Gene Symbol: BRD2
Description: bromodomain containing 2
Alias: BRD2-IT1, D6S113E, FSH, FSRG1, NAT, O27.1.1, RING3, RNF3, bromodomain-containing protein 2, BRD2 intronic transcript 1, female sterile homeotic-related gene 1, really interesting new gene 3 protein
Species: human
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Top Publications

  1. Zhou M, Xu X, Zhou H, Liu H, He J, Li X, et al. BRD2 is one of BRD7-interacting proteins and its over-expression could initiate apoptosis. Mol Cell Biochem. 2006;292:205-12 pubmed
    BRD7 is a potential nuclear transcription regulation factor related to nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). BRD2, a putative BRD7-interacting protein, has been screened from human fetal brain cDNA library by yeast two-hybrid system...
  2. Taniguchi Y, Matsuzaka Y, Fujimoto H, Miyado K, Kohda A, Okumura K, et al. Nucleotide sequence of the ring3 gene in the class II region of the mouse MHC and its abundant expression in testicular germ cells. Genomics. 1998;51:114-23 pubmed
    The RING3 (NAT) gene is the first and only locus with no obvious function associated with the immune system in the class II region of the human major histocompatibility complex...
  3. Kanno T, Kanno Y, Siegel R, Jang M, Lenardo M, Ozato K. Selective recognition of acetylated histones by bromodomain proteins visualized in living cells. Mol Cell. 2004;13:33-43 pubmed
    ..The bromodomain protein Brd2 selectively interacted with acetylated lysine 12 on histone H4, whereas TAF(II)250 and PCAF recognized H3 and other ..
  4. You J, Srinivasan V, Denis G, Harrington W, Ballestas M, Kaye K, et al. Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus latency-associated nuclear antigen interacts with bromodomain protein Brd4 on host mitotic chromosomes. J Virol. 2006;80:8909-19 pubmed
    ..Although another bromodomain protein, RING3/Brd2, binds to LANA in a similar fashion in vitro, it is largely excluded from the mitotic chromosomes in KSHV-..
  5. Umehara T, Nakamura Y, Wakamori M, Ozato K, Yokoyama S, Padmanabhan B. Structural implications for K5/K12-di-acetylated histone H4 recognition by the second bromodomain of BRD2. FEBS Lett. 2010;584:3901-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The structural mechanism for how the N-terminal bromodomain of human BRD2 (BRD2-BD1) deciphers the mono-acetylated status of histone H4 tail was recently reported...
  6. Haynes S, Dollard C, Winston F, Beck S, Trowsdale J, Dawid I. The bromodomain: a conserved sequence found in human, Drosophila and yeast proteins. Nucleic Acids Res. 1992;20:2603 pubmed
  7. Crowley T, Kaine E, Yoshida M, Nandi A, Wolgemuth D. Reproductive cycle regulation of nuclear import, euchromatic localization, and association with components of Pol II mediator of a mammalian double-bromodomain protein. Mol Endocrinol. 2002;16:1727-37 pubmed
    Fsrg1 (female sterile homeotic-related gene 1) is the mouse homolog of the human RING3 protein, which has been shown to associate with the E2 promoter binding factor (E2F) transcription factor and to have a possible role in cell cycle-..
  8. Denis G, Vaziri C, Guo N, Faller D. RING3 kinase transactivates promoters of cell cycle regulatory genes through E2F. Cell Growth Differ. 2000;11:417-24 pubmed
    b>RING3 is a novel, nuclear-localized, serine-threonine kinase that has elevated activity in human leukemias...
  9. Denis G, Green M. A novel, mitogen-activated nuclear kinase is related to a Drosophila developmental regulator. Genes Dev. 1996;10:261-71 pubmed
    ..gene that encodes this nuclear kinase and find that it is closely related to Drosophila female sterile homeotic (fsh), a developmental regulator with no known biochemical activity...

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  1. Greenwald R, Tumang J, Sinha A, Currier N, Cardiff R, Rothstein T, et al. E mu-BRD2 transgenic mice develop B-cell lymphoma and leukemia. Blood. 2004;103:1475-84 pubmed
    Transgenic mice with lymphoid-restricted overexpression of the double bromodomain protein bromodomain-containing 2 (Brd2) develop splenic B-cell lymphoma and, upon transplantation, B-cell leukemia with leukemic infiltrates in liver and ..
