Gene Symbol: BCCIP
Description: BRCA2 and CDKN1A interacting protein
Alias: TOK-1, TOK1, BRCA2 and CDKN1A-interacting protein, BCCIPalpha, BCCIPbeta, BRCA2 and Cip1/p21 interacting protein, TOK-1alpha, TOK-1beta, cdk inhibitor p21 binding protein, p21- and CDK-associated protein 1, protein TOK-1
Species: human
Products:     BCCIP

Top Publications

  1. Mao N, Zhou Q, Kojic M, Perez Martin J, Holloman W. Ortholog of BRCA2-interacting protein BCCIP controls morphogenetic responses during DNA replication stress in Ustilago maydis. DNA Repair (Amst). 2007;6:1651-60 pubmed
    ..Evidence accumulating in mammalian systems suggests that BCCIP, another small interacting protein that binds to the C-terminal domain of BRCA2, also serves to regulate ..
  2. Ono T, Kitaura H, Ugai H, Murata T, Yokoyama K, Iguchi Ariga S, et al. TOK-1, a novel p21Cip1-binding protein that cooperatively enhances p21-dependent inhibitory activity toward CDK2 kinase. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:31145-54 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, the results of three different types of experiments showed that TOK-1alpha enhanced the inhibitory activity of p21 toward histone H1 kinase activity of CDK2. TOK-1alpha is thus thought to be a new type of CDK2 modulator. ..
  3. Meng X, Liu J, Shen Z. Inhibition of G1 to S cell cycle progression by BCCIP beta. Cell Cycle. 2004;3:343-8 pubmed
    The BCCIP alpha protein was identified as a BRCA2 and CDKN1A (p21, or p21(Waf1/Cip1)) Interacting Protein...
  4. Meng X, Lu H, Shen Z. BCCIP functions through p53 to regulate the expression of p21Waf1/Cip1. Cell Cycle. 2004;3:1457-62 pubmed
    The BCCIP protein is a BRCA2 and CDKN1A (p21(Waf1/Cip1)) Interacting Protein, which binds to a highly conserved domain of BRCA2, and a C-terminal domain of the CDK-inhibitor p21...
  5. Lu H, Guo X, Meng X, Liu J, Allen C, Wray J, et al. The BRCA2-interacting protein BCCIP functions in RAD51 and BRCA2 focus formation and homologous recombinational repair. Mol Cell Biol. 2005;25:1949-57 pubmed
    ..We previously reported that BCCIPalpha interacts with BRCA2...
  6. Meng X, Yue J, Liu Z, Shen Z. Abrogation of the transactivation activity of p53 by BCCIP down-regulation. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:1570-6 pubmed
    ..In this report, we show that BCCIP, a BRCA2 and CDKN1A-interacting protein, is required for the transactivation activity of wild type p53...
  7. Liu J, Yuan Y, Huan J, Shen Z. Inhibition of breast and brain cancer cell growth by BCCIPalpha, an evolutionarily conserved nuclear protein that interacts with BRCA2. Oncogene. 2001;20:336-45 pubmed
    ..We identified a novel protein, designated BCCIPalpha, that interacts with part of the internal conserved region of human BRCA2...
  8. Wray J, Liu J, Nickoloff J, Shen Z. Distinct RAD51 associations with RAD52 and BCCIP in response to DNA damage and replication stress. Cancer Res. 2008;68:2699-707 pubmed publisher
    ..quot; Mammalian cells express RAD52, but BRCA2 may have supplanted RAD52 in mediating RAD51 loading onto ssDNA. BCCIP interacts with BRCA2, and both proteins are important for RAD51 focus formation after ionizing radiation and HR ..
  9. Lu H, Yue J, Meng X, Nickoloff J, Shen Z. BCCIP regulates homologous recombination by distinct domains and suppresses spontaneous DNA damage. Nucleic Acids Res. 2007;35:7160-70 pubmed
    ..We previously showed that a BRCA2- and p21-interacting protein, BCCIP, regulates BRCA2 and RAD51 nuclear focus formation, DSB-induced HR and cell cycle progression...

More Information


  1. Meng X, Liu J, Shen Z. Genomic structure of the human BCCIP gene and its expression in cancer. Gene. 2003;302:139-46 pubmed
    Human BCCIPalpha (Tok-1alpha) is a BRCA2 and CDKN1A (Cip1, p21) interacting protein. Our previous studies have showed that overexpression of BCCIPalpha inhibits the growth of certain tumor cells [Oncogene 20 (2001) 336]...
  2. Roversi G, Pfundt R, Moroni R, Magnani I, van Reijmersdal S, Pollo B, et al. Identification of novel genomic markers related to progression to glioblastoma through genomic profiling of 25 primary glioma cell lines. Oncogene. 2006;25:1571-83 pubmed
    ..21), LRP1B (2q22.3), ADARB2 (10p15.3), BCCIP (10q26.2) and ING1 (13q34) for losses and ECT2 (3q26.3), MDK, DDB2, IG20 (11p11.2) for gains...
