Gene Symbol: CHMP2A
Description: charged multivesicular body protein 2A
Alias: BC-2, BC2, CHMP2, VPS2, VPS2A, charged multivesicular body protein 2a, VPS2 homolog A, chromatin modifying protein 2A, vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 2-1, vps2-1
Species: human
Products:     CHMP2A

Top Publications

  1. Strack B, Calistri A, Craig S, Popova E, Gottlinger H. AIP1/ALIX is a binding partner for HIV-1 p6 and EIAV p9 functioning in virus budding. Cell. 2003;114:689-99 pubmed
    ..These observations identify AIP1 as a component of the viral budding machinery, which serves to link a distinct region in the L domain of HIV-1 p6 and EIAV p9 to ESCRT-III...
  2. Effantin G, Dordor A, Sandrin V, Martinelli N, Sundquist W, Schoehn G, et al. ESCRT-III CHMP2A and CHMP3 form variable helical polymers in vitro and act synergistically during HIV-1 budding. Cell Microbiol. 2013;15:213-26 pubmed publisher
    ..We have used electron cryomicroscopy to determine the molecular organization of pleiomorphic ESCRT-III CHMP2A-CHMP3 polymers...
  3. Baietti M, Zhang Z, Mortier E, Melchior A, Degeest G, Geeraerts A, et al. Syndecan-syntenin-ALIX regulates the biogenesis of exosomes. Nat Cell Biol. 2012;14:677-85 pubmed publisher
    ..This study identifies a key role for syndecan-syntenin-ALIX in membrane transport and signalling processes. ..
  4. Carlson L, Hurley J. In vitro reconstitution of the ordered assembly of the endosomal sorting complex required for transport at membrane-bound HIV-1 Gag clusters. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:16928-33 pubmed publisher
    ..of ESCRT recruitment to HIV-1 budding sites, which culminates with the assembly of the late-acting CHMP4, CHMP3, CHMP2, and CHMP1 subunits, is less completely understood...
  5. Bajorek M, Schubert H, McCullough J, Langelier C, Eckert D, Stubblefield W, et al. Structural basis for ESCRT-III protein autoinhibition. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2009;16:754-62 pubmed publisher
  6. Agromayor M, Carlton J, Phelan J, Matthews D, Carlin L, Ameer Beg S, et al. Essential role of hIST1 in cytokinesis. Mol Biol Cell. 2009;20:1374-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Last, we show that the hIST1 MIM activity is essential for cytokinesis, suggesting possible mechanisms to explain the role of hIST1 in the last step of mammalian cell division. ..
  7. Stuchell Brereton M, Skalicky J, Kieffer C, Karren M, Ghaffarian S, Sundquist W. ESCRT-III recognition by VPS4 ATPases. Nature. 2007;449:740-4 pubmed
    ..Thus, our studies reveal how the VPS4 ATPases recognize their CHMP substrates to facilitate the membrane fission events required for the release of viruses, endosomal vesicles and daughter cells. ..
  8. Shim S, Merrill S, Hanson P. Novel interactions of ESCRT-III with LIP5 and VPS4 and their implications for ESCRT-III disassembly. Mol Biol Cell. 2008;19:2661-72 pubmed publisher
    ..LIP5 binds tightly to CHMP5, but also find that it binds well to additional ESCRT-III proteins including CHMP1B, CHMP2A/hVps2-1, and CHMP3/hVps24 but not CHMP4A/hSnf7-1 or CHMP6/hVps20...
  9. Van Engelenburg S, Shtengel G, Sengupta P, Waki K, Jarnik M, Ablan S, et al. Distribution of ESCRT machinery at HIV assembly sites reveals virus scaffolding of ESCRT subunits. Science. 2014;343:653-6 pubmed publisher
    ..ESCRT subunits localized within the head of budding virions and released particles, with head-localized levels of CHMP2A decreasing relative to Tsg101 and CHMP4B upon virus abscission...

More Information


  1. Martin Serrano J, Yarovoy A, Perez Caballero D, Bieniasz P, Yaravoy A. Divergent retroviral late-budding domains recruit vacuolar protein sorting factors by using alternative adaptor proteins. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100:12414-9 pubmed
  2. Morita E, Colf L, Karren M, Sandrin V, Rodesch C, Sundquist W. Human ESCRT-III and VPS4 proteins are required for centrosome and spindle maintenance. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:12889-94 pubmed publisher
    ..and spindle pole numbers, producing multipolar spindles (most ESCRT-III/VPS4 proteins) or monopolar spindles (CHMP2A or CHMP5) and causing defects in chromosome segregation and nuclear morphology...
