Gene Symbol: CELA1
Description: chymotrypsin like elastase family member 1
Alias: ELA1, chymotrypsin-like elastase family member 1, elastase 1, pancreatic, elastase-1, pancreatic elastase 1
Species: human
Products:     CELA1

Top Publications

  1. Sánchez Arévalo Lobo V, Fernández L, Carrillo de Santa Pau E, Richart L, Cobo I, Cendrowski J, et al. c-Myc downregulation is required for preacinar to acinar maturation and pancreatic homeostasis. Gut. 2018;67:707-718 pubmed publisher
    ..i> c-Myc overexpression in preacinar cells leads to a massive erosion of differentiation. In adult Ela1-Myc mice: (1) c-Myc binds to Ptf1a, and Tcf3 is downregulated; (2) Ptf1a and c-Myc display partially ..
  2. Seleznik G, Reding T, Romrig F, Saito Y, Mildner A, Segerer S, et al. Lymphotoxin ? receptor signaling promotes development of autoimmune pancreatitis. Gastroenterology. 2012;143:1361-1374 pubmed publisher
    ..We created a mouse model of human AIP by overexpressing lymphotoxin (LT)? and ? specifically in acinar cells (Ela1-LTab mice)...
  3. Masuda M, Li Y, Pak K, Chavez E, Mullen L, Ryan A. The Promoter and Multiple Enhancers of the pou4f3 Gene Regulate Expression in Inner Ear Hair Cells. Mol Neurobiol. 2017;54:5414-5426 pubmed publisher
    ..When the region from 1 to 0.4 kb was replaced with the minimal promoter of the Ela1 gene, HC expression was maintained but at a drastically reduced level...
  4. Winter C, Yamaguchi N, Wu M, Wagner D. Transcriptional programs regulated by both LEAFY and APETALA1 at the time of flower formation. Physiol Plant. 2015;155:55-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we show that the gibberellin catabolism enzyme ELA1, which was recently shown to be important for the timing of the switch to flower formation, is positively feedback-..
  5. Wilson M, Harreman M, Taschner M, Reid J, Walker J, Erdjument Bromage H, et al. Proteasome-mediated processing of Def1, a critical step in the cellular response to transcription stress. Cell. 2013;154:983-995 pubmed publisher
    ..ubiquitin-binding domain to recruit the Elongin-Cullin E3 ligase complex via a ubiquitin-homology domain in the Ela1 protein. This facilitates polyubiquitylation of Rpb1, triggering its proteasome-mediated degradation...
  6. Bana N, Nyiri A, Nagy J, Frank K, Nagy T, Stéger V, et al. The red deer Cervus elaphus genome CerEla1.0: sequencing, annotating, genes, and chromosomes. Mol Genet Genomics. 2018;293:665-684 pubmed publisher
    ..7?×?103 scaffolds, 26.1?×?103 of which were utilized in Cer.Ela1.0. The assembly spans 3.4 Gbp...
  7. Gruber R, Panayiotou R, Nye E, Spencer Dene B, Stamp G, Behrens A. YAP1 and TAZ Control Pancreatic Cancer Initiation in Mice by Direct Up-regulation of JAK-STAT3 Signaling. Gastroenterology. 2016;151:526-39 pubmed publisher
    ..Yap1 and Taz using a Cre-lox recombination strategy in adult mouse pancreatic acinar cells (Yap1fl/fl;Tazfl/fl;Ela1-CreERT2)...
  8. Benini L, Amodio A, Campagnola P, Agugiaro F, Cristofori C, Micciolo R, et al. Fecal elastase-1 is useful in the detection of steatorrhea in patients with pancreatic diseases but not after pancreatic resection. Pancreatology. 2013;13:38-42 pubmed publisher
    ..In operated patients, steatorrhea may be present even if FE-1 is only slightly reduced, that suggests a role for non pancreatic factors. FE1 is not useful to identify operated patients at risk of malabsorption. ..