  3. Meng X, Fan J, Shen Z. Roles of BCCIP in chromosome stability and cytokinesis. Oncogene. 2007;26:6253-60 pubmed
    ..Here, we show that downregulation of a BRCA2 interacting protein (BCCIP) in HT1080 cells leads to chromosomal polyploidization, centrosome amplification and abnormal mitotic spindle ..
  4. Sui Y, Li F, Wu T, Ding J, Lu Z, Wang L, et al. BCCIP binds to and activates its promoter in a YY1-dependent fashion in HCT116 cells. FEBS J. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    The restriction of YY1 at BCCIP transcriptional start site (TSS) proximal region in several human cancer cell lines was found by analyzation of ChIP-Seq database from UCSC Genome Browser(h t t p: //genome. ucsc. edu)...
  5. Dixit U, Liu Z, Pandey A, Kothari R, Pandey V. Fuse binding protein antagonizes the transcription activity of tumor suppressor protein p53. BMC Cancer. 2014;14:925 pubmed publisher
    ..blotting was carried out to detect the expression level of FBP1, p21 and p53, and also p53 regulatory factors, BCCIP and TCTP; real-time quantitative PCR was done to determine the fold change in mRNA levels of target proteins; ..
  6. Dixit U, Pandey A, Liu Z, Kumar S, Neiditch M, Klein K, et al. FUSE Binding Protein 1 Facilitates Persistent Hepatitis C Virus Replication in Hepatoma Cells by Regulating Tumor Suppressor p53. J Virol. 2015;89:7905-21 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that FBP1 promotes HCV replication by inhibiting p53 and regulating BCCIP and TCTP, which are positive and negative regulators of p53, respectively...
  7. Chudzik B, Koselski M, Czuryło A, Trębacz K, Gagoś M. A new look at the antibiotic amphotericin B effect on Candida albicans plasma membrane permeability and cell viability functions. Eur Biophys J. 2015;44:77-90 pubmed publisher
    ..AmB applied at a 0.05 μM concentration also caused a decrease in the number of active TOK1 (two-pore outward rectifiers) potassium channels, but did not significantly change their open probability...
  8. Lin Z, Hu B, Ni W, Mao X, Zhou H, Lv J, et al. Expression pattern of BCCIP in hepatocellular carcinoma is correlated with poor prognosis and enhanced cell proliferation. Tumour Biol. 2016;: pubmed
    b>BCCIP was originally identified as a BRCA2- and CDKN1A- (Cip1/waf1/p21) interacting protein, also known as BCCIP...
  9. Zhao J, Cheng W, Wang Y, Cai M, Wu W, Zhang H. Identification of microRNA signature in the progression of gestational trophoblastic disease. Cell Death Dis. 2018;9:94 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, we demonstrated that miR-371a-5p was negatively related to protein levels of its predictive target genes BCCIP, SOX2, and BNIP3L, while miR-518a-3p was negatively related to MST1 and EFNA4...
  10. Su J, Sui Y, Ding J, Li F, Shen S, Yang Y, et al. Human INO80/YY1 chromatin remodeling complex transcriptionally regulates the BRCA2- and CDKN1A-interacting protein (BCCIP) in cells. Protein Cell. 2016;7:749-760 pubmed
    The BCCIP (BRCA2- and CDKN1A-interacting protein) is an important cofactor for BRCA2 in tumor suppression...
  11. Phillips Mason P, Mourton T, Major D, Brady Kalnay S. BCCIP associates with the receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase PTPmu. J Cell Biochem. 2008;105:1059-72 pubmed publisher
    ..We isolated an interacting clone encoding BRCA2 and CDKN1A interacting protein (BCCIP) from a HeLa cell library...
  12. Stacey S, Sulem P, Masson G, Gudjonsson S, Thorleifsson G, Jakobsdottir M, et al. New common variants affecting susceptibility to basal cell carcinoma. Nat Genet. 2009;41:909-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, we report conclusive evidence that rs401681[C] in the TERT-CLPTM1L locus confers susceptibility to BCC but protects against melanoma...
  13. Luedeke M, Linnert C, Hofer M, Surowy H, Rinckleb A, Hoegel J, et al. Predisposition for TMPRSS2-ERG fusion in prostate cancer by variants in DNA repair genes. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2009;18:3030-5 pubmed publisher
    ..02; OR, 1.33; 95% CI, 1.04-1.70) in unselected PCa cases. The DNA repair genes POLI and ESCO1 are proposed as susceptibility genes for TMPRSS2-ERG fusion-positive PCa that warrant further investigation. ..
  14. Machackova E, Damborsky J, Valik D, Foretova L. Novel germline BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in breast and breast/ovarian cancer families from the Czech Republic. Hum Mutat. 2001;18:545 pubmed
  15. Ba Q, Li X, Huang C, Li J, Fu Y, Chen P, et al. BCCIPβ modulates the ribosomal and extraribosomal function of S7 through a direct interaction. J Mol Cell Biol. 2017;9:209-219 pubmed publisher
    ..Herein, we identified a ribosomal protein S7-interacting partner, BCCIPβ, which modulates the functional conversion of S7...
