Gene Symbol: Nacalpha
Description: Nascent polypeptide associated complex protein alpha subunit
Alias: CG8759, Dmel\CG8759, NAC, NACalpha, aic, alpha-NAC, alphaNAC, l(2)04329, nascent polypeptide associated complex protein alpha subunit, CG8759-PA, CG8759-PB, CG8759-PC, CG8759-PD, NAC protein alpha subunit, Nacalpha-PA, Nacalpha-PB, Nacalpha-PC, Nacalpha-PD, alpha NAC, lethal (2) 04329
Species: fruit fly

Top Publications

  1. Braat A, Yan N, Arn E, Harrison D, Macdonald P. Localization-dependent oskar protein accumulation; control after the initiation of translation. Dev Cell. 2004;7:125-31 pubmed
    ..We find that the nascent polypeptide-associated complex (NAC) is required for correct localization of oskar mRNA...
  2. Papatsenko D, Levine M, Goltsev Y. Clusters of temporal discordances reveal distinct embryonic patterning mechanisms in Drosophila and anopheles. PLoS Biol. 2011;9:e1000584 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that gene clustering by local temporal discordance can be used for the de novo identification of the gene batteries underlying morphological diversity...
  3. Caggese C, Ragone G, Perrini B, Moschetti R, De Pinto V, Caizzi R, et al. Identification of nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins: isolation of a collection of D. melanogaster cDNAs homologous to sequences in the Human Gene Index database. Mol Gen Genet. 1999;261:64-70 pubmed
    ..Our experimental strategy represents an efficient approach to the identification and interspecies comparison of genes encoding products targeted to the mitochondrion. ..
  4. Frolov M, Benevolenskaya E, Birchler J. The oxen gene of Drosophila encodes a homolog of subunit 9 of yeast ubiquinol-cytochrome c oxidoreductase complex: evidence for modulation of gene expression in response to mitochondrial activity. Genetics. 2000;156:1727-36 pubmed
    ..The oxen mutation provides a model for the genetic analysis in multicellular organisms of the effect of mitochondrial activity on nuclear gene expression...