Gene Symbol: AGO3
Description: argonaute 3, RISC catalytic component
Alias: EIF2C3, protein argonaute-3, argonaute RISC catalytic component 3, eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2C, 3, hAgo3
Species: human
Products:     AGO3

Top Publications

  1. Wu L, Fan J, Belasco J. Importance of translation and nonnucleolytic ago proteins for on-target RNA interference. Curr Biol. 2008;18:1327-32 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings have important implications for the efficacy and specificity of RNA interference. ..
  2. Potenza N, Papa U, Russo A. Differential expression of Dicer and Argonaute genes during the differentiation of human neuroblastoma cells. Cell Biol Int. 2009;33:734-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The results show that the 5 genes are differentially expressed along the 2 differentiation pathways and suggest a prevalent role of Dicer and Argonaute 4 in neural cell differentiation. ..
  3. Hauptmann J, Dueck A, Harlander S, Pfaff J, Merkl R, Meister G. Turning catalytically inactive human Argonaute proteins into active slicer enzymes. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2013;20:814-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we have mutated inactive human Ago1 and Ago3 and generated catalytic Argonaute proteins...
  4. Yoda M, Kawamata T, Paroo Z, Ye X, Iwasaki S, Liu Q, et al. ATP-dependent human RISC assembly pathways. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2010;17:17-23 pubmed publisher
    ..All these features of human AGO proteins are highly reminiscent of fly Ago1 but not fly Ago2. ..
  5. Schürmann N, Trabuco L, Bender C, Russell R, Grimm D. Molecular dissection of human Argonaute proteins by DNA shuffling. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2013;20:818-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Through shuffling of human Ago2 and Ago3, we discovered two N-terminal motifs that govern RNA cleavage in concert with the PIWI domain...
  6. Voshall A, Kim E, Ma X, Moriyama E, Cerutti H. Identification of AGO3-associated miRNAs and computational prediction of their targets in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Genetics. 2015;200:105-21 pubmed publisher
    ..define functional microRNAs (miRNAs) in Chlamydomonas, we characterized sRNAs associated with an argonaute protein, AGO3, by affinity purification and deep sequencing...
  7. Simmons M, Peterson M, Thorp M, Buschette J, Diprima S, Harter C, et al. piRNA-mediated transposon regulation and the germ-line mutation rate in Drosophila melanogaster males. Mutat Res. 2015;773:16-21 pubmed publisher
    ..The Piwi proteins are encoded by the genes argonaute3 (ago3), aubergine (aub), and piwi...
  8. Parikh R, Lin H, Gangaraju V. A critical role for nucleoporin 358 (Nup358) in transposon silencing and piRNA biogenesis in Drosophila. J Biol Chem. 2018;293:9140-9147 pubmed publisher
    ..In Drosophila germ cells, the Aubergine (Aub)-Argonaute 3 (Ago3)-dependent ping-pong cycle generates most germline piRNAs...
  9. Hameed M, Wang Z, Vasseur L, Yang G. Molecular Characterization and the Function of Argonaute3 in RNAi Pathway of Plutella xylostella. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..0% with Bombyx mori Ago3 (BmAgo3)...

More Information


  1. Perrat P, Dasgupta S, Wang J, Theurkauf W, Weng Z, Rosbash M, et al. Transposition-driven genomic heterogeneity in the Drosophila brain. Science. 2013;340:91-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Our observations indicate that genomic heterogeneity is a conserved feature of the brain. ..
  2. Krawczynski K, Najmula J, Bauersachs S, Kaczmarek M. MicroRNAome of porcine conceptuses and trophoblasts: expression profile of micrornas and their potential to regulate genes crucial for establishment of pregnancy. Biol Reprod. 2015;92:21 pubmed publisher
    ..proteins involved in miRNA synthesis and transport: DROSHA, DGCR8, XPO5, DICER1, TARBP2, TNRC6A, AGO1, AGO2, AGO3, and AGO4. Custom, multispecies microarrays were used to profile miRNAs...
