Gene Symbol: ADRA2A
Description: adrenoceptor alpha 2A
Alias: ADRA2, ADRA2R, ADRAR, ALPHA2AAR, ZNF32, alpha-2A adrenergic receptor, adrenergic, alpha-2A-, receptor, alpha-2 adrenergic receptor subtype C10, alpha-2-adrenergic receptor, platelet type, alpha-2A adrenoceptor, alpha-2A adrenoreceptor, alpha-2AAR subtype C10
Species: human
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Top Publications

  1. Schaak S, Cussac D, Cayla C, Devedjian J, Guyot R, Paris H, et al. Alpha(2) adrenoceptors regulate proliferation of human intestinal epithelial cells. Gut. 2000;47:242-50 pubmed
    ..None of these effects was observed in the parental cell line Caco2. The results obtained in the present study support a regulatory role for alpha(2) adrenoceptors in intestinal cell proliferation. ..
  2. Lima J, Feng H, Duckworth L, Wang J, Sylvester J, Kissoon N, et al. Association analyses of adrenergic receptor polymorphisms with obesity and metabolic alterations. Metabolism. 2007;56:757-65 pubmed
    ..beta(2)-adrenergic receptor (ADRB2), beta(3)-adrenergic receptor (ADRB3), and alpha(2)-adrenergic receptor (ADRA2A) genes associate with obesity and metabolic alterations, we recruited 74 healthy African American and 161 white ..
  3. Dupuis J, Langenberg C, Prokopenko I, Saxena R, Soranzo N, Jackson A, et al. New genetic loci implicated in fasting glucose homeostasis and their impact on type 2 diabetes risk. Nat Genet. 2010;42:105-16 pubmed publisher
    ..These include nine loci newly associated with fasting glucose (in or near ADCY5, MADD, ADRA2A, CRY2, FADS1, GLIS3, SLC2A2, PROX1 and C2CD4B) and one influencing fasting insulin and HOMA-IR (near IGF1)...
  4. Johnson A, Yanek L, Chen M, Faraday N, Larson M, Tofler G, et al. Genome-wide meta-analyses identifies seven loci associated with platelet aggregation in response to agonists. Nat Genet. 2010;42:608-13 pubmed publisher
    ..6x10(-13)), PEAR1 (P=3.4x10(-12)), ADRA2A (P=3.3x10(-11)), PIK3CG (P=3.1x10(-9)), JMJD1C (P=1.6x10(-8)), MRVI1 (P=2.0x10(-8)) and SHH (P=4.5x10(-8))...
  5. Roman T, Schmitz M, Polanczyk G, Eizirik M, Rohde L, Hutz M. Is the alpha-2A adrenergic receptor gene (ADRA2A) associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder?. Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet. 2003;120B:116-20 pubmed
    ..We investigated a sample of 96 Brazilian ADHD children and adolescents and their parents for the ADRA2A MspI polymorphism...
  6. Small K, Brown K, Seman C, Theiss C, Liggett S. Complex haplotypes derived from noncoding polymorphisms of the intronless alpha2A-adrenergic gene diversify receptor expression. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:5472-7 pubmed
  7. Yabe M, Matsubara Y, Takahashi S, Ishihara H, Shibano T, Miyaki K, et al. Identification of ADRA2A polymorphisms related to shear-mediated platelet function. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006;347:1001-5 pubmed
    alpha2A adrenergic receptor (ADRA2A) on platelets interacts with epinephrine, which has a key role in regulating platelet functions...
  8. Rosengren A, Jokubka R, Tojjar D, Granhall C, Hansson O, Li D, et al. Overexpression of alpha2A-adrenergic receptors contributes to type 2 diabetes. Science. 2010;327:217-20 pubmed publisher
    ..In this locus, Adra2a, encoding the alpha2A-adrenergic receptor [alpha(2A)AR], was significantly overexpressed...
  9. Boesgaard T, Grarup N, Jørgensen T, Borch Johnsen K, Hansen T, Pedersen O. Variants at DGKB/TMEM195, ADRA2A, GLIS3 and C2CD4B loci are associated with reduced glucose-stimulated beta cell function in middle-aged Danish people. Diabetologia. 2010;53:1647-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Eleven variants in or near DGKB/TMEM195, ADCY5, MADD, ADRA2A, FADS1, CRY2, SLC2A2, GLIS3, PROX1, C2CD4B and IGF1 were genotyped in 6,784 middle-aged participants of the ..

