Gene Symbol: calnexin
Description: calnexin
Alias: CNX, IP90, P90, calnexin, major histocompatibility complex class I antigen-binding protein p88
Species: human
Products:     calnexin

Top Publications

  1. Otteken A, Moss B. Calreticulin interacts with newly synthesized human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope glycoprotein, suggesting a chaperone function similar to that of calnexin. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:97-103 pubmed
    ..In addition, calreticulin has sequence similarities with the molecular chaperone calnexin. These data suggest that calreticulin might also act as a chaperone...
  2. Pind S, Riordan J, Williams D. Participation of the endoplasmic reticulum chaperone calnexin (p88, IP90) in the biogenesis of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator. J Biol Chem. 1994;269:12784-8 pubmed
    ..glycerol density gradients, newly synthesized wild-type and delta F508 mutant CFTRs associated specifically with calnexin, the calcium-binding transmembrane chaperone of the ER...
  3. David V, Hochstenbach F, Rajagopalan S, Brenner M. Interaction with newly synthesized and retained proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum suggests a chaperone function for human integral membrane protein IP90 (calnexin). J Biol Chem. 1993;268:9585-92 pubmed
    ..It is 95% homologous to the canine ER membrane phosphorprotein called pp90 or calnexin (Wada, I., Rindress, D., Cameron, P. H., Ou, W.-J., Doherty, J. J., II, Louvard, D., Bell, A. W., Dignard, D...
  4. Dickson K, Bergeron J, Shames I, Colby J, Nguyen D, Chevet E, et al. Association of calnexin with mutant peripheral myelin protein-22 ex vivo: a basis for "gain-of-function" ER diseases. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002;99:9852-7 pubmed
    ..approximately equal to 11 min), and oligosaccharide processing-dependent manner with the lectin chaperone calnexin (CNX), but not calreticulin nor BiP...
  5. Molinari M, Calanca V, Galli C, Lucca P, Paganetti P. Role of EDEM in the release of misfolded glycoproteins from the calnexin cycle. Science. 2003;299:1397-400 pubmed
    ..EDEM was shown to extract misfolded glycoproteins, but not glycoproteins undergoing productive folding, from the calnexin cycle...
  6. Fontanini A, Chies R, Snapp E, Ferrarini M, Fabrizi G, Brancolini C. Glycan-independent role of calnexin in the intracellular retention of Charcot-Marie-tooth 1A Gas3/PMP22 mutants. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:2378-87 pubmed
    ..During folding, Gas3/PMP22 associates with the lectin chaperone calnexin. Here, we show that calnexin interacts with the misfolded transmembrane domains of Gas3/PMP22, fused to green ..
  7. Walker V, Atanasiu R, Lam H, Shrier A. Co-chaperone FKBP38 promotes HERG trafficking. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:23509-16 pubmed
    ..In addition, two membrane-integrated proteins were identified, calnexin and FKBP38 (38-kDa FK506-binding protein, FKBP8)...
  8. Jessop C, Tavender T, Watkins R, Chambers J, Bulleid N. Substrate specificity of the oxidoreductase ERp57 is determined primarily by its interaction with calnexin and calreticulin. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:2194-202 pubmed publisher
    ..mechanism underlying ERp57 specificity toward glycoprotein substrates and the interdependence of ERp57 and the calnexin cycle for their correct folding...
  9. Wang Y, Huang X, Zhou J, Yang X, Li D, Mao H, et al. Trafficking-deficient G572R-hERG and E637K-hERG activate stress and clearance pathways in endoplasmic reticulum. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e29885 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we investigated the role of ER chaperone proteins (Calnexin and Calreticulin) in the processing of G572R-hERG and E637K-hERG mutant proteins...

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  1. Oliver J, Roderick H, Llewellyn D, High S. ERp57 functions as a subunit of specific complexes formed with the ER lectins calreticulin and calnexin. Mol Biol Cell. 1999;10:2573-82 pubmed
    ..In this study we demonstrate that ERp57 forms discrete complexes with the ER lectins, calnexin and calreticulin...
  2. Oda Y, Hosokawa N, Wada I, Nagata K. EDEM as an acceptor of terminally misfolded glycoproteins released from calnexin. Science. 2003;299:1394-7 pubmed
    ..Here, EDEM was shown to interact with calnexin, but not with calreticulin, through its transmembrane region...
