Gene Symbol: Moe
Description: Moesin
Alias: CG10701, D17, DMoe, Dmel\CG10701, Dmoe, EMR1, ERM, Emr1, Moes, anon-WO03040301.155, anon-WO03040301.157, anon-WO03040301.159, anon-WO03040301.161, dMoe, gma, l(1)G0067, l(1)G0323, l(1)G0404, l(1)G0415, moe, moesin, moesin/ezrin/radixin homolog mRNA, moesin, CG10701-PA, CG10701-PB, CG10701-PC, CG10701-PD, CG10701-PE, CG10701-PF, CG10701-PG, CG10701-PH, CG10701-PI, CG10701-PJ, CG10701-PK, CG10701-PL, CG10701-PM, Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin, Ezrin-moesin-radixin-1, Moe-PA, Moe-PB, Moe-PC, Moe-PD, Moe-PE, Moe-PF, Moe-PG, Moe-PH, Moe-PI, Moe-PJ, Moe-PK, Moe-PL, Moe-PM, Moesin-like, dmoesin
Species: fruit fly

Top Publications

  1. Edwards K, Demsky M, Montague R, Weymouth N, Kiehart D. GFP-moesin illuminates actin cytoskeleton dynamics in living tissue and demonstrates cell shape changes during morphogenesis in Drosophila. Dev Biol. 1997;191:103-17 pubmed
    ..1994, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 91, 4589], and Dmoesin [McCartney and Fehon, 1996, J. Cell Biol. 133, 843]...
  2. Fox D, Homem C, Myster S, Wang F, Bain E, Peifer M. Rho1 regulates Drosophila adherens junctions independently of p120ctn. Development. 2005;132:4819-31 pubmed
    ..These data suggest Rho1 regulates AJs during morphogenesis, but this regulation is p120 independent. ..
  3. Vlisidou I, Dowling A, Evans I, Waterfield N, Ffrench Constant R, Wood W. Drosophila embryos as model systems for monitoring bacterial infection in real time. PLoS Pathog. 2009;5:e1000518 pubmed publisher
    ..Together these data show how Drosophila embryos can be used to track bacterial infection in real time and how mutant analysis can be used to genetically dissect the effects of specific bacterial virulence factors. ..
  4. Roubinet C, Decelle B, Chicanne G, Dorn J, Payrastre B, Payre F, et al. Molecular networks linked by Moesin drive remodeling of the cell cortex during mitosis. J Cell Biol. 2011;195:99-112 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that Moesin, an actin/membrane linker, integrates these two networks to synergize the cortical forces that drive mitotic cell ..
  5. Bloor J, Kiehart D. Drosophila RhoA regulates the cytoskeleton and cell-cell adhesion in the developing epidermis. Development. 2002;129:3173-83 pubmed
    ..At the leading edge, cells show altered adhesive properties such that they form ectopic contacts with other DRhoA(N19)-expressing cells. ..
  6. Kato K, Chihara T, Hayashi S. Hedgehog and Decapentaplegic instruct polarized growth of cell extensions in the Drosophila trachea. Development. 2004;131:5253-61 pubmed
    ..Orthogonal expression of Hedgehog and Decapentaplegic in the epidermis instructs monopolar extension of the terminal branch along the posterior compartment, thereby matching the pattern of airway growth with that of the epidermis. ..
  7. Letizia A, Sotillos S, Campuzano S, Llimargas M. Regulated Crb accumulation controls apical constriction and invagination in Drosophila tracheal cells. J Cell Sci. 2011;124:240-51 pubmed publisher
    ..apical constriction and for organising an actomyosin complex, which we propose is mediated by Crb recruitment of moesin (Moe)...
  8. Cheng J, Tiyaboonchai A, Yamashita Y, Hunt A. Asymmetric division of cyst stem cells in Drosophila testis is ensured by anaphase spindle repositioning. Development. 2011;138:831-7 pubmed publisher
    ..CySC spindle repositioning requires functional centrosomes, Dynein and the actin-membrane linker Moesin. Anaphase spindle repositioning is required to achieve high-fidelity asymmetric divisions in CySCs, thus ..