  16. Bonache S, Gutierrez Enriquez S, Tenés A, Masas M, Balmana J, Diez O. Mutation analysis of the BCCIP gene for breast cancer susceptibility in breast/ovarian cancer families. Gynecol Oncol. 2013;131:460-3 pubmed publisher
    ..The BCCIP gene plays an important role in the regulation of gene transcription and cell proliferation and could be involved ..
  17. Armakolas A, Ladopoulou A, Konstantopoulou I, Pararas B, Gomatos I, Kataki A, et al. BRCA2 gene mutations in Greek patients with familial breast cancer. Hum Mutat. 2002;19:81-2 pubmed
    ..Our findings suggest that there is a cluster of novel mutations in exons 10 and 11 in Greek patients with familial breast cancer. These mutations appear to have a milder clinical phenotype when compared to the rest of the study group. ..
  18. Wyler E, Wandrey F, Badertscher L, Montellese C, Alper D, Kutay U. The beta-isoform of the BRCA2 and CDKN1A(p21)-interacting protein (BCCIP) stabilizes nuclear RPL23/uL14. FEBS Lett. 2014;588:3685-91 pubmed publisher
    BRCA2 and CDKN1A(p21,CIP1)-interacting protein (BCCIP) is an evolutionary conserved protein implicated in maintenance of genome stability and cell cycle progression. Two isoforms of BCCIP with distinct C-terminal domains exist in humans...
  19. Fan J, Wray J, Meng X, Shen Z. BCCIP is required for the nuclear localization of the p21 protein. Cell Cycle. 2009;8:3019-24 pubmed
    ..BCCIP is a BRCA2 and CDKN1A Interacting Protein. Previous reports showed that BCCIP enhances the p21 suppression activity towards CDK2, and BCCIP ..
  20. Liu J, Lu H, Ohgaki H, Merlo A, Shen Z. Alterations of BCCIP, a BRCA2 interacting protein, in astrocytomas. BMC Cancer. 2009;9:268 pubmed publisher
    ..The BCCIP gene is located at chromosome 10q26. It encodes a BRCA2 and CDKN1A (p21) interacting protein...
  21. Kelso A, Goodson S, Watts L, Ledford L, Waldvogel S, Diehl J, et al. The ?-isoform of BCCIP promotes ADP release from the RAD51 presynaptic filament and enhances homologous DNA pairing. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017;45:711-725 pubmed publisher
    ..Together BRCA2-DSS1 displace RPA and load RAD51 onto the ssDNA. In addition, the BRCA2 interacting protein BCCIP normally colocalizes with chromatin bound BRCA2, and upon DSB induction, RAD51 colocalizes with BRCA2-BCCIP foci...
  22. Wei L, Wang Z, Cui T, Yi F, Bu Y, Ding S, et al. Proteomic analysis of cervical cancer cells treated with adenovirus-mediated MDA-7. Cancer Biol Ther. 2008;7:510-6 pubmed
    ..Together, at both the mRNA and protein levels, p53, BAX, AK1, GADD45gamma and BCCIP were upregulated, while eIF-5A was downregulated following Ad.mda-7 treatment...
  23. Huhn S, Liu J, Ye C, Lu H, Jiang X, Feng X, et al. Regulation of spindle integrity and mitotic fidelity by BCCIP. Oncogene. 2017;36:4750-4766 pubmed publisher
    ..In this work, we demonstrate BCCIP, especially BCCIPα, as a previously unidentified component of the mitotic spindle pole and the centrosome...
  24. Coleman R, Rao P, Fogelsong R, Bardes E. 2-Bromopalmitoyl-CoA and 2-bromopalmitate: promiscuous inhibitors of membrane-bound enzymes. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1992;1125:203-9 pubmed
  25. Ash S, Yang D, Britt D. LYRIC/AEG-1 overexpression modulates BCCIPalpha protein levels in prostate tumor cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2008;371:333-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Co-expression of the two proteins resulted in decreased levels of BCCIPalpha, an effect partially abrogated by proteasome inhibition...
  26. Robson M, Scheuer L, Nafa K, Ellis N, Offit K. Unique de novo mutation of BRCA2 in a woman with early onset breast cancer. J Med Genet. 2002;39:126-8 pubmed
  27. Chen L, Ni S, Li M, Shen C, Lin Z, Ouyang Y, et al. High Expression of BCCIP β Can Promote Proliferation of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Dig Dis Sci. 2017;62:387-395 pubmed publisher
    b>BCCIP was originally identified as a BRCA2 interacting protein in humans and Ustilago maydis. It had low expression in some human cancer tissues...
  28. Droz Rosario R, Lu H, Liu J, Liu N, Ganesan S, Xia B, et al. Roles of BCCIP deficiency in mammary tumorigenesis. Breast Cancer Res. 2017;19:115 pubmed publisher
    ..BCCIP was originally identified as a BRCA2 and CDKN1A interacting protein that has been implicated in maintenance of genomic stability, cell cycle regulation, and ..