  2. Sinha A, Faller D, Denis G. Bromodomain analysis of Brd2-dependent transcriptional activation of cyclin A. Biochem J. 2005;387:257-69 pubmed
    ..We have identified a double bromo-domain-containing protein Brd2, which exhibits apparent 'scaffold' or transcriptional adapter functions and mediates recruitment of both E2F ..
  3. Peng J, Dong W, Chen L, Zou T, Qi Y, Liu Y. Brd2 is a TBP-associated protein and recruits TBP into E2F-1 transcriptional complex in response to serum stimulation. Mol Cell Biochem. 2007;294:45-54 pubmed
    b>Brd2 is a novel protein kinase and plays a role in cell cycle-responsive transcription. Recent studies show that Brd2 contributes to E2F-1 regulated cell cycle progression...
  4. Huang H, Zhang J, Shen W, Wang X, Wu J, Wu J, et al. Solution structure of the second bromodomain of Brd2 and its specific interaction with acetylated histone tails. BMC Struct Biol. 2007;7:57 pubmed
    b>Brd2 is a transcriptional regulator and belongs to BET family, a less characterized novel class of bromodomain-containing proteins...
  5. LeRoy G, Rickards B, Flint S. The double bromodomain proteins Brd2 and Brd3 couple histone acetylation to transcription. Mol Cell. 2008;30:51-60 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that the double bromodomain proteins Brd2 and Brd3 associate preferentially in vivo with hyperacetylated chromatin along the entire lengths of transcribed ..
  6. Beck S, Hanson I, Kelly A, Pappin D, Trowsdale J. A homologue of the Drosophila female sterile homeotic (fsh) gene in the class II region of the human MHC. DNA Seq. 1992;2:203-10 pubmed
    The RING3 gene maps in the class II region of the human major histocompatibility complex, at a CpG island distal of the HLA-DNA gene. RING3 cDNAs were obtained from a T cell cDNA library and the longest (4 kb) was sequenced...
  7. Pal D, Evgrafov O, Tabares P, Zhang F, Durner M, Greenberg D. BRD2 (RING3) is a probable major susceptibility gene for common juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. Am J Hum Genet. 2003;73:261-70 pubmed
    ..SNP) and microsatellite markers in this critical region, with LD peaking in the BRD2 (RING3) gene (odds ratio 6.45; 95% confidence interval 2.36-17.58)...
  8. Denis G, McComb M, Faller D, Sinha A, Romesser P, Costello C. Identification of transcription complexes that contain the double bromodomain protein Brd2 and chromatin remodeling machines. J Proteome Res. 2006;5:502-11 pubmed
    We use affinity purification of the double bromodomain protein Brd2 to isolate a multicomponent nuclear complex from cultured cells, and apply mass spectrometry/proteomics methods to identify the participants...
  9. Nakamura Y, Umehara T, Nakano K, Jang M, Shirouzu M, Morita S, et al. Crystal structure of the human BRD2 bromodomain: insights into dimerization and recognition of acetylated histone H4. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:4193-201 pubmed
    ..One of the BET proteins, BRD2, associates with the transcription factor E2F, the mediator components CDK8 and TRAP220, and RNA polymerase II, as ..
  10. Tian M, Liu F, Liu H, Zhang Q, Li L, Hou X, et al. Grape seed procyanidins extract attenuates Cisplatin-induced oxidative stress and testosterone synthase inhibition in rat testes. Syst Biol Reprod Med. 2018;64:246-259 pubmed publisher
    ..CIS: Cisplatin; GSPE: grape seed procyanidins extract; LH: luteinizing hormone; FSH: follicle-stimulating hormone; STAR: steroidogenic acute regulatory protein; CYP11A1: P450 side chain cleavage ..
