Gene Symbol: sda
Description: slamdance
Alias: BcDNA:GH07466, CG5518, Dmel\CG5518, Sda, slamdance, CG5518-PA, CG5518-PB, CG5518-PC, CG5518-PD, sda-PA, sda-PB, sda-PC, sda-PD
Species: fruit fly

Top Publications

  1. Lim C, Gandhi S, Biniossek M, Feng L, Schilling O, Urban S, et al. An Aminopeptidase in the Drosophila Testicular Niche Acts in Germline Stem Cell Maintenance and Spermatogonial Dedifferentiation. Cell Rep. 2015;13:315-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we report that an aminopeptidase Slamdance (Sda) acts in the Drosophila testicular niche to maintain germline stem cells (GSCs) and regulate progenitor ..
  2. Lin W, Gunay C, Marley R, Prinz A, Baines R. Activity-dependent alternative splicing increases persistent sodium current and promotes seizure. J Neurosci. 2012;32:7267-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Splicing of DmNa(v) to include exon L is increased to ?100% in both the slamdance and easily-shocked seizure mutants...
  3. Hekmat Scafe D, Lundy M, Ranga R, Tanouye M. Mutations in the K+/Cl- cotransporter gene kazachoc (kcc) increase seizure susceptibility in Drosophila. J Neurosci. 2006;26:8943-54 pubmed
    ..The kcc mutants provide an excellent model system in which to investigate how modulation of GABAergic signaling influences neuronal excitability and epileptogenesis. ..
  4. Kuebler D, Tanouye M. Modifications of seizure susceptibility in Drosophila. J Neurophysiol. 2000;83:998-1009 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate the utility of Drosophila as a model system for studying human seizure disorders and provide insights into the possible mechanisms by which seizure susceptibility is modified...
  5. Kuebler D, Zhang H, Ren X, Tanouye M. Genetic suppression of seizure susceptibility in Drosophila. J Neurophysiol. 2001;86:1211-25 pubmed
    ..The BS phenotypic class includes at least eight genes, including three examined in this study, bss, eas, and sda. Through the generation of double-mutant combinations with other well-characterized Drosophila mutants, the BS ..
  6. Kuebler D, Tanouye M. Anticonvulsant valproate reduces seizure-susceptibility in mutant Drosophila. Brain Res. 2002;958:36-42 pubmed
    ..and have identified genetic mutants that are more sensitive to seizures, bang-sensitive (BS) mutants, such as slamdance (sda), bangsenseless (bss) and easily shocked (eas), as well as mutants that are resistant to seizures, such as ..
  7. Iyengar A, Wu C. Flight and seizure motor patterns in Drosophila mutants: simultaneous acoustic and electrophysiological recordings of wing beats and flight muscle activity. J Neurogenet. 2014;28:316-28 pubmed publisher
  8. Marley R, Baines R. Increased persistent Na+ current contributes to seizure in the slamdance bang-sensitive Drosophila mutant. J Neurophysiol. 2011;106:18-29 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we show that electroshock of bs slamdance (sda) larvae was sufficient to induce extended seizure-like episodes...
  9. Pavlidis P, Tanouye M. Seizures and failures in the giant fiber pathway of Drosophila bang-sensitive paralytic mutants. J Neurosci. 1995;15:5810-9 pubmed
    ..This hypothesis is supported by the finding that, in double mutant combination with mlenapts, which suppresses behavioral bang sensitivity, DLM failures, but not seizures, were reduced. ..