  3. Lata S, Schoehn G, Jain A, Pires R, Piehler J, Gottlinger H, et al. Helical structures of ESCRT-III are disassembled by VPS4. Science. 2008;321:1354-7 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that the ESCRT-III proteins CHMP2A and CHMP3 (charged multivesicular body proteins 2A and 3) could assemble in vitro into helical tubular structures ..
  4. Skalicky J, Arii J, Wenzel D, Stubblefield W, Katsuyama A, Uter N, et al. Interactions of the human LIP5 regulatory protein with endosomal sorting complexes required for transport. J Biol Chem. 2012;287:43910-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Our studies thus reveal how the tandem MIT domain of LIP5 binds different types of ESCRT-III proteins, promoting assembly of active VPS4 enzymes on the polymeric ESCRT-III substrate. ..
  5. von Schwedler U, Stuchell M, Muller B, Ward D, Chung H, Morita E, et al. The protein network of HIV budding. Cell. 2003;114:701-13 pubmed
    ..These studies define a protein network required for human MVB biogenesis and indicate that the entire network participates in the release of HIV and probably many other viruses. ..
  6. Fekir K, Dubois Pot Schneider H, Désert R, Daniel Y, Glaise D, Rauch C, et al. Retrodifferentiation of Human Tumor Hepatocytes to Stem Cells Leads to Metabolic Reprogramming and Chemoresistance. Cancer Res. 2019;79:1869-1883 pubmed publisher
    ..Spheroid cultures of human HepaRG progenitors (HepaRG-Spheres), HBG-BC2, HepG2, and HuH7 cells and isolation of side population (SP) from HepaRG cells (HepaRG-SP) were analyzed by ..
  7. Schöneberg J, Pavlin M, Yan S, Righini M, Lee I, Carlson L, et al. ATP-dependent force generation and membrane scission by ESCRT-III and Vps4. Science. 2018;362:1423-1428 pubmed publisher
    ..We encapsulated ESCRT-III subunits Snf7, Vps24, and Vps2 and the AAA+ ATPase (adenosine triphosphatase) Vps4 in giant vesicles from which membrane nanotubes reflecting the ..
  8. Amoah K, Huang Q, Tan B, Zhang S, Chi S, Yang Q, et al. Dietary supplementation of probiotic Bacillus coagulans ATCC 7050, improves the growth performance, intestinal morphology, microflora, immune response, and disease confrontation of Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei. Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2019;87:796-808 pubmed publisher
    ..ATCC 7050 (BC) fed at different inclusion levels (0 (BO), 1 × 106 (BC1), 1 × 107 (BC2) and 1 × 108 (BC3) CFU g-1 feed) on growth, feed utilization, body composition, ..
  9. Wang B, Lin F, Li X, Zhang Z, Xue X, Liu S, et al. Isothermal Crystallization and Rheology Properties of Isotactic Polypropylene/Bacterial Cellulose Composite. Polymers (Basel). 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..shows that the complex viscosity and storage modulus of the composite significantly increase in the rule iPP, iPP/BC2, iPP/CO2, and M-iPP/BC3, which indicates that the compatibility of the composite increases as this rule...
  10. Wollert T, Wunder C, Lippincott Schwartz J, Hurley J. Membrane scission by the ESCRT-III complex. Nature. 2009;458:172-7 pubmed publisher
    ..In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, ESCRT-III consists of Vps20, Snf7, Vps24 and Vps2 (also known as Did4), which assemble in that order and require the ATPase Vps4 for their disassembly...
  11. He L, Bi Y, Zhao J, Pittelkow C, Zhao X, Wang S, et al. Population and community structure shifts of ammonia oxidizers after four-year successive biochar application to agricultural acidic and alkaline soils. Sci Total Environ. 2018;619-620:1105-1115 pubmed publisher
    ..Soils were obtained from an outdoor soil column experiment with straw-BC application rates of 0 (BC0), 2.25 (BC2.25) and 11.3 (BC11.3) Mgha-1 per cropping season for eight consecutive wheat/millet seasons...