  3. Huang Y, Moreno H, Row S, Jia D, Deng W. Germline silencing of UASt depends on the piRNA pathway. J Genet Genomics. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..Individually knocking down or mutating components of the piRNA biogenesis pathway (e.g., Piwi, AGO3, Aub, Spn-E, Su(var)2-10, Hsp83, and Vasa) resulted in the expression of the UASt-reporter (GFP or RFP) in the ..
  4. Zhang F, Wang J, Xu J, Zhang Z, Koppetsch B, Schultz N, et al. UAP56 couples piRNA clusters to the perinuclear transposon silencing machinery. Cell. 2012;151:871-884 pubmed publisher
    ..Vasa has an established role in piRNA production and localizes to nuage with the piRNA binding PIWI proteins Ago3 and Aub...
  5. Lavrenov A, Nefedova L, Romanova N, Kim A. Expression of hp1 family genes and their plausible role in formation of flamenco phenotype in D. melanogaster. Biochemistry (Mosc). 2014;79:1267-72 pubmed publisher
    ..the flamenco locus that controls transposition of the mobile genetic element gypsy, RNA interference system genes ago3, zuc, aub, and HP1 heterochromatin protein family genes hp1a, hp1b, hp1c, hp1d (rhino), and hp1e in D...
  6. Alazem M, He M, Moffett P, Lin N. Abscisic Acid Induces Resistance against Bamboo Mosaic Virus through Argonaute2 and 3. Plant Physiol. 2017;174:339-355 pubmed publisher
    ..and ABA treatment regulate the same set of AGOs, with positive effects on AGO1, AGO2, and AGO3, no effect on AGO7, and negative effects on AGO4 and AGO10 The BaMV-mediated regulation of ..
  7. Zhang Y, Liu W, Li R, Gu J, Wu P, Peng C, et al. Structural insights into the sequence-specific recognition of Piwi by Drosophila Papi. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:3374-3379 pubmed publisher
    ..a recent study showed that, in papi mutant flies, only Piwi-bound piRNAs increased in length, and not Ago3-bound or Aub-bound piRNAs...
  8. Lewis S, Salmela H, Obbard D. Duplication and Diversification of Dipteran Argonaute Genes, and the Evolutionary Divergence of Piwi and Aubergine. Genome Biol Evol. 2016;8:507-18 pubmed publisher
    ..Ago2) and germline suppression of transposable elements is mediated by a trio of Piwi-subfamily Argonaute proteins (Ago3, Aub, and Piwi)...
  9. Miesen P, Girardi E, Van Rij R. Distinct sets of PIWI proteins produce arbovirus and transposon-derived piRNAs in Aedes aegypti mosquito cells. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015;43:6545-56 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that Piwi5 and Ago3, but none of the other PIWI family members, are essential for piRNA biogenesis from Sindbis virus RNA in infected ..
  10. Zhang Z, Liu X, Guo X, Wang X, Zhang X. Arabidopsis AGO3 predominantly recruits 24-nt small RNAs to regulate epigenetic silencing. Nat Plants. 2016;2:16049 pubmed publisher
    ..Although most Arabidopsis AGO proteins have been studied well, AGO3-bound sRNAs and their basic function remain unknown...
  11. Varjak M, Dietrich I, Sreenu V, Till B, Merits A, Kohl A, et al. Spindle-E Acts Antivirally Against Alphaviruses in Mosquito Cells. Viruses. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..Knock down of key proteins of the piRNA pathway (Ago3 and Piwi5) in Aedesaegypti-derived cells reduced the production of alphavirus chikungunya virus (..
