Gene Symbol: Cyp28a5
Description: Cyp28a5
Alias: 28a5, BEST:GH10483, BG:DS00180.11, CG8864, CYP28a5, Cyp28A5, DS00180.11, Dmel\CG8864, cyp28a5, gh10483, Cyp28a5, CG8864-PA, Cyp28a5-PA, cytochrome P450
Species: fruit fly

Top Publications

  1. Parra G, Blanco E, Guigo R. GeneID in Drosophila. Genome Res. 2000;10:511-5 pubmed
    ..These results show that the accuracy of GeneID predictions compares currently with that of other existing tools but that GeneID is likely to be more efficient in terms of speed and memory usage. ..
  2. True J, Yeh S, Hovemann B, Kemme T, Meinertzhagen I, Edwards T, et al. Drosophila tan encodes a novel hydrolase required in pigmentation and vision. PLoS Genet. 2005;1:e63 pubmed publisher
    ..This is, to our knowledge, the first molecular genetic characterization of NBAD hydrolase and carcinine hydrolase activity in any organism and is central to the understanding of pigmentation and photoreceptor function...
  3. Wang S, He G, Chen R, Li F, Li G. The involvement of cytochrome P450 monooxygenases in methanol elimination in Drosophila melanogaster larvae. Arch Insect Biochem Physiol. 2012;79:264-75 pubmed publisher
    ..These results reveal that cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (CYPs), rather than catalases, alcohol dehydrogenases, glutathione S-transferases, and ..
  4. Wang S, Hu X, Meng Q, Muhammad S, Chen R, Li F, et al. The involvement of several enzymes in methanol detoxification in Drosophila melanogaster adults. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol. 2013;166:7-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Our previous results showed that cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (CYPs) were associated with methanol detoxification in the larvae...