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  1. Devedjian J, Pujol A, Cayla C, George M, Casellas A, Paris H, et al. Transgenic mice overexpressing alpha2A-adrenoceptors in pancreatic beta-cells show altered regulation of glucose homeostasis. Diabetologia. 2000;43:899-906 pubmed
    ..These results provide evidence in vivo that overexpression of alpha2-adrenoceptors in beta cells can lead to impaired insulin secretion and glucose intolerance. ..
  2. Eason M, Moreira S, Liggett S. Four consecutive serines in the third intracellular loop are the sites for beta-adrenergic receptor kinase-mediated phosphorylation and desensitization of the alpha 2A-adrenergic receptor. J Biol Chem. 1995;270:4681-8 pubmed
  3. Chen M, Zhu H, Piletz J. Intracellular effect of imidazoline receptor on alpha(2A)-noradrenergic receptor. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2003;1009:427-38 pubmed
    ..Although the mechanism is unclear, this increase in binding sites may explain previous imidazoline drug effects suggestive of interactions between these two receptors. ..
  4. Haefner S, Baghai T, Schule C, Eser D, Spraul M, Zill P, et al. Impact of gene-gender effects of adrenergic polymorphisms on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity in depressed patients. Neuropsychobiology. 2008;58:154-62 pubmed publisher
    ..hormone (DEX/CRH) test, we investigated the association of alpha(2)-adrenoceptor (ADRA2A -1291C-->G) and the beta(2)-adrenoceptor gene (ADRB2 Arg16Gly) in 189 patients with major depression during the ..
  5. Barbati S, Colussi C, Bacci L, Aiello A, Re A, Stigliano E, et al. Transcription Factor CREM Mediates High Glucose Response in Cardiomyocytes and in a Male Mouse Model of Prolonged Hyperglycemia. Endocrinology. 2017;158:2391-2405 pubmed publisher
    ..NEXN), versican, cyclic adenosine 5'-monophosphate-responsive element modulator (CREM), and adrenoceptor ?2A (ADRA2)...
  6. Mărginean C, Marginean C, Bănescu C, Meliţ L, Tripon F, Iancu M. The relationship between MMP9 and ADRA2A gene polymorphisms and mothers-newborns' nutritional status: an exploratory path model (STROBE compliant article). Pediatr Res. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..the direct effects of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP9 rs17577, MMP9 rs17576) and alfa 2 adrenergic receptor (ADRA2A rs553668) gene polymorphisms investigated in mothers and their newborns on maternal weight gain (MWG) during ..
  7. Alblas J, van Corven E, Hordijk P, Milligan G, Moolenaar W. Gi-mediated activation of the p21ras-mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway by alpha 2-adrenergic receptors expressed in fibroblasts. J Biol Chem. 1993;268:22235-8 pubmed
  8. Mishra B, Wu T, Belfer I, Hodgkinson C, Cohen L, Kiselycznyk C, et al. Do motor control genes contribute to interindividual variability in decreased movement in patients with pain?. Mol Pain. 2007;3:20 pubmed
    ..Similar methods might be applied a larger set of genes in animal models and human laboratory and clinical studies to understand the causes and prevention of pain-related reduction in movement. ..
  9. Bensalem A, Selmani K, Narjes H, Bencherifa N, Soltani M, Mostefaoui F, et al. Widespread geographical disparities in chronic hepatitis B virus infection in Algeria. Arch Virol. 2017;162:1641-1648 pubmed publisher
    ..These regions formed four distinct foci located in distant parts of the country: Adrar-Bechar (southwest), El-Oued-Tebessa (east), M'Sila-Sétif (north central) and Oran-Aïn Temouchent (northwest)...
  10. Valet P, Senard J, Devedjian J, Planat V, Salomon R, Voisin T, et al. Characterization and distribution of alpha 2-adrenergic receptors in the human intestinal mucosa. J Clin Invest. 1993;91:2049-57 pubmed
    ..The distribution of the receptor along the crypt-surface axis of the colon mucosa can be correlated with a higher level of alpha 2C10-specific mRNA and a higher efficiency of UK14304 to inhibit adenylate cyclase in crypt cells. ..
