Gene Symbol: lva
Description: lava lamp
Alias: ABP2, CG#6450, CG6450, Dmel\CG6450, LVA, LVA_DROME, Lava, Lva, Lvl, lava, lvl, lava lamp, CG6450-PC, CG6450-PD, LAVA LAMP, Lava-Lamp, actin-binding protein 2, lavalamp, lva-PC, lva-PD
Species: fruit fly
Products:     lva

Top Publications

  1. Lu H, Bilder D. Endocytic control of epithelial polarity and proliferation in Drosophila. Nat Cell Biol. 2005;7:1232-9 pubmed
    ..Our findings reveal a critical and specific role for endocytic traffic in the control of both apico-basal polarity and cell proliferation. ..
  2. Lee J, Overstreet E, Fitch E, Fleenor S, Fischer J. Drosophila liquid facets-Related encodes Golgi epsin and is an essential gene required for cell proliferation, growth, and patterning. Dev Biol. 2009;331:1-13 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that LqfR transports specific cargo critical to one or more signaling pathways, and lays the foundation for identifying those proteins. ..
  3. Giansanti M, Belloni G, Gatti M. Rab11 is required for membrane trafficking and actomyosin ring constriction in meiotic cytokinesis of Drosophila males. Mol Biol Cell. 2007;18:5034-47 pubmed
    ..We propose that Gio and Fwd mediate Rab11 recruitment at the cleavage furrow and that Rab11 facilitates targeted membrane delivery to the advancing furrow. ..
  4. Blankenship J, Fuller M, Zallen J. The Drosophila homolog of the Exo84 exocyst subunit promotes apical epithelial identity. J Cell Sci. 2007;120:3099-110 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that epithelial polarity in the Drosophila embryo is actively maintained by exocyst-dependent apical localization of the Crumbs transmembrane protein. ..
  5. Papoulas O, Hays T, Sisson J. The golgin Lava lamp mediates dynein-based Golgi movements during Drosophila cellularization. Nat Cell Biol. 2005;7:612-8 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, we demonstrate that Lava lamp (Lva), a golgin protein that is required for cellularization, specifically associates with dynein, dynactin, ..
  6. Belloni G, Sechi S, Riparbelli M, Fuller M, Callaini G, Giansanti M. Mutations in Cog7 affect Golgi structure, meiotic cytokinesis and sperm development during Drosophila spermatogenesis. J Cell Sci. 2012;125:5441-52 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, Gio coimmunoprecipitates with Cog7 and with Rab11 in the testes. Our results altogether implicate Cog7 as an upstream component in a gio-Rab11 pathway controlling membrane addition during cytokinesis. ..
  7. Wingen C, Stümpges B, Hoch M, Behr M. Expression and localization of clathrin heavy chain in Drosophila melanogaster. Gene Expr Patterns. 2009;9:549-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, the antibody may serve as a new tool to study the function of Chc in clathrin-dependent cellular processes, such as endocytosis. ..
  8. Xu H, Brill J, Hsien J, McBride R, Boulianne G, Trimble W. Syntaxin 5 is required for cytokinesis and spermatid differentiation in Drosophila. Dev Biol. 2002;251:294-306 pubmed
  9. Eggert U, Kiger A, Richter C, Perlman Z, Perrimon N, Mitchison T, et al. Parallel chemical genetic and genome-wide RNAi screens identify cytokinesis inhibitors and targets. PLoS Biol. 2004;2:e379 pubmed
    ..Our study shows that parallel RNA interference and small molecule screening is a generally useful approach to identifying active small molecules and their target pathways...

More Information


  1. Wilhelm J, Buszczak M, Sayles S. Efficient protein trafficking requires trailer hitch, a component of a ribonucleoprotein complex localized to the ER in Drosophila. Dev Cell. 2005;9:675-85 pubmed
    ..These findings raise exciting new possibilities for how the mRNA localization machinery could interface with the classical secretory pathway to promote efficient protein trafficking in the cell. ..
  2. Sisson J, Field C, Ventura R, Royou A, Sullivan W. Lava lamp, a novel peripheral golgi protein, is required for Drosophila melanogaster cellularization. J Cell Biol. 2000;151:905-18 pubmed
    ..We now show that a novel MMAP, Lava Lamp (Lva), is also required for cellularization...
