, Cieszczyk P, Zarebska A, et al. CKM gene polymorphism in Russian and Polish rowers. Genetika. 2015;51:389-92 pubmed
    Muscle-specific creatine kinase (CKMM) plays a vital role in the energy homeostasis of muscle cells...
  31. Ito J, Fukaki H, Onoda M, Li L, Li C, Tasaka M, et al. Auxin-dependent compositional change in Mediator in ARF7- and ARF19-mediated transcription. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:6562-7 pubmed publisher
    ..subunits of Mediator complex reside in four modules: the head, middle, tail, and dissociable CDK8 kinase module (CKM)...
  32. Eckhardt A, Kulhavá L, Miksik I, Pataridis S, Hlaváčková M, Vašinová J, et al. Proteomic analysis of cardiac ventricles: baso-apical differences. Mol Cell Biochem. 2018;445:211-219 pubmed publisher
    ..However, in both chambers was the concentration of proteins markedly higher in the apical than that in basal part, which corresponds to the higher energetic demand and contractile activity of these segments of both ventricles. ..
  33. Burch P, Greg Hall D, Walker E, BRACKEN W, Giovanelli R, Goldstein R, et al. Evaluation of the Relative Performance of Drug-Induced Skeletal Muscle Injury Biomarkers in Rats. Toxicol Sci. 2016;150:247-56 pubmed publisher
    ..novel biomarkers of SKM injury including skeletal troponin I (sTnI), myosin light chain 3 (Myl3), CK M Isoform (Ckm), and fatty acid binding protein 3 (Fabp3) was assessed in 34 rat studies including both SKM toxicants and ..
  34. Cutlip D, Kuntz R. Does creatinine kinase-MB elevation after percutaneous coronary intervention predict outcomes in 2005? Cardiac enzyme elevation after successful percutaneous coronary intervention is not an independent predictor of adverse outcomes. Circulation. 2005;112:916-22; discussion 922 pubmed
  35. Caldow M, Digby M, Cameron Smith D. Short communication: Bovine-derived proteins activate STAT3 in human skeletal muscle in vitro. J Dairy Sci. 2015;98:3016-9 pubmed publisher FGF and LIF during the proliferative phase reduced myoblast proliferation and elevated MyoD and creatine kinase (CKM) mRNA expression without altering apoptotic genes. In mature myotubes, neither FGF nor LIF elicited any action...
  36. Simionescu Bankston A, Pichavant C, Canner J, Apponi L, Wang Y, Steeds C, et al. Creatine kinase B is necessary to limit myoblast fusion during myogenesis. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2015;308:C919-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that localized CKB plays a key role in myotube formation by limiting myoblast fusion during myogenesis. ..
  37. Weng J, Wu L, Lee C, Hsu P, Cheng A. Integrative epigenetic profiling analysis identifies DNA methylation changes associated with chronic alcohol consumption. Comput Biol Med. 2015;64:299-306 pubmed publisher
    ..genes involved in neurogenesis (NPDC1) and inflammation (HERC5), as well as alcoholism-associated genes ADCY9, CKM, and PHOX2A...
  38. Anandhakumar J, Moustafa Y, Chowdhary S, Kainth A, Gross D. Evidence for Multiple Mediator Complexes in Yeast Independently Recruited by Activated Heat Shock Factor. Mol Cell Biol. 2016;36:1943-60 pubmed publisher conditionally deplete select subunits within Mediator and its reversibly associated Cdk8 kinase module (CKM), we provide evidence that Mediator's tail module is highly dynamic and that a subcomplex consisting of Med2, Med3, ..
  39. Cotabarren J, Tellechea M, Aviles F, Lorenzo Rivera J, Obregón W. Biochemical characterization of the YBPCI miniprotein, the first carboxypeptidase inhibitor isolated from Yellow Bell Pepper (Capsicum annuum L). A novel contribution to the knowledge of miniproteins stability. Protein Expr Purif. 2018;144:55-61 pubmed publisher
    ..var. Yellow Bell Pepper, the first cystine-knot miniprotein (CKM) of the species. We demonstrate the stability of YBPCI (IC50 = 0...
  40. Sadoh W, Eregie C, Nwaneri D, Sadoh A. The diagnostic value of both troponin T and creatinine kinase isoenzyme (CK-MB) in detecting combined renal and myocardial injuries in asphyxiated infants. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e91338 pubmed publisher
    ..Elevated cTnT signifies the presence of myocardial injury. Elevated CK-MB indicates either myocardial injury, AKI or both. Therefore renal injury should be excluded in asphyxiated infants with elevated CK-MB. ..
  41. Wu Q, Li F, Guo H, Cao J, Chen C, Chen W, et al. Disrupting of E79 and K138 interaction is responsible for human muscle creatine kinase deficiency diseases. Int J Biol Macromol. 2013;54:216-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, this partially unfolded state upon environmental stresses might gradually decrease the CK level in the patients. Thus, these results might provide clues in the mechanism of CK deficiency diseases. ..