  12. Freimer J, Krishnakumar R, Cook M, Blelloch R. Expression of Alternative Ago2 Isoform Associated with Loss of microRNA-Driven Translational Repression in Mouse Oocytes. Curr Biol. 2018;28:296-302.e3 pubmed publisher
    ..Full-length Ago2 as well as the related Argonautes (Ago1, Ago3, and Ago4) were lowly expressed in maturing mouse oocytes...
  13. Sun S, Ma J, Zhang Q, Wang Q, Zhou L, Bai F, et al. Argonaute proteins in cardiac tissue contribute to the heart injury during viral myocarditis. Cardiovasc Pathol. 2016;25:120-6 pubmed publisher, we detected the expression of four AGOs in the CVB3-infected mouse heart tissues and found that AGO1 and AGO3 up-regulated significantly at 4 and 8h after CVB3 infection...
  14. Sato K, Iwasaki Y, Siomi H, Siomi M. Tudor-domain containing proteins act to make the piRNA pathways more robust in Drosophila. Fly (Austin). 2015;9:86-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Aub then initiates the ping-pong pathway to produce secondary piRNAs for AGO3. AGO3-slicer dependent cleavage subsequently produces secondary piRNAs for Aub...
  15. Andress A, Bei Y, Fonslow B, Giri R, Wu Y, Yates J, et al. Spindle-E cycling between nuage and cytoplasm is controlled by Qin and PIWI proteins. J Cell Biol. 2016;213:201-11 pubmed publisher
    ..physically associates with the Tudor domain protein Qin and the PIWI proteins Aubergine (Aub) and Argonaute3 (Ago3)...
  16. Varjak M, Maringer K, Watson M, Sreenu V, Fredericks A, Pondeville E, et al. Aedes aegypti Piwi4 Is a Noncanonical PIWI Protein Involved in Antiviral Responses. mSphere. 2017;2: pubmed publisher
    ..members of the antiviral exogenous siRNA pathway (Ago2 and Dcr2), as well as with proteins of the piRNA pathway (Ago3, Piwi5, and Piwi6) in an Aedes aegypti-derived cell line, Aag2...
  17. Turchinovich A, Surowy H, Tonevitsky A, Burwinkel B. Interference in transcription of overexpressed genes by promoter-proximal downstream sequences. Sci Rep. 2016;6:30735 pubmed publisher
    ..human RNAi-effectors Argonaute proteins and their coding sequences, the efficiency of ectopic overexpression of AGO3 and AGO4 coding sequences in human cells is greatly reduced as compared to AGO1 and AGO2...
  18. Hayashi R, Schnabl J, Handler D, Mohn F, Ameres S, Brennecke J. Genetic and mechanistic diversity of piRNA 3'-end formation. Nature. 2016;539:588-592 pubmed publisher
    ..The initiating nucleases are either Zucchini or the PIWI-clade proteins Aubergine (Aub) or Ago3. While Zucchini-mediated cleavages directly define mature piRNA 3' ends, Aub/Ago3-mediated cleavages liberate pre-..
  19. Bridge K, Shah K, Li Y, Foxler D, Wong S, Miller D, et al. Argonaute Utilization for miRNA Silencing Is Determined by Phosphorylation-Dependent Recruitment of LIM-Domain-Containing Proteins. Cell Rep. 2017;20:173-187 pubmed publisher
    ..of LIMD1, AGO2 miRNA-silencing function is lost and miRNA silencing becomes dependent on a complex formed by AGO3 and the LIMD1 family member WTIP...
  20. Ryazansky S, Kotov A, Kibanov M, Akulenko N, Korbut A, Lavrov S, et al. RNA helicase Spn-E is required to maintain Aub and AGO3 protein levels for piRNA silencing in the germline of Drosophila. Eur J Cell Biol. 2016;95:311-22 pubmed publisher
    ..The lack of Spn-E caused a significant drop of protein levels of key ping-pong participants, Aubergine (Aub) and AGO3 proteins of PIWI subfamily, in the germline of both males and females, but did not disrupt of their assembly in ..