  3. Farkas R, Giansanti M, Gatti M, Fuller M. The Drosophila Cog5 homologue is required for cytokinesis, cell elongation, and assembly of specialized Golgi architecture during spermatogenesis. Mol Biol Cell. 2003;14:190-200 pubmed
    ..Our study suggests that Drosophila spermatogenesis can be an effective sensitized genetic system to uncover in vivo functions for proteins involved in Golgi architecture and/or vesicle transport. ..
  4. Acharya J, Dasgupta U, Rawat S, Yuan C, Sanxaridis P, Yonamine I, et al. Cell-nonautonomous function of ceramidase in photoreceptor homeostasis. Neuron. 2008;57:69-79 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, our results show that secreted ceramidase is internalized and localizes to endosomes. Our findings establish a role for a secreted sphingolipid enzyme in the regulation of photoreceptor structure and function. ..
  5. Polevoy G, Wei H, Wong R, Szentpetery Z, Kim Y, Goldbach P, et al. Dual roles for the Drosophila PI 4-kinase four wheel drive in localizing Rab11 during cytokinesis. J Cell Biol. 2009;187:847-58 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, activated Rab11 partially suppresses loss of fwd. Our data suggest Fwd plays catalytic and noncatalytic roles in regulating Rab11 during cytokinesis...
  6. Magie C, Pinto Santini D, Parkhurst S. Rho1 interacts with p120ctn and alpha-catenin, and regulates cadherin-based adherens junction components in Drosophila. Development. 2002;129:3771-82 pubmed
    ..Our observations suggest that alpha-catenin and p120(ctn) are key players in a mechanism of recruiting Rho1 to its sites of action. ..
  7. Sriram V, Krishnan K, Mayor S. deep-orange and carnation define distinct stages in late endosomal biogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster. J Cell Biol. 2003;161:593-607 pubmed
    ..This suggests that, in addition to an independent role in fusion with tubular lysosomes, the Sec1p homologue, Car, regulates Dor function. ..
  8. Giansanti M, Bonaccorsi S, Kurek R, Farkas R, Dimitri P, Fuller M, et al. The class I PITP giotto is required for Drosophila cytokinesis. Curr Biol. 2006;16:195-201 pubmed
    ..This change in membrane composition would ultimately facilitate vesicle fusion, allowing membrane addition to the furrow and/or targeted delivery of proteins required for cytokinesis. ..
  9. Zhou X, Fabian L, Bayraktar J, Ding H, Brill J, Chang H. Auxilin is required for formation of Golgi-derived clathrin-coated vesicles during Drosophila spermatogenesis. Development. 2011;138:1111-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that Aux participates in forming these Golgi-derived clathrin-positive vesicles and that Aux, therefore, has a role in the secretory pathway. ..
  10. Munro S. The golgin coiled-coil proteins of the Golgi apparatus. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 2011;3: pubmed publisher
    ..Such a collective role might explain the lack of cell lethality seen following loss of some of the genes in human familial conditions or mouse models. ..
  11. Monzo K, Papoulas O, Cantin G, Wang Y, Yates J, Sisson J. Fragile X mental retardation protein controls trailer hitch expression and cleavage furrow formation in Drosophila embryos. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:18160-5 pubmed
    ..Together, these data suggest that in cleavage-stage Drosophila embryos, dFMRP affects protein expression by controlling the availability and/or competency of specific transcripts to be translated. ..
  12. Eissenberg J, Ilvarsonn A, Sly W, Waheed A, Krzyzanek V, Pohlmann R, et al. Drosophila GGA model: an ultimate gateway to GGA analysis. Traffic. 2011;12:1821-38 pubmed publisher
    ..This shows that Drosophila provides an excellent whole-animal model to gain new insights into the function of GGA in the physiological environment of a multicellular organism. ..
  13. Khanna M, Stanley B, Thomas G. Towards a membrane proteome in Drosophila: a method for the isolation of plasma membrane. BMC Genomics. 2010;11:302 pubmed publisher
    ..This points the way for further adaptations into other systems. ..