  42. Soprani T, Uliana V, Ribeiro R, Lisboa S, Maretto G, da Ferreira A, et al. Cardiac protein changes in rats after soybean oil treatment: a proteomic study. Lipids Health Dis. 2015;14:26 pubmed publisher the intensity of proteins involved in muscle contraction (myosin light chain-3 (3-MCL), creatine kinase M (CKM)) and thireodoxin, an antioxidant enzyme...
  43. Kowalski K, Marciniak P, Rosinski G, Rychlik L. Toxic activity and protein identification from the parotoid gland secretion of the common toad Bufo bufo. Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol. 2018;205:43-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results also provide the guides for the use of toad poison-peptides in therapeutics and new drug development. ..
  44. Della Gaspera B, Chesneau A, Weill L, Charbonnier F, Chanoine C. Xenopus SOX5 enhances myogenic transcription indirectly through transrepression. Dev Biol. 2018;442:262-275 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that Sox5 enhances myogenic transcription of muscle markers Des, Actc1, Ckm and MyhE3...
  45. Yang G, Zhao F. Electrochemical sensor for chloramphenicol based on novel multiwalled carbon nanotubes@molecularly imprinted polymer. Biosens Bioelectron. 2015;64:416-22 pubmed publisher
    ..which is based on multiwalled carbon nanotubes@molecularly imprinted polymer (MWCNTs@MIP), mesoporous carbon (CKM-3) and three-dimensional porous graphene (P-r-GO)...
  46. Negro Rama S, Valera M, Membrillo A, Gomez M, Sole M, Menendez Buxadera A, et al. Quantitative analysis of short- and long-distance racing performance in young and adult horses and association analysis with functional candidate genes in Spanish Trotter horses. J Anim Breed Genet. 2016;133:347-56 pubmed publisher
    ..the best and the worst deregressed EBV, 321 STHs were selected for SNP genotyping in MSTN, COX4I2, PDK4, DMRT3 and CKM genes...
  47. Menezes E, de Oliveira R, van Tilburg M, Barbosa E, Nascimento N, Velho A, et al. Proteomic analysis of seminal plasma from locally-adapted "Curraleiro Pé-Duro bulls" (Bos taurus): identifying biomarkers involved in sperm physiology in endangered animals for conservation of biodiversity. Anim Reprod Sci. 2017;183:86-101 pubmed publisher
    ..Use of the endangered mammalian as a model may assist in understanding aspects of evolutionary adaptations and could improve assisted reproductive biotechnologies. ..
  48. Davis M, Cappel R, Vester J, Samaha F, Gruenstein E. Creatine kinase activity in normal and Duchenne muscular dystrophy fibroblasts. Muscle Nerve. 1982;5:1-6 pubmed
    ..The presence in human fibroblasts of significant levels of CK activity with a characteristic isozyme profile is an important consideration for studies of this "marker" enzyme in the pseudohypertrophic muscle of DMD. ..
  49. Wood T, Chen L, White C, Babbitt P, Kenyon G, McLafferty F. Sequence verification of human creatine kinase (43 kDa) isozymes by high-resolution tandem mass spectrometry. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1995;92:11451-5 pubmed
    ..This approach appears generally useful for detailed sequence verification of recombinant proteins. ..
  50. Cho O, Mallappa C, Hernández Hernández J, Rivera Pérez J, Imbalzano A. Contrasting roles for MyoD in organizing myogenic promoter structures during embryonic skeletal muscle development. Dev Dyn. 2015;244:43-55 pubmed publisher
    ..MyoD differentially promotes activated and repressed chromatin structures at myogenic genes early after the onset of skeletal muscle differentiation in the developing mouse embryo. ..
  51. O Connell G, Guo G, Stricker J, Quinn L, Ma A, Pistilli E. Muscle-specific deletion of exons 2 and 3 of the IL15RA gene in mice: effects on contractile properties of fast and slow muscles. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2015;118:437-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, these data support a direct effect of muscle IL-15Rα deficiency in altering contractile properties and fatigue characteristics in skeletal muscles. ..
  52. Kumar A, Agarwal S, Pradhan S. Haplotype analysis and LD detection at DM1 locus. Gene. 2015;567:45-50 pubmed publisher
    ..PCR-RFLP analysis was performed for intron 5 (C/T)/HhaI, DMPK (G/T) intron 9/HinfI, Bpm1 and CKMM genetic polymorphism...
  53. Wu H, Ren Y, Pan W, Dong Z, Cang M, Liu D. The mammalian target of rapamycin signaling pathway regulates myocyte enhancer factor-2C phosphorylation levels through integrin-linked kinase in goat skeletal muscle satellite cells. Cell Biol Int. 2015;39:1264-73 pubmed publisher
    ..It appears that the mTOR signaling pathway regulates MEF2C through ILK, further regulating the expression of muscle-related genes in gSSCs. ..
  54. Sung B, Hwang S, Kim M, Kim M, Jeong J, Kim C, et al. Loquat leaf extract enhances myogenic differentiation, improves muscle function and attenuates muscle loss in aged rats. Int J Mol Med. 2015;36:792-800 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that LE attenuates sarcopenia by promoting myogenic differentiation and subsequently promoting muscle protein synthesis. ..
