Gene Symbol: ACTR1A
Description: ARP1 actin related protein 1 homolog A
Alias: ARP1, Arp1A, CTRN1, alpha-centractin, ARP1 actin-related protein 1 homolog A, centractin alpha, actin-RPV, centractin, centrosome-associated actin homolog
Species: human
Products:     ACTR1A

Top Publications

  1. Perez Cuesta U, Aparicio Fernandez L, Guruceaga X, Martin Souto L, Abad Díaz de Cerio A, Antoran A, et al. Melanin and pyomelanin in Aspergillus fumigatus: from its genetics to host interaction. Int Microbiol. 2019;: pubmed publisher
    ..The DHN-melanin pathway is encoded in a cluster that includes six genes (abr1, abr2, ayg1, arp1, arp2, and pksP/alb1 genes) whose encoded proteins seem to be the origin of the pigment in endosomes...
  2. Zhang J, Qiu R, Xiang X. The actin capping protein in Aspergillus nidulans enhances dynein function without significantly affecting Arp1 filament assembly. Sci Rep. 2018;8:11419 pubmed publisher
    ..The backbone of the vertebrate dynactin complex is the Arp1 (actin-related protein 1) mini-filament whose barbed end binds to the heterodimeric actin capping protein...
  3. Fujita I, Yamashita A, Yamamoto M. Dynactin and Num1 cooperate to establish the cortical anchoring of cytoplasmic dynein in S. pombe. J Cell Sci. 2015;128:1555-67 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we identified three subunits of dynactin in fission yeast: Arp1, Mug5 and Jnm1 (also known as Mug1)...
  4. Bang S, Park S, Kim Y, Choi Y, Kim J. The activities of four constitutively expressed promoters in single-copy transgenic rice plants for two homozygous generations. Planta. 2015;241:1529-41 pubmed publisher
    We have characterized four novel constitutive promoters ARP1, H3F3, HSP and H2BF3 that are active in all tissues/stages of transgenic plants and stable over two homozygous generations...
  5. Urnavicius L, Zhang K, Diamant A, Motz C, Schlager M, Yu M, et al. The structure of the dynactin complex and its interaction with dynein. Science. 2015;347:1441-1446 pubmed publisher
    ..reconstruction reveals how dynactin is built around a filament containing eight copies of the actin-related protein Arp1 and one of β-actin...
  6. Li C, Kim Y, Dorajoo R, Li H, Lee I, Cheng C, et al. Genome-Wide Association Study Meta-Analysis of Long-Term Average Blood Pressure in East Asians. Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2017;10:e001527 pubmed publisher
    ..15×10-9) phenotypes. Fourteen genes (TMEM180, ACTR1A, SUFU, ARL3, SFXN2, WBP1L, CYP17A1, C10orf32, C10orf32-..
  7. Tey S, Ahmad Annuar A, Drew A, Shahrizaila N, Nicholson G, Kennerson M. Mutation analysis of genes within the dynactin complex in a cohort of hereditary peripheral neuropathies. Clin Genet. 2016;90:127-33 pubmed publisher
    ..We screened eight genes; DCTN1-6 and ACTR1A and ACTR1B in 136 IPN patients using whole-exome sequencing and high-resolution melt (HRM) analysis...
  8. Maffey L, Vega C, Parreño V, Garaicoechea L. Controlling Rotavirus-associated diarrhea: Could single-domain antibody fragments make the difference?. Rev Argent Microbiol. 2015;47:368-79 pubmed publisher
    ..Two sets of anti-RVA VHHs have been developed: ARP1-ARP3; 2KD1-3B2...
  9. Valiante V, Baldin C, Hortschansky P, Jain R, Thywißen A, Straßburger M, et al. The Aspergillus fumigatus conidial melanin production is regulated by the bifunctional bHLH DevR and MADS-box RlmA transcription factors. Mol Microbiol. 2016;102:321-335 pubmed publisher
    ..cross-species promoter analysis identified specific DNA binding sites in the DHN-melanin biosynthesis genes pksP-arp1 intergenic region that can be recognized by bHLH and MADS-box transcriptional regulators...

More Information


  1. Aumeier C, Polinski E, Menzel D. Actin, actin-related proteins and profilin in diatoms: a comparative genomic analysis. Mar Genomics. 2015;23:133-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Among these are the highly conserved cytoplasmic Arp1 protein and the nuclear Arp4 as well as Arp6...
  2. Álvarez B, Krogh Andersen K, Tellgren Roth C, Martínez N, Günaydın G, Lin Y, et al. An Exopolysaccharide-Deficient Mutant of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG Efficiently Displays a Protective Llama Antibody Fragment against Rotavirus on Its Surface. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2015;81:5784-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG to produce and display a VHH antibody fragment (referred to as anti-rotavirus protein 1 [ARP1]) on the surface was investigated. L...
