Gene Symbol: ATXN7L3
Description: ataxin 7 like 3
Alias: ataxin-7-like protein 3
Species: human
Products:     ATXN7L3

Top Publications

  1. Vijayalingam S, Subramanian T, Zhao L, Chinnadurai G. The Cellular Protein Complex Associated with a Transforming Region of E1A Contains c-MYC. J Virol. 2016;90:1070-9 pubmed publisher
    ..region additionally interacted with the constituents of a deubiquitinase complex consisting of USP22, ATXN7, and ATXN7L3 via TRRAP...
  2. Helmlinger D, Hardy S, Sasorith S, Klein F, Robert F, Weber C, et al. Ataxin-7 is a subunit of GCN5 histone acetyltransferase-containing complexes. Hum Mol Genet. 2004;13:1257-65 pubmed
    ..We demonstrate here that ataxin-7 is the human orthologue of the yeast SAGA SGF73 subunit and is a bona fide subunit of the human TFTC-like transcriptional complexes. ..
  3. Janer A, Werner A, Takahashi Fujigasaki J, Daret A, Fujigasaki H, Takada K, et al. SUMOylation attenuates the aggregation propensity and cellular toxicity of the polyglutamine expanded ataxin-7. Hum Mol Genet. 2010;19:181-95 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate an influence of SUMOylation on the multistep aggregation process of ATXN7 and implicate a role for ATXN7 SUMOylation in SCA7 pathogenesis...
  4. Zhao Y, Lang G, Ito S, Bonnet J, Metzger E, Sawatsubashi S, et al. A TFTC/STAGA module mediates histone H2A and H2B deubiquitination, coactivates nuclear receptors, and counteracts heterochromatin silencing. Mol Cell. 2008;29:92-101 pubmed publisher
    ..We have identified three additional subunits of TFTC/STAGA (ATXN7L3, USP22, and ENY2) that form the deubiquitination module...
  5. Lang G, Bonnet J, Umlauf D, Karmodiya K, Koffler J, Stierlé M, et al. The tightly controlled deubiquitination activity of the human SAGA complex differentially modifies distinct gene regulatory elements. Mol Cell Biol. 2011;31:3734-44 pubmed publisher
    ..multiple interactions with different domains of other subunits of the SAGA deubiquitination module (ATXN7, ATXN7L3, and ENY2)...
  6. Atanassov B, Mohan R, Lan X, Kuang X, Lu Y, Lin K, et al. ATXN7L3 and ENY2 Coordinate Activity of Multiple H2B Deubiquitinases Important for Cellular Proliferation and Tumor Growth. Mol Cell. 2016;62:558-71 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, depletion of non-enzymatic components, ATXN7L3 or ENY2, results in increased H2Bub1...
  7. Li W, Atanassov B, Lan X, Mohan R, Swanson S, Farria A, et al. Cytoplasmic ATXN7L3B Interferes with Nuclear Functions of the SAGA Deubiquitinase Module. Mol Cell Biol. 2016;36:2855-2866 pubmed publisher
    ..USP22 is the catalytic subunit of the DUB module, but two adaptor proteins, ATXN7L3 and ENY2, are necessary for DUB activity toward histone H2Bub1 and other substrates...
  8. Spolverini A, Fuchs G, Bublik D, Oren M. let-7b and let-7c microRNAs promote histone H2B ubiquitylation and inhibit cell migration by targeting multiple components of the H2B deubiquitylation machinery. Oncogene. 2017;36:5819-5828 pubmed publisher
    ..directly and inhibit the mRNAs encoding the DUBs USP42 and USP44, and also the mRNA encoding the adapter protein ATXN7L3, which is part of the DUB module of the SAGA complex...
  9. Bonnet J, Wang Y, Spedale G, Atkinson R, Romier C, Hamiche A, et al. The structural plasticity of SCA7 domains defines their differential nucleosome-binding properties. EMBO Rep. 2010;11:612-8 pubmed publisher
    ..ATXN7/Sgf73 and ATXN7L3, two subunits of the SAGA deubiquitination module, contain an SCA7 domain characterized by an atypical zinc-..