  11. Chou I, Tsai C, Wan L, Hsu Y, Tsai F. Association study between Tourette's syndrome and polymorphisms of noradrenergic genes (ADRA2A, ADRA2C). Psychiatr Genet. 2007;17:359 pubmed
  12. Husain B, Nanavaty I, Marathe S, Rajendran R, Vaidya V. Hippocampal transcriptional and neurogenic changes evoked by combination yohimbine and imipramine treatment. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2015;61:1-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We noted reduced expression of the α2A-adrenoceptor (Adra2a), serotonin 5HT2C receptor (Htr2c) and the somatostatin receptor 1 (Sstr1), which modulate antidepressant action...
  13. Urbinati G, Ali H, Rousseau Q, Chapuis H, Desmaële D, Couvreur P, et al. Antineoplastic Effects of siRNA against TMPRSS2-ERG Junction Oncogene in Prostate Cancer. PLoS ONE. 2015;10:e0125277 pubmed publisher
    ..analysis further confirmed ERG inhibition by both siRNAs TMPRSS2-ERG and revealed one common down-regulated gene, ADRA2A, involved in cell proliferation and migration...
  14. Sohani Z, Anand S, Robiou du Pont S, Morrison K, McDonald S, Atkinson S, et al. Risk Alleles in/near ADCY5, ADRA2A, CDKAL1, CDKN2A/B, GRB10, and TCF7L2 Elevate Plasma Glucose Levels at Birth and in Early Childhood: Results from the FAMILY Study. PLoS ONE. 2016;11:e0152107 pubmed publisher
    ..Risk alleles for 6 loci increased glucose levels from birth to 5 years of age (ADCY5, ADRA2A, CDKAL1, CDKN2A/B, GRB10, and TCF7L2, 4.85x10-3 ≤ P ≤ 4.60x10-2). Together, these 6 SNPs increase glucose by 0...
  15. Nishikawa R, Nagai H, Bito T, Ikeda T, Horikawa T, Adachi A, et al. Genetic prediction of the effectiveness of biologics for psoriasis treatment. J Dermatol. 2016;43:1273-1277 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we present 10 SNPs, such as those in JAG2 and ADRA2A, that were associated with treatment responses to anti-TNF-? agents (strongest effect, P < 7.11E-06)...
  16. Kibitov А, Krupitsky Е, Blokhina Е, Verbitskaya Е, Brodyansky V, Alekseeva N, et al. [A pharmacogenetic analysis of dopaminergic and opioidergic genes in opioid addicts treated with the combination of naltrexone and guanfacine]. Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2016;116:36-48 pubmed publisher
    ..and 4 (DRD4), dopamine-beta-hydroxylase, and dopamine transporter (SLC6A3, DAT1) and alpha-2-adrenoreceptor (ADRA2A) a pharmacological target of guanfacine...
  17. Mostefaoui M, Ziane A, Bouraiou A, Khelifi S. Effect of sand dust accumulation on photovoltaic performance in the Saharan environment: southern Algeria (Adrar). Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2019;26:259-268 pubmed publisher
    ..the accumulation of sand dust on the photovoltaic module surface installed in the Saharan area of south Algeria (Adrar)...
  18. Fraser C, Arakawa S, McCombie W, Venter J. Cloning, sequence analysis, and permanent expression of a human alpha 2-adrenergic receptor in Chinese hamster ovary cells. Evidence for independent pathways of receptor coupling to adenylate cyclase attenuation and activation. J Biol Chem. 1989;264:11754-61 pubmed
    ..abstract truncated at 400 words) ..
  19. Wolfarth B, Rivera M, Oppert J, Boulay M, Dionne F, Chagnon M, et al. A polymorphism in the alpha2a-adrenoceptor gene and endurance athlete status. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2000;32:1709-12 pubmed
    ..genotype distributions of two restricted fragment length polymorphisms (RFLP) in the alpha-2A-adrenoceptor gene (ADRA2A) and beta-2-adrenoceptor gene (ADRB2) among elite endurance athletes (EEA) and sedentary controls (SC)...
  20. Backman L, Andersson G, Fong G, Alfredson H, Scott A, Danielson P. Alpha-2 adrenergic stimulation triggers Achilles tenocyte hypercellularity: Comparison between two model systems. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2013;23:687-96 pubmed publisher
    ..The study furthermore shows that animal models are not necessarily required for all aspects of this research. ..
