Gene Symbol: ovo
Description: ovo
Alias: CG15467, CG6824, Dmel\CG6824, Fs(1)K1103, Fs(1)K1237, Fs(1)K155, OVO, Ovo, Ovo-D, Shv, Svb, Svb/Ovo, fs(1)K1237, fs(1)M1, fs(1)M38, ovo/shavenbaby, ovo/svb, ovoD, svb, ovo, CG6824-PA, CG6824-PB, CG6824-PC, CG6824-PD, CG6824-PE, ovo-PA, ovo-PB, ovo-PC, ovo-PD, ovo-PE, ovo/shaven-baby, shaven baby, shavenbaby
Species: fruit fly

Top Publications

  1. Prud homme N, Gans M, Masson M, Terzian C, Bucheton A. Flamenco, a gene controlling the gypsy retrovirus of Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics. 1995;139:697-711 pubmed
    ..Transposition results in mutations in several genes such as ovo and cut. They are stable and are due to gypsy insertions...
  2. Clancy D, Gems D, Harshman L, Oldham S, Stocker H, Hafen E, et al. Extension of life-span by loss of CHICO, a Drosophila insulin receptor substrate protein. Science. 2001;292:104-6 pubmed
    ..The dwarf phenotype of chico homozygotes was also unnecessary for extension of life-span. The role of insulin/IGF signaling in regulating animal aging is therefore evolutionarily conserved. ..
  3. Song S, Gerasimova T, Kurkulos M, Boeke J, Corces V. An env-like protein encoded by a Drosophila retroelement: evidence that gypsy is an infectious retrovirus. Genes Dev. 1994;8:2046-57 pubmed
    ..Thus, gypsy has the expected properties of an insect retrovirus. ..
  4. Lu J, Andrews J, Pauli D, Oliver B. Drosophila OVO zinc-finger protein regulates ovo and ovarian tumor target promoters. Dev Genes Evol. 1998;208:213-22 pubmed
    The ovo+ and ovarian tumor+ genes function in the germline sex determination pathway in Drosophila, but the hierarchical relationship between them is unknown...
  5. Mével Ninio M, Terracol R, Kafatos F. The ovo gene of Drosophila encodes a zinc finger protein required for female germ line development. EMBO J. 1991;10:2259-66 pubmed
    ..reversion of dominant ovo mutations can result in new phenotypes that are not related to the female germ line: the svb and lzl mutations affect cuticle and eye development, respectively. We have identified a 7...
  6. Overton P, Chia W, Buescher M. The Drosophila HMG-domain proteins SoxNeuro and Dichaete direct trichome formation via the activation of shavenbaby and the restriction of Wingless pathway activity. Development. 2007;134:2807-13 pubmed
    ..Several signaling pathways converge onto the regulation of a conserved target gene, shavenbaby (svb, ovo), which, in turn, stimulates trichome formation...
  7. Andrews J, Garcia Estefania D, Delon I, Lu J, Mével Ninio M, Spierer A, et al. OVO transcription factors function antagonistically in the Drosophila female germline. Development. 2000;127:881-92 pubmed
    b>OVO controls germline and epidermis differentiation in flies and mice. In the Drosophila germline, alternative OVO-B and OVO-A isoforms have a common DNA-binding domain, but different N-termini...
  8. Sucena E, Delon I, Jones I, Payre F, Stern D. Regulatory evolution of shavenbaby/ovo underlies multiple cases of morphological parallelism. Nature. 2003;424:935-8 pubmed
    ..virilis species group. We present genetic and gene expression data showing that regulatory changes of the shavenbaby/ovo (svb/ovo) gene underlie all independent cases of this morphological convergence...
  9. Oliver B, Perrimon N, Mahowald A. The ovo locus is required for sex-specific germ line maintenance in Drosophila. Genes Dev. 1987;1:913-23 pubmed
    Mutations at the ovo locus result in a defective female germ line. The male germ line is not affected. Adult females homozygous for loss-of-function alleles have no germ line stem cells...