  14. Phillips M, Thomas G. Brush border spectrin is required for early endosome recycling in Drosophila. J Cell Sci. 2006;119:1361-70 pubmed
    ..These data are consistent with the location of spectrin in the terminal web, and suggest that this molecule is required for correct sorting decisions at the early endosome. ..
  15. Burgess J, Jauregui M, Tan J, Rollins J, Lallet S, Leventis P, et al. AP-1 and clathrin are essential for secretory granule biogenesis in Drosophila. Mol Biol Cell. 2011;22:2094-105 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, loss of clathrin or AP-1 leads to a profound block in secretory granule formation. These findings establish a novel role for AP-1- and clathrin-dependent trafficking in the biogenesis of mucin-containing secretory granules. ..
  16. Eisman R, Kaufman T. Probing the boundaries of orthology: the unanticipated rapid evolution of Drosophila centrosomin. Genetics. 2013;194:903-26 pubmed publisher
    ..This work promises to be useful for future investigations of cnn and potentially other rapidly evolving genes and proteins. ..
  17. Singh N, Bauer DuMont V, Hubisz M, Nielsen R, Aquadro C. Patterns of mutation and selection at synonymous sites in Drosophila. Mol Biol Evol. 2007;24:2687-97 pubmed
  18. Ma Z, Liu Z, Huang X. OSBP- and FAN-mediated sterol requirement for spermatogenesis in Drosophila. Development. 2010;137:3775-84 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, we have identified an OSBP- and FAN-mediated sterol requirement in Drosophila spermatogenesis. ..
  19. Szul T, Burgess J, Jeon M, Zinn K, Marques G, Brill J, et al. The Garz Sec7 domain guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Arf regulates salivary gland development in Drosophila. Cell Logist. 2011;1:69-76 pubmed
    ..We show that depletion of Garz disrupts the secretory pathway as evidenced by the collapse of Golgi-localized Lava lamp (Lva) and the TGN-localized ? subunit of the clathrin-adaptor protein complex (AP-1)...
  20. Tan J, Oh K, Burgess J, Hipfner D, Brill J. PI4KIII? is required for cortical integrity and cell polarity during Drosophila oogenesis. J Cell Sci. 2014;127:954-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, PI4KIII? is a vital regulator of a functionally distinct pool of PtdIns4P that is essential for PtdIns(4,5)P2-dependent processes in Drosophila development...
  21. Sanchez Garcia J, Arbelaez D, Jensen K, Rincon Limas D, Fernandez Funez P. Polar substitutions in helix 3 of the prion protein produce transmembrane isoforms that disturb vesicle trafficking. Hum Mol Genet. 2013;22:4253-66 pubmed publisher
  22. Lecuit T, Pilot F. Developmental control of cell morphogenesis: a focus on membrane growth. Nat Cell Biol. 2003;5:103-8 pubmed
    ..We suggest that tubulogenesis, tissue spreading and cell intercalation stem mostly from a remarkably small number of cell intrinsic surface remodelling events that confer on cells different modes of migratory behaviours. ..
  23. Korkut C, Ataman B, Ramachandran P, Ashley J, Barria R, Gherbesi N, et al. Trans-synaptic transmission of vesicular Wnt signals through Evi/Wntless. Cell. 2009;139:393-404 pubmed publisher
    ..For a video summary of this article, see the PaperFlick file with the Supplemental Data available online. ..
  24. Yan Y, Denef N, Schupbach T. The vacuolar proton pump, V-ATPase, is required for notch signaling and endosomal trafficking in Drosophila. Dev Cell. 2009;17:387-402 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate that Rbcn-3 affects Notch signaling and trafficking through regulating V-ATPase function, which implies that the acidification of an intracellular compartment in the receiving cells is crucial for signaling. ..
  25. Akbar M, Ray S, KRAMER H. The SM protein Car/Vps33A regulates SNARE-mediated trafficking to lysosomes and lysosome-related organelles. Mol Biol Cell. 2009;20:1705-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Consistent with a role in Car-mediated fusion, dSyntaxin16 is not restricted to Golgi membranes but also present on lysosomes. ..