  12. Hamdan F, Srour M, Capo Chichi J, Daoud H, Nassif C, Patry L, et al. De novo mutations in moderate or severe intellectual disability. PLoS Genet. 2014;10:e1004772 pubmed publisher
    ..We also identified 12 possibly pathogenic DNMs in genes (HNRNPU, WAC, RYR2, SET, EGR1, MYH10, EIF2C1, COL4A3BP, CHMP2A, PPP1CB, VPS4A, PPP2R2B) that have not previously been causally linked to ID...
  13. Duangsong U, Laosatit K, Somta P, Srinives P. Genetics of resistance to Cercospora leaf spot disease caused by Cercospora canescens and Psuedocercospora cruenta in yardlong bean (Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis) × grain cowpea (V. unguiculata ssp. unguiculata) populations. J Genet. 2018;97:1451-1456 pubmed
    ..the F2 population fitted both 3 : 1 ratio and 13 : 3 ratio of susceptible:resistant, while that in the BC2 ((CSR12906×IT90K-59-120)×IT90K- 59-120) population fitted a 1 : 1 ratio, suggesting one recessive gene or two ..
  14. Brune T, Kunze Schumacher H, Kölling R. Interactions in the ESCRT-III network of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Curr Genet. 2019;65:607-619 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, we provide evidence for the existence of a novel complex consisting of Did2/CHMP1 and Vps2/CHMP2. Some of the interactions on Congo red plates could be explained by effects of ESCRT-III mutations on Rim101 ..
  15. Newton B, Brakke K, Buzza D. Influence of magnetic field on the orientation of anisotropic magnetic particles at liquid interfaces. Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2014;16:26051-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We also show for the first time that upon reducing the external magnetic field, at a critical magnetic field Bc2 < Bc1, the particle undergoes a second discontinuous transition from the perpendicular orientation to a finite ..
  16. Soletti R, Alves T, Vernal J, Terenzi H, Anderluh G, Borges H, et al. Inhibition of MAPK/ERK, PKC and CaMKII signaling blocks cytolysin-induced human glioma cell death. Anticancer Res. 2010;30:1209-15 pubmed resistant cancer cells, proliferation and cell death were evaluated on U87 glioblastoma cells treated with toxin Bc2 or equinatoxin-II (EqTx-II)...
  17. Li Z, BLISSARD G. The vacuolar protein sorting genes in insects: A comparative genome view. Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 2015;62:211-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, VPS2 was expanded only in species from Phthiraptera, Lepidoptera, and Coleoptera...
  18. Takahashi Y, He H, Tang Z, Hattori T, Liu Y, Young M, et al. An autophagy assay reveals the ESCRT-III component CHMP2A as a regulator of phagophore closure. Nat Commun. 2018;9:2855 pubmed publisher
    ..Using this assay, we identify the endosomal sorting complexes required for transport (ESCRT)-III component CHMP2A as a critical regulator of phagophore closure...
  19. Su P, Kuo D, Shih Y, Chen C. Sorption of organic compounds to two diesel soot black carbons in water evaluated by liquid chromatography and polyparameter linear solvation energy relationship. Water Res. 2018;144:709-718 pubmed publisher
    ..of graphitic BC (BC1, specific surface area (SSA) = 87 m2/g) and amorphous, oxygenated BC (BC2; SSA = 3.6 m2/g)...
  20. Budylin M, Kan L, Romanov V, Khrustaleva L. [Chromosomal structure of the hybrids between Allium cepa L. and Allium fistulosum L. with relative resistance to downy mildew based on in situ hybridization]. Genetika. 2014;50:443-51 pubmed
    ..fistulosum L. and 16 chromosomes of A. cepa L., which did not produce seeds. BC2 (BC1F5) plant was amphidiploid that possessed 4 recombinant chromosomes and produced few seeds...
  21. Guo E, Xu Z. Distinct mechanisms of recognizing endosomal sorting complex required for transport III (ESCRT-III) protein IST1 by different microtubule interacting and trafficking (MIT) domains. J Biol Chem. 2015;290:8396-408 pubmed publisher
    ..These observations enabled us to deduce a preliminary binding code, which we applied to provide CHMP2A, a protein that normally only binds the MIT domain in the MIM1 mode, the additional ability to bind the MIT domain ..