  21. Kriegel A, Baker M, Liu Y, Liu P, Cowley A, Liang M. Endogenous microRNAs in human microvascular endothelial cells regulate mRNAs encoded by hypertension-related genes. Hypertension. 2015;66:793-9 pubmed publisher
    ..SH2B3 by miR-30a-5p, miR-98, miR-181a-5p, and the miR-125 family, TBX3 by the miR-92 family, ADRA1B by miR-22-3p, ADRA2A by miR-30a-5p and miR-30e-5p, ADRA2B by miR-30e-5p, ADRB1 by the let-7 family and miR-98, EDNRB by the miR-92 ..
  22. Havranek M, Hulka L, Tasiudi E, Eisenegger C, Vonmoos M, Preller K, et al. α2A -Adrenergic receptor polymorphisms and mRNA expression levels are associated with delay discounting in cocaine users. Addict Biol. 2017;22:561-569 pubmed publisher
    ..evidence suggests that the norepinephrine system and more specifically the α2A -adrenergic receptor (ADRA2A) are impacted by chronic cocaine use while also being potentially involved in the neural mechanisms underlying DD...
  23. Adefurin A, Darghosian L, Okafor C, Kawai V, Li C, Shah A, et al. Alpha2A adrenergic receptor genetic variation contributes to hyperglycemia after myocardial infarction. Int J Cardiol. 2016;215:482-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Variation in the gene (ADRA2A) that encodes the ?2A-AR affects insulin release and glucose control and may play a particularly important role ..
  24. Miyao T, Kaneko H, Funatsu K. Ring-System-Based Exhaustive Structure Generation for Inverse-QSPR/QSAR. Mol Inform. 2014;33:764-78 pubmed publisher
    ..usefulness of the proposed method is demonstrated through a case study of ligand design for the human alpha 2A adrenergic receptor (ADR2A_HUMAN)...
  25. Céspedes H, Zavala K, Vandewege M, Opazo J. Evolution of the ?2-adrenoreceptors in vertebrates: ADRA2D is absent in mammals and crocodiles. Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2017;250:85-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results show that in addition to the three well-recognized ?2-adrenoreceptor genes (ADRA2A, ADRA2B and ADRA2C), we recovered a clade that corresponds to the fourth member of the ?2-..
  26. Belfer I, Buzas B, Hipp H, Phillips G, Taubman J, Lorincz I, et al. Haplotype-based analysis of alpha 2A, 2B, and 2C adrenergic receptor genes captures information on common functional loci at each gene. J Hum Genet. 2005;50:12-20 pubmed
    ..Three genes encode alpha2-AR subtypes carrying common functional polymorphisms (ADRA2A Asn251Lys, ADRA2B Ins/Del301-303 and ADRA2C Ins/Del322-325)...
  27. Polanczyk G, Zeni C, Genro J, Guimarães A, Roman T, Hutz M, et al. Association of the adrenergic alpha2A receptor gene with methylphenidate improvement of inattentive symptoms in children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2007;64:218-24 pubmed
    ..Several molecular genetic investigations suggest a role for the adrenergic alpha2A receptor gene (ADRA2A) in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), especially in the inattentive dimension...
  28. Schouwenberg B, Smits P, Tack C, de Galan B. The effect of antecedent hypoglycaemia on ??-adrenergic sensitivity in healthy participants with the Arg16Gly polymorphism of the ??-adrenergic receptor. Diabetologia. 2011;54:1212-8 pubmed publisher NCT00160056. ..
  29. Kauser H, Sahu S, Panjwani U. Guanfacine promotes neuronal survival in medial prefrontal cortex under hypobaric hypoxia. Brain Res. 2016;1636:152-160 pubmed publisher
    High altitude hypobaric hypoxia (HH) affects prefrontal cognitive and executive functions. Guanfacine, alpha 2A adrenoceptor agonist ameliorates the neurological outcomes of high altitude exposure and associated prefrontal ..
  30. Marouli E, Kanoni S, Mamakou V, Hackinger S, Southam L, Prins B, et al. Evaluating the glucose raising effect of established loci via a genetic risk score. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0186669 pubmed publisher
    ..019 ± 0.003, P = 1.41e-09. Also, variants at the SLC30A8, PROX1, MTNR1B, ADRA2A, G6PC2, LPIN3 loci indicated nominal evidence for association with glucose levels (p < 0.05)...