More Information


  1. Pelisson A, Song S, Prud homme N, Smith P, Bucheton A, Corces V. Gypsy transposition correlates with the production of a retroviral envelope-like protein under the tissue-specific control of the Drosophila flamenco gene. EMBO J. 1994;13:4401-11 pubmed
    ..We propose a model suggesting that gypsy germinal transposition might occur only in individuals that have maternally inherited enveloped gypsy particles due to infection of the maternal germline by the soma. ..
  2. Delon I, Chanut Delalande H, Payre F. The Ovo/Shavenbaby transcription factor specifies actin remodelling during epidermal differentiation in Drosophila. Mech Dev. 2003;120:747-58 pubmed
    ..We identified Ovo/Shavenbaby (Svb) as a transcription factor that governs changes in epidermal cell shape...
  3. Mével Ninio M, Terracol R, Salles C, Vincent A, Payre F. ovo, a Drosophila gene required for ovarian development, is specifically expressed in the germline and shares most of its coding sequences with shavenbaby, a gene involved in embryo patterning. Mech Dev. 1995;49:83-95 pubmed
    ..A number of recessive ovo mutations also affect the shavenbaby (svb) function required for late embryo patterning, suggesting a tight structural link between ovo and svb...
  4. McGregor A, Orgogozo V, Delon I, Zanet J, Srinivasan D, Payre F, et al. Morphological evolution through multiple cis-regulatory mutations at a single gene. Nature. 2007;448:587-90 pubmed
    ..pattern difference between Drosophila species, previously shown to result from the evolution of a single gene, shavenbaby (svb), probably through cis-regulatory changes. We first identified three distinct svb enhancers from D...
  5. Payre F, Vincent A, Carreno S. ovo/svb integrates Wingless and DER pathways to control epidermis differentiation. Nature. 1999;400:271-5 pubmed
    ..in mammals, epidermal differentiation is controlled by signalling cascades that include Wnt proteins and the ovo/shavenbaby (svb) family of zinc-finger transcription factors...
  6. Mével Ninio M, Fouilloux E, Guenal I, Vincent A. The three dominant female-sterile mutations of the Drosophila ovo gene are point mutations that create new translation-initiator AUG codons. Development. 1996;122:4131-8 pubmed
    ..Three dominant female-sterile ovoD mutations cause ovarian abnormalities that define an allelic series, with ovoD1 displaying the stronger phenotype ..
  7. Kim A, Terzian C, Santamaria P, Pelisson A, Purd homme N, Bucheton A. Retroviruses in invertebrates: the gypsy retrotransposon is apparently an infectious retrovirus of Drosophila melanogaster. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1994;91:1285-9 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that gypsy is an infectious retrovirus and provide evidence that retroviruses also occur in invertebrates...
  8. Andrews J, Levenson I, Oliver B. New AUG initiation codons in a long 5' UTR create four dominant negative alleles of the Drosophila C2H2 zinc-finger gene ovo. Dev Genes Evol. 1998;207:482-7 pubmed
    ..Single point mutations in three dominant-negative ovoD mutations result in new in-frame initiation codons in OVO-B mRNAs and amino acid substitutions within charged ..
  9. Frankel N, Davis G, Vargas D, Wang S, Payre F, Stern D. Phenotypic robustness conferred by apparently redundant transcriptional enhancers. Nature. 2010;466:490-3 pubmed publisher
    ..We tested this hypothesis by generating a deficiency that removes two newly discovered enhancers of shavenbaby (svb, a transcript of the ovo locus), a gene encoding a transcription factor that directs development of ..
  10. Kondo T, Plaza S, Zanet J, Benrabah E, Valenti P, Hashimoto Y, et al. Small peptides switch the transcriptional activity of Shavenbaby during Drosophila embryogenesis. Science. 2010;329:336-9 pubmed publisher
    ..rice (pri) sORF gene control epidermal differentiation in Drosophila by modifying the transcription factor Shavenbaby (Svb)...
