Gene Symbol: CycA
Description: Cyclin A
Alias: 0033/02, 0040/24, 0046/23, 0104/07, 0245/34, 0521/06, 0545/13, 1329/16, 1449/05, CG5940, CLD3, CYCA, Cyc A, DmcycA, Dmel\CG5940, S(rux)3B, anon-WO0140519.128, cycA, dCycA, hari, l(3)03946, l(3)183, l(3)68Ea, l(3)j3C8, l(3)neo114, l(3)rsg11, rsg11, cyclin A, CG5940-PA, CG5940-PC, CycA-PA, CycA-PC, cyclinA, rose-gespleten region interval 11, suppressor of rux 3B
Species: fruit fly
Products:     CycA

Top Publications

  1. McCleland M, Farrell J, O Farrell P. Influence of cyclin type and dose on mitotic entry and progression in the early Drosophila embryo. J Cell Biol. 2009;184:639-46 pubmed publisher embryos to define the events regulated by each of the three mitotic cyclins of Drosophila melanogaster, CycA, CycB, and CycB3. Each individual and pairwise knockdown results in distinct mitotic phenotypes...
  2. Jacobs H, Keidel E, Lehner C. A complex degradation signal in Cyclin A required for G1 arrest, and a C-terminal region for mitosis. EMBO J. 2001;20:2376-86 pubmed
    ..We show here that the regions with similarity to D-boxes are not required for mitotic degradation of Drosophila Cyclin A. Instead of a simple D-box, a complex N-terminal degradation signal is present in this cyclin...
  3. Caussinus E, Colombelli J, Affolter M. Tip-cell migration controls stalk-cell intercalation during Drosophila tracheal tube elongation. Curr Biol. 2008;18:1727-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Surprisingly, in tracheal branches, one or two leading cells produce enough mechanical power to intercalate many lagging cells. This may apply to other tubular networks. ..
  4. Lehner C, O Farrell P. Expression and function of Drosophila cyclin A during embryonic cell cycle progression. Cell. 1989;56:957-68 pubmed
    ..We cloned and sequenced a Drosophila cyclin A homolog and identified mutations in the corresponding gene...
  5. Patel N. Imaging neuronal subsets and other cell types in whole-mount Drosophila embryos and larvae using antibody probes. Methods Cell Biol. 1994;44:445-87 pubmed
  6. Jacobs H, Knoblich J, Lehner C. Drosophila Cyclin B3 is required for female fertility and is dispensable for mitosis like Cyclin B. Genes Dev. 1998;12:3741-51 pubmed
    ..However, both are required for female fertility and Cyclin B also for male fertility. ..
  7. Edgar B, Orr Weaver T. Endoreplication cell cycles: more for less. Cell. 2001;105:297-306 pubmed
  8. Escudero L, Freeman M. Mechanism of G1 arrest in the Drosophila eye imaginal disc. BMC Dev Biol. 2007;7:13 pubmed
    ..Additionally, inhibition of Cyclin A by Roughex is essential, and this regulation is independent of Dpp and Hh...
  9. Sun J, Deng W. Hindsight mediates the role of notch in suppressing hedgehog signaling and cell proliferation. Dev Cell. 2007;12:431-42 pubmed
    ..Our studies suggest that Hindsight bridges the two antagonistic pathways, Notch and Hedgehog, in the temporal regulation of follicle-cell proliferation and differentiation. ..

More Information


  1. Parry D, O Farrell P. The schedule of destruction of three mitotic cyclins can dictate the timing of events during exit from mitosis. Curr Biol. 2001;11:671-83 pubmed
    ..Stable cyclin A prolonged or blocked chromosome disjunction, leading to metaphase arrest...
  2. Chen X, Hiller M, Sancak Y, Fuller M. Tissue-specific TAFs counteract Polycomb to turn on terminal differentiation. Science. 2005;310:869-72 pubmed
    ..Testis TAFs also promoted relocalization of Polycomb Repression Complex 1 components to the nucleolus in spermatocytes, implicating subnuclear architecture in the regulation of terminal differentiation. ..
  3. Reber A, Lehner C, Jacobs H. Terminal mitoses require negative regulation of Fzr/Cdh1 by Cyclin A, preventing premature degradation of mitotic cyclins and String/Cdc25. Development. 2006;133:3201-11 pubmed
    b>Cyclin A expression is only required for particular cell divisions during Drosophila embryogenesis. In the epidermis, Cyclin A is strictly required for progression through mitosis 16 in cells that become post-mitotic after this division...