  26. Kramer H. The ups and downs of life in an epithelium. J Cell Biol. 2000;151:F15-8 pubmed
  27. Ohyama T, Verstreken P, Ly C, Rosenmund T, Rajan A, Tien A, et al. Huntingtin-interacting protein 14, a palmitoyl transferase required for exocytosis and targeting of CSP to synaptic vesicles. J Cell Biol. 2007;179:1481-96 pubmed
    ..Our data indicate that HIP14 controls neurotransmitter release by regulating the trafficking of CSP to synapses. ..
  28. Snee M, Macdonald P. Bicaudal C and trailer hitch have similar roles in gurken mRNA localization and cytoskeletal organization. Dev Biol. 2009;328:434-44 pubmed publisher
    ..The cages sequester Gurken protein, blocking its secretion and thus interfering with signaling of the follicle cells to specify dorsal fate. ..
  29. Kelkar A, Dobberstein B. Sec61beta, a subunit of the Sec61 protein translocation channel at the endoplasmic reticulum, is involved in the transport of Gurken to the plasma membrane. BMC Cell Biol. 2009;10:11 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose an additional role of Sec61beta beyond protein translocation into the ER. ..
  30. Missirlis F, Kosmidis S, Brody T, Mavrakis M, Holmberg S, Odenwald W, et al. Homeostatic mechanisms for iron storage revealed by genetic manipulations and live imaging of Drosophila ferritin. Genetics. 2007;177:89-100 pubmed
    ..Our study revealed both conserved features and insect-specific adaptations of ferritin nanocages and provides novel imaging possibilities for their in vivo characterization. ..
  31. Sechi S, Colotti G, Belloni G, Mattei V, Frappaolo A, Raffa G, et al. GOLPH3 is essential for contractile ring formation and Rab11 localization to the cleavage site during cytokinesis in Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS Genet. 2014;10:e1004305 pubmed publisher
    ..Because cytokinesis failures have been associated with premalignant disease and cancer, our studies suggest novel insight into molecular circuits involving the oncogene GOLPH3 in cytokinesis. ..
  32. Januschke J, Nicolas E, Compagnon J, Formstecher E, Goud B, Guichet A. Rab6 and the secretory pathway affect oocyte polarity in Drosophila. Development. 2007;134:3419-25 pubmed
    ..Our results point to a possible connection between Rab protein-mediated secretion, organization of the cytoskeleton and mRNA transport. ..
  33. Wainman A, Giansanti M, Goldberg M, Gatti M. The Drosophila RZZ complex - roles in membrane trafficking and cytokinesis. J Cell Sci. 2012;125:4014-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings further suggest that Rod plays a Golgi-related function that is not required for spermatocyte cytokinesis. ..
  34. Xu H, Boulianne G, Trimble W. Drosophila syntaxin 16 is a Q-SNARE implicated in Golgi dynamics. J Cell Sci. 2002;115:4447-55 pubmed
    ..Inhibition of dsyntaxin 16 function by overexpression of truncated forms in cultured Schneider cells indicates that dsyntaxin 16 may selectively regulate Golgi dynamics. ..
  35. Tanaka T, Kato Y, Matsuda K, Hanyu Nakamura K, Nakamura A. Drosophila Mon2 couples Oskar-induced endocytosis with actin remodeling for cortical anchorage of the germ plasm. Development. 2011;138:2523-32 pubmed publisher
    ..This Mon2-mediated coupling event is crucial to restrict the pole plasm to the oocyte posterior cortex. ..
  36. Repnikova E, Koles K, Nakamura M, Pitts J, Li H, Ambavane A, et al. Sialyltransferase regulates nervous system function in Drosophila. J Neurosci. 2010;30:6466-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our data shed light on one of the most ancient functions of sialic acids in metazoan organisms and suggest a possibility that this function is evolutionarily conserved between flies and mammals. ..
  37. Leibfried A, Fricke R, Morgan M, Bogdan S, Bellaiche Y. Drosophila Cip4 and WASp define a branch of the Cdc42-Par6-aPKC pathway regulating E-cadherin endocytosis. Curr Biol. 2008;18:1639-48 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether our results show that Cdc42 functions with Par6 and aPKC to regulate E-Cad endocytosis and define Cip4 and WASp as regulators of the early E-Cad endocytic events in epithelial tissue. ..