  11. Tanaka K, Okabayashi K, Asashima M, Perrimon N, Kadowaki T. The evolutionarily conserved porcupine gene family is involved in the processing of the Wnt family. Eur J Biochem. 2000;267:4300-11 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate that the porc gene family encodes the multitransmembrane ER proteins, which are evolutionarily well conserved and involved in processing the Wnt family. ..
  12. Pauli D, Oliver B, Mahowald A. Identification of regions interacting with ovoD mutations: potential new genes involved in germline sex determination or differentiation in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics. 1995;139:713-32 pubmed
    ..which together cover approximately 58% of the euchromatic portion of the genome, for genetic interactions with ovoD. Hemizygosity for more than a dozen small regions show interactions that either partially suppress or enhance the ..
  13. Henderson D, Wiegand U, Norman D, Glover D. Mutual correction of faulty PCNA subunits in temperature-sensitive lethal mus209 mutants of Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics. 2000;154:1721-33 pubmed
    ..These mutations, as well as four others we describe, reveal new relationships between the structure and function of PCNA. ..
  14. Andrews J, Oliver B. Sex determination signals control ovo-B transcription in Drosophila melanogaster germ cells. Genetics. 2002;160:537-45 pubmed
    ..These two signals have partially overlapping influences on downstream sex determination genes. The upstream OVO-B transcription factor is required for the viability of 2X germ cells, regardless of sexual identity, and for ..
  15. Parkhurst S, Meneely P. Sex determination and dosage compensation: lessons from flies and worms. Science. 1994;264:924-32 pubmed
    ..Instead, the study of sex determination and dosage compensation is providing more general lessons about different types of signaling pathways used to control alternative developmental states of cells and organisms. ..
  16. Bielinska B, LU J, Sturgill D, Oliver B. Core promoter sequences contribute to ovo-B regulation in the Drosophila melanogaster germline. Genetics. 2005;169:161-72 pubmed
    Utilization of tightly linked ovo-A vs...
  17. Oliver B, Pauli D. Suppression of distinct ovo phenotypes in the Drosophila female germline by maleless- and Sex-lethal. Dev Genet. 1998;23:335-46 pubmed
    Mutations in ovo result in several different phenotypes, which we show are due to the regulation of distinct developmental pathways. Two X (female) germ cells require ovo+ activity for viability, but 1X (male) germ cells do not...
  18. Hager J, Cline T. Induction of female Sex-lethal RNA splicing in male germ cells: implications for Drosophila germline sex determination. Development. 1997;124:5033-48 pubmed
    ..Ironically, the testis may be an excellent organ in which to study the interactions among regulatory genes such as Sxl, snf, ovo and otu which control female-specific processes in the ovary.
  19. Garfinkel M, Lohe A, Mahowald A. Molecular genetics of the Drosophila melanogaster ovo locus, a gene required for sex determination of germline cells. Genetics. 1992;130:791-803 pubmed
    ..The breakpoint of a deficiency that removes the neighboring lethal complementation group shavenbaby (svb) but leaves the ovo function intact maps approximately 5 kb to the molecular left of the leftmost ovo ..
  20. Martinez Arias A. Wnts as morphogens? The view from the wing of Drosophila. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2003;4:321-5 pubmed
    ..However, a close analysis of their activity indicates that they do not fulfil all of the critera that are associated with the classical definition. ..
  21. Goriaux C, Théron E, Brasset E, Vaury C. History of the discovery of a master locus producing piRNAs: the flamenco/COM locus in Drosophila melanogaster. Front Genet. 2014;5:257 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we review the first discovery of this locus and retrace decades of studies that led to our current understanding of the relationship between genomes and their TE targets. ..