  4. McCleland M, O Farrell P. RNAi of mitotic cyclins in Drosophila uncouples the nuclear and centrosome cycle. Curr Biol. 2008;18:245-54 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that high mitotic cyclin normally ensures that the centrosome cycle remains entrained to the nuclear cycle. ..
  5. Sprenger F, Yakubovich N, O Farrell P. S-phase function of Drosophila cyclin A and its downregulation in G1 phase. Curr Biol. 1997;7:488-99 pubmed
    ..High-level expression of cyclin A triggered the G1/S transition in wild-type embryos and in mutant embryos lacking cyclin E...
  6. Sauer K, Knoblich J, Richardson H, Lehner C. Distinct modes of cyclin E/cdc2c kinase regulation and S-phase control in mitotic and endoreduplication cycles of Drosophila embryogenesis. Genes Dev. 1995;9:1327-39 pubmed
    ..Observations in cyclin A mutants implicate G2 cyclins in this regulation...
  7. Sibon O, Laurencon A, Hawley R, Theurkauf W. The Drosophila ATM homologue Mei-41 has an essential checkpoint function at the midblastula transition. Curr Biol. 1999;9:302-12 pubmed
    ..Cyclins are required for Cdc2 kinase activity, and mutations in cyclin A and cyclin B bypass the requirement for mei-41 at the MBT...
  8. Edgar B, Sprenger F, Duronio R, Leopold P, O Farrell P. Distinct molecular mechanism regulate cell cycle timing at successive stages of Drosophila embryogenesis. Genes Dev. 1994;8:440-52 pubmed
    ..During interphase 14, programmed degradation of maternal String protein leads to inhibitory phosphorylation of Cdc2 and cell cycle arrest. Subsequently, mitoses 14-16 are triggered by pulses of zygotic string transcription. ..
  9. Spradling A, Rubin G. Transposition of cloned P elements into Drosophila germ line chromosomes. Science. 1982;218:341-7 pubmed
    ..Thus P elements can efficiently and selectively transpose from extrachromosomal DNA to the DNA of germ line chromosomes in Drosophila embryos. These observations provide the basis for efficient DNA-mediated gene transfer in Drosophila. ..
  10. Leismann O, Herzig A, Heidmann S, Lehner C. Degradation of Drosophila PIM regulates sister chromatid separation during mitosis. Genes Dev. 2000;14:2192-205 pubmed
    ..Whereas these securins are known to form a complex with separins, we show that PIM associates in vivo with THR, which does not contain the conserved separin domain. ..
  11. Donaldson M, Tavares A, Ohkura H, Deak P, Glover D. Metaphase arrest with centromere separation in polo mutants of Drosophila. J Cell Biol. 2001;153:663-76 pubmed
    ..We discuss roles for Polo kinase in recruiting centrosomal proteins and in regulating progression through the metaphase-anaphase checkpoint. ..
  12. Sigrist S, Lehner C. Drosophila fizzy-related down-regulates mitotic cyclins and is required for cell proliferation arrest and entry into endocycles. Cell. 1997;90:671-81 pubmed
    ..Conversely, premature fzr overexpression down-regulates mitotic cyclins, inhibits mitosis, and transforms mitotic cycles into endoreduplication cycles. ..
  13. Schaeffer V, Althauser C, Shcherbata H, Deng W, Ruohola Baker H. Notch-dependent Fizzy-related/Hec1/Cdh1 expression is required for the mitotic-to-endocycle transition in Drosophila follicle cells. Curr Biol. 2004;14:630-6 pubmed
  14. Sun J, Spradling A. NR5A nuclear receptor Hr39 controls three-cell secretory unit formation in Drosophila female reproductive glands. Curr Biol. 2012;22:862-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Hr39 functions as a master regulator of a program that may have been conserved throughout animal evolution for the production of female reproductive glands and other secretory tissues. ..
  15. Buti E, Mesquita D, Araújo S. Hedgehog is a positive regulator of FGF signalling during embryonic tracheal cell migration. PLoS ONE. 2014;9:e92682 pubmed publisher
    ..By doing so, we provide a molecular link between the activation of Hh signalling and increased chemotactic responses during cell migration. ..
