Gene Symbol: Idgf3
Description: Imaginal disc growth factor 3
Alias: BG:DS02780.2, CG4559, DmIDGF3, Dmel\CG4559, IDGF, IDGF-3, IDGF3, idgf3, lincRNA.163, imaginal disc growth factor 3, CG4559-PA, CG4559-PB, CG4559-PC, CG4559-PD, Idgf3-PA, Idgf3-PB, Idgf3-PC, Idgf3-PD
Species: fruit fly

Top Publications

  1. Pappu K, Ostrin E, Middlebrooks B, Sili B, Chen R, Atkins M, et al. Dual regulation and redundant function of two eye-specific enhancers of the Drosophila retinal determination gene dachshund. Development. 2005;132:2895-905 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that the two eye enhancers act redundantly and in concert with each other to integrate distinct upstream inputs and direct the eye-specific expression of dac. ..
  2. Kawamura K, Shibata T, Saget O, Peel D, Bryant P. A new family of growth factors produced by the fat body and active on Drosophila imaginal disc cells. Development. 1999;126:211-9 pubmed
    ..The IDGF family in Drosophila includes at least five members, three of which are encoded by three genes in a tight cluster...
  3. Varela P, Llera A, Mariuzza R, Tormo J. Crystal structure of imaginal disc growth factor-2. A member of a new family of growth-promoting glycoproteins from Drosophila melanogaster. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:13229-36 pubmed
    Imaginal disc growth factor-2 (IDGF-2) is a member of a recently described family of Drosophila melanogaster-soluble polypeptide growth factors that promote cell proliferation in imaginal discs...
  4. Zhu Q, Deng Y, Vanka P, Brown S, Muthukrishnan S, Kramer K. Computational identification of novel chitinase-like proteins in the Drosophila melanogaster genome. Bioinformatics. 2004;20:161-9 pubmed
    ..Perl program and supplementary material are available at ..
  5. Zhu Q, Arakane Y, Banerjee D, Beeman R, Kramer K, Muthukrishnan S. Domain organization and phylogenetic analysis of the chitinase-like family of proteins in three species of insects. Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 2008;38:452-66 pubmed publisher
    ..In each of the three insect genomes, multiple genes encode group IV and group V chitinase-like proteins. In contrast, groups I-III are each represented by only a singe gene in each species...
  6. Funkhouser J, Aronson N. Chitinase family GH18: evolutionary insights from the genomic history of a diverse protein family. BMC Evol Biol. 2007;7:96 pubmed
  7. Reese M, Hartzell G, Harris N, Ohler U, Abril J, Lewis S. Genome annotation assessment in Drosophila melanogaster. Genome Res. 2000;10:483-501 pubmed
  8. Zurovcov√° M, Ayala F. Polymorphism patterns in two tightly linked developmental genes, Idgf1 and Idgf3, of Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics. 2002;162:177-88 pubmed
    ..We focus on the loci Idgf1 and Idgf3, two genes that possess the most distinctive features...
  9. Kucerova L, Broz V, Arefin B, Maaroufi H, Hurychova J, Strnad H, et al. The Drosophila Chitinase-Like Protein IDGF3 Is Involved in Protection against Nematodes and in Wound Healing. J Innate Immun. 2016;8:199-210 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that an insect CLP (Drosophila imaginal disc growth factor 3, IDGF3) plays an immune-protective role during entomopathogenic nematode (EPN) infections...

More Information


  1. Pesch Y, Riedel D, Patil K, Loch G, Behr M. Chitinases and Imaginal disc growth factors organize the extracellular matrix formation at barrier tissues in insects. Sci Rep. 2016;6:18340 pubmed publisher
    ..We show that Cht2/Cht5/Cht7/Cht9/Cht12 and idgf1/idgf3/idgf4/idgf5/idgf6 are needed for organizing proteins and chitin-matrix at the apical cell surface...
  2. Lee G, Jun J, Hyun S. MicroRNA miR-8 regulates multiple growth factor hormones produced from Drosophila fat cells. Insect Mol Biol. 2015;24:311-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that multiple peptide hormones regulated by miR-8 in the fat body may collectively contribute to Drosophila growth. ..
  3. Pfeiffer B, Jenett A, Hammonds A, Ngo T, Misra S, Murphy C, et al. Tools for neuroanatomy and neurogenetics in Drosophila. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:9715-20 pubmed publisher
    ..We expect that these lines will be valuable tools for neuroanatomy as well as for the elucidation of neuronal circuits and information flow in the fly brain. ..
  4. Zurovcov√° M, Tatarenkov A, Berec L. Differences in the pattern of evolution in six physically linked genes of Drosophila melanogaster. Gene. 2006;381:24-33 pubmed
    We describe DNA sequence polymorphisms at six loci (Acp26Aa, Acp26Ab, Acp29AB, Idgf1, Idgf3 and Ddc), all on the second chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster in one natural European population...
  5. Morrell P, Toleno D, Lundy K, Clegg M. Estimating the contribution of mutation, recombination and gene conversion in the generation of haplotypic diversity. Genetics. 2006;173:1705-23 pubmed publisher
    ..simulans, and Zea mays. In total, 13 of 27 loci show evidence of gene conversion. For these loci, gene conversion is estimated to contribute an average of twice as much as crossing over to total recombination...
  6. Sun L, Chen L, Greil F, Negre N, Li T, Cavalli G, et al. Protein-DNA interaction mapping using genomic tiling path microarrays in Drosophila. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003;100:9428-33 pubmed
  7. Zhang J, Zhang X, Arakane Y, Muthukrishnan S, Kramer K, Ma E, et al. Comparative genomic analysis of chitinase and chitinase-like genes in the African malaria mosquito (Anopheles gambiae). PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e19899 pubmed publisher
    ..Our investigation also provided important information for conducting future studies on the functions of chitinase and chitinase-like genes in this important malaria vector and other species of arthropods. ..
  8. Rotstein B, Molnar D, Adryan B, Llimargas M. Tramtrack is genetically upstream of genes controlling tracheal tube size in Drosophila. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e28985 pubmed publisher
    ..The computational analysis of our tissue-specific gene expression data highlighted the sensitivity of the approach and revealed an interesting set of novel putatively tracheal genes. ..
  9. Hayes S, Miller J, Hoshizaki D. serpent, a GATA-like transcription factor gene, induces fat-cell development in Drosophila melanogaster. Development. 2001;128:1193-200 pubmed
    ..In light of our results, we discuss the role of serpent in fat-cell specification and in cell fate choices. ..