Gene Symbol: VNG_RS10625
Description: gas vesicle protein
Alias: VNG6029G
Species: Halobacterium sp. NRC-1

Top Publications

  1. Englert C, Kr ger K, Offner S, Pfeifer F. Three different but related gene clusters encoding gas vesicles in halophilic archaea. J Mol Biol. 1992;227:586-92 pubmed
    ..The conservation of the various gvp products, characteristic features and their possible functions in gas vesicle synthesis are discussed...
  2. Horne M, Englert C, Pfeifer F. Two genes encoding gas vacuole proteins in Halobacterium halobium. Mol Gen Genet. 1988;213:459-64 pubmed
    ..SB3, GN101 and YC819-9) were found to contain only a chromosomal vac gene copy. There is a high conservation of the chromosomal vac gene and the genomic region surrounding it among the halobacterial strains investigated. ..
  3. Surek B, Pillay B, Rdest U, Beyreuther K, Goebel W. Evidence for two different gas vesicle proteins and genes in Halobacterium halobium. J Bacteriol. 1988;170:1746-51 pubmed
    ..These findings support the assumption that GVP-A is expressed by a pHH1-associated gvp gene and GVP-B by a chromosomal gvp gene...
  4. Horne M, Englert C, Wimmer C, Pfeifer F. A DNA region of 9 kbp contains all genes necessary for gas vesicle synthesis in halophilic archaebacteria. Mol Microbiol. 1991;5:1159-74 pubmed
    ..However, gas vesicle synthesis could be restored in each Vac mutant containing an ISH element when the entire transcription unit encompassing the mutated gene on pHH1 was present in the wild-type form on the vector construct. ..