  22. Tang Q, Yin K, Qian H, Zhao Y, Wang W, Chou S, et al. Cyclic di-GMP contributes to adaption and virulence of Bacillus thuringiensis through a riboswitch-regulated collagen adhesion protein. Sci Rep. 2016;6:28807 pubmed publisher
    ..In Bacillus thuringiensis BMB171, a c-di-GMP riboswitch termed Bc2 RNA resides in the 5'-untranslated region (5'-UTR) of an mRNA that encodes a collagen adhesion protein (Cap)...
  23. Luo Z, Duan T, Yuan S, Chen S, Bai X, Zhang D. Reproductive isolation between sympatric sister species, Mussaenda kwangtungensis and M. pubescens var. alba. J Integr Plant Biol. 2015;57:859-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Five out of 81 individuals were suggested to be hybrids that fall into the categories F2, BC1, and BC2 by the NewHybrids analysis...
  24. Singh R, Nelson R. Intersubgeneric hybridization between Glycine max and G. tomentella: production of F₁, amphidiploid, BC₁, BC₂, BC₃, and fertile soybean plants. Theor Appl Genet. 2015;128:1117-36 pubmed publisher
    ..The objectives of this study were to develop methods for producing F1, amphidiploid, BC1, BC2, BC3, and fertile soybean plants from crosses of soybean and the genus Glycine subgenus Glycine species, in order ..
  25. Insalaco G, Salvaggio A, Pomidori L, Cogo A, Romano S. Heart rate variability during sleep at high altitude: effect of periodic breathing. Sleep Breath. 2016;20:197-204 pubmed publisher
    ..33 and 40 years), at sea level (SL) and at Everest North Base Camp (5180 m), during the first (BC1) and the tenth (BC2) overnight unattended polygraphy, were analyzed...
  26. Bartusch C, Prange R. ESCRT Requirements for Murine Leukemia Virus Release. Viruses. 2016;8:103 pubmed publisher
    ..By analyzing the effects of individual ESCRT-III knockdowns, VLP and virion release was profoundly inhibited in CHMP2A- and CHMP4B-knockdown cells...
  27. Braunschweig H, Dewhurst R, Ferkinghoff K. Carbene-induced synthesis of the first borironium cations using the [(η(5)-C5Me5)Fe(CO)2](-) anion as an unlikely leaving group. Chem Commun (Camb). 2016;52:183-5 pubmed publisher
    Reaction of N-heterocyclic carbenes with ferroborirene complex [{(η(5)-C5Me5)Fe(CO)2}{BC2(SiMe3)2}] results in heterolytic Fe-B bond cleavage, yielding borironium ions, a new class of boron-containing heterocycles...
  28. Yang H, Liu J, Lin J, Deng L, Fan S, Guo Y, et al. Overexpression of CHMP7 from rapeseed and Arabidopsis causes dwarfism and premature senescence in Arabidopsis. J Plant Physiol. 2016;204:16-26 pubmed publisher
    ..2 (CHMP4B), but also with VPS2.2 and CHMP1B...
  29. Hansen A, Bundgaard B, Biltoft M, Rossen L, Höllsberg P. Divergent tropism of HHV-6AGS and HHV-6BPL1 in T cells expressing different CD46 isoform patterns. Virology. 2017;502:160-170 pubmed publisher
    ..The HHV-6BPL1-susceptible T-cell lines were characterized by low expression of the CD46 isoform BC2 and domination of isoforms containing the cytoplasmic tail, CYT-1...
  30. Alkner S, Tang M, Brueffer C, Dahlgren M, Chen Y, Olsson E, et al. Contralateral breast cancer can represent a metastatic spread of the first primary tumor: determination of clonal relationship between contralateral breast cancers using next-generation whole genome sequencing. Breast Cancer Res. 2015;17:102 pubmed publisher
    ..Although there have been indications that the second tumor (BC2) sometimes may represent a metastatic spread of BC1, this has never been conclusively shown...
  31. Chen J, Lao F, Chen X, Deng H, Liu R, He H, et al. DNA Marker Transmission and Linkage Analysis in Populations Derived from a Sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) x Erianthus arundinaceus Hybrid. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0128865 pubmed publisher
    ..The second population (BC2) was generated from a cross between YCE01-116, a progeny of the BC1 cross and NJ57-416, a commercial sugarcane ..
  32. Gong W, Liu X, Xia S, Liang B, Zhang W. Abiotic reduction of trifluralin and pendimethalin by sulfides in black-carbon-amended coastal sediments. J Hazard Mater. 2016;310:125-34 pubmed publisher
    ..This study investigated whether black carbons (BCs), including apple wood charcoal (BC1), rice straw biochar (BC2), and activated carbon (BC3), could facilitate abiotic reduction of trifluralin and pendimethalin by sulfides of ..