  3. Gong Q, Jones M, Zhou Z. Mechanisms of pharmacological rescue of trafficking-defective hERG mutant channels in human long QT syndrome. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:4069-74 pubmed
    ..In this study, we investigated the interaction of hERG channels with the ER chaperone protein calnexin. Using coimmunoprecipitation, we showed that the immature forms of both wild type hERG and N470D associated with ..
  4. Hüttner S, Veit C, Vavra U, Schoberer J, Dicker M, Maresch D, et al. A context-independent N-glycan signal targets the misfolded extracellular domain of Arabidopsis STRUBBELIG to endoplasmic-reticulum-associated degradation. Biochem J. 2014;464:401-11 pubmed publisher
    ..considerable amounts of Glc1Man7GlcNAc2 N-glycans suggesting that the ER-quality control processes involving calnexin/calreticulin (CNX/CRT) and ERAD are tightly interconnected to promote protein folding or disposal by termination ..
  5. Tannous A, Pisoni G, Hebert D, Molinari M. N-linked sugar-regulated protein folding and quality control in the ER. Semin Cell Dev Biol. 2015;41:79-89 pubmed publisher
    ..glucose promotes engagement of folding and quality control machineries built around the ER lectin chaperones calnexin (CNX) and calreticulin (CRT) and including oxidoreductases and peptidyl-prolyl isomerases...
  6. Liu D, Smith P, Barton D, Day D, Overall R. Characterisation of Arabidopsis calnexin 1 and calnexin 2 in the endoplasmic reticulum and at plasmodesmata. Protoplasma. 2017;254:125-136 pubmed publisher
    b>Calnexin (CNX) is a highly conserved endoplasmic reticulum (ER) chaperone protein. Both calnexin and the homologous ER-lumenal protein, calreticulin, bind calcium ions and participate in protein folding...
  7. Ko A, Kim J, Hyun H, Kim J. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress protein responses in relation to spatio-temporal dynamics of astroglial responses to status epilepticus in rats. Neuroscience. 2015;307:199-214 pubmed publisher
    ..GRP94 and calnexin (CNX) expression was gradually reduced in CA1 neurons, not in dentate granule cells...
  8. Wang N, Seko A, Takeda Y, Ito Y. Preparation of asparagine-linked monoglucosylated high-mannose-type oligosaccharide from egg yolk. Carbohydr Res. 2015;411:37-41 pubmed publisher a key glycoform in the glycoprotein folding process, which is specifically recognized by lectin chaperones calnexin (CNX) and calreticulin (CRT) in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)...
  9. Wang B, Wang Y, Frabutt D, Zhang X, Yao X, Hu D, et al. Mechanistic understanding of N-glycosylation in Ebola virus glycoprotein maturation and function. J Biol Chem. 2017;292:5860-5870 pubmed publisher
    ..Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, we knocked out the two classical endoplasmic reticulum chaperones calnexin (CNX) and/or calreticulin (CRT) and found that both CNX and CRT increase GP expression...
  10. Osaki Y, Matsuhisa K, Che W, Kaneko M, Asada R, Masaki T, et al. Calnexin promotes the folding of mutant iduronate 2-sulfatase related to mucopolysaccharidosis type II. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..In this research, we confirmed that mutant IDS retained in the ER would be folded by binding with calnexin (CNX)...
  11. Schuhmacher L, Smith E. Expression of acid-sensing ion channels and selection of reference genes in mouse and naked mole rat. Mol Brain. 2016;9:97 pubmed
    ..We identify RPL13A (ribosomal protein L13A) and CANX (calnexin), and ?-ACTIN and EIF4A (eukaryotic initiation factor 4a) as being the most stably expressed housekeeping genes ..
  12. Umeda M, Hiramoto M, Watanabe A, Tsunoda N, Imai T. Arginine-induced insulin secretion in endoplasmic reticulum. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015;466:717-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Three proinsulin associating factors and 5 arginine interacting factors were identified. Among theses factors, Calnexin (CNX) was the only one factor, which belonged to both groups, suggesting that CNX might play a key role in ..