  22. Boyle M, Berg C. Control in time and space: Tramtrack69 cooperates with Notch and Ecdysone to repress ectopic fate and shape changes during Drosophila egg chamber maturation. Development. 2009;136:4187-97 pubmed publisher
    ..We hypothesize that TTK69 then cooperates with spatially restricted co-factors to define appropriate responses to a globally available (but as yet unidentified) temporal signal that initiates the S10B transformations. ..
  23. Lu J, Oliver B. Drosophila OVO regulates ovarian tumor transcription by binding unusually near the transcription start site. Development. 2001;128:1671-86 pubmed
    Evolutionarily conserved ovo loci encode developmentally regulated, sequence-specific, DNA-binding, C(2)H(2)-zinc-finger proteins required in the germline and epidermal cells of flies and mice...
  24. Mével Ninio M, Guenal I, Limbourg Bouchon B. Production of dominant female sterility in Drosophila melanogaster by insertion of the ovoD1 allele on autosomes: use of transformed strains to generate germline mosaics. Mech Dev. 1994;45:155-62 pubmed
    ..sterility phenotype, the severity of which depends both on the genetic background and the ratio of ovoD1 product to ovo+ product...
  25. Hussain A, Üçpunar H, Zhang M, Loschek L, Grunwald Kadow I. Neuropeptides Modulate Female Chemosensory Processing upon Mating in Drosophila. PLoS Biol. 2016;14:e1002455 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our data show that neuropeptide-mediated modulation of peripheral chemosensory neurons increases a gravid female's preference for important nutrients, thereby ensuring optimal conditions for her growing progeny. ..
  26. Morize P, Christiansen A, Costa M, Parks S, Wieschaus E. Hyperactivation of the folded gastrulation pathway induces specific cell shape changes. Development. 1998;125:589-97 pubmed
    ..Epistasis experiments indicate that this pathway requires snail but not twist expression. ..
  27. Beaucher M, Goodliffe J, Hersperger E, Trunova S, Frydman H, Shearn A. Drosophila brain tumor metastases express both neuronal and glial cell type markers. Dev Biol. 2007;301:287-97 pubmed
    ..These data may have important implications for the treatment of tumor metastasis. ..
  28. Mohler J. Developmental genetics of the Drosophila egg. I. Identification of 59 sex-linked cistrons with maternal effects on embryonic development. Genetics. 1977;85:259-72 pubmed
    ..The mutant strains are potentially important material for the study of developing egg envelopes and for furthering the analysis of causation in embryogenesis and its origins in oogenesis. ..
  29. Wei G, Oliver B, Mahowald A. Gonadal dysgenesis reveals sexual dimorphism in the embryonic germline of Drosophila. Genetics. 1991;129:203-10 pubmed
    ..The only other known dimorphic trait of the embryonic germline is the requirement for ovo. ovo is required for germline development in females only and has been implicated in germline sex determination...
  30. Garfinkel M, Wang J, Liang Y, Mahowald A. Multiple products from the shavenbaby-ovo gene region of Drosophila melanogaster: relationship to genetic complexity. Mol Cell Biol. 1994;14:6809-18 pubmed
    The Drosophila melanogaster shavenbaby (svb)-ovo gene region is a complex locus, containing two distinct but comutable genetic functions...
  31. Bejsovec A, Chao A. crinkled reveals a new role for Wingless signaling in Drosophila denticle formation. Development. 2012;139:690-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We further find that regulation of the Wg target gene, shaven-baby (svb), and of its transcriptional targets, miniature (m) and forked (f), modulates this ck-dependent process...
  32. Kumar A, Bhandari A, Sinha R, Sardar P, Sushma M, Goyal P, et al. Molecular phylogeny of OVOL genes illustrates a conserved C2H2 zinc finger domain coupled by hypervariable unstructured regions. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e39399 pubmed publisher
    b>OVO-like proteins (OVOL) are members of the zinc finger protein family and serve as transcription factors to regulate gene expression in various differentiation processes...