  11. Permana H, Darmawan G, Ritonga E, Kusumawati M, Miftahurachman M, Soetedjo N. An Interesting Case of Hepatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma. Acta Med Indones. 2018;50:257-259 pubmed
    ..60 pg/ml; NV: 14-124 pg/ml), low level of LH (<0.07 mIU/ml; NV: 1.7-11 mIU/ml) and FSH (<0.30 mIU/ml; NV: 1.34-9.40 mIU/ml), slight increased in morning serum cortisol (26.61 ug/ml; NV: 4.3-22...
  12. Mary Momo C, Ferdinand N, Omer Bebe N, Alexane Marquise M, Augustave K, Bertin Narcisse V, et al. Oxidative Effects of Potassium Dichromate on Biochemical, Hematological Characteristics, and Hormonal Levels in Rabbit Doe (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Vet Sci. 2019;6: pubmed publisher
    ..Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), and estradiol (E2) were dosed in serum and in homogenates of ovary with the help of ..
  13. Xiong Y, Chen H, Lin P, Wang A, Wang L, Jin Y. ATF6 knockdown decreases apoptosis, arrests the S phase of the cell cycle, and increases steroid hormone production in mouse granulosa cells. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2017;312:C341-C353 pubmed publisher
    ..b>FSH or LH treatment significantly increased ATF6 protein levels in mouse granulosa cells...
  14. Wijayarathna R, de Kretser D. Activins in reproductive biology and beyond. Hum Reprod Update. 2016;22:342-57 pubmed publisher
    ..growth factor-beta (TGF-?) superfamily of cytokines, initially isolated for their capacity to induce the release of FSH from pituitary extracts...
  15. Podfigurna A, Stellmach A, Szeliga A, Czyzyk A, Meczekalski B. Metabolic Profile of Patients with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. J Clin Med. 2018;7: pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, patients present a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), 17β-estradiol (E2), prolactin (PRL), testosterone (T), dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (..
  16. Hart R, Doherty D, McLachlan R, Walls M, Keelan J, Dickinson J, et al. Testicular function in a birth cohort of young men. Hum Reprod. 2015;30:2713-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Australia, Crawley, Perth and were analysed for serum luteinizing hormone (LH), follicular stimulating hormone (FSH), inhibin B, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), estradiol, estrone and the ..
  17. Nie X, Dai Y, Zheng Y, Bao D, Chen Q, Yin Y, et al. Establishment of a Mouse Model of Premature Ovarian Failure Using Consecutive Superovulation. Cell Physiol Biochem. 2018;51:2341-2358 pubmed publisher
    ..The following serum biochemical parameters were measured: including follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), progesterone (P), estradiol (E2), inhibin B (INH B), malondialdehyde (MDA), total ..
  18. Wang Y, Li Y, Zhang B, Zhang F. The preclinical evaluation of immunocontraceptive vaccines based on canine zona pellucida 3 (cZP3) in a mouse model. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2018;16:47 pubmed publisher
    ..The levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and estradiol (E2) in sera were significantly decreased in OGZ immunized mice...
  19. Chen Y, Wu Y, Gan X, Liu K, Lv X, Shen H, et al. Iridoid glycoside from Cornus officinalis ameliorated diabetes mellitus-induced testicular damage in male rats: Involvement of suppression of the AGEs/RAGE/p38 MAPK signaling pathway. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016;194:850-860 pubmed publisher
    ..weight ratio and live sperm rate, improving the histomorphology of testes, upregulating testosterone, LH, FSH and GnRH levels and preventing the decrease of testicular marker enzymes LDH, ACP and ?-GT...
  20. Hsiao C, Ji A, Chang C, Cheng C, Lee L, Ho J. Local injection of mesenchymal stem cells protects testicular torsion-induced germ cell injury. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2015;6:113 pubmed publisher
    ..MDA) assay in testis and plasma, hormones level including testosterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) by ELISA Kits, terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase dUTP nick end labeling (TUNEL) ..
  21. Li Q, Wu W, Lin H, Chang X, Bian H, Xia M, et al. Serum retinol binding protein 4 is negatively related to estrogen in Chinese women with obesity: a cross-sectional study. Lipids Health Dis. 2016;15:52 pubmed publisher
    ..and laboratory tests, including lipid profile, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), prolactin (PRL), estradiol (E2),progesterone (PROG), testosterone (TESTO), and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) were ..