  13. Fregno I, Fasana E, Bergmann T, Raimondi A, Loi M, Soldà T, et al. ER-to-lysosome-associated degradation of proteasome-resistant ATZ polymers occurs via receptor-mediated vesicular transport. EMBO J. 2018;37: pubmed publisher
    ..ERLAD involves the ER-chaperone calnexin (CNX) and the engagement of the LC3 lipidation machinery by the ER-resident ER-phagy receptor FAM134B, echoing ..
  14. Forrester A, De Leonibus C, Grumati P, Fasana E, Piemontese M, Staiano L, et al. A selective ER-phagy exerts procollagen quality control via a Calnexin-FAM134B complex. EMBO J. 2019;38: pubmed publisher
    ..We found that the ER-resident lectin chaperone Calnexin (CANX) and the ER-phagy receptor FAM134B are required for autophagy-mediated quality control of endogenous ..
  15. Wang X, Chu Q, Jiang X, Yu Y, Wang L, Cui Y, et al. Sarcodon imbricatus polysaccharides improve mouse hematopoietic function after cyclophosphamide-induced damage via G-CSF mediated JAK2/STAT3 pathway. Cell Death Dis. 2018;9:578 pubmed publisher
    ..differentiation of CHRF and K562 cells and upregulated the expression of hematopoietic-related proteins, including p90 ribosomal S6 kinases (RSK1p90), c-Myc, and ETS transcription factor, in the two cell lines...
  16. Isok Paas H, Männik A, Ustav E, Ustav M. The transcription map of HPV11 in U2OS cells adequately reflects the initial and stable replication phases of the viral genome. Virol J. 2015;12:59 pubmed publisher
    ..Transcriptional initiation from the three previously described HPV11 promoters in the E6 and E7 ORFs (P90, P264, and P674-714) were functional, and these promoters were used together with two promoter regions in the E1 ..
  17. Fuhrmann D, Mernberger M, Nist A, Stiewe T, Elsässer H. Miz1 Controls Schwann Cell Proliferation via H3K36me2 Demethylase Kdm8 to Prevent Peripheral Nerve Demyelination. J Neurosci. 2018;38:858-877 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, the demethylation of H3K36 is linked to the pathogenesis of a neuropathy. ..
  18. Chaib Oukadour I, Gil C, Aguilera J. The C-terminal domain of the heavy chain of tetanus toxin rescues cerebellar granule neurones from apoptotic death: involvement of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase and mitogen-activated protein kinase pathways. J Neurochem. 2004;90:1227-36 pubmed
    ..GTP-bound form, and phosphorylation of the cascade including extracellular-signal-regulated kinases-1/2 (ERK-1/2), p90 ribosomal S6 kinase (p90rsk) and CREB (cAMP-response-element-binding protein)...
  19. Ozgur R, Uzilday B, Sekmen A, Türkan I. The effects of induced production of reactive oxygen species in organelles on endoplasmic reticulum stress and on the unfolded protein response in arabidopsis. Ann Bot. 2015;116:541-53 pubmed publisher
    ..of ER stress sensor/transducer genes (bZIP28, bZIP17, IRE1A, IRE1B, BiP1, BiP3), genes related to protein folding (CNX, ERO1) and ERAD genes (HRD1, SEL1, DER1, UBC32) were evaluated by qRT-PCR analysis...
  20. Pan C, Liu N, Zhang P, Wu Q, Deng H, Xu F, et al. EGb761 Ameliorates Neuronal Apoptosis and Promotes Angiogenesis in Experimental Intracerebral Hemorrhage via RSK1/GSK3β Pathway. Mol Neurobiol. 2018;55:1556-1567 pubmed publisher
    ..RNAi-mediated knockdown of p90 ribosomal S6 kinase 1 (RSK1) was used to further investigate the role of RSK1 in EGb761-induced neuroprotective ..
  21. Jung E, Cho J, Park D, Kim M, Park B, Lee S, et al. Vegetable peptones increase production of type I collagen in human fibroblasts by inducing the RSK-CCAAT/enhancer binding protein-β phosphorylation pathway. Nutr Res. 2015;35:127-35 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the vegetable peptones activated p90 ribosomal s6 kinase, which was mediated by activating the Raf-p44/42 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling ..
  22. Alteba S, Korem N, Akirav I. Cannabinoids reverse the effects of early stress on neurocognitive performance in adulthood. Learn Mem. 2016;23:349-58 pubmed publisher
    ..2 mg/kg, i.p.) for 2 wk during late adolescence (P45-60) and tested in adulthood (P90) for working memory, anxiety, and alterations in CB1 receptors (CB1r), and glucocorticoid receptors (GRs) in the ..