  31. Klein U, Ramirez M, Kobilka B, von Zastrow M. A novel interaction between adrenergic receptors and the alpha-subunit of eukaryotic initiation factor 2B. J Biol Chem. 1997;272:19099-102 pubmed
    ..These observations suggest a new role for a previously identified guanine nucleotide exchange protein in membrane biology and cell signaling. ..
  32. Bavencoffe A, Gkika D, Kondratskyi A, Beck B, Borowiec A, Bidaux G, et al. The transient receptor potential channel TRPM8 is inhibited via the alpha 2A adrenoreceptor signaling pathway. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:9410-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We therefore propose that inhibition of TRPM8 through the alpha 2A-AR signaling cascade could constitute a new mechanism of modulation of thermosensation in both physiological and pathological conditions. ..
  33. Breton B, Lagacé M, Bouvier M. Combining resonance energy transfer methods reveals a complex between the alpha2A-adrenergic receptor, Galphai1beta1gamma2, and GRK2. FASEB J. 2010;24:4733-43 pubmed publisher
    ..RET combination analysis revealed unanticipated dynamics in GPCR signaling and will be applicable to many biological systems. ..
  34. Paaver M, Eensoo D, Kaasik K, Vaht M, Mäestu J, Harro J. Preventing risky driving: A novel and efficient brief intervention focusing on acknowledgement of personal risk factors. Accid Anal Prev. 2013;50:430-7 pubmed publisher
    ..In alpha(2A)-adrenoceptor gene (ADRA2A) G allele carriers, general traffic risk and speeding decreased in response to the intervention, unlike in ..
  35. Berger M, Scheel D, Macias H, Miyatsuka T, Kim H, HOANG P, et al. Gαi/o-coupled receptor signaling restricts pancreatic β-cell expansion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015;112:2888-93 pubmed publisher
    ..pancreatic β cells, and variants in genes encoding several Gi-GPCRs--including the α-2a adrenergic receptor, ADRA2A--increase the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus...
  36. Li Y, Zhang L, Li K, Li J, Xiang R, Zhang J, et al. ZNF32 inhibits autophagy through the mTOR pathway and protects MCF-7 cells from stimulus-induced cell death. Sci Rep. 2015;5:9288 pubmed publisher
    b>ZNF32 is a recently identified zinc finger protein and its functions remain largely unknown. Autophagy has been shown to affect cell proliferation and survival...
  37. Ganic E, Singh T, Luan C, Fadista J, Johansson J, Cyphert H, et al. MafA-Controlled Nicotinic Receptor Expression Is Essential for Insulin Secretion and Is Impaired in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Cell Rep. 2016;14:1991-2002 pubmed publisher
    ..ANS-mediated insulin secretion by activating the transcription of nicotinic (ChrnB2 and ChrnB4) and adrenergic (Adra2A) receptor genes, which are integral parts of acetylcholine- and monoamine-signaling pathways...
  38. Barcelos N, Van Ness P, Wagner A, MacAvoy M, Mecca A, Anderson G, et al. Guanfacine treatment for prefrontal cognitive dysfunction in older participants: a randomized clinical trial. Neurobiol Aging. 2018;70:117-124 pubmed publisher
    ..Among common adverse events, only dry mouth was significantly more frequent on guanfacine compared to placebo. Guanfacine failed to ameliorate prefrontal cognitive function in older individuals, who were cognitively normal for age. ..
  39. Park L, Nigg J, Waldman I, Nummy K, Huang Pollock C, Rappley M, et al. Association and linkage of alpha-2A adrenergic receptor gene polymorphisms with childhood ADHD. Mol Psychiatry. 2005;10:572-80 pubmed
    ..Previous association studies of one candidate gene in the NA system, ADRA2A, showed inconsistent results with regard to an MspI polymorphism...
  40. Cuisset T, Hamilos M, Delrue M, Frere C, Verhamme K, Bartunek J, et al. Adrenergic receptor polymorphisms and platelet reactivity after treatment with dual antiplatelet therapy with aspirin and clopidogrel in acute coronary syndrome. Thromb Haemost. 2010;103:774-9 pubmed publisher
  41. Terry A, Callahan P, Schade R, Kille N, Plagenhoef M. Alpha 2A adrenergic receptor agonist, guanfacine, attenuates cocaine-related impairments of inhibitory response control and working memory in animal models. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2014;126:63-72 pubmed publisher
    ..4mg/kg). These animal studies suggest that guanfacine may have therapeutic potential for treating impairments of executive function that are associated with the abuse of cocaine. ..