  22. Wang J, Qian X, Gao Q, Lv C, Xu J, Jin H, et al. Quercetin increases the antioxidant capacity of the ovary in menopausal rats and in ovarian granulosa cell culture in vitro. J Ovarian Res. 2018;11:51 pubmed publisher
    ..The levels of the hormones estradiol (E2), progesterone (P), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) were detected by radioimmunoassay...
  23. Mishra B, Ortiz L, Luderer U. Charged iron particles, components of space radiation, destroy ovarian follicles. Hum Reprod. 2016;31:1816-26 pubmed publisher
    ..We quantified the numbers of ovarian follicles, measured serum follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) concentrations, and analyzed histone H2AX phosphorylation, oxidative damage and ..
  24. Mohamed N, Ahmed O, Hozayen W, Ahmed M. Ameliorative effects of bee pollen and date palm pollen on the glycemic state and male sexual dysfunctions in streptozotocin-Induced diabetic wistar rats. Biomed Pharmacother. 2018;97:9-18 pubmed publisher
    ..weights, levels of serum insulin, testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) & follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) as well as sperm count, motility and viability...
  25. Lu J, Jing J, Chen L, Ge Y, Feng R, Liang Y, et al. Analysis of human sperm DNA fragmentation index (DFI) related factors: a report of 1010 subfertile men in China. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2018;16:23 pubmed publisher
    ..001). Sperm DFI was positively related to serum luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels and seminal plasma FSH and estradiol (E2) levels (P<0...
  26. Sharma P, Aslam Khan I, Singh R. Curcumin and Quercetin Ameliorated Cypermethrin and Deltamethrin-Induced Reproductive System Impairment in Male Wistar Rats by Upregulating The Activity of Pituitary-Gonadal Hormones and Steroidogenic Enzymes. Int J Fertil Steril. 2018;12:72-80 pubmed publisher
    ..testosterone (T), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH), steroidogenic enzymes viz...
  27. Lotti F, Corona G, Vitale P, Maseroli E, Rossi M, Fino M, et al. Current smoking is associated with lower seminal vesicles and ejaculate volume, despite higher testosterone levels, in male subjects of infertile couples. Hum Reprod. 2015;30:590-602 pubmed publisher
    ..001; calculated free testosterone, P < 0.005) and lower FSH (P < 0.05) levels were observed in CS...
  28. Zhou X, Chou T, Aubol B, Park C, Wolfenden R, Adams J, et al. Kinetic mechanism of human histidine triad nucleotide binding protein 1. Biochemistry. 2013;52:3588-600 pubmed publisher al. (2012) Nat. Genet. 44, 1080-1083]...
  29. Qin N, Fan X, Xu X, Tyasi T, Li S, Zhang Y, et al. Cooperative Effects of FOXL2 with the Members of TGF-β Superfamily on FSH Receptor mRNA Expression and Granulosa Cell Proliferation from Hen Prehierarchical Follicles. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0141062 pubmed publisher
    ..This cooperative action may be mediated by the examined Smad signals and simultaneously implicated in modulation of the StAR, CCND2, and CYP11A1 expression. ..
  30. Shavit T, Agdi M, Son W, Hasson J, Dahan M. A comparison between r-LH and urinary supplements containing LH activity in patients undergoing the microdose GnRH agonist flare protocol for in-vitro fertilization: a pilot study. Minerva Ginecol. 2016;68:393-9 pubmed
    ..Comparisons between the group that was stimulated with r-LH plus follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to those treated with hMG and FSH, were performed...
  31. Li H, Zhu H, Qin Q, Lei M, Shi Z. Production of biologically active recombinant goose FSH in a single chain form with a CTP linker sequence. Mol Biol Rep. 2017;44:11-17 pubmed publisher
    b>FSH is a glycoprotein hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that is essential for gonadal development and reproductive function...
  32. Chan J, Atianand M, Jiang Z, Carpenter S, Aiello D, Elling R, et al. Cutting Edge: A Natural Antisense Transcript, AS-IL1α, Controls Inducible Transcription of the Proinflammatory Cytokine IL-1α. J Immunol. 2015;195:1359-63 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we identified and characterized a novel NAT, AS-IL1α, which is partially complementary to IL-1α...