  3. Yuki Y, Kurokawa S, Kozuka Hata H, Tokuhara D, Mejima M, Kuroda M, et al. Differential analyses of major allergen proteins in wild-type rice and rice producing a fragment of anti-rotavirus antibody. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol. 2016;76:128-36 pubmed publisher
    ..rotavirus infection, we previously produced a recombinant fragment of llama heavy-chain antibody to rotavirus (ARP1) in rice seeds (MucoRice-ARP1)...
  4. Zilberman Y, Ballestrem C, Carramusa L, Mazitschek R, Khochbin S, Bershadsky A. Regulation of microtubule dynamics by inhibition of the tubulin deacetylase HDAC6. J Cell Sci. 2009;122:3531-41 pubmed publisher
    ..was found to be physically associated with the microtubule end-tracking protein EB1 and a dynactin core component, Arp1, both of which accumulate at the tips of growing microtubules...
  5. Mao B, Wu W, Li Y, Hoppe D, Stannek P, Glinka A, et al. LDL-receptor-related protein 6 is a receptor for Dickkopf proteins. Nature. 2001;411:321-5 pubmed
    ..Thus, DKKs inhibit Wnt co-receptor function, exemplifying the modulation of LRP signalling by antagonists. ..
  6. Saffery R, Irvine D, Griffiths B, Kalitsis P, Wordeman L, Choo K. Human centromeres and neocentromeres show identical distribution patterns of >20 functionally important kinetochore-associated proteins. Hum Mol Genet. 2000;9:175-85 pubmed
    ..Antisera to CENP-A, CENP-B, CENP-C, CENP-E, CENP-F, INCENP, CLIP-170, dynein, dynactin subunits p150 (Glued) and Arp1, MCAK, Tsg24, p55CDC, HZW10, HBUB1, HBUBR1, BUB3, MAD2, ERK1, 3F3/2, topoisomerase II and a murine HP1 homologue, ..
  7. Dabbah M, Attar Schneider O, Zismanov V, Tartakover Matalon S, Lishner M, Drucker L. Multiple myeloma cells promote migration of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells by altering their translation initiation. J Leukoc Biol. 2016;100:761-770 pubmed
    ..Normal donor mesenchymal stem cells were cocultured with multiple myeloma cell lines (U266, ARP1) (multiple myeloma-conditioned mesenchymal stem cells) (1...
  8. Bingham J, Schroer T. Self-regulated polymerization of the actin-related protein Arp1. Curr Biol. 1999;9:223-6 pubmed
    The actin-related protein Arp1 (or centractin, actin RPV) is the major subunit of dynactin, a key component of the cytoplasmic dynein motor machinery [1] [2] [3]...
  9. Huhn S, Liu J, Ye C, Lu H, Jiang X, Feng X, et al. Regulation of spindle integrity and mitotic fidelity by BCCIP. Oncogene. 2017;36:4750-4766 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study identifies BCCIP as a novel factor critical for microtubule regulation and explicates a mechanism utilized by BCCIP in tumor suppression. ..
  10. Nieuwburg R, Nashchekin D, Jakobs M, Carter A, Khuc Trong P, Goldstein R, et al. Localised dynactin protects growing microtubules to deliver oskar mRNA to the posterior cortex of the Drosophila oocyte. elife. 2017;6: pubmed publisher
    ..A missense mutation in the dynactin Arp1 subunit causes most oskar mRNA to localise in the posterior cytoplasm rather than cortically...
  11. Lees Miller J, Helfman D, Schroer T. A vertebrate actin-related protein is a component of a multisubunit complex involved in microtubule-based vesicle motility. Nature. 1992;359:244-6 pubmed
  12. Hoogenraad C, Akhmanova A, Howell S, Dortland B, De Zeeuw C, Willemsen R, et al. Mammalian Golgi-associated Bicaudal-D2 functions in the dynein-dynactin pathway by interacting with these complexes. EMBO J. 2001;20:4041-54 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these data suggest that mammalian BICD2 plays a role in the dynein- dynactin interaction on the surface of membranous organelles, by associating with these complexes. ..
  13. Clark I, Meyer D. Overexpression of normal and mutant Arp1alpha (centractin) differentially affects microtubule organization during mitosis and interphase. J Cell Sci. 1999;112 ( Pt 20):3507-18 pubmed
    ..We conclude that the amino acids altered in the Arp1alpha mutant proteins participate in stabilizing interactions between overexpressed Arp1alpha and components of the endogenous dynactin complex as well as the NuMA protein. ..
  14. Holleran E, Tokito M, Karki S, Holzbaur E. Centractin (ARP1) associates with spectrin revealing a potential mechanism to link dynactin to intracellular organelles. J Cell Biol. 1996;135:1815-29 pubmed
    b>Centractin (Arp1), an actin-related protein, is a component of the dynactin complex. To investigate potential functions of the protein, we used transient transfections to overexpress centractin in mammalian cells...