  16. Kaspar M, Dienemann A, Schulze C, Sprenger F. Mitotic degradation of cyclin A is mediated by multiple and novel destruction signals. Curr Biol. 2001;11:685-90 pubmed
    ..In higher eukaryotes this involves sequential destruction of A- and B-type cyclins. CycA is destroyed first, and CycA/Cdk1 inactivation is required for the metaphase-to-anaphase transition [2]...
  17. Reis T, Edgar B. Negative regulation of dE2F1 by cyclin-dependent kinases controls cell cycle timing. Cell. 2004;117:253-64 pubmed
    ..g., by ectopic Dacapo, dWee1, dMyc, or Rheb). Without dE2F1, the compensatory mechanism fails, and treatments that alter Cdk activity cause aberrant cell cycle timing and cell death. ..
  18. Lopes C, Sampaio P, Williams B, Goldberg M, Sunkel C. The Drosophila Bub3 protein is required for the mitotic checkpoint and for normal accumulation of cyclins during G2 and early stages of mitosis. J Cell Sci. 2005;118:187-98 pubmed
    ..Altogether, our data support the hypothesis that the mitotic checkpoint protein Bub3 is also required to regulate entry and progression through early stages of mitosis. ..
  19. Swan A, Schupbach T. The Cdc20 (Fzy)/Cdh1-related protein, Cort, cooperates with Fzy in cyclin destruction and anaphase progression in meiosis I and II in Drosophila. Development. 2007;134:891-9 pubmed
  20. Maldonado Codina G, Glover D. Cyclins A and B associate with chromatin and the polar regions of spindles, respectively, and do not undergo complete degradation at anaphase in syncytial Drosophila embryos. J Cell Biol. 1992;116:967-76 pubmed
    Maternally contributed cyclin A and B proteins are initially distributed uniformly throughout the syncytial Drosophila embryo...
  21. Glover D. Mitosis in the Drosophila embryo--in and out of control. Trends Genet. 1991;7:125-32 pubmed
    ..Such regulation is introduced together with a G2 phase in cycle 14, and the network of universal mitotic regulators comes under the overall control of string, a cdc25 homologue, whose transcription is activated within mitotic domains. ..
  22. Thomas B, Gunning D, Cho J, Zipursky L. Cell cycle progression in the developing Drosophila eye: roughex encodes a novel protein required for the establishment of G1. Cell. 1994;77:1003-14 pubmed
    ..rux is suppressed by mutations in genes that promote cell cycle progression (i.e., cyclin A and string) and enhanced by mutations in genes that promote differentiation (i.e., Ras1 and Star)...
  23. Dong X, Zavitz K, Thomas B, Lin M, Campbell S, Zipursky S. Control of G1 in the developing Drosophila eye: rca1 regulates Cyclin A. Genes Dev. 1997;11:94-105 pubmed
    ..In roughex (rux) mutants, cells enter S phase precociously because of ectopic activation of a Cyclin A/Cdk complex in early G1...
  24. Du W, Vidal M, Xie J, Dyson N. RBF, a novel RB-related gene that regulates E2F activity and interacts with cyclin E in Drosophila. Genes Dev. 1996;10:1206-18 pubmed
    ..These findings indicate that RBF plays a critical role in the regulation of cell proliferation in Drosophila and show that analogous pathways regulate S-phase entry in a diverse range of species. ..
  25. Franklin Dumont T, Chatterjee C, Wasserman S, Dinardo S. A novel eIF4G homolog, Off-schedule, couples translational control to meiosis and differentiation in Drosophila spermatocytes. Development. 2007;134:2851-61 pubmed
    ..The accumulation of four cell cycle regulators--Cyclin A, Boule, Twine and Roughex--is altered in these mutants, indicating that ofs reveals a novel branch of the pathway ..
  26. Meyer C, Kramer I, Dittrich R, Marzodko S, Emmerich J, Lehner C. Drosophila p27Dacapo expression during embryogenesis is controlled by a complex regulatory region independent of cell cycle progression. Development. 2002;129:319-28 pubmed
    ..The dacapo regulatory region includes many independent cis-regulatory elements. The elements that control epidermal expression integrate developmental cues that time the arrest of cell proliferation...