  21. Kalantari R, Hicks J, Li L, Gagnon K, Sridhara V, Lemoff A, et al. Stable association of RNAi machinery is conserved between the cytoplasm and nucleus of human cells. RNA. 2016;22:1085-98 pubmed publisher
    ..Interactions with TRNC6A, TRNC6B, TNRC6C, and AGO3 are conserved between nuclei and cytoplasm...
  22. Saint Leandre B, Clavereau I, Hua Van A, Capy P. Transcriptional polymorphism of piRNA regulatory genes underlies the mariner activity in Drosophila simulans testes. Mol Ecol. 2017;26:3715-3731 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, mos1 levels of expression in testes highly contrast with the low expression patterns of ago3. These results strongly suggest that the expression polymorphism of piRNA genes could be responsible for the mos1 ..
  23. Sato K, Iwasaki Y, Shibuya A, Carninci P, Tsuchizawa Y, Ishizu H, et al. Krimper Enforces an Antisense Bias on piRNA Pools by Binding AGO3 in the Drosophila Germline. Mol Cell. 2015;59:553-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Drosophila ovary, primary Aubergine (Aub)-bound antisense piRNAs initiate the ping-pong cycle to produce secondary AGO3-bound sense piRNAs...
  24. Wang W, Han B, Tipping C, Ge D, Zhang Z, Weng Z, et al. Slicing and Binding by Ago3 or Aub Trigger Piwi-Bound piRNA Production by Distinct Mechanisms. Mol Cell. 2015;59:819-30 pubmed publisher
    ..This alternative pathway may help flies silence newly acquired transposons for which they lack extensively complementary piRNAs. ..
  25. Qiu Z, Liu F, Lu H, Yuan H, Zhang Q, Huang Y. De Novo Assembly and Characterization of the Transcriptome of Grasshopper Shirakiacris shirakii. Int J Mol Sci. 2016;17: pubmed publisher
    ..The comprehensive de novo transcriptomic data of S. shirakii will offer a series of valuable molecular resources for better studying insecticide resistance, RNAi and molecular marker discovery in the transcriptome. ..
  26. Dueck A, Evers M, Henz S, Unger K, Eichner N, Merkl R, et al. Gene silencing pathways found in the green alga Volvox carteri reveal insights into evolution and origins of small RNA systems in plants. BMC Genomics. 2016;17:853 pubmed
    ..reinhardtii suggesting fast evolution of small RNA systems. Thus, distinct small RNAs may contribute to multicellularity and also division of labor in reproductive and somatic cells. ..
  27. Webster A, Li S, Hur J, Wachsmuth M, Bois J, Perkins E, et al. Aub and Ago3 Are Recruited to Nuage through Two Mechanisms to Form a Ping-Pong Complex Assembled by Krimper. Mol Cell. 2015;59:564-75 pubmed publisher
    In Drosophila, two Piwi proteins, Aubergine (Aub) and Argonaute-3 (Ago3), localize to perinuclear "nuage" granules and use guide piRNAs to target and destroy transposable element transcripts...
  28. Han B, Wang W, Li C, Weng Z, Zamore P. Noncoding RNA. piRNA-guided transposon cleavage initiates Zucchini-dependent, phased piRNA production. Science. 2015;348:817-21 pubmed publisher
    ..We report that secondary piRNAs, bound to the PIWI protein Ago3, can initiate primary piRNA production from cleaved transposon RNAs...
  29. Dong J, Levine D, Buas M, Zhang R, Onstad L, Fitzgerald R, et al. Interactions Between Genetic Variants and Environmental Factors Affect Risk of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma and Barrett's Esophagus. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2018;16:1598-1606.e4 pubmed publisher
    ..58×10-7, respectively) to affect risk of EA. For BE, rs491603 at chromosome 1p34.3, near the EIF2C3 gene, and rs11631094 at chromosome 15q14, at the SLC12A6 gene, interacted with BMI (P = 4...