  9. Damodaren N, Van Eeuwen T, Zamel J, Lin Shiao E, Kalisman N, Murakami K. Def1 interacts with TFIIH and modulates RNA polymerase II transcription. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017;114:13230-13235 pubmed publisher
    ..Yeast Elongin (Ela1-Elc1), along with Def1, is known to facilitate ubiquitylation and degradation of RNA polymerase II (pol II) in ..

More Information


  1. Jia Y, Wang S, Zhu Y, Luo D. [Molecular genetic study of a family affected with punctate palmoplantar keratoderma]. Zhonghua Yi Xue Yi Chuan Xue Za Zhi. 2017;34:369-372 pubmed publisher
    ..A heterozygous frameshift variant c.419delC in exons of the CELA1 gene was identified in all affected individuals but not among non-affected members...
  2. Kim S, Go K, Song Y, Jeong Y, Kim E, Kim B. Extract of the mycelium of T. matsutake inhibits elastase activity and TPA-induced MMP-1 expression in human fibroblasts. Int J Mol Med. 2014;34:1613-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that the extract of the mycelium of T. matsutake may prove to be an effective biomaterial for anti-wrinkle treatment, as it can obstruct the degradation of the dermal ECM. ..
  3. Toncheva D, Mihailova Hristova M, Vazharova R, Staneva R, Karachanak S, Dimitrov P, et al. NGS nominated CELA1, HSPG2, and KCNK5 as candidate genes for predisposition to Balkan endemic nephropathy. Biomed Res Int. 2014;2014:920723 pubmed publisher
    ..than 40% frequency in both patients' groups, we nominated 3 genes with possible deleterious/damaging variants--CELA1, HSPG2, and KCNK5...
  4. Rato S, Maia S, Brito P, Resende L, Pereira C, Moita C, et al. Novel HIV-1 knockdown targets identified by an enriched kinases/phosphatases shRNA library using a long-term iterative screen in Jurkat T-cells. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e9276 pubmed publisher
    ..This study brings new insights for the complex interplay of HIV-1/host cell and opens new possibilities for antiviral strategies. ..
  5. Talas U, Dunlop J, Khalaf S, Leigh I, Kelsell D. Human elastase 1: evidence for expression in the skin and the identification of a frequent frameshift polymorphism. J Invest Dermatol. 2000;114:165-70 pubmed
    Human pancreatic elastase 1 is a serine protease which maps to the chromosomal region 12q13 close to a locus for an autosomal dominant skin disease, diffuse nonepidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma, and was investigated as a possible ..
  6. Rose S, MacDonald R. Evolutionary silencing of the human elastase I gene (ELA1). Hum Mol Genet. 1997;6:897-903 pubmed
    ..Therefore, the evolutionary silencing of the human elastase I gene appears due to mutations that inactivate crucial enhancer and promoter elements. ..
  7. Edelstein C, Italia J, Scanu A. Polymorphonuclear cells isolated from human peripheral blood cleave lipoprotein(a) and apolipoprotein(a) at multiple interkringle sites via the enzyme elastase. Generation of mini-Lp(a) particles and apo(a) fragments. J Biol Chem. 1997;272:11079-87 pubmed
    ..Elastase-mediated proteolytic events may occur in vivo under conditions associated with either an excessive leakage of elastase from PMN and/or deficiencies of natural inhibitors of this enzyme. ..
  8. Gustavsson E, Ohlsson K, Olsson A. Interaction between human pancreatic elastase and plasma protease inhibitors. Hoppe Seylers Z Physiol Chem. 1980;361:169-76 pubmed
    ..The elastase bound by alpha 2-macroglobulin retains its activity against low molecular weight substrates, while that bound by alpha 1-antitrypsin is enzymologically inactive. ..
  9. Cohen A. The interaction of alpha-1-antitrypsin with chymotrypsin, trypsin and elastase. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1975;391:193-200 pubmed
    ..The variable susceptibility of the enzyme to blockage of the inhibition by low concentrations of p-dioxane suggested that hydrophobic bonds may be important in the interaction with alpha-1-antitrypsin. ..