  33. Steinmann Zwicky M. Sex determination in Drosophila: the X-chromosomal gene liz is required for Sxl activity. EMBO J. 1988;7:3889-98 pubmed
    ..This shows that SxlM1 is not truly expressed constitutively in animals with an X:A ratio of 0.5, but requires activity of liz for initiation or maintenance. ..
  34. Peifer M. Signal transduction. Neither straight nor narrow. Nature. 1999;400:213-5 pubmed
  35. Rodesch C, Geyer P, Patton J, Bae E, Nagoshi R. Developmental analysis of the ovarian tumor gene during Drosophila oogenesis. Genetics. 1995;141:191-202 pubmed
    Severe alleles of the ovarian tumor (otu) and ovo genes result in female sterility in Drosophila melanogaster, producing adult ovaries that completely lack egg chambers...
  36. Vilmos P, Bujna A, Szuperák M, Havelda Z, Várallyay E, Szabad J, et al. Viability, longevity, and egg production of Drosophila melanogaster are regulated by the miR-282 microRNA. Genetics. 2013;195:469-80 pubmed publisher
  37. Casper A, Van Doren M. The control of sexual identity in the Drosophila germline. Development. 2006;133:2783-91 pubmed
    ..Here, we explore how sexual identity is established in the Drosophila germline, how this affects other aspects of germ cell development and what studies in Drosophila can teach us about mammalian germ cells. ..
  38. Laugier E, Yang Z, Fasano L, Kerridge S, Vola C. A critical role of teashirt for patterning the ventral epidermis is masked by ectopic expression of tiptop, a paralog of teashirt in Drosophila. Dev Biol. 2005;283:446-58 pubmed
    ..We conclude that Teashirt and Tiptop repress each other's expression and that Teashirt has a crucial role for trunk patterning that is in part masked by ectopic expression of Tiptop. ..
  39. Sobala L, Adler P. The Gene Expression Program for the Formation of Wing Cuticle in Drosophila. PLoS Genet. 2016;12:e1006100 pubmed publisher
    ..Alternatively, some of the genes expressed during the deposition of the envelope could form a platform that is essential for the deposition of all cuticle layers. ..
  40. Tautz D. Evolution of transcriptional regulation. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2000;10:575-9 pubmed
    ..Evidence is accumulating for the involvement of regulatory evolution in morphological changes between closely related species, as well as in major changes of body plans...
  41. Oliver B, Kim Y, Baker B. Sex-lethal, master and slave: a hierarchy of germ-line sex determination in Drosophila. Development. 1993;119:897-908 pubmed
    ..required for female germ-line sex determination, and the germ-line ovarian tumor genes fused+, ovarian tumor+, ovo+, sans fille+, and Sex-lethal+, which are involved in either the reception or interpretation of this somatic sex ..
  42. Touret F, Guiguen F, Greenland T, Terzian C. In between: gypsy in Drosophila melanogaster reveals new insights into endogenous retrovirus evolution. Viruses. 2014;6:4914-25 pubmed publisher
    ..These studies demonstrate that gypsy is a unique and powerful model for understanding the endogenization of retroviruses. ..
  43. Pankotai T, Komonyi O, Bodai L, Ujfaludi Z, Muratoglu S, Ciurciu A, et al. The homologous Drosophila transcriptional adaptors ADA2a and ADA2b are both required for normal development but have different functions. Mol Cell Biol. 2005;25:8215-27 pubmed
    ..The data presented here demonstrate that the two genes encoding homologous transcriptional adaptor ADA2 proteins in Drosophila are both essential but are functionally distinct. ..
  44. Stern D, Frankel N. The structure and evolution of cis-regulatory regions: the shavenbaby story. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2013;368:20130028 pubmed publisher
    ..on the evolution of larval cuticular patterns within the genus Drosophila and the evolution and structure of the shavenbaby gene...