  55. Salanova M, Gelfi C, Moriggi M, Vasso M, Viganò A, Minafra L, et al. Disuse deterioration of human skeletal muscle challenged by resistive exercise superimposed with vibration: evidence from structural and proteomic analysis. FASEB J. 2014;28:4748-63 pubmed publisher
    ..01), WDR1 (39%, P ≤ 0.01), sarcosin (84%, P ≤ 0.01), and CKM (20%, P ≤ 0.01) and prevented myofibrillar ultrastructural damage as detectable by MuRF1 expression...
  56. Shen M, Gong Y, Zeng X, Zhang F, Tang F. [Interstitial lung disease as an initial manifestation of dermatomyositis]. Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2014;94:3402-6 pubmed
    ..And the frequent clinical pathology types are organic and non-specific interstitial pneumonias. Symptoms of skin and muscle, creatine kinase and anti-synthetase antibodies should be closely monitored. ..
  57. Chikenji A, Ando H, Nariyama M, Suga T, Iida R, Gomi K. MyoD is regulated by the miR-29a-Tet1 pathway in C2C12 myoblast cells. J Oral Sci. 2016;58:219-29 pubmed publisher
    ..The miR29a-Tet1 pathway may be part of a complex myogenic regulatory network in C2C12 cells. (J Oral Sci 58, 219-229, 2016). ..
  58. Defoor J, Martens K, Matthijs G, Zielinska D, Schepers D, Philips T, et al. The caregene study: muscle-specific creatine kinase gene and aerobic power in coronary artery disease. Eur J Cardiovasc Prev Rehabil. 2005;12:415-7 pubmed
    ..was investigated whether the NcoI restriction fragment length polymorphism of the muscle-specific creatine kinase (CKMM) gene is associated with aerobic power and with the response to physical training...
  59. Vikenes K, Andersen K, Melberg T, Farstad M, Nordrehaug J. Long-term prognostic value of creatine kinase-myocardial band mass after cardiac surgery in low-risk patients with stable angina. Cardiology. 2009;113:122-31 pubmed publisher
    ..CK-MB values > or =5 times the reference after elective cardiac surgery are associated with reduced long-term event-free survival. ..
  60. Moran C, Chatterjee K. Resistance to thyroid hormone due to defective thyroid receptor alpha. Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2015;29:647-57 pubmed publisher
    ..The genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity of RTHα and its optimal management remain to be elucidated. ..
  61. Insenser M, Montes Nieto R, Martínez García M, Escobar Morreale H. A nontargeted study of muscle proteome in severely obese women with androgen excess compared with severely obese men and nonhyperandrogenic women. Eur J Endocrinol. 2016;174:389-98 pubmed publisher
    ..Because men do not show similar results, this alteration does not appear to be the direct effect on muscle of androgen excess, but rather the consequence of indirect mechanisms that merit further studies. ..
  62. Wallace M, Della Gatta P, Ahmad Mir B, Kowalski G, Kloehn J, McConville M, et al. Overexpression of Striated Muscle Activator of Rho Signaling (STARS) Increases C2C12 Skeletal Muscle Cell Differentiation. Front Physiol. 2016;7:7 pubmed publisher
    ..differentiation was associated with an increase in the gene levels of the myogenic differentiation markers Ckm, Ckmt2 and Myh4, the differentiation factor Igf2 and the myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs) Myf5 and Myf6...
  63. Khow K, Lau S, Li J, Yong T. Asymptomatic elevation of creatine kinase in patients with hyponatremia. Ren Fail. 2014;36:908-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Asymptomatic hyper-CKemia is an uncommon association with hyponatremia of various etiologies. Hyponatremia-associated hyper-CKemia can be complicated by AKI. ..
  64. Montiel G, Horn T, Vafa R, Solera A, Hollmann W, Predel H, et al. Echocardiographic and biochemical analysis of cardiac function and injury among female amateur runners post-marathon. Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2016;128:193-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The data collected does not provide any solid evidence of pathological changes in the cardiac function of female amateur runners post-marathon, although the lab values indicate a strongly increased myocardial stimulation. ..
  65. Shankaran M, Shearer T, Stimpson S, Turner S, King C, Wong P, et al. Proteome-wide muscle protein fractional synthesis rates predict muscle mass gain in response to a selective androgen receptor modulator in rats. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2016;310:E405-17 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, FSR of multiple muscle proteins measured by dynamics of moderate- to high-abundance proteins provides early biomarkers of the anabolic response of skeletal muscle to SARM. ..
  66. Hornemann T, Kempa S, Himmel M, Hayess K, Furst D, Wallimann T. Muscle-type creatine kinase interacts with central domains of the M-band proteins myomesin and M-protein. J Mol Biol. 2003;332:877-87 pubmed
    ..Our data propose a simple model for the regulation of this dynamic interaction. ..
  67. Mehlem A, Palombo I, Wang X, Hagberg C, Eriksson U, Falkevall A. PGC-1α Coordinates Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity and Muscular Fatty Acid Uptake via Regulation of VEGF-B. Diabetes. 2016;65:861-73 pubmed publisher
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