  38. ROBINETT C, Giansanti M, Gatti M, Fuller M. TRAPPII is required for cleavage furrow ingression and localization of Rab11 in dividing male meiotic cells of Drosophila. J Cell Sci. 2009;122:4526-34 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that Bru cooperates with Rab11 and PI4Kbeta to regulate the efficiency of membrane addition to the cleavage furrow, thus promoting cytokinesis in Drosophila male meiotic cells. ..
  39. Ye B, Zhang Y, Song W, Younger S, Jan L, Jan Y. Growing dendrites and axons differ in their reliance on the secretory pathway. Cell. 2007;130:717-29 pubmed
    ..The distinct dependence between dendritic and axonal growth on the secretory pathway helps to establish different morphology of dendrites and axons. ..
  40. Langevin J, Morgan M, Sibarita J, Aresta S, Murthy M, Schwarz T, et al. Drosophila exocyst components Sec5, Sec6, and Sec15 regulate DE-Cadherin trafficking from recycling endosomes to the plasma membrane. Dev Cell. 2005;9:365-76 pubmed
    ..Our results support a model whereby the exocyst regulates DE-Cadherin trafficking, from recycling endosomes to sites on the epithelial cell membrane where Armadillo is located. ..
  41. Islam R, Nakamura M, Scott H, Repnikova E, Carnahan M, Pandey D, et al. The role of Drosophila cytidine monophosphate-sialic acid synthetase in the nervous system. J Neurosci. 2013;33:12306-15 pubmed publisher
    ..Our work provides the first systematic analysis of in vivo functions of a eukaryotic CSAS gene and sheds light on evolutionary relationships among metazoan CSAS proteins. ..
  42. Royou A, Field C, Sisson J, Sullivan W, Karess R. Reassessing the role and dynamics of nonmuscle myosin II during furrow formation in early Drosophila embryos. Mol Biol Cell. 2004;15:838-50 pubmed
    ..We suggest that cellularization can be divided into two distinct processes: furrow ingression, driven by microtubule mediated vesicle delivery, and basal closure, which is mediated by actin/myosin based constriction. ..
  43. Kunduri G, Yuan C, Parthibane V, Nyswaner K, Kanwar R, Nagashima K, et al. Phosphatidic acid phospholipase A1 mediates ER-Golgi transit of a family of G protein-coupled receptors. J Cell Biol. 2014;206:79-95 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings show that a cytosolic protein is necessary for transit of selective transmembrane receptor cargo by the COPII coat for anterograde trafficking. ..
  44. Kitazawa D, Yamaguchi M, Mori H, Inoue Y. COPI-mediated membrane trafficking is required for cytokinesis in Drosophila male meiotic divisions. J Cell Sci. 2012;125:3649-60 pubmed
    ..Thus, we propose that COPI plays an important role in Drosophila male meiosis, not only through vesicle transport to the cleavage furrow region, but also through the formation of ER-based structures. ..
  45. Swetha M, Sriram V, Krishnan K, Oorschot V, Ten Brink C, Klumperman J, et al. Lysosomal membrane protein composition, acidic pH and sterol content are regulated via a light-dependent pathway in metazoan cells. Traffic. 2011;12:1037-55 pubmed publisher
    ..Depletion of the mammalian counterpart of Light, hVps41, in a human cell line also inhibits delivery of hLAMP to endosomes, suggesting an evolutionarily conserved pathway in metazoa. ..
  46. Liu J. Intracellular compartmentation of CTP synthase in Drosophila. J Genet Genomics. 2010;37:281-96 pubmed publisher
    ..The observation of compartmentation of CTP synthase now permits a broad range of questions to be addressed concerning not only the structure and function of cytoophidia but also the organization and regulation of CTP synthesis. ..
  47. Kim S, Wairkar Y, Daniels R, DiAntonio A. The novel endosomal membrane protein Ema interacts with the class C Vps-HOPS complex to promote endosomal maturation. J Cell Biol. 2010;188:717-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Characterizing this novel gene family identifies a new component of the endosomal pathway and provides insights into class C Vps-HOPS complex function. ..