  23. Lukkes J, Norman K, Meda S, Andersen S. Sex differences in the ontogeny of CRF receptors during adolescent development in the dorsal raphe nucleus and ventral tegmental area. Synapse. 2016;70:125-32 pubmed publisher
    ..VTA were microdissected from Sprague-Dawley male and female rats on postnatal day (P) 25, P35, P42, P56, and P90. Tissue was processed and analyzed with qRT-PCR to measure CRF1 and CRF2 receptors...
  24. Yang C, Lowther K, Lalioti M, Seli E. Embryonic Poly(A)-Binding Protein (EPAB) Is Required for Granulosa Cell EGF Signaling and Cumulus Expansion in Female Mice. Endocrinology. 2016;157:405-16 pubmed publisher
    ..Epab(-/-) granulosa cells (GCs) exhibit decreased levels of phosphorylated MEK1/2, ERK1/2, and p90 ribosomal S6 kinase in response to lutenizing hormone and EGF treatment, as well as decreased phosphorylation of ..
  25. Park H, Park J, Kim J, Yang S, Jung J, Kim M, et al. Melatonin improves the meiotic maturation of porcine oocytes by reducing endoplasmic reticulum stress during in vitro maturation. J Pineal Res. 2018;64: pubmed publisher
    ..We investigated the changes in the mRNA/protein expression levels of three UPR signal genes (Bip/Grp78, ATF4, P90/50ATF6, sXbp1, and CHOP) on oocytes, cumulus cells, and cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) during IVM (metaphase I; 22..
  26. Montibeller L, de Belleroche J. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Alzheimer's disease (AD) are characterised by differential activation of ER stress pathways: focus on UPR target genes. Cell Stress Chaperones. 2018;23:897-912 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results identify IRE1α and ATF6 specific targets that can have major implications in the development of new therapeutic strategies and potential biomarkers. ..
  27. Gesser B, Rasmussen M, Raaby L, Rosada C, Johansen C, Kjellerup R, et al. Dimethylfumarate inhibits MIF-induced proliferation of keratinocytes by inhibiting MSK1 and RSK1 activation and by inducing nuclear p-c-Jun (S63) and p-p53 (S15) expression. Inflamm Res. 2011;60:643-53 pubmed publisher
    ..We studied the effect of DMF on the MIF-induced activation of the mitogen- and stress-activated kinase 1 (MSK1) and p90 kDa ribosomal S6 kinase (RSK1) signaling pathways which regulate the proliferation of human keratinocytes via ..
  28. Colon L, Odynocki N, Santarelli A, Poulos A. Sexual differentiation of contextual fear responses. Learn Mem. 2018;25:230-240 pubmed publisher
    ..retrieval of cued and context fear in preadolescent (P24 and P33), periadolescent (P37), and adult (P60 and P90) rats...
  29. Arnold W, Duque S, Iyer C, Zaworski P, McGovern V, Taylor S, et al. Normalization of Patient-Identified Plasma Biomarkers in SMN?7 Mice following Postnatal SMN Restoration. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0167077 pubmed publisher
    ..Brain, spinal cord, quadriceps muscle, and liver were analyzed for SMN protein levels at P12 and P90. Ten plasma biomarkers (a subset of biomarkers in the SMA-MAP panel available for analysis in mice) were analyzed ..
  30. Thammavongsa V, Mancino L, Raghavan M. Polypeptide substrate recognition by calnexin requires specific conformations of the calnexin protein. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:33497-505 pubmed
    b>Calnexin is an endoplasmic reticulum chaperone that binds to substrates containing monoglucosylated oligosaccharides. Whether calnexin can also directly recognize polypeptide components of substrates is controversial...
  31. Fukushi M, Yoshinaka Y, Matsuoka Y, Hatakeyama S, Ishizaka Y, Kirikae T, et al. Monitoring of S protein maturation in the endoplasmic reticulum by calnexin is important for the infectivity of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. J Virol. 2012;86:11745-53 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that SARS-CoV spike glycoprotein (S protein), a key molecule for viral entry, binds to calnexin, a molecular chaperone in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), but not to calreticulin, a homolog of calnexin...