  9. Fernandez Gonzalez R, Zallen J. Oscillatory behaviors and hierarchical assembly of contractile structures in intercalating cells. Phys Biol. 2011;8:045005 pubmed publisher
    ..We discuss models to explain how the architecture of cytoskeletal networks regulates their contractile behavior and the mechanisms that give rise to oscillatory cell behaviors in intercalating cells...

More Information


  1. Kunda P, Pelling A, Liu T, Baum B. Moesin controls cortical rigidity, cell rounding, and spindle morphogenesis during mitosis. Curr Biol. 2008;18:91-101 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we identify Moesin as a key player...
  2. Chang H, Ready D. Rescue of photoreceptor degeneration in rhodopsin-null Drosophila mutants by activated Rac1. Science. 2000;290:1978-80 pubmed
    ..Thus, rhodopsin appears to organize the actin cytoskeleton through Drac1, contributing a structural support essential for photoreceptor morphogenesis. ..
  3. Roch F, Polesello C, Roubinet C, Martin M, Roy C, Valenti P, et al. Differential roles of PtdIns(4,5)P2 and phosphorylation in moesin activation during Drosophila development. J Cell Sci. 2010;123:2058-67 pubmed publisher
    The ezrin, radixin and moesin (ERM) proteins regulate cell membrane architecture in several cellular contexts...
  4. Tucker P, Evans I, Wood W. Ena drives invasive macrophage migration in Drosophila embryos. Dis Model Mech. 2011;4:126-34 pubmed publisher
  5. Kiehart D, Galbraith C, Edwards K, Rickoll W, Montague R. Multiple forces contribute to cell sheet morphogenesis for dorsal closure in Drosophila. J Cell Biol. 2000;149:471-90 pubmed
    ..ubiquitously expressed transgene that encodes GFP fused to an autonomously folding actin binding fragment from fly moesin. Second, we use a biomechanical approach to examine the distribution of stiffness/tension during dorsal closure by ..
  6. Polesello C, Delon I, Valenti P, Ferrer P, Payre F. Dmoesin controls actin-based cell shape and polarity during Drosophila melanogaster oogenesis. Nat Cell Biol. 2002;4:782-9 pubmed
    ..Here we report a genetic analysis of Dmoesin, the sole member of the ERM family in Drosophila...
  7. Hipfner D, Keller N, Cohen S. Slik Sterile-20 kinase regulates Moesin activity to promote epithelial integrity during tissue growth. Genes Dev. 2004;18:2243-8 pubmed
    ..The abnormal behavior of slik mutant cells is due to failure to phosphorylate and activate Moesin, which leads to excess Rho1 activity...
  8. Laplante C, Nilson L. Differential expression of the adhesion molecule Echinoid drives epithelial morphogenesis in Drosophila. Development. 2006;133:3255-64 pubmed
    ..We propose that local modulation of the cytoskeleton at Ed expression borders may represent a general mechanism for promoting epithelial morphogenesis. ..
  9. Royou A, Field C, Sisson J, Sullivan W, Karess R. Reassessing the role and dynamics of nonmuscle myosin II during furrow formation in early Drosophila embryos. Mol Biol Cell. 2004;15:838-50 pubmed
    ..We suggest that cellularization can be divided into two distinct processes: furrow ingression, driven by microtubule mediated vesicle delivery, and basal closure, which is mediated by actin/myosin based constriction. ..
  10. Mitonaka T, Muramatsu Y, Sugiyama S, Mizuno T, Nishida Y. Essential roles of myosin phosphatase in the maintenance of epithelial cell integrity of Drosophila imaginal disc cells. Dev Biol. 2007;309:78-86 pubmed
    ..The requirement of DMBS for the integrity of static epithelial cells in imaginal discs suggests that the regulation of Myosin II by DMBS has a role more general than its previously demonstrated functions in morphogenetic events. ..
  11. Jayasinghe A, Crews S, Mashburn D, Hutson M. Apical oscillations in amnioserosa cells: basolateral coupling and mechanical autonomy. Biophys J. 2013;105:255-65 pubmed publisher
    ..All of the above require significant changes to existing computational models. ..