  30. Doi N, Zenno S, Ueda R, Ohki Hamazaki H, Ui Tei K, Saigo K. Short-interfering-RNA-mediated gene silencing in mammalian cells requires Dicer and eIF2C translation initiation factors. Curr Biol. 2003;13:41-6 pubmed
    ..Immunoprecipitation experiments suggest that, in human and mouse cells, complex formation occurs between Dicer and eIF2C1 or 2 and that the PIWI domain of eIF2C is essential for the formation of this complex. ..
  31. Varjak M, Donald C, Mottram T, Sreenu V, Merits A, Maringer K, et al. Characterization of the Zika virus induced small RNA response in Aedes aegypti cells. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2017;11:e0006010 pubmed publisher
    ..small RNAs were detected, these lacked the characteristic piRNA ping-pong signature motif and were bound to Ago3 but not Piwi5 or Piwi6...
  32. Ninova M, Griffiths Jones S, Ronshaugen M. Abundant expression of somatic transposon-derived piRNAs throughout Tribolium castaneum embryogenesis. Genome Biol. 2017;18:184 pubmed publisher
    ..The two Tribolium piRNA pathway effector proteins, Tc-Piwi/Aub and Tc-Ago3, are also expressed throughout the soma of early embryos...
  33. Baillat D, Shiekhattar R. Functional dissection of the human TNRC6 (GW182-related) family of proteins. Mol Cell Biol. 2009;29:4144-55 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, the C-terminal domain containing the RNA recognition motif plays a critical role in the silencing mediated by the TNRC6B protein. ..
  34. Sasaki T, Shiohama A, Minoshima S, Shimizu N. Identification of eight members of the Argonaute family in the human genome. Genomics. 2003;82:323-30 pubmed
    ..PIWIL1/HIWI, PIWIL2/HILI, PIWIL3, and PIWIL4/HIWI2) and the eIF2C/AGO subfamily (EIF2C1/hAGO1, EIF2C2/hAGO2, EIF2C3/hAGO3, and EIF2C4/hAGO4)...
  35. Winter J, Diederichs S. Argonaute-3 activates the let-7a passenger strand microRNA. RNA Biol. 2013;10:1631-43 pubmed publisher
    ..This post-maturational effect is mediated by the Ago3 PAZ and MID domains yielding an elevated affinity for let-7a-3p...
  36. Petit M, Mongelli V, Frangeul L, Blanc H, Jiggins F, Saleh M. piRNA pathway is not required for antiviral defense in Drosophila melanogaster. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016;113:E4218-27 pubmed publisher
  37. Rogers A, Situ K, Perkins E, Toth K. Zucchini-dependent piRNA processing is triggered by recruitment to the cytoplasmic processing machinery. Genes Dev. 2017;31:1858-1869 pubmed publisher
    ..This processing requires Zuc and the helicase Armitage (Armi). Aubergine (Aub), Argonaute 3 (Ago3), and components of the nuclear RDC complex, which are required for normal piRNA biogenesis in germ cells, are ..
  38. Carmell M, Xuan Z, Zhang M, Hannon G. The Argonaute family: tentacles that reach into RNAi, developmental control, stem cell maintenance, and tumorigenesis. Genes Dev. 2002;16:2733-42 pubmed
  39. Gu S, Jin L, Huang Y, Zhang F, Kay M. Slicing-independent RISC activation requires the argonaute PAZ domain. Curr Biol. 2012;22:1536-42 pubmed publisher
  40. Wang D, Zhang Z, O Loughlin E, Lee T, Houel S, O Carroll D, et al. Quantitative functions of Argonaute proteins in mammalian development. Genes Dev. 2012;26:693-704 pubmed publisher
    ..Surprisingly, Ago3 is able to load microRNAs efficiently in the absence of Ago1 and Ago2, despite a significant loss of global ..