  33. Atli G, Ariyurek S, Kanak E, Canli M. Alterations in the serum biomarkers belonging to different metabolic systems of fish (Oreochromis niloticus) after Cd and Pb exposures. Environ Toxicol Pharmacol. 2015;40:508-15 pubmed publisher
    ..of the endocrine system functioning in different axis, namely HPI (cortisol), HPT (TSH, T3, T4), gonadal (LH, FSH) and prolactin...
  34. Liang Y, Yuan W, Zhang S, He Z, Xue J, Zhang X, et al. Hydrothermal synthesis and structural characterization of metal-organic frameworks based on new tetradentate ligands. Dalton Trans. 2016;45:1382-90 pubmed publisher a three-dimensional (3D) framework with a 2-fold interpenetrated form, which exhibits a 2-nodal (3,4)-connected fsh-3,4-P21/c net with a {8(3)}2{8(5)·10} topology...
  35. Amorim S, Stathis A, Gleeson M, Iyengar S, Magarotto V, Leleu X, et al. Bromodomain inhibitor OTX015 in patients with lymphoma or multiple myeloma: a dose-escalation, open-label, pharmacokinetic, phase 1 study. Lancet Haematol. 2016;3:e196-204 pubmed publisher
    The first-in-class small molecule inhibitor OTX015 (MK-8628) specifically binds to bromodomain motifs BRD2, BRD3, and BRD4 of bromodomain and extraterminal (BET) proteins, inhibiting them from binding to acetylated histones, which occurs ..
  36. Khanh V, Ohneda K, Kato T, Yamashita T, Sato F, Tachi K, et al. Uremic Toxins Affect the Imbalance of Redox State and Overexpression of Prolyl Hydroxylase 2 in Human Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Involved in Wound Healing. Stem Cells Dev. 2017;26:948-963 pubmed publisher
    ..tissue-derived MSCs (CKD-AT-MSCs) have the same function in wound healing as healthy donor-derived normal AT-MSCs (nAT-MSCs)...
  37. Pinto P, Velez Z, Sousa C, Santos S, Andrade A, Alvarado M, et al. Responsiveness of pituitary to galanin throughout the reproductive cycle of male European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2017;250:152-161 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore 1-29Gal was able to stimulate both follicle stimulating hormone (Fsh) and luteinizing hormone (Lh) release from pituitary cell suspensions...
  38. Janouskova H, El Tekle G, Bellini E, Udeshi N, Rinaldi A, Ulbricht A, et al. Opposing effects of cancer-type-specific SPOP mutants on BET protein degradation and sensitivity to BET inhibitors. Nat Med. 2017;23:1046-1054 pubmed publisher
    ..analyzed changes in the ubiquitin landscape induced by endometrial cancer-associated SPOP mutations and identified BRD2, BRD3 and BRD4 proteins (BETs) as SPOP-CUL3 substrates that are preferentially degraded by endometrial cancer-..
  39. Matsumoto K, Imakawa K, Hayashi C. Successful pregnancy and live birth from a hypogonadotropic hypogonadism woman with low serum estradiol concentrations despite numerous oocyte maturations: a case report. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2017;17:312 pubmed publisher
    ..stimulation is performed to hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (HH) patients with only follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), proper increase in serum E2 concentrations is not observed...
  40. Nome R, Bjøro T, Paus E, Bjerner J, Fosså S, Steen R, et al. Lowered reference limits for hCG improve follow-up of patients with hCG-producing tumors. Clin Biochem. 2018;52:73-79 pubmed publisher
    ..The gonadotropins LH and FSH were measured in the cohort and in a selection of the reference population to assess gonadal function...
  41. Wu Y, Barad D, Kushnir V, Wang Q, Zhang L, Darmon S, et al. With low ovarian reserve, Highly Individualized Egg Retrieval (HIER) improves IVF results by avoiding premature luteinization. J Ovarian Res. 2018;11:23 pubmed publisher
    ..RNA was extracted and real-time PCR analyses performed, with gene expressions at mRNA level investigated for FSH receptor (FSHR), luteinizing hormone receptor (LHCPR), P450 aromatase (CYP19a1) and progesterone receptor (PGR)...