  45. Fuyama Y, Ueyama M. Ovulation and the suppression of mating in Drosophila melanogaster females: behavioral basis. Behav Genet. 1997;27:483-8 pubmed
    ..Courtship behavior by mutant males defective in olfaction or learning suggested that females are capable of repelling males by emitting a volatile pheromone(s) with an inhibitory effect on male courtship. ..
  46. Wong R, Piper M, Wertheim B, Partridge L. Quantification of food intake in Drosophila. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e6063 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, mutation of takeout increases food intake by increasing feeding frequency while mutation of ovo(D) increases food intake by increasing the volume of food consumed per proboscis-extension...
  47. Frankel N, Wang S, Stern D. Conserved regulatory architecture underlies parallel genetic changes and convergent phenotypic evolution. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:20975-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Previous studies revealed that changes in multiple transcriptional enhancers of shavenbaby (svb, a transcript of the ovo locus) caused phenotypic evolution in the D. sechellia lineage...
  48. Zanet J, Benrabah E, Li T, Pélissier Monier A, Chanut Delalande H, Ronsin B, et al. Pri sORF peptides induce selective proteasome-mediated protein processing. Science. 2015;349:1356-8 pubmed publisher
    ..that Drosophila polished-rice (pri) sORF peptides trigger proteasome-mediated protein processing, converting the Shavenbaby (Svb) transcription repressor into a shorter activator...
  49. Robinson R. In Drosophila hair development, shavenbaby is at the beginning of the end. PLoS Biol. 2006;4:e310 pubmed publisher
  50. Sahut Barnola I, Pauli D. The Drosophila gene stand still encodes a germline chromatin-associated protein that controls the transcription of the ovarian tumor gene. Development. 1999;126:1917-26 pubmed
    ..Expression of ovarian tumor in somatic cells can be induced by ectopic expression of Stil. Finally, we find that transient ubiquitous somatic expression of Stil results in lethality of the fly at all stages of development. ..
  51. Hinson S, Pettus J, Nagoshi R. Regulatory and functional interactions between ovarian tumor and ovo during Drosophila oogenesis. Mech Dev. 1999;88:3-14 pubmed
    The ovo and ovarian tumor genes are required during early and late stages of Drosophila oogenesis. The ovo product, a zinc-finger transcription factor, can bind to sites and influence the level of expression of the ovarian tumor promoter...
  52. Janzer B, Steinmann Zwicky M. Cell-autonomous and somatic signals control sex-specific gene expression in XY germ cells of Drosophila. Mech Dev. 2001;100:3-13 pubmed
    ..We thus report for the first time the existence of downstream targets of the gene Sxl in the germline. ..
  53. Brizuela B, Elfring L, Ballard J, Tamkun J, Kennison J. Genetic analysis of the brahma gene of Drosophila melanogaster and polytene chromosome subdivisions 72AB. Genetics. 1994;137:803-13 pubmed
    ..Two other transcripts are probably the products of a single gene whose protein products are similar to the catalytic subunits of cAMP-dependent protein kinases. ..
  54. Delon I, Payre F. Evolution of larval morphology in flies: get in shape with shavenbaby. Trends Genet. 2004;20:305-13 pubmed
  55. Salles C, Mével Ninio M, Vincent A, Payre F. A germline-specific splicing generates an extended ovo protein isoform required for Drosophila oogenesis. Dev Biol. 2002;246:366-76 pubmed
    ..The Drosophila Ovo/Shavenbaby (Svb) transcription factor is required both for germline and epidermal differentiation, two roles also found for ..
  56. Domanitskaya E, Anllo L, Schupbach T. Phantom, a cytochrome P450 enzyme essential for ecdysone biosynthesis, plays a critical role in the control of border cell migration in Drosophila. Dev Biol. 2014;386:408-18 pubmed publisher
    ..This "egg chamber autonomous" ecdysone synthesis constitutes a useful way to regulate the individual maturation of the asynchronous egg chambers present in the Drosophila ovary. ..