  12. Kosloff M, Elia N, Joel Almagor T, Timberg R, Zars T, Hyde D, et al. Regulation of light-dependent Gqalpha translocation and morphological changes in fly photoreceptors. EMBO J. 2003;22:459-68 pubmed
  13. Kerman B, Cheshire A, Myat M, Andrew D. Ribbon modulates apical membrane during tube elongation through Crumbs and Moesin. Dev Biol. 2008;320:278-88 pubmed publisher
    ..protein required for robust nuclear localization of Ribbon, to upregulate crumbs expression and downregulate Moesin activity...
  14. Blankenship J, Backovic S, Sanny J, Weitz O, Zallen J. Multicellular rosette formation links planar cell polarity to tissue morphogenesis. Dev Cell. 2006;11:459-70 pubmed
    ..We propose that the generation of higher-order rosette structures links local cell interactions to global tissue reorganization during morphogenesis. ..
  15. Fabian L, Wei H, Rollins J, Noguchi T, Blankenship J, Bellamkonda K, et al. Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate directs spermatid cell polarity and exocyst localization in Drosophila. Mol Biol Cell. 2010;21:1546-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data are consistent with a mechanism in which localized synthesis of PIP(2) recruits the exocyst to promote targeted membrane delivery and polarization of the elongating cysts. ..
  16. Wang S, Tsarouhas V, Xylourgidis N, Sabri N, Tiklová K, Nautiyal N, et al. The tyrosine kinase Stitcher activates Grainy head and epidermal wound healing in Drosophila. Nat Cell Biol. 2009;11:890-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, Stit activation upon wounding coordinates cytoskeletal rearrangements and the level of Grh-mediated transcriptional wound responses. ..
  17. Ling C, Zheng Y, Yin F, Yu J, Huang J, Hong Y, et al. The apical transmembrane protein Crumbs functions as a tumor suppressor that regulates Hippo signaling by binding to Expanded. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:10532-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, our studies implicate Crb as a putative cell surface receptor for Hippo signaling by uncovering a transmembrane protein that directly binds to an apical component of the Hippo pathway. ..
  18. Hughes S, Formstecher E, Fehon R. Sip1, the Drosophila orthologue of EBP50/NHERF1, functions with the sterile 20 family kinase Slik to regulate Moesin activity. J Cell Sci. 2010;123:1099-107 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we identified Sip1 as a Drosophila orthologue of the ezrin-radixin-moesin (ERM) binding protein 50 (EBP50; also known as the Na(+)/H(+) exchanger regulatory factor NHERF1)...
  19. Xu N, Bagumian G, Galiano M, Myat M. Rho GTPase controls Drosophila salivary gland lumen size through regulation of the actin cytoskeleton and Moesin. Development. 2011;138:5415-27 pubmed publisher
    ..membrane and enrichment of apical F-actin, the latter accompanied by enrichment of apical phosphorylated Moesin. Reducing cofilin levels in Rho1 mutant salivary gland cells restored proper distribution of F-actin and ..
  20. Riggs B, Fasulo B, Royou A, Mische S, Cao J, Hays T, et al. The concentration of Nuf, a Rab11 effector, at the microtubule-organizing center is cell cycle regulated, dynein-dependent, and coincides with furrow formation. Mol Biol Cell. 2007;18:3313-22 pubmed
    ..We propose that the cell cycle-regulated, Dynein-dependent recruitment of Nuf to the MTOC influences the timing of RE-based vesicle delivery to the invaginating furrows. ..
  21. Toyama Y, Peralta X, Wells A, Kiehart D, Edwards G. Apoptotic force and tissue dynamics during Drosophila embryogenesis. Science. 2008;321:1683-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This apoptotic force is used by the embryo to drive cell-sheet movements during development, a role not classically attributed to apoptosis. ..
  22. Ma X, Lynch H, Scully P, Hutson M. Probing embryonic tissue mechanics with laser hole drilling. Phys Biol. 2009;6:036004 pubmed publisher
    ..We use the site and stage dependence of the recoil kinetics to constrain how the cellular mechanics change during closure. We apply these results to test extant computational models. ..
  23. Grevengoed E, Loureiro J, Jesse T, Peifer M. Abelson kinase regulates epithelial morphogenesis in Drosophila. J Cell Biol. 2001;155:1185-98 pubmed
    ..We discuss possible models for Abl function during epithelial morphogenesis in light of these data. ..