  42. Wierzbicka Tutka I, Sokołowski G, Bałdys Waligórska A, Adamek D, Radwańska E, Gołkowski F. PTTG and Ki-67 expression in pituitary adenomas. Przegl Lek. 2016;73:53-8 pubmed
    ..Tumours with positive immunostaining towards FSH revealed lower Ki-67 and PTTG indices than the rest with a negative one (0.6% vs.1.84%, p = 0.0004 and 0.67% vs 1...
  43. Abbasihormozi S, Kouhkan A, Alizadeh A, Shahverdi A, Nasr Esfahani M, Sadighi Gilani M, et al. Association of vitamin D status with semen quality and reproductive hormones in Iranian subfertile men. Andrology. 2017;5:113-118 pubmed publisher, serum vitamin D levels categorized were not correlated with semen parameters and reproductive hormones (FSH, LH, testosterone(T), and FT), whereas sperm motility showed a positive correlation with vitamin D categorized in ..
  44. Ran S, Yu Q, Deng S, Xu L. Luteinizing hormone elevation in ovarian granulosa cell tumor: a case report and review of the literature. J Ovarian Res. 2017;10:30 pubmed publisher
    ..A 33-year-old woman presented with secondary amenorrhea and elevated LH with normal FSH and low estradiol levels...
  45. Gollavilli P, Pawar A, Wilder Romans K, Natesan R, Engelke C, Dommeti V, et al. EWS/ETS-Driven Ewing Sarcoma Requires BET Bromodomain Proteins. Cancer Res. 2018;78:4760-4773 pubmed publisher
    ..EWS/FLI1 and EWS/ERG were found in a transcriptional complex with BRD4, and knockdown of BRD2/3/4 significantly impaired the oncogenic phenotype of EWS cells...
  46. Paccola C, Miraglia S. Prenatal and lactation nicotine exposure affects Sertoli cell and gonadotropin levels in rats. Reproduction. 2016;151:117-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Male offsprings (30, 60, and 90 days old) had blood collected for hormonal analysis (FSH and LH) and their testes submitted for histophatological study, analysis of the frequency of the stages of ..
  47. Gleicher N, Darmon S, Kushnir V, Weghofer A, Wang Q, Zhang L, et al. How FSH and AMH reflect probabilities of oocyte numbers in poor prognosis patients with small oocyte yields. Endocrine. 2016;54:476-483 pubmed
  48. Dewailly D, Robin G, Peigné M, Decanter C, Pigny P, Catteau Jonard S. Interactions between androgens, FSH, anti-Müllerian hormone and estradiol during folliculogenesis in the human normal and polycystic ovary. Hum Reprod Update. 2016;22:709-724 pubmed
    Androgens, FSH, anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and estradiol (E2) are essential in human ovarian folliculogenesis. However, the interactions between these four players is not fully understood...
  49. Ho C, Tan H. Treatment of the Hypogonadal Infertile Male-A Review. Sex Med Rev. 2013;1:42-49 pubmed publisher
    ..hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and anti-estrogens and aromatase inhibitors. Dopamine antagonist is indicated for prolactinoma...
  50. Gong J, Lai Y, Li X, Wang M, Leitz J, Hu Y, et al. C-terminal domain of mammalian complexin-1 localizes to highly curved membranes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:E7590-E7599 pubmed
    ..b>Nat Commun 5:4955]. The curvature-sensing value of the C-terminal domain is comparable to that of α-synuclein...
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    ..device equipped with an anion exchange column was used to isolate nca 77As from reactor irradiated natGeO2 targets...
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    Is the genome-wide response of human cumulus cells to FSH and insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) comparable to the response observed in undifferentiated granulosa cells (GCs)? FSH actions in human cumulus cells mimic those observed in ..
  53. Milone M, Sosa Fernandez L, Sosa Fernandez L, Manigrasso M, Elmore U, De Palma G, et al. Does Bariatric Surgery Improve Assisted Reproductive Technology Outcomes in Obese Infertile Women?. Obes Surg. 2017;27:2106-2112 pubmed publisher
    ..ART outcomes were compared evaluating the duration and dose of gonadotrophins used; the measurement of day 3 FSH; the anti-mullerian hormone dosage; the number of follicles >15 mm; the number of retrieved and fertilized ..