More Information


  1. Song J, Tanouye M. Role for para sodium channel gene 3' UTR in the modification of Drosophila seizure susceptibility. Dev Neurobiol. 2007;67:1944-56 pubmed
    ..We discussed possible mechanisms of how reduced transcription of the para gene or alterations in sodium channel subunit composition might be indicated by the para(JS1) mutation and implications for para 3' UTR function. ..
  2. Kadener S, Rodriguez J, Abruzzi K, Khodor Y, Sugino K, Marr M, et al. Genome-wide identification of targets of the drosha-pasha/DGCR8 complex. RNA. 2009;15:537-45 pubmed publisher
    ..e., excess Drosha cleaves pasha/DGCR8 primary transcripts and leads to a reduction in pasha/DGCR8 mRNA levels and Pasha/DGCR8 synthesis. ..
  3. Song J, Tanouye M. Seizure suppression by shakB2, a gap junction mutation in Drosophila. J Neurophysiol. 2006;95:627-35 pubmed
    ..In double mutant combinations, shakB2 completely suppresses seizures caused by slamdance (sda), knockdown (kdn), and jitterbug (jbug) mutations...
  4. Glasscock E, Tanouye M. Drosophila couch potato mutants exhibit complex neurological abnormalities including epilepsy phenotypes. Genetics. 2005;169:2137-49 pubmed
    ..was identified on the basis of a bang-sensitive paralytic mutant phenotype in a sensitized genetic background (sda/+)...
  5. Park S, Song Y. Genetic screen for genes involved in Chk2 signaling in Drosophila. Mol Cells. 2008;26:350-5 pubmed
    ..Possible roles for these modifiers in the DNA damage response and Chk2 signaling are discussed. ..
  6. Parker L, Padilla M, Du Y, Dong K, Tanouye M. Drosophila as a model for epilepsy: bss is a gain-of-function mutation in the para sodium channel gene that leads to seizures. Genetics. 2011;187:523-34 pubmed publisher
  7. Reynolds E, Stauffer E, Feeney L, Rojahn E, Jacobs B, McKeever C. Treatment with the antiepileptic drugs phenytoin and gabapentin ameliorates seizure and paralysis of Drosophila bang-sensitive mutants. J Neurobiol. 2004;58:503-13 pubmed
    ..Gabapentin was also effective against two other bs mutants, bangsenseless(1) and slamdance(iso7...
  8. Lee J, Wu C. Electroconvulsive seizure behavior in Drosophila: analysis of the physiological repertoire underlying a stereotyped action pattern in bang-sensitive mutants. J Neurosci. 2002;22:11065-79 pubmed
  9. Kroll J, Wong K, Siddiqui F, Tanouye M. Disruption of Endocytosis with the Dynamin Mutant shibirets1 Suppresses Seizures in Drosophila. Genetics. 2015;201:1087-102 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, our results implicate mutant dynamin as an effective seizure suppressor, suggesting that targeting or limiting the availability of synaptic vesicles could be an effective and general method of controlling epilepsy disorders. ..
  10. Zhang H, Tan J, Reynolds E, Kuebler D, Faulhaber S, Tanouye M. The Drosophila slamdance gene: a mutation in an aminopeptidase can cause seizure, paralysis and neuronal failure. Genetics. 2002;162:1283-99 pubmed
    We report here the characterization of slamdance (sda), a Drosophila melanogaster "bang-sensitive" (BS) paralytic mutant...
  11. Saras A, Tanouye M. Mutations of the Calcium Channel Gene cacophony Suppress Seizures in Drosophila. PLoS Genet. 2016;12:e1005784 pubmed publisher
    ..We find that this seizure-like behavior in cacTS2 is ameliorated by 85% in double mutant combinations with parabss1. ..
  12. Song J, Hu J, Tanouye M. Seizure suppression by top1 mutations in Drosophila. J Neurosci. 2007;27:2927-37 pubmed
  13. Glasscock E, Singhania A, Tanouye M. The mei-P26 gene encodes a RING finger B-box coiled-coil-NHL protein that regulates seizure susceptibility in Drosophilia. Genetics. 2005;170:1677-89 pubmed
    ..The mei-P26 mutation reduces seizures in easily shocked (eas) and slamdance (sda) epileptic flies following mechanical stimulation and electroconvulsive shock...
  14. Song J, Parker L, Hormozi L, Tanouye M. DNA topoisomerase I inhibitors ameliorate seizure-like behaviors and paralysis in a Drosophila model of epilepsy. Neuroscience. 2008;156:722-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, the results suggest that Top1 inhibitors may have the potential to be developed into effective anti-epileptic drugs, especially for brain tumor patients presenting with epilepsy. ..
  15. Tan J, Lin F, Tanouye M. Potassium bromide, an anticonvulsant, is effective at alleviating seizures in the Drosophila bang-sensitive mutant bang senseless. Brain Res. 2004;1020:45-52 pubmed
    ..This methodology suggests that the Drosophila system can potentially be a powerful instrument for assaying and testing new compounds with anticonvulsant properties. ..
  16. Howlett I, Tanouye M. Seizure-sensitivity in Drosophila is ameliorated by dorsal vessel injection of the antiepileptic drug valproate. J Neurogenet. 2013;27:143-50 pubmed publisher
    ..seizure-sensitive phenotypes in several mutant genotypes in the bang-sensitive (BS) paralytic mutant class, sda, eas, and para(bss1)...
  17. Cunliffe V, Baines R, Giachello C, Lin W, Morgan A, Reuber M, et al. Epilepsy research methods update: Understanding the causes of epileptic seizures and identifying new treatments using non-mammalian model organisms. Seizure. 2015;24:44-51 pubmed publisher
    ..The short generation times of most of these model organisms also mean that they lend themselves particularly conveniently to the investigation of drug effects or epileptogenic processes across the lifecourse. ..