  32. Nakao H, Seko A, Ito Y, Sakono M. PDI family protein ERp29 recognizes P-domain of molecular chaperone calnexin. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;487:763-767 pubmed publisher
    Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) resident lectin chaperone calnexin (CNX) and calreticulin (CRT) assist folding of nascent glycoproteins...
  33. Casalvieri K, Matheson C, Backos D, Reigan P. Selective Targeting of RSK Isoforms in Cancer. Trends Cancer. 2017;3:302-312 pubmed publisher
    The p90 ribosomal S6 kinase family (RSK1-4) is a group of highly conserved Ser/Thr kinases that act as downstream effectors of the Ras/Raf/MEK/ERK signaling pathway...
  34. Bolt G. The measles virus (MV) glycoproteins interact with cellular chaperones in the endoplasmic reticulum and MV infection upregulates chaperone expression. Arch Virol. 2001;146:2055-68 pubmed
    ..Both the haemagglutinin (H) and fusion (F) glycoproteins interacted with calnexin and GRP78, whereas interaction with calreticulin was only demonstrated for the H glycoprotein...
  35. Hoshino I, Nagata M, Takiguchi N, Nabeya Y, Ikeda A, Yokoi S, et al. Panel of autoantibodies against multiple tumor-associated antigens for detecting gastric cancer. Cancer Sci. 2017;108:308-315 pubmed publisher
    ..six tumor-associated antigens (TAAs) by ELISA: p53, heat shock protein 70, HCC-22-5, peroxiredoxin VI, KM-HN-1, and p90 TAA. We assessed serum autoantibodies in 100 participants in the test cohort...
  36. Li Y, Luo L, Thomas D, Kang C. The HIV-1 Env protein signal sequence retards its cleavage and down-regulates the glycoprotein folding. Virology. 2000;272:417-28 pubmed
    ..the effects of this cleavage on the association of the gp160 and gp120 glycoproteins with the ER protein calnexin and the effects of the signal sequence cleavage on protein folding...
  37. Newby L, Streets A, Zhao Y, Harris P, Ward C, Ong A. Identification, characterization, and localization of a novel kidney polycystin-1-polycystin-2 complex. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:20763-73 pubmed
  38. Vilas G, Berthiaume L. A role for palmitoylation in the quality control, assembly and secretion of apolipoprotein B. Biochem J. 2004;377:121-30 pubmed comparison with (Cys-1085Ser)apoB-29 and reduces significantly the association of wild-type apoB-29 with calnexin in comparison with (Cys-1085Ser)apoB-29...
  39. Abe F, Van Prooyen N, Ladasky J, Edidin M. Interaction of Bap31 and MHC class I molecules and their traffic out of the endoplasmic reticulum. J Immunol. 2009;182:4776-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, in HeLa cells, Bap31 is involved in the exit of peptide-loaded MHC class I from the ER, and its function is regulated by its interaction with its homologue, Bap29. ..
  40. Regan P, Sariyer I, Langford T, Datta P, Khalili K. Morphine-induced MOR-1X and ASF/SF2 Expressions Are Independent of Transcriptional Regulation: Implications for MOR-1X Signaling. J Cell Physiol. 2016;231:1542-53 pubmed publisher
    ..sites, whereas functional comparison found distinct signaling differences, particularly in the ERK and p90 RSK pathways...
  41. Xi Y, Niu J, Shen Y, Li D, Peng X, Wu X. AT13148, a first-in-class multi-AGC kinase inhibitor, potently inhibits gastric cancer cells both in vitro and in vivo. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2016;478:330-336 pubmed publisher
    ..AGC kinases, including Akt (at p-Thr-308), p70S6 kinase (p70S6K), glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK-3β) and p90 ribosomal S6 kinase (RSK)...
  42. Peters D, Radine C, Reese A, Budach W, Sohn D, Janicke R. The DEAD-box RNA helicase DDX41 is a novel repressor of p21WAF1/CIP1 mRNA translation. J Biol Chem. 2017;292:8331-8341 pubmed publisher
    ..and p53-/- HCT116 cells in response to pharmaceutical inhibition of the proteasome (by MG-132) or p90 ribosomal S6 kinases (by BI-D1870) is further increased by knockdown of DDX41 only in p53-proficient but not in p53-..