  54. Li X, Sun Z, Manthari R, Li M, Guo Q, Wang J. Effect of gestational exposure to arsenic on puberty in offspring female mice. Chemosphere. 2018;202:119-126 pubmed publisher
    ..uterus organ coefficient, reproductive hormone levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), mRNA and protein expression levels of kiss-1, hypothalamus gonadotrophin releasing hormone 1 (GnRH1), organic ..
  55. Himeda C, Jones T, Jones P. CRISPR/dCas9-mediated Transcriptional Inhibition Ameliorates the Epigenetic Dysregulation at D4Z4 and Represses DUX4-fl in FSH Muscular Dystrophy. Mol Ther. 2016;24:527-35 pubmed publisher
    ..These results implicate the promoter and exon 1 of DUX4 as potential therapeutic targets and demonstrate the utility of CRISPR technology for correction of the epigenetic dysregulation in FSHD. ..
  56. Abdelrazik A, Ezzat Ahmed G. Priority needs and wisdom strategy for blood transfusion safety in developing low-resource countries. Transfus Apher Sci. 2016;54:147-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Although NAT reduces the window period of infection, the developing countries are still in need of an efficient and effective ..
  57. Regan S, Knight P, Yovich J, Stanger J, Leung Y, Arfuso F, et al. Infertility and ovarian follicle reserve depletion are associated with dysregulation of the FSH and LH receptor density in human antral follicles. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2017;446:40-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Oocyte depletion causes an irreversible change to ovarian function. We found that the young patient FSH receptor and LH receptor expression profile on the granulosa cells collected from different size follicles were ..
  58. Kang J, Grivnin A, Bor E, Reiner J, Avraham N, Ronen Y, et al. Robust Epitaxial Al Coating of Reclined InAs Nanowires. Nano Lett. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..indium arsenide nanowires is possible and yields superior properties relative to ex-situ evaporation of aluminum ( Nat. Mater. 2015 , 14 , 400 - 406 )...
  59. Sandoval Castro C. Do condensed tannins from Lysiloma latisiliquum have a role in its anthelmintic activity?. Nat Prod Res. 2017;:1-3 pubmed publisher
    We would like to comment on a recent paper by Hernandez-Bolio et al. (2017, Nat. Prod. Res. DOI: 10.1080/14786419.2017...
  60. Hussain Z, Uyama T, Kawai K, Binte Mustafiz S, Tsuboi K, Araki N, et al. Phosphatidylserine-stimulated production of N-acyl-phosphatidylethanolamines by Ca2+-dependent N-acyltransferase. Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids. 2018;1863:493-502 pubmed publisher
    ..A2 (cPLA2?) was recently identified as a Ca2+-dependent N-acyltransferase (Ca-NAT). In the present study, we first showed that two isoforms of human cPLA2? function as Ca-NAT...
  61. Vollmer T, Knabbe C, Dreier J. Systematic Evaluation of Different Nucleic Acid Amplification Assays for Cytomegalovirus Detection: Feasibility of Blood Donor Screening. J Clin Microbiol. 2015;53:3219-25 pubmed publisher
    ..8 ml, Chemagic Viral 5K kit; PerkinElmer) for blood donor pool screening (MP-nucleic acid testing [NAT]) and with the Nuclisens easyMAG system (0.5 ml; bioMérieux) for individual donation (ID)-NAT...
  62. Nabati A, Peivandi S, Khalilian A, Mirzaeirad S, Hashemi S. Comparison of GnRh Agonist Microdose Flare Up and GnRh Antagonist/Letrozole in Treatment of Poor Responder Patients in Intra Cytoplaspic Sperm Injection: Randomized Clinical Trial. Glob J Health Sci. 2015;8:166-71 pubmed publisher
    ..this randomized clinical trial study consisted of 123 patients. In the first step of treatment in both methods FSH, LH, estradiol, anderostandion, testestron in third day of menstruation period and the thickness of endometrium by ..
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