  24. Carreno S, Kouranti I, Glusman E, Fuller M, Echard A, Payre F. Moesin and its activating kinase Slik are required for cortical stability and microtubule organization in mitotic cells. J Cell Biol. 2008;180:739-46 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, we show that the actin/membrane linker moesin, the single ERM (ezrin, radixin, and moesin) protein in Drosophila melanogaster, is required to maintain cortical ..
  25. Grosshans J, Wenzl C, Herz H, Bartoszewski S, Schnorrer F, Vogt N, et al. RhoGEF2 and the formin Dia control the formation of the furrow canal by directed actin assembly during Drosophila cellularisation. Development. 2005;132:1009-20 pubmed
    ..Our results support a model in which RhoGEF2 and dia control position, shape and stability of the forming furrow canal by spatially restricted assembly of actin filaments required for the proper infolding of the plasma membrane. ..
  26. Sano H, Renault A, Lehmann R. Control of lateral migration and germ cell elimination by the Drosophila melanogaster lipid phosphate phosphatases Wunen and Wunen 2. J Cell Biol. 2005;171:675-83 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that expression of wun/wun-2 repellents along the migratory paths provides faithful control over the sorting of PGCs into two gonads and eliminates PGCs left in the middle of the embryo. ..
  27. Bloor J, Kiehart D. zipper Nonmuscle myosin-II functions downstream of PS2 integrin in Drosophila myogenesis and is necessary for myofibril formation. Dev Biol. 2001;239:215-28 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that nonmuscle myosin-II functions at the muscle termini and the Z-line as an actin crosslinker and acts to maintain the structural integrity of the sarcomere...
  28. Cavey M, Rauzi M, Lenne P, Lecuit T. A two-tiered mechanism for stabilization and immobilization of E-cadherin. Nature. 2008;453:751-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Uncoupling stability and mobility of E-cadherin complexes suggests that stable epithelia may remodel through the regulated mobility of very stable adhesive foci. ..
  29. Massarwa R, Schejter E, Shilo B. Apical secretion in epithelial tubes of the Drosophila embryo is directed by the Formin-family protein Diaphanous. Dev Cell. 2009;16:877-88 pubmed publisher
    ..This mechanism allows efficient utilization of the entire apical membrane for secretion. ..
  30. Abreu Blanco M, Verboon J, Liu R, Watts J, Parkhurst S. Drosophila embryos close epithelial wounds using a combination of cellular protrusions and an actomyosin purse string. J Cell Sci. 2012;125:5984-97 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results show that embryonic epithelial wound repair is mediated by two simultaneously acting mechanisms: crawling driven by cellular protrusions and actomyosin ring contraction along the leading edge of the wound. ..
  31. de Cuevas M, Lee J, Spradling A. alpha-spectrin is required for germline cell division and differentiation in the Drosophila ovary. Development. 1996;122:3959-68 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that the fusome and its associated membrane skeleton play a central role in regulating the divisions and differentiation of cyst cells. ..
  32. Speck O, Hughes S, Noren N, Kulikauskas R, Fehon R. Moesin functions antagonistically to the Rho pathway to maintain epithelial integrity. Nature. 2003;421:83-7 pubmed
    ..ERM (ezrin, radixin, moesin) proteins have been proposed to link transmembrane proteins to the actin cytoskeleton in the apical domain, ..
  33. Abreu Blanco M, Verboon J, Parkhurst S. Cell wound repair in Drosophila occurs through three distinct phases of membrane and cytoskeletal remodeling. J Cell Biol. 2011;193:455-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results show that single-cell wound repair requires specific spatial and temporal cytoskeleton responses with distinct components and mechanisms required at different stages of the process. ..
  34. Siekhaus D, Haesemeyer M, Moffitt O, Lehmann R. RhoL controls invasion and Rap1 localization during immune cell transmigration in Drosophila. Nat Cell Biol. 2010;12:605-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Our work establishes the utility of Drosophila for identifying novel components of immune cell transmigration and for understanding the in vivo interplay of immune cells with the barriers they penetrate. ..