  43. Miller M. Effect of prenatal exposure to ethanol on the pyramidal tract in developing rats. Brain Res. 2017;1672:122-128 pubmed publisher
    ..precipitously after postnatal day (P) 15 and the frequency of myelinated axons rose dramatically between P15 and P90. Ethanol exposure had no significant effect on the numbers of pyramidal tract axons at any age...
  44. Cao J, Hawkins E, Brozinick J, Liu X, Zhang H, Burn P, et al. A predominant role of acyl-CoA:monoacylglycerol acyltransferase-2 in dietary fat absorption implicated by tissue distribution, subcellular localization, and up-regulation by high fat diet. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:18878-86 pubmed
    ..Taken together, our data suggest a predominant role of MGAT2 in dietary fat absorption. ..
  45. Georgel P, Radosavljevic M, Macquin C, Bahram S. The non-conventional MHC class I MR1 molecule controls infection by Klebsiella pneumoniae in mice. Mol Immunol. 2011;48:769-75 pubmed publisher
    ..pneumoniae (but not to several other Gram negative bacteria) of MR1 deficient mice. This is accompanied by a consequent change in body temperature and systemic cytokine profile. Hence MR1 controls K. pneumoniae infection in vivo. ..
  46. Hamasaki M, Furuta N, Matsuda A, Nezu A, Yamamoto A, Fujita N, et al. Autophagosomes form at ER-mitochondria contact sites. Nature. 2013;495:389-93 pubmed publisher
    ..These results provide new insight into organelle biogenesis by demonstrating that the ER-mitochondria contact site is important in autophagosome formation...
  47. Nagasawa K, Higashi T, Hosokawa N, Kaufman R, Nagata K. Simultaneous induction of the four subunits of the TRAP complex by ER stress accelerates ER degradation. EMBO Rep. 2007;8:483-9 pubmed
    ..Thus, the TRAP complex induced by the unfolded protein response pathway might discriminate ERAD substrates from correctly folded substrates, accelerating degradation. ..
  48. Tuusa J, Leskelä T, Petäjä Repo U. Human delta opioid receptor biogenesis is regulated via interactions with SERCA2b and calnexin. FEBS J. 2010;277:2815-29 pubmed publisher
    ..human delta opioid receptor (hdeltaOR) exists in a ternary complex with SERCA2b and the ER molecular chaperone calnexin. The interaction between SERCA2b and hdeltaOR in vivo did not require calnexin as it was independent of the C-..
  49. Ji M, Wang Z, Sun X, Tang H, Zhang H, Jia M, et al. Repeated Neonatal Sevoflurane Exposure-Induced Developmental Delays of Parvalbumin Interneurons and Cognitive Impairments Are Reversed by Environmental Enrichment. Mol Neurobiol. 2017;54:3759-3770 pubmed publisher
    ..The mice were randomly allocated to an enriched environment for 2 h daily between P8 and P90 or a standard environment...
  50. Marques P, Ferreira Z, Martins M, Figueiredo J, Silva D, Castro P, et al. SERPINA2 is a novel gene with a divergent function from SERPINA1. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e66889 pubmed publisher
    ..Herein, we present evidences that SERPINA2 is an active gene, coding for an ER-resident protein, which may act as substrate or adjuvant of ER-chaperones. ..
  51. Meyer H, Schob S, Münch B, Frydrychowicz C, Garnov N, Quäschling U, et al. Histogram Analysis of T1-Weighted, T2-Weighted, and Postcontrast T1-Weighted Images in Primary CNS Lymphoma: Correlations with Histopathological Findings-a Preliminary Study. Mol Imaging Biol. 2018;20:318-323 pubmed publisher
    ..59, P = 0.017), P75 (p = 0.56, P = 0.02), and P90 (p = 0.52, P = 0.04) as well as SD (p = 0.58, P = 0.02)...
  52. Koziol J, Imai H, Dai L, Zhang J, Tan E. Early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma using autoantibody profiles from a panel of tumor-associated antigens. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2018;67:835-841 pubmed publisher
    ..The predictors (autoantibodies to HCC1, P16, P53, P90, and survivin) indicated the presence of HCC prior to diagnosis in 16 of the 17 patients, at a median lead time of ..