  42. Joensen B, Meyer M, Aagaard L. Specific Genes Associated with Adverse Events of Methylphenidate Use in the Pediatric Population: A Systematic Literature Review. J Res Pharm Pract. 2017;6:65-72 pubmed publisher
    ..the following genes: appetite reduction (CES1*G); buccal-lingual movements (T1065G); diastolic blood pressure (ADRA2A Mspl C/C-GC); emotionality (DAT1*9/9); irritability (SNAP25 T1065G); picking (DRD4*7/DRD4*4); social withdrawal (..
  43. Dziewulska A, Dobosz A, Dobrzyn A. High-Throughput Approaches onto Uncover (Epi)Genomic Architecture of Type 2 Diabetes. Genes (Basel). 2018;9: pubmed publisher
    ..on rare-coding genetic variants that account for an appreciable fraction of T2D heritability (KCNQ1 and ADRA2A) and population risk of T2D (SLC16A11, TPCN2, PAM, and CCND2)...
  44. Li K, Gao B, Li J, Chen H, Li Y, Wei Y, et al. ZNF32 protects against oxidative stress-induced apoptosis by modulating C1QBP transcription. Oncotarget. 2015;6:38107-26 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the mechanisms by which ZNF32 mediates cell death remain unclear...
  45. Uher R, Huezo Diaz P, Perroud N, Smith R, Rietschel M, Mors O, et al. Genetic predictors of response to antidepressants in the GENDEP project. Pharmacogenomics J. 2009;9:225-33 pubmed publisher
    ..The single marker associations explained only a small proportion of variance in response to antidepressants, indicating a need for a multivariate approach to prediction...
  46. Talmud P, Cooper J, Gaunt T, Holmes M, Shah S, Palmen J, et al. Variants of ADRA2A are associated with fasting glucose, blood pressure, body mass index and type 2 diabetes risk: meta-analysis of four prospective studies. Diabetologia. 2011;54:1710-9 pubmed publisher
    We quantified the effect of ADRA2A (encoding ?-2 adrenergic receptor) variants on metabolic traits and type 2 diabetes risk, as reported in four studies...
  47. De Luca V, Souza R, Viggiano E, Sickert L, Teo C, Zai C, et al. Genetic interactions in the adrenergic system genes: analysis of antipsychotic-induced weight gain. Hum Psychopharmacol. 2011;26:386-91 pubmed publisher
    ..We analyzed nine genetic polymorphisms across seven adrenergic genes (ADRA1A, ADRA2A, ADRA2C, ADRB3, DBH, MAOA and COMT)...
  48. Kigar S, Chang L, Auger A. Gadd45b is an epigenetic regulator of juvenile social behavior and alters local pro-inflammatory cytokine production in the rodent amygdala. Brain Behav Immun. 2015;46:60-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We furthermore report a novel role for Gadd45b in the programmed expression of α2-adrenoceptor (Adra2a)...
  49. Guyer C, Horstman D, Wilson A, Clark J, Cragoe E, Limbird L. Cloning, sequencing, and expression of the gene encoding the porcine alpha 2-adrenergic receptor. Allosteric modulation by Na+, H+, and amiloride analogs. J Biol Chem. 1990;265:17307-17 pubmed
    ..Retention of the effects of cations and amiloride analogs in transiently expressed alpha 2-receptors supports the interpretation that the allosteric sites for these agents reside in the alpha 2-receptor molecule itself. ..
  50. Tsai S, Wang Y, Yu Younger W, Lin C, Yang K, Hong C. Association analysis of polymorphism in the promoter region of the alpha2a-adrenoceptor gene with schizophrenia and clozapine response. Schizophr Res. 2001;49:53-8 pubmed
  51. Mäestu J, Allik J, Merenäkk L, Eensoo D, Parik J, Veidebaum T, et al. Associations between an alpha 2A adrenergic receptor gene polymorphism and adolescent personality. Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet. 2008;147B:418-23 pubmed
    ..aim of this study was to investigate the impact of the C-1291G polymorphism in the promoter region of the alpha 2A adrenoreceptor gene (ADRA2A) to the personality traits...