  41. Lazzaretti D, Tournier I, Izaurralde E. The C-terminal domains of human TNRC6A, TNRC6B, and TNRC6C silence bound transcripts independently of Argonaute proteins. RNA. 2009;15:1059-66 pubmed publisher
  42. Lian S, Li S, Abadal G, Pauley B, Fritzler M, Chan E. The C-terminal half of human Ago2 binds to multiple GW-rich regions of GW182 and requires GW182 to mediate silencing. RNA. 2009;15:804-13 pubmed publisher
  43. Omel ianchuk N, Ponomarenko P, Ponomarenko M. [The nucleotide sequence features of the mature microRNA seem to be responsible for the affinity to human Ago2 AND Ago3 proteins]. Mol Biol (Mosk). 2011;45:366-75 pubmed
    ..They programs RISC to regulate functioning of mRNA with complimentary sites for these miRNAs. In case of Ago3 protein present in human RISC miRNAs direct inhibition of translation, whereas in case of Ago2 is in RISC, than ..
  44. Meister G, Landthaler M, Patkaniowska A, Dorsett Y, Teng G, Tuschl T. Human Argonaute2 mediates RNA cleavage targeted by miRNAs and siRNAs. Mol Cell. 2004;15:185-97 pubmed
    ..The specific role of Ago2 in guiding target RNA cleavage was confirmed independently by siRNA-based depletion of individual Ago members in combination with a sensitive positive-readout reporter assay. ..
  45. Weinmann L, Höck J, Ivacevic T, Ohrt T, Mütze J, Schwille P, et al. Importin 8 is a gene silencing factor that targets argonaute proteins to distinct mRNAs. Cell. 2009;136:496-507 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, we provide evidence that Imp8 is required for cytoplasmic miRNA-guided gene silencing and affects nuclear localization of Ago proteins. ..
  46. Rashpa R, Vazquez Pianzola P, Colombo M, Hernández G, Beuchle D, Berger F, et al. Cbp80 is needed for the expression of piRNA components and piRNAs. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0181743 pubmed publisher
    ..that Cbp80 knockdown not only led to the upregulation of transposons, but also to delocalization of Piwi, Aub and Ago3, key factors in the piRNA biosynthesis pathway...
  47. Hu Q, Tanasa B, Trabucchi M, Li W, Zhang J, Ohgi K, et al. DICER- and AGO3-dependent generation of retinoic acid-induced DR2 Alu RNAs regulates human stem cell proliferation. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2012;19:1168-75 pubmed publisher
    ..This regulation requires AGO3-dependent accumulation of processed DR2 Alu transcripts and the subsequent recruitment of AGO3-associated decapping ..
  48. Phalora P, Sherer N, Wolinsky S, Swanson C, Malim M. HIV-1 replication and APOBEC3 antiviral activity are not regulated by P bodies. J Virol. 2012;86:11712-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Localization to P bodies may therefore provide a means of sequestering APOBEC3 enzymatic activity away from cellular DNA or may be linked to as yet unidentified cellular functions. ..
  49. Park M, Phan H, Busch F, Hinckley S, Brackbill J, Wysocki V, et al. Human Argonaute3 has slicer activity. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017;45:11867-11877 pubmed publisher
    Of the four human Argonaute (AGO) paralogs, only AGO2 has been shown to have slicer activity. The others (AGO1, AGO3 and AGO4) have been thought to assemble with microRNAs to form slicer-independent effector complexes that bind target ..
  50. Ozeki N, Hase N, Hiyama T, Yamaguchi H, Kawai Asano R, Nakata K, et al. MicroRNA-211 and autophagy-related gene 14 signaling regulate osteoblast-like cell differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells. Exp Cell Res. 2017;352:63-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together with our previous findings, we have revealed a unique sequential cascade involving miR-211 and Atg14 in ODM-induced differentiation of hiPS cells into osteoblast-like cells at a relatively early stage. ..