  35. LaJeunesse D, McCartney B, Fehon R. A systematic screen for dominant second-site modifiers of Merlin/NF2 phenotypes reveals an interaction with blistered/DSRF and scribbler. Genetics. 2001;158:667-79 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that Merlin, blistered, and scribbler function together in a common pathway to regulate Drosophila wing epithelial development. ..
  36. Cohen M, Georgiou M, Stevenson N, Miodownik M, Baum B. Dynamic filopodia transmit intermittent Delta-Notch signaling to drive pattern refinement during lateral inhibition. Dev Cell. 2010;19:78-89 pubmed publisher
    ..Significantly, the intermittent signaling induced by these filopodial dynamics generates a type of structured noise that is uniquely suited to the generation of well-ordered, tissue-wide epithelial patterns...
  37. Hughes S, Fehon R. Phosphorylation and activity of the tumor suppressor Merlin and the ERM protein Moesin are coordinately regulated by the Slik kinase. J Cell Biol. 2006;175:305-13 pubmed
    Merlin and Moesin are closely related members of the 4.1 Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin domain superfamily implicated in regulating proliferation and epithelial integrity, respectively...
  38. Oshima K, Takeda M, Kuranaga E, Ueda R, Aigaki T, Miura M, et al. IKK epsilon regulates F actin assembly and interacts with Drosophila IAP1 in cellular morphogenesis. Curr Biol. 2006;16:1531-7 pubmed
    ..This IKK epsilon function involves the negative regulation of the nonapoptotic activity of DIAP1. ..
  39. Somogyi K, Rørth P. Cortactin modulates cell migration and ring canal morphogenesis during Drosophila oogenesis. Mech Dev. 2004;121:57-64 pubmed
    ..Cortactin is a minor contributor in this regulation, consistent with the cortactin gene not being essential for development. ..
  40. Blanchard G, Murugesu S, Adams R, Martinez Arias A, Gorfinkiel N. Cytoskeletal dynamics and supracellular organisation of cell shape fluctuations during dorsal closure. Development. 2010;137:2743-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that cell shape fluctuations are a property of cells with low and increasing levels of apical myosin, and that medial and junctional myosin populations combine to contract AS cell apices and drive DC. ..
  41. He L, Wang X, Tang H, Montell D. Tissue elongation requires oscillating contractions of a basal actomyosin network. Nat Cell Biol. 2010;12:1133-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings reveal a mechanism controlling organ shape and an experimental model for the study of the effects of oscillatory actomyosin activity within a coherent cell sheet. ..
  42. Simone R, Dinardo S. Actomyosin contractility and Discs large contribute to junctional conversion in guiding cell alignment within the Drosophila embryonic epithelium. Development. 2010;137:1385-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Indeed, depletion of Myosin II or dlg disrupts these processes. These results show that tight spatial regulation of actomyosin contractility is required to produce this high-energy arrangement of cells...
  43. Kunda P, Rodrigues N, Moeendarbary E, Liu T, Ivetic A, Charras G, et al. PP1-mediated moesin dephosphorylation couples polar relaxation to mitotic exit. Curr Biol. 2012;22:231-6 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Moesin, the sole Drosophila ERM-family protein [4], plays a critical role in this process, through the construction of a ..
  44. Jayanandanan N, Mathew R, Leptin M. Guidance of subcellular tubulogenesis by actin under the control of a synaptotagmin-like protein and Moesin. Nat Commun. 2014;5:3036 pubmed publisher
    ..Localized at the luminal membrane through its tandem C2 domain, it recruits activated Moesin. Both proteins are needed for the integrity of the actin cytoskeleton at the luminal membrane, but not for other ..
  45. Zanet J, Stramer B, Millard T, Martin P, Payre F, Plaza S. Fascin is required for blood cell migration during Drosophila embryogenesis. Development. 2009;136:2557-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results offer a first glimpse into the mechanisms regulating Fascin function during normal development, which might be relevant for understanding the impact of Fascin in cancers. ..
  46. Jankovics F, Brunner D. Transiently reorganized microtubules are essential for zippering during dorsal closure in Drosophila melanogaster. Dev Cell. 2006;11:375-85 pubmed
    ..We provide a clearly defined example where cells of a developing organism transiently reorganize their microtubules to fulfill a specialized morphogenetic task. ..