  15. Clark S, Meyer D. Centractin is an actin homologue associated with the centrosome. Nature. 1992;359:246-50 pubmed
    ..We report here the discovery of a vertebrate actin-like protein, which we name centractin. A full-length complementary DNA clone was isolated whose sequence reveals amino-acid identities with actin of ..
  16. Kiyomitsu T, Cheeseman I. Chromosome- and spindle-pole-derived signals generate an intrinsic code for spindle position and orientation. Nat Cell Biol. 2012;14:311-7 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that these chromosome- and spindle-pole-derived gradients generate an intrinsic code to control spindle position and orientation. ..
  17. Sugarbaker D, Richards W, Gordon G, Dong L, De Rienzo A, Maulik G, et al. Transcriptome sequencing of malignant pleural mesothelioma tumors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:3521-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Of the seven point mutations, three were observed in at least one tumor from 49 other MPM patients. The mutations were in genes that could be causally related to cancer and included XRCC6, PDZK1IP1, ACTR1A, and AVEN.
  18. Carew J, Jackson A, Bauer K. ARP1 interacts with the 5' flanking region of the coagulation factor VII gene. J Thromb Haemost. 2003;1:1220-7 pubmed
    ..Electrophoretic mobility shift assays and mutation analysis showed that ARP1, an orphan nuclear hormone receptor, interacted with two regions of the FVII 5' flanking region, the hepatic ..
  19. Holleran E, Ligon L, Tokito M, Stankewich M, Morrow J, Holzbaur E. beta III spectrin binds to the Arp1 subunit of dynactin. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:36598-605 pubmed
    ..Dynactin contains a 37-nm filament made up of the actin-related protein, Arp1, which may interact with a vesicle-associated spectrin network...
  20. Karki S, Tokito M, Holzbaur E. A dynactin subunit with a highly conserved cysteine-rich motif interacts directly with Arp1. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:4834-9 pubmed
    ..Affinity chromatography experiments demonstrate that p62 binds directly to the Arp1 subunit of dynactin...
  21. Fouquet J, Kann M, Soues S, Melki R. ARP1 in Golgi organisation and attachment of manchette microtubules to the nucleus during mammalian spermatogenesis. J Cell Sci. 2000;113 ( Pt 5):877-86 pubmed
    Actin related protein of vertebrate, Arp1, is a major component of the dynactin complex. To characterise and localise Arp1 during mammalian spermatogenesis, polyclonal antibodies were raised against a human recombinant Arp1...
  22. Heimann K, Percival J, Weinberger R, Gunning P, Stow J. Specific isoforms of actin-binding proteins on distinct populations of Golgi-derived vesicles. J Biol Chem. 1999;274:10743-50 pubmed
    ..beta-Actin was bound to Golgi cisternae and to all populations of newly budded vesicles. Centractin was selectively associated with vesicles co-distributing with beta-COP-vesicles, while p200/myosin II (non-..
  23. Faulkner N, Vig B, Echeverri C, Wordeman L, Vallee R. Localization of motor-related proteins and associated complexes to active, but not inactive, centromeres. Hum Mol Genet. 1998;7:671-7 pubmed
    ..antibodies to the cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chains, three components of the dynactin complex (dynamitin, Arp1 and p150 Glued ), the kinesin-related proteins CENP-E and MCAK and the proposed structural and checkpoint proteins ..
  24. Eckley D, Schroer T. Interactions between the evolutionarily conserved, actin-related protein, Arp11, actin, and Arp1. Mol Biol Cell. 2003;14:2645-54 pubmed
    ..The cargo-binding domain contains a short, actin-like filament of the actin-related protein Arp1, a second actin-related protein, Arp11, and conventional actin...
  25. Waterman Storer C, Karki S, Holzbaur E. The p150Glued component of the dynactin complex binds to both microtubules and the actin-related protein centractin (Arp-1). Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1995;92:1634-8 pubmed
    ..shown to be present as a member of the oligomeric dynactin complex, which includes the actin-related protein centractin (Arp-1)...
  26. Clark S, Staub O, Clark I, Holzbaur E, Paschal B, Vallee R, et al. Beta-centractin: characterization and distribution of a new member of the centractin family of actin-related proteins. Mol Biol Cell. 1994;5:1301-10 pubmed
    An examination of human-expressed sequence tags indicated the existence of an isoform of centractin, an actin-related protein localized to microtubule-associated structures...
  27. Schafer D, Gill S, Cooper J, Heuser J, Schroer T. Ultrastructural analysis of the dynactin complex: an actin-related protein is a component of a filament that resembles F-actin. J Cell Biol. 1994;126:403-12 pubmed
    ..Antibodies to the actin-related protein Arp1 (previously referred to as actin-RPV), bound at various sites along the filament, demonstrating that this protein ..