  48. Lee S, Cooley L. Jagunal is required for reorganizing the endoplasmic reticulum during Drosophila oogenesis. J Cell Biol. 2007;176:941-52 pubmed
    ..We propose that ER reorganization is an important mechanism used by cells to prepare for an increased demand for membrane traffic, and Jagunal facilitates this process through ER clustering. ..
  49. Mottola G, Classen A, Gonzalez Gaitan M, Eaton S, Zerial M. A novel function for the Rab5 effector Rabenosyn-5 in planar cell polarity. Development. 2010;137:2353-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that establishment of planar polarity requires the activity of Rbsn-5 in regulating both the endocytic trafficking of Fmi at the apical cell boundaries and hair morphology. ..
  50. Eisman R, Stewart N, Miller D, Kaufman T. centrosomin's beautiful sister (cbs) encodes a GRIP-domain protein that marks Golgi inheritance and functions in the centrosome cycle in Drosophila. J Cell Sci. 2006;119:3399-412 pubmed
    ..We propose that, Cbs is a trans-Golgi protein that links Golgi inheritance to the cell cycle and the Drosophila Golgi is more vertebrate-like than previously recognized. ..
  51. Ataman B, Ashley J, Gorczyca D, Gorczyca M, Mathew D, Wichmann C, et al. Nuclear trafficking of Drosophila Frizzled-2 during synapse development requires the PDZ protein dGRIP. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:7841-6 pubmed
    ..These results provide a mechanism by which DFz2 is transported from the postsynaptic membrane to the postsynaptic nucleus during synapse formation and implicate dGRIP as an essential molecule in the transport of this signal. ..
  52. Megraw T, Kilaru S, Turner F, Kaufman T. The centrosome is a dynamic structure that ejects PCM flares. J Cell Sci. 2002;115:4707-18 pubmed
    ..We propose that flare particles play a role in organizing the actin cytoskeleton during syncytial cleavage. ..
  53. Lin C, Li H, Lee Y, Cheng Y, Wu R, Chien C. Lrrk regulates the dynamic profile of dendritic Golgi outposts through the golgin Lava lamp. J Cell Biol. 2015;210:471-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Lrrk interacted with the golgin Lava lamp and inhibited the interaction between Lva and dynein heavy chain, thus disrupting the recruitment of dynein to ..
  54. Kim S, Naylor S, DiAntonio A. Drosophila Golgi membrane protein Ema promotes autophagosomal growth and function. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:E1072-81 pubmed publisher
    ..The Drosophila Golgi protein Lva also is recruited to the periphery of autophagosomes in response to starvation, and this recruitment requires ema...
  55. Jayaram S, Senti K, Tiklová K, Tsarouhas V, Hemphälä J, Samakovlis C. COPI vesicle transport is a common requirement for tube expansion in Drosophila. PLoS ONE. 2008;3:e1964 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the programmed deposition and growth of distinct luminal molds may provide distending forces during tube expansion in diverse organs. ..
  56. LaLonde M, Janssens H, Yun S, Crosby J, Redina O, Olive V, et al. A role for Phospholipase D in Drosophila embryonic cellularization. BMC Dev Biol. 2006;6:60 pubmed
    ..Mechanistically, chronic Pld deficiency causes abnormal Golgi structure and secretory vesicle trafficking. Our results suggest that Pld functions to promote trafficking of Golgi-derived fusion-competent vesicles during cellularization. ..
  57. Jafar Nejad H, Andrews H, Acar M, Bayat V, Wirtz Peitz F, Mehta S, et al. Sec15, a component of the exocyst, promotes notch signaling during the asymmetric division of Drosophila sensory organ precursors. Dev Cell. 2005;9:351-63 pubmed
    ..Our data indicate that Sec15 mediates a specific vesicle trafficking event to ensure proper neuronal fate specification in Drosophila...
  58. Harris K, Tepass U. Cdc42 and Par proteins stabilize dynamic adherens junctions in the Drosophila neuroectoderm through regulation of apical endocytosis. J Cell Biol. 2008;183:1129-43 pubmed publisher
    ..This study reveals functional interactions between apical polarity proteins and endocytosis that are critical for stabilizing dynamic basolateral AJs. ..
  59. Koles K, Irvine K, Panin V. Functional characterization of Drosophila sialyltransferase. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:4346-57 pubmed