  47. Widmann T, Dahmann C. Dpp signaling promotes the cuboidal-to-columnar shape transition of Drosophila wing disc epithelia by regulating Rho1. J Cell Sci. 2009;122:1362-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results identify a cell-autonomous role for Dpp signaling in promoting and maintaining the elongated columnar shape of wing disc cells and suggest that Dpp signaling acts by regulating Rho1 and MRLC. ..
  48. Caussinus E, Colombelli J, Affolter M. Tip-cell migration controls stalk-cell intercalation during Drosophila tracheal tube elongation. Curr Biol. 2008;18:1727-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Surprisingly, in tracheal branches, one or two leading cells produce enough mechanical power to intercalate many lagging cells. This may apply to other tubular networks. ..
  49. Dutta D, Bloor J, Ruiz Gomez M, Vijayraghavan K, Kiehart D. Real-time imaging of morphogenetic movements in Drosophila using Gal4-UAS-driven expression of GFP fused to the actin-binding domain of moesin. Genesis. 2002;34:146-51 pubmed
  50. Chorna Ornan I, Tzarfaty V, Ankri Eliahoo G, Joel Almagor T, Meyer N, Huber A, et al. Light-regulated interaction of Dmoesin with TRP and TRPL channels is required for maintenance of photoreceptors. J Cell Biol. 2005;171:143-52 pubmed
    ..proteins are known to regulate actin-membrane interactions in a signal-dependent manner, we analyzed the role of Dmoesin, the unique D. melanogaster ERM, in response to light...
  51. Millard T, Martin P. Dynamic analysis of filopodial interactions during the zippering phase of Drosophila dorsal closure. Development. 2008;135:621-6 pubmed publisher
    ..To address this, we generated a fly in which RFP-Moesin and GFP-Moesin are expressed in mutually exclusive stripes within each segment using the engrailed and patched ..
  52. Pickering K, Alves Silva J, Goberdhan D, Millard T. Par3/Bazooka and phosphoinositides regulate actin protrusion formation during Drosophila dorsal closure and wound healing. Development. 2013;140:800-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Depleting PIP3 results in defective epithelial closure during both dorsal closure and wound healing. These data reveal a novel mechanism that directly couples loss of epithelial integrity to activation of epithelial closure. ..
  53. David D, Tishkina A, Harris T. The PAR complex regulates pulsed actomyosin contractions during amnioserosa apical constriction in Drosophila. Development. 2010;137:1645-55 pubmed publisher
    ..These results identify the mechanics of actomyosin contractility that drive amnioserosa apical constriction and how specific steps of the contractile mechanism are regulated by the PAR complex...
  54. Jankovics F, Sinka R, Lukacsovich T, Erdelyi M. MOESIN crosslinks actin and cell membrane in Drosophila oocytes and is required for OSKAR anchoring. Curr Biol. 2002;12:2060-5 pubmed
    ..This communication demonstrates that mutations in the Drosophila moesin (Dmoe) gene that encodes another actin binding protein result in delocalization of osk mRNA and protein from the ..
  55. Stramer B, Moreira S, Millard T, Evans I, Huang C, Sabet O, et al. Clasp-mediated microtubule bundling regulates persistent motility and contact repulsion in Drosophila macrophages in vivo. J Cell Biol. 2010;189:681-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The same is true in orbit/clasp mutants, indicating a pivotal role for this microtubule-binding protein in the assembly and/or functioning of the microtubule arm during polarized migration and contact repulsion. ..
  56. Stramer B, Winfield M, Shaw T, Millard T, Woolner S, Martin P. Gene induction following wounding of wild-type versus macrophage-deficient Drosophila embryos. EMBO Rep. 2008;9:465-71 pubmed publisher
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  59. Schwabe T, Bainton R, Fetter R, Heberlein U, Gaul U. GPCR signaling is required for blood-brain barrier formation in drosophila. Cell. 2005;123:133-44 pubmed
    ..Our study demonstrates the importance of morphogenetic regulation in blood-brain barrier development and places GPCR signaling at its core. ..