  57. Chou T, Perrimon N. Use of a yeast site-specific recombinase to produce female germline chimeras in Drosophila. Genetics. 1992;131:643-53 pubmed
    ..We describe the parameters of FLP-recombinase induced germline mitotic recombination and the use of the "FLP-DFS" technique to analyze the maternal effect of X-linked zygotic lethal mutations. ..
  58. Alekseyenko A, Larschan E, Lai W, Park P, Kuroda M. High-resolution ChIP-chip analysis reveals that the Drosophila MSL complex selectively identifies active genes on the male X chromosome. Genes Dev. 2006;20:848-57 pubmed
    ..Distinguishing expressed genes from the bulk of the genome is likely to be an important function common to many chromatin organizing and modifying activities. ..
  59. Hatini V, DiNardo S. Divide and conquer: pattern formation in Drosophila embryonic epidermis. Trends Genet. 2001;17:574-9 pubmed
    ..Here, we review several recent reports that help to elucidate the regulatory principles used to control this pattern. Because organizers are conserved, the same fundamental principles might operate in other organizers. ..
  60. Extavour C, Garcia Bellido A. Germ cell selection in genetic mosaics in Drosophila melanogaster. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001;98:11341-6 pubmed
    ..This phenomenon represents a level of selection that precedes and conditions subsequent zygotic selection by affecting the genes available in the gametic population. ..
  61. Lecourtois M, Schweisguth F. The neurogenic suppressor of hairless DNA-binding protein mediates the transcriptional activation of the enhancer of split complex genes triggered by Notch signaling. Genes Dev. 1995;9:2598-608 pubmed
    ..However, we also present evidence indicating that N signals in an Su(H)-independent manner during mesectoderm formation. ..
  62. Cox D, Lu B, Sun T, Williams L, Jan Y. Drosophila par-1 is required for oocyte differentiation and microtubule organization. Curr Biol. 2001;11:75-87 pubmed
    ..In both cases, par-1 appears to exert its effects through the regulation of microtubule dynamics and/or stability, and this finding is consistent with the defined role of the mammalian PAR-1 homologs. ..
  63. Pennetta G, Pauli D. stand still, a Drosophila gene involved in the female germline for proper survival, sex determination and differentiation. Genetics. 1997;145:975-87 pubmed
    ..and a closely localized gene are involved in the modification of the ovarian phenotypes of the dominant alleles of ovo caused by heterozygosity of region 49 A-D...
  64. Staab S, Steinmann Zwicky M. Female germ cells of Drosophila require zygotic ovo and otu product for survival in larvae and pupae respectively. Mech Dev. 1996;54:205-10 pubmed
    Mutations in the genes ovo or otu can cause abnormal proliferation of XX germ cells, which leads to so-called ovarian tumors, or they can lead to the elimination of XX germ cells, such that adult females possess empty ovaries...
  65. Dej K, Gerasimova T, Corces V, Boeke J. A hotspot for the Drosophila gypsy retroelement in the ovo locus. Nucleic Acids Res. 1998;26:4019-25 pubmed
    ..The ovo locus is a known hotspot for gypsy insertion...
  66. Nibu Y, Zhang H, Bajor E, Barolo S, Small S, Levine M. dCtBP mediates transcriptional repression by Knirps, Krüppel and Snail in the Drosophila embryo. EMBO J. 1998;17:7009-20 pubmed
    ..We propose that dCtBP represents a major form of transcriptional repression in development, and that the Groucho and dCtBP co-repressors mediate separate pathways of repression. ..
  67. Labrador M, Sha K, Li A, Corces V. Insulator and Ovo proteins determine the frequency and specificity of insertion of the gypsy retrotransposon in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics. 2008;180:1367-78 pubmed publisher
    ..In particular, gypsy integrates with a frequency of > 10% into the regulatory region of the ovo gene...