  52. Uğur Kantar F, Simsek I, Ercal D, Ulgenalp A, Bora E. Alpha-2-adrenergic receptor gene polymorphism in Turkish population with irritable bowel syndrome. Turk J Gastroenterol. 2013;24:483-8 pubmed
    ..Further investigations are needed. ..
  53. Rana B, Insel P, Payne S, Abel K, Beutler E, Ziegler M, et al. Population-based sample reveals gene-gender interactions in blood pressure in White Americans. Hypertension. 2007;49:96-106 pubmed
    ..Such genetic variants may define genetically and etiologically distinct subgroups of men and women with essential hypertension and may have implications for rational treatment selection. ..
  54. Michenet A, Saintilan R, Venot E, Phocas F. Insights into the genetic variation of maternal behavior and suckling performance of continental beef cows. Genet Sel Evol. 2016;48:45 pubmed publisher
    ..Two quantitative trait loci (QTL) were detected for MB in Blonde d'Aquitaine with NPY1R and ADRA2A as candidate causative genes...
  55. Karahalil B, Coskun E, Emerce E. ADRA2A polymorphism and smoking in a Turkish population. Toxicol Ind Health. 2008;24:171-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Sixteen sequence variations were identified in alpha-adrenergic 2A (ADRA2A) gene...
  56. Totomoch Serra A, De Lourdes Munoz M, Burgueño J, Cristina Revilla Monsalve M, Perez Muñoz A, Diaz Badillo A. The ADRA2A rs553668 variant is associated with type 2 diabetes and five variants were associated at nominal significance levels in a population-based case-control study from Mexico City. Gene. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this study was to analyse the association between PPARG rs1801282, PPARGC1A rs8192678, VEGFA rs2010963, ADRA2A rs553668, KCNQ1 rs2237892, SIRT1 rs7896005, IGF2BP2 rs4402960, and UCP3 rs3781907 single nucleotide variants (SNVs)..
  57. Schmitz M, Denardin D, Silva T, Pianca T, Roman T, Hutz M, et al. Association between alpha-2a-adrenergic receptor gene and ADHD inattentive type. Biol Psychiatry. 2006;60:1028-33 pubmed
    Previous investigations have demonstrated that an MspI polymorphism at the adrenergic alpha2A receptor gene (ADRA2A) is associated with severity of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) inattentive symptoms in clinical samples ..
  58. Yang L, Qian Q, Liu L, Li H, Faraone S, Wang Y. Adrenergic neurotransmitter system transporter and receptor genes associated with atomoxetine response in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder children. J Neural Transm (Vienna). 2013;120:1127-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Twelve SNPs in SLC6A2, ADRA2A, and ADRA1A were genotyped to analyze their association with response or remission status...
  59. Elfwing M, Fallahshahroudi A, Lindgren I, Jensen P, Altimiras J. The strong selective sweep candidate gene ADRA2C does not explain domestication related changes in the stress response of chickens. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e103218 pubmed publisher
    ..In adrenals ADRA2C was twofold greater expressed than the related receptor gene ADRA2A, indicating that ADRA2C is the predominant modulator of epinephrine release but no strain differences were ..
  60. Jia Y, French B, Tillman B, French S. Different roles of FAT10, FOXO1, and ADRA2A in hepatocellular carcinoma tumorigenesis in patients with alcoholic steatohepatitis (ASH) vs non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Exp Mol Pathol. 2018;105:144-149 pubmed publisher
    ..cytoplasm are studied, including two HCC-related molecules FAT10 and FOXO1, and one GPCR pathway related molecule ADRA2A. Compared with the control group patients, the expression levels of all the molecules were upregulated in the ASH ..
  61. Handy D, Gavras H. Promoter region of the human alpha 2A adrenergic receptor gene. J Biol Chem. 1992;267:24017-22 pubmed
    In order to locate the promoter region of the human alpha 2A adrenergic receptor gene we used RNase protection analysis and antisense RNA probes to map the cap site of the alpha 2 transcripts...
  62. Grudell A, Camilleri M, Carlson P, Gorman H, Ryks M, Burton D, et al. An exploratory study of the association of adrenergic and serotonergic genotype and gastrointestinal motor functions. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2008;20:213-9 pubmed
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