  60. Franke J, Montague R, Kiehart D. Nonmuscle myosin II generates forces that transmit tension and drive contraction in multiple tissues during dorsal closure. Curr Biol. 2005;15:2208-21 pubmed publisher
    ..This highly conserved contractile protein likely drives cell-sheet movements throughout phylogeny...
  61. Prasad M, Montell D. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of border cell migration analyzed using time-lapse live-cell imaging. Dev Cell. 2007;12:997-1005 pubmed
    ..These observations provide new insight into the cellular dynamics and molecular mechanisms of cell migration in vivo. ..
  62. Nishimura M, Inoue Y, Hayashi S. A wave of EGFR signaling determines cell alignment and intercalation in the Drosophila tracheal placode. Development. 2007;134:4273-82 pubmed
  63. Cao J, Albertson R, Riggs B, Field C, Sullivan W. Nuf, a Rab11 effector, maintains cytokinetic furrow integrity by promoting local actin polymerization. J Cell Biol. 2008;182:301-13 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose a model in which RE-derived vesicles promote furrow integrity by regulating the rate of actin polymerization through the RhoGEF2-Rho1 pathway. ..
  64. Gervais L, Claret S, Januschke J, Roth S, Guichet A. PIP5K-dependent production of PIP2 sustains microtubule organization to establish polarized transport in the Drosophila oocyte. Development. 2008;135:3829-38 pubmed publisher
    ..Reduction of Skittles activity impairs activation at the plasma membrane of Moesin, a member of the ERM family known to link the plasma membrane to the actin-based cytoskeleton...
  65. Pilot F, Philippe J, Lemmers C, Lecuit T. Spatial control of actin organization at adherens junctions by a synaptotagmin-like protein Btsz. Nature. 2006;442:580-4 pubmed
    ..We show that Btsz binds to the Ezrin-Radixin-Moesin protein Moesin, an F-actin-binding protein that is localized apically and is recruited in the AJR in a btsz-..
  66. Neisch A, Speck O, Stronach B, Fehon R. Rho1 regulates apoptosis via activation of the JNK signaling pathway at the plasma membrane. J Cell Biol. 2010;189:311-23 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, Rho1 forms a complex with Slipper (Slpr), an upstream activator of the JNK pathway. Loss of Moesin (Moe), an upstream regulator of Rho1 activity, results in increased levels of Rho1 at the plasma membrane and ..
  67. Robinson B, Huang J, Hong Y, Moberg K. Crumbs regulates Salvador/Warts/Hippo signaling in Drosophila via the FERM-domain protein Expanded. Curr Biol. 2010;20:582-90 pubmed publisher
  68. Solon J, Kaya Copur A, Colombelli J, Brunner D. Pulsed forces timed by a ratchet-like mechanism drive directed tissue movement during dorsal closure. Cell. 2009;137:1331-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Our work uncovers a sophisticated mechanism of cooperative force generation between two major forces driving morphogenesis...
  69. Hoover K, Bryant P. Drosophila Yurt is a new protein-4.1-like protein required for epithelial morphogenesis. Dev Genes Evol. 2002;212:230-8 pubmed
    ..A mammalian homolog of Yurt is up-regulated in metastatic melanoma cells. These novel cytoskeletal proteins appear to play important roles in epithelial cell movements and in the morphogenetic tissue changes that depend on them. ..
  70. McCartney B, Fehon R. Distinct cellular and subcellular patterns of expression imply distinct functions for the Drosophila homologues of moesin and the neurofibromatosis 2 tumor suppressor, merlin. J Cell Biol. 1996;133:843-52 pubmed
    ..developmental functions of these proteins, we have identified and characterized Drosophila homologues of moesin (Dmoesin) and of the NF2 tumor suppressor merlin (Dmerlin)...
  71. Médina E, Williams J, Klipfell E, Zarnescu D, Thomas G, Le Bivic A. Crumbs interacts with moesin and beta(Heavy)-spectrin in the apical membrane skeleton of Drosophila. J Cell Biol. 2002;158:941-51 pubmed
    ..tail of Crumbs that is essential to efficiently recruit both the apical SBMS and the FERM domain protein, DMoesin. Crumbs, Discs lost, betaHeavy-spectrin, and DMoesin are all coimmunoprecipitated from embryos, confirming the ..