  68. Walters J, Munoz C, Paaby A, Dinardo S. Serrate-Notch signaling defines the scope of the initial denticle field by modulating EGFR activation. Dev Biol. 2005;286:415-26 pubmed
    ..narrows while the smooth cell field expands, as judged by the expression of the denticle field determinant Ovo/Shaven baby. This establishes one important role for the Serrate signaling territory, which is to define the extent of ..
  69. Hodgkin J. Sex determination compared in Drosophila and Caenorhabditis. Nature. 1990;344:721-8 pubmed
    ..In contrast, the underlying molecular mechanisms appear to be very different in these two species. Developmental processes such as sex determination need not be strongly conserved in evolution. ..
  70. Menne T, Klämbt C. The formation of commissures in the Drosophila CNS depends on the midline cells and on the Notch gene. Development. 1994;120:123-33 pubmed
    ..Here maternal as well as zygotic Notch function are required for the correct activation of the gene single-minded, since mutant Notch embryos derived from germ-line clones lack most of the single-minded-positive midline cells. ..
  71. Chou T, Noll E, Perrimon N. Autosomal P[ovoD1] dominant female-sterile insertions in Drosophila and their use in generating germ-line chimeras. Development. 1993;119:1359-69 pubmed
    ..Specifically, we show that the Gap1 gene, which encodes a Drosophila homologue of mammalian GTPase-activating protein, is required in somatic follicle cells for embryonic dorsoventral polarity determination. ..
  72. Ribeiro C, Dickson B. Sex peptide receptor and neuronal TOR/S6K signaling modulate nutrient balancing in Drosophila. Curr Biol. 2010;20:1000-5 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that the brain uses these internal states to assign value to external sensory information from potential food sources, thereby guiding food choice and ensuring nutrient homeostasis. ..
  73. Perrimon N. Creating mosaics in Drosophila. Int J Dev Biol. 1998;42:243-7 pubmed
  74. Miller P, Obrik Uloho O, Phan M, Medrano C, Renier J, Thayer J, et al. The song of the old mother: reproductive senescence in female drosophila. Fly (Austin). 2014;8:127-39 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding the genetic basis of reproductive senescence clarifies the nature of life-history trade-offs as well as potential ways to augment and/or limit female fertility in a variety of organisms. ..
  75. Hoppe P, Greenspan R. Local function of the Notch gene for embryonic ectodermal pathway choice in Drosophila. Cell. 1986;46:773-83 pubmed
    ..Comparison of clone distribution in Notch mosaics and controls suggests that islands of wild-type hypodermal cells fail to differentiate cuticle. ..
  76. Sanson B. Generating patterns from fields of cells. Examples from Drosophila segmentation. EMBO Rep. 2001;2:1083-8 pubmed
    ..This example from Drosophila provides a paradigm for how organizers generate precise patterns, and ultimately different cell types, in a naïve field of cells. ..
  77. Labrador M, Corces V. Protein determinants of insertional specificity for the Drosophila gypsy retrovirus. Genetics. 2001;158:1101-10 pubmed
    The gypsy retrovirus invades the germ line of Drosophila females, inserting with a high frequency into the ovo locus...
  78. Bae E, Cook K, Geyer P, Nagoshi R. Molecular characterization of ovarian tumors in Drosophila. Mech Dev. 1994;47:151-64 pubmed
    ..Finally, we demonstrate that the germ line function of Sxl depends on the activity of a specific OTU isoform. ..
  79. Dick T, Ray K, Salz H, Chia W. Cytoplasmic dynein (ddlc1) mutations cause morphogenetic defects and apoptotic cell death in Drosophila melanogaster. Mol Cell Biol. 1996;16:1966-77 pubmed
    ..Northern blot analysis and epitope tagging show that the hdlc1 gene is ubiquitously expressed and that the human dynein light chain 1 is localized in the cytoplasm. hdlc1 maps to 14q24. ..
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