  10. Muniz C, dos Santos J, Pfrimer K, Ferrioli E, Kemp R, Marchini J, et al. Nutritional status, fecal elastase-1, and 13C-labeled mixed triglyceride breath test in the long-term after pancreaticoduodenectomy. Pancreas. 2014;43:445-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Although the data point toward an adaptation in the absorptive capacity of fats, A, C, and E hypovitaminosis indicate that some absorptive insufficiency persists late after PD. ..
  11. Edelstein C, Italia J, Klezovitch O, Scanu A. Functional and metabolic differences between elastase-generated fragments of human lipoprotein[a] and apolipoprotein[a]. J Lipid Res. 1996;37:1786-801 pubmed
    ..The comparable size of apo[a] fragments observed in the urine of humans and injected mice invites the speculation that enzymes of the elastase family may play a role in the biology of Lp[a] in vivo. ..
  12. Rathmann W, Haastert B, Oscarsson J, Berglind N, Wareham N. Inverse association of HbA1c with faecal elastase 1 in people without diabetes. Pancreatology. 2015;15:620-5 pubmed publisher
    Faecal elastase 1 (FE1) was inversely correlated with diabetes duration and HbA1c in type 2 diabetes. The association of FE1 and HbA1c has not been investigated in people without diabetes...
  13. Tsunemi M, Matsuura Y, Sakakibara S, Katsube Y. Crystal structure of an elastase-specific inhibitor elafin complexed with porcine pancreatic elastase determined at 1.9 A resolution. Biochemistry. 1996;35:11570-6 pubmed
    ..This intramolecular hydrogen bond network and the network of four disulfide bonds might play a significant role in stabilizing the conformation of the binding site for expressing the potent specific inhibitory activity. ..
  14. Davies R, Yoon S, Weissenbach J, Ward D, Krauter K, Kucherlapati R. Physical mapping of the human ELA1 gene between D12S361 and D12S347 on chromosome 12q13. Genomics. 1995;29:766-8 pubmed
    ELA1, the pancreatic elastase 1 gene, is conserved in mammalian genomes. ELA1 was previously mapped to chromosome 12 using a panel of mouse-human somatic cell hybrids...
  15. Murata A, Ogawa M, Fujimoto K, Kitahara T, Matsuda Y, Kosaki G. Radioimmunoassay of human pancreatic elastase 1. In vitro interaction of human pancreatic elastase 1 with serum protease inhibitors. Enzyme. 1983;30:29-37 pubmed
    A radioimmunoassay for determination of human pancreatic elastase 1 was developed and the interaction of pancreatic elastase 1 with serum protease inhibitors (alpha 2-macroglobulin and alpha 1-antitrypsin) was investigated...
  16. Dooley J, Pasciuto E, Lagou V, Lampi Y, Dresselaers T, Himmelreich U, et al. NOD mice, susceptible to pancreatic autoimmunity, demonstrate delayed growth of pancreatic cancer. Oncotarget. 2017;8:80167-80174 pubmed publisher
    ..we investigated the relationship between pancreatic autoimmunity and cancer by backcrossing the well characterised Ela1-Tag transgenic model of pancreatic cancer onto the pancreatic autoimmune susceptible NOD mouse strain...
  17. Tani T, Kawashima I, Furukawa H, Ohmine T, Takiguchi Y. Characterization of a silent gene for human pancreatic elastase I: structure of the 5'-flanking region. J Biochem. 1987;101:591-9 pubmed
    ..The transcriptional activity of the human elastase I gene appears to be suppressed in the human adult pancreas. ..
  18. Kawashima I, Tani T, Mita Honjo K, Shimoda Takano K, Ohmine T, Furukawa H, et al. Genomic organization of the human homologue of the rat pancreatic elastase I gene. DNA Seq. 1992;2:303-12 pubmed