  33. Kojima R, Obita T, Onoue K, Mizuguchi M. Structural Fine-Tuning of MIT-Interacting Motif 2 (MIM2) and Allosteric Regulation of ESCRT-III by Vps4 in Yeast. J Mol Biol. 2016;428:2392-2404 pubmed publisher
    ..shown that another ESCRT-III protein, Ist1, binds to Vps4-MIT via its C-terminal MIM1 with higher affinity than Vps2, but lacks MIM2 by surface plasmon resonance...
  34. Zhan Z, Nwafor C, Hou Z, Gong J, Zhu B, Jiang Y, et al. Cytological and morphological analysis of hybrids between Brassicoraphanus, and Brassica napus for introgression of clubroot resistant trait into Brassica napus L. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0177470 pubmed publisher
    ..13.51% BC2 individuals were resistant to clubroot disease, and several resistance lines had high pollen fertility, Overall, ..
  35. Alkner S, Ehinger A, Bendahl P, Rydén L, Fernö M. Prognosis, stage and oestrogen receptor status of contralateral breast cancer in relation to characteristics of the first tumour, prior endocrine treatment and radiotherapy. Eur J Cancer. 2015;51:2304-13 pubmed publisher
    ..We hereby investigate phenotypical and prognostic features of the second tumour (BC2) in relation to prior endocrine treatment and radiotherapy...
  36. Carlson R, Oshota O, Shipman M, Caserta J, Hu P, Saunders C, et al. Integrated molecular, physiological and in silico characterization of two Halomonas isolates from industrial brine. Extremophiles. 2016;20:261-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Genomes from the organisms, designated Halomonas BC1 and BC2, were sequenced; 16S ribosomal subunit-based phylogenetic analysis revealed a high level of similarity to each ..
  37. Qin X, Li Y, Wang H, Liu C, Li J, Wan Y, et al. Long-term effect of biochar application on yield-scaled greenhouse gas emissions in a rice paddy cropping system: A four-year case study in south China. Sci Total Environ. 2016;569-570:1390-1401 pubmed publisher
    ..treatments were included: control (CK), application of 5tha(-1) biochar (BC1), application of 10tha(-1) biochar (BC2), application of 10tha(-1) biochar (BC3), rice straw return at 2400kgha(-1)(RS) and inoculated rice straw return at ..
  38. Hanouz J, Fiant A, Gerard J. Middle cerebral artery blood flow velocity during beach chair position for shoulder surgery under general anesthesia. J Clin Anesth. 2016;33:31-6 pubmed publisher
    ..after induction of general anesthesia (baseline), after beach chair positioning (BC1), during surgery 20minutes (BC2), and after back to supine position before stopping anesthesia (supine)...
  39. Hurst D, Mickan S. Describing knowledge encounters in healthcare: a mixed studies systematic review and development of a classification. Implement Sci. 2017;12:35 pubmed publisher
    ..Our synthesis involved a mixed approach using the top-down logic of the Bliss Bibliographic Classification System (BC2) to generate classification categories and a bottom-up approach to develop descriptive codes (or "facets") for each ..
  40. Ting N, Yaakub Z, Kamaruddin K, Mayes S, Massawe F, Sambanthamurthi R, et al. Fine-mapping and cross-validation of QTLs linked to fatty acid composition in multiple independent interspecific crosses of oil palm. BMC Genomics. 2016;17:289 pubmed publisher
    ..0 - 69.0 % of the phenotypic trait variation and were validated in two independent BC2 populations...
  41. Farré A, Sayers L, Leverington Waite M, Goram R, Orford S, Wingen L, et al. Application of a library of near isogenic lines to understand context dependent expression of QTL for grain yield and adaptive traits in bread wheat. BMC Plant Biol. 2016;16:161 pubmed publisher
    ..To this aim, a library of 553 BC2 NILs and their recurrent parents were tested over two growing seasons (2012/2013 and 2013/2014)...
  42. Virant D, Traenkle B, Maier J, Kaiser P, Bodenhöfer M, Schmees C, et al. A peptide tag-specific nanobody enables high-quality labeling for dSTORM imaging. Nat Commun. 2018;9:930 pubmed publisher
    ..a broadly applicable labeling strategy for fixed and living cells utilizing a short peptide tag-specific nanobody (BC2-tag/bivBC2-Nb)...