  53. Burton L, HENDERSON V, Liburd L, Odero Marah V. Snail transcription factor NLS and importin ?1 regulate the subcellular localization of Cathepsin L and Cux1. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;491:59-64 pubmed publisher
    ..protein/cut homeobox transcription factor (Cux1) from the full-length p200 isoform to generate the p110 and p90 isoforms, of which the p110 isoform was shown to act as a cell cycle regulator to accelerate entry into the S phase...
  54. Lässer C, Alikhani V, Ekström K, Eldh M, Paredes P, Bossios A, et al. Human saliva, plasma and breast milk exosomes contain RNA: uptake by macrophages. J Transl Med. 2011;9:9 pubmed publisher
    ..Breast milk exosomes were further analysed for the presence of Hsc70, CD81 and calnexin by Western blot...
  55. Cho J, Kim S, Seo Y, Park S, Park B, Kim J, et al. The p90 ribosomal S6 kinase-UBR5 pathway controls Toll-like receptor signaling via miRNA-induced translational inhibition of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 3. J Biol Chem. 2017;292:11804-11814 pubmed publisher
    ..We further demonstrated that p90 ribosomal S6 kinase (p90RSK) is an upstream regulator of UBR5...
  56. Ballar P, Zhong Y, Nagahama M, Tagaya M, Shen Y, Fang S. Identification of SVIP as an endogenous inhibitor of endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:33908-14 pubmed
    ..SVIP is anchored to microsomal membrane via myristoylation and co-fractionated with gp78, Derlin1, p97/VCP, and calnexin to the ER. Like gp78, SVIP also physically interacts with p97/VCP and Derlin1...
  57. Li Q, Su Y, Wang H, Li L, Wang Q, Bao L. Transmembrane segments prevent surface expression of sodium channel Nav1.8 and promote calnexin-dependent channel degradation. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:32977-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, co-immunoprecipitation experiments showed that calnexin interacted with acidic amino acid-containing sequences through its transmembrane segment...
  58. Ayshamgul H, Ma H, Ilyar S, Zhang L, Abulizi A. Association of defective HLA-I expression with antigen processing machinery and their association with clinicopathological characteristics in Kazak patients with esophageal cancer. Chin Med J (Engl). 2011;124:341-6 pubmed
  59. Gong Y, Nunes L, Greenfield B, Qin Z, Yang Q, Huang L, et al. Bioaccessibility-corrected risk assessment of urban dietary methylmercury exposure via fish and rice consumption in China. Sci Total Environ. 2018;630:222-230 pubmed publisher
    ..Results indicate that MeHg HQs were 0.14 (P50) and 0.54 (P90). Rice consumption comprised 27.2% of the overall dietary exposure to MeHg in Nanjing, while fish comprised 72.8%...
  60. Lin Q, Dai Q, Meng H, Sun A, Wei J, Peng K, et al. The HECT E3 ubiquitin ligase NEDD4 interacts with and ubiquitylates SQSTM1 for inclusion body autophagy. J Cell Sci. 2017;130:3839-3850 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, our studies show that NEDD4 is an autophagic E3 ubiquitin ligase that ubiquitylates SQSTM1, facilitating SQSTM1-mediated inclusion body autophagy. ..
  61. Popov M, Reithmeier R. Calnexin interaction with N-glycosylation mutants of a polytopic membrane glycoprotein, the human erythrocyte anion exchanger 1 (band 3). J Biol Chem. 1999;274:17635-42 pubmed
    The interaction of the endoplasmic reticulum chaperone calnexin with N-glycosylation mutants of a polytopic membrane glycoprotein, the human erythrocyte anion exchanger (AE1), was characterized by cell-free translation and in transfected ..
  62. Wang N, Seko A, Takeda Y, Kikuma T, Ito Y. Cooperative role of calnexin and TigA in Aspergillus oryzae glycoprotein folding. Glycobiology. 2015;25:1090-9 pubmed publisher
    b>Calnexin (CNX), known as a lectin chaperone located in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), specifically recognizes G1M9GN2-proteins and facilitates their proper folding with the assistance of ERp57 in mammalian cells...
  63. Cuesta R, Holz M. RSK-mediated down-regulation of PDCD4 is required for proliferation, survival, and migration in a model of triple-negative breast cancer. Oncotarget. 2016;7:27567-83 pubmed publisher
    The p90 ribosomal S6 kinase (RSK) is a family of MAPK-activated serine/threonine kinases (RSK1-4) whose expression and/or activity are deregulated in several cancers, including breast cancer...
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