Gene Symbol: cacnb4
Description: calcium voltage-gated channel auxiliary subunit beta 4
Alias: voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit beta-4, calcium channel, voltage-dependent, beta 4 subunit, voltage-gated calcium channel beta 4 subunit
Species: green anole

Top Publications

  1. Ebert A, McAnelly C, Srinivasan A, Linker J, Horne W, Garrity D. Ca2+ channel-independent requirement for MAGUK family CACNB4 genes in initiation of zebrafish epiboly. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:198-203 pubmed publisher
    ..This study defines a YSL-driven zygotic mechanism essential for epiboly initiation and reveals a Ca(2+) channel-independent beta4 protein function potentially involving the cytoskeleton...
  2. Ebert A, McAnelly C, Handschy A, Mueller R, Horne W, Garrity D. Genomic organization, expression, and phylogenetic analysis of Ca2+ channel beta4 genes in 13 vertebrate species. Physiol Genomics. 2008;35:133-44 pubmed publisher
    ..In sum, both mRNA expression data and phylogenetic analysis support the evolutionary divergence of beta4.1 and beta4.2 subunit function...