  43. Ding T, Lu C, He J, Zhao B, Wang J, Enhe -, et al. Adsorption characteristics of Pb2+ on natural black carbon extracted from different grain-size lake sediments. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2016;23:23911-23919 pubmed
    ..The results showed BC content near to 1 % of sediments from WLSH, in which BC1, BC2, BC3, and BC4 composited about 1.8, 1.6, 1.1, and 0...
  44. Vietri M, Schink K, Campsteijn C, Wegner C, Schultz S, Christ L, et al. Spastin and ESCRT-III coordinate mitotic spindle disassembly and nuclear envelope sealing. Nature. 2015;522:231-5 pubmed publisher
  45. Cashikar A, Shim S, Roth R, Maldazys M, Heuser J, Hanson P. Structure of cellular ESCRT-III spirals and their relationship to HIV budding. elife. 2014;3: pubmed publisher
    ..Interpolating between the observed structures suggests a new role for Vps4 in separating ESCRT-III from Gag or other cargo to allow centripetal growth of a neck constricting ESCRT-III spiral...
  46. Hadders M, Agromayor M, Obita T, Perisic O, Caballe A, Kloc M, et al. ESCRT-III binding protein MITD1 is involved in cytokinesis and has an unanticipated PLD fold that binds membranes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:17424-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest a model whereby MITD1 coordinates the activity of ESCRT-III during abscission with earlier events in the final stages of cell division. ..
  47. Kyuuma M, Kikuchi K, Kojima K, Sugawara Y, Sato M, Mano N, et al. AMSH, an ESCRT-III associated enzyme, deubiquitinates cargo on MVB/late endosomes. Cell Struct Funct. 2007;31:159-72 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that both the DUB activity of AMSH and its CHMP3-binding ability are required to clear ubiquitinated cargo from endosomes. ..
  48. Howard T, Stauffer D, Degnin C, Hollenberg S. CHMP1 functions as a member of a newly defined family of vesicle trafficking proteins. J Cell Sci. 2001;114:2395-404 pubmed
    ..These observations identify the conserved CHMP/Chmp family as a set of proteins fundamental to understanding multivesicular body sorting in eukaryotic organisms. ..
  49. Feig M, Bobnar M, Veremchuk I, Hennig C, Burkhardt U, Starke R, et al. Two-gap superconductivity in Ag1-xMo6S8 Chevrel phase. J Phys Condens Matter. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..9(5) K] are studied on a sample compacted by spark plasma sintering. Both lower [Bc1 = 12(1) mT] and the upper [Bc2(0) ? 7...
  50. Kuang Z, Seo E, Leis J. Mechanism of inhibition of retrovirus release from cells by interferon-induced gene ISG15. J Virol. 2011;85:7153-61 pubmed publisher
    ..ISG15 is conjugated to two different LIP5-ESCRT-III-binding charged multivesicular body proteins, CHMP2A and CHMP5. Upon ISGylation of each, interaction with LIP5 is no longer detected...
  51. Mierzwa B, Chiaruttini N, Redondo Morata L, von Filseck J, König J, Larios J, et al. Dynamic subunit turnover in ESCRT-III assemblies is regulated by Vps4 to mediate membrane remodelling during cytokinesis. Nat Cell Biol. 2017;19:787-798 pubmed publisher
    ..In vitro, the Vps2/Vps24 subunits of ESCRT-III formed side-by-side filaments with Snf7 and inhibited further polymerization, but the ..
  52. Saha N, Dutta S, Datta S, Sarkar S. The minimal ESCRT machinery of Giardia lamblia has altered inter-subunit interactions within the ESCRT-II and ESCRT-III complexes. Eur J Cell Biol. 2018;97:44-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Interactions within the giardial ESCRT-III components also differ from those in yeast; while GlVps46a interacts preferentially with Vps24 compared to Vps2, GlVps46b, like the yeast orthologue, interacts with both.
  53. Agromayor M, Martin Serrano J. Interaction of AMSH with ESCRT-III and deubiquitination of endosomal cargo. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:23083-91 pubmed
    ..enzyme, with the endodomal sorting complex required for transport (ESCRT-III) subunits CHMP1A, CHMP1B, CHMP2A, and CHMP3...
  54. Das D, Hardikar R, Han S, Lee K, Singh A. Monolayer BC2: an ultrahigh capacity anode material for Li ion batteries. Phys Chem Chem Phys. 2017;19:24230-24239 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study reveals that BC2 is the most promising candidate as an anode material for Li ion batteries owing to its high Li storage capacity combined with low diffusion barrier and low open circuit voltage. ..
  55. Prescher J, Baumgärtel V, Ivanchenko S, Torrano A, Bräuchle C, Muller B, et al. Super-resolution imaging of ESCRT-proteins at HIV-1 assembly sites. PLoS Pathog. 2015;11:e1004677 pubmed publisher
    ..fluorescence microscopy to elucidate the size and structure of the ESCRT components Tsg101, ALIX, CHMP4B and CHMP2A during HIV-1 budding below the diffraction limit...
  56. Döring T, Gotthardt K, Stieler J, Prange R. ?2-Adaptin is functioning in the late endosomal sorting pathway and interacts with ESCRT-I and -III subunits. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2010;1803:1252-64 pubmed publisher
    ..MVB sorting is further suggested by our finding that it specifically interacts with the ESCRT subunits Vps28 and CHMP2A. These observations identify ?2-adaptin as a critical factor in MVB trafficking, which likely is involved in ..
  57. Fujita H, Umezuki Y, Imamura K, Ishikawa D, Uchimura S, Nara A, et al. Mammalian class E Vps proteins, SBP1 and mVps2/CHMP2A, interact with and regulate the function of an AAA-ATPase SKD1/Vps4B. J Cell Sci. 2004;117:2997-3009 pubmed
    ..A primary sequence of mVps2, a mouse homologue of human CHMP2A/BC-2, indicates 44.4% identity with Vps2p/Did4p/Chm2p from Saccharomyces cerevisiae...
  58. McKnight K, Xie L, González López O, Rivera Serrano E, Chen X, Lemon S. Protein composition of the hepatitis A virus quasi-envelope. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017;114:6587-6592 pubmed publisher
    ..RNAi depletion studies confirmed that ESCRT-III proteins, particularly CHMP2A, function in eHAV biogenesis...
  59. Sandrin V, Sundquist W. ESCRT requirements for EIAV budding. Retrovirology. 2013;10:104 pubmed publisher
    ..wild type and mutant constructs revealed budding requirements for the following ESCRT proteins: ALIX, CHMP4B, CHMP2A and VPS4A or VPS4B...
  60. Rigden D, Liu H, Hayes S, Urbé S, Clague M. Ab initio protein modelling reveals novel human MIT domains. FEBS Lett. 2009;583:872-8 pubmed publisher
    ..As a proof of principle, we have confirmed the novel MIT annotation for USP54 by in vitro profiling of binding to CHMP proteins. ..
  61. Gu M, LaJoie D, Chen O, von Appen A, Ladinsky M, Redd M, et al. LEM2 recruits CHMP7 for ESCRT-mediated nuclear envelope closure in fission yeast and human cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017;114:E2166-E2175 pubmed publisher
    ..We further found that, during nuclear envelope formation, recruitment of the ESCRT factors CHMP7, CHMP2A, and IST1/CHMP8 all depend on LEM2 in human cells...
  62. Tabata K, Arimoto M, Arakawa M, Nara A, Saito K, Omori H, et al. Unique Requirement for ESCRT Factors in Flavivirus Particle Formation on the Endoplasmic Reticulum. Cell Rep. 2016;16:2339-47 pubmed publisher
    ..Electron-microscopy studies revealed that the CHMP2 and CHMP4 proteins function directly in membrane deformation at the ER...
  63. Olmos Y, Hodgson L, Mantell J, Verkade P, Carlton J. ESCRT-III controls nuclear envelope reformation. Nature. 2015;522:236-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The ESCRT-III component charged multivesicular body protein 2A (CHMP2A) is directed to the forming NE through binding to CHMP4B, and provides an activity ..
  64. Lee J, Liu L, Javier R, Kreitzer A, Delaloy C, Gao F. ESCRT-III subunits Snf7-1 and Snf7-2 differentially regulate transmembrane cargos in hESC-derived human neurons. Mol Brain. 2011;4:37 pubmed publisher
    ..Indeed, hSnf7-1 and hSnf7-2 are preferentially associated with CHMP2A and CHMP2B, respectively, and regulate the turnover of distinct transmembrane cargos such as neurotransmitter ..