  27. Weiss A, Herzig A, Jacobs H, Lehner C. Continuous Cyclin E expression inhibits progression through endoreduplication cycles in Drosophila. Curr Biol. 1998;8:239-42 pubmed
    ..address whether these changes in cyclin expression are required for endoreduplication by continuously expressing Cyclin A, B, B3 or E in the salivary glands of Drosophila throughout late embryonic and larval development...
  28. Sigrist S, Ried G, Lehner C. Dmcdc2 kinase is required for both meiotic divisions during Drosophila spermatogenesis and is activated by the Twine/cdc25 phosphatase. Mech Dev. 1995;53:247-60 pubmed
    ..Confirming this notion, we find that ectopic expression of the String/cdc25 phosphatase, which is known to activate the cdc2 kinase before mitosis, results in a partial rescue of meiotic divisions in twine mutant testis. ..
  29. Knoblich J, Lehner C. Synergistic action of Drosophila cyclins A and B during the G2-M transition. EMBO J. 1993;12:65-74 pubmed
    ..The function of cyclin A is more complex. It appears to function in the control of both S- and M-phase...
  30. Dienemann A, Sprenger F. Requirements of cyclin a for mitosis are independent of its subcellular localization. Curr Biol. 2004;14:1117-23 pubmed
    b>Cyclin A (CycA), the only essential mitotic cyclin in Drosophila, is cytoplasmic during interphase and accumulates in the nucleus during prophase...
  31. Baonza A, Freeman M. Control of cell proliferation in the Drosophila eye by Notch signaling. Dev Cell. 2005;8:529-39 pubmed
    ..Delta to Notch signaling derepresses the inhibition of dE2F1 by RBF, and Delta expression depends on the secreted proteins Hedgehog and Dpp. Notch is also required for the expression of Cyclin A in the SMW.
  32. GONCZY P, Thomas B, DiNardo S. roughex is a dose-dependent regulator of the second meiotic division during Drosophila spermatogenesis. Cell. 1994;77:1015-25 pubmed
    ..rux does not appear to act directly at meiosis II. Rather, rux appears to act through cyclin A during premeiotic G2 to regulate meiosis II...
  33. Zielke N, Querings S, Rottig C, Lehner C, Sprenger F. The anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) is required for rereplication control in endoreplication cycles. Genes Dev. 2008;22:1690-703 pubmed publisher
    ..Geminin is only abundant in cells with high CycE-Cdk2 activity, suggesting that APC/C-Fzr activity is periodically inhibited by CycE-Cdk2, to prevent relicensing in S-phase cells. ..
  34. Avedisov S, Krasnoselskaya I, Mortin M, Thomas B. Roughex mediates G(1) arrest through a physical association with cyclin A. Mol Cell Biol. 2000;20:8220-9 pubmed
    ..The roughex gene product plays a key role in this synchronization by negatively regulating cyclin A protein levels in G(1). We show here that coexpressed Roughex and cyclin A physically interact in vivo...
  35. Meyer C, Jacobs H, Datar S, Du W, Edgar B, Lehner C. Drosophila Cdk4 is required for normal growth and is dispensable for cell cycle progression. EMBO J. 2000;19:4533-42 pubmed
    ..However, the growth of cells and of the organism is reduced in Cdk4 mutants, indicating a role of D-type cyclin-dependent protein kinases in the modulation of growth rates. ..
  36. Su T, Walker J, Stumpff J. Activating the DNA damage checkpoint in a developmental context. Curr Biol. 2000;10:119-26 pubmed
    ..Delaying cell division has little effect on gastrulation and developmentally regulated string gene expression, supporting the view that development generally dictates cell proliferation and not vice versa. ..
  37. Hériché J, Ang D, Bier E, O Farrell P. Involvement of an SCFSlmb complex in timely elimination of E2F upon initiation of DNA replication in Drosophila. BMC Genet. 2003;4:9 pubmed
    ..We have used genetic and physical interactions to identify the G1/S transcription factor E2F as an SCFSlmb target in Drosophila. These results argue that the SCFSlmb ubiquitin ligase directs E2F destruction in S phase. ..
  38. Sugimura I, Lilly M. Bruno inhibits the expression of mitotic cyclins during the prophase I meiotic arrest of Drosophila oocytes. Dev Cell. 2006;10:127-35 pubmed
    ..that the translational repressor Bruno binds the 3' UTR and inhibits the translation of the mitotic cyclin Cyclin A during prophase of meiosis I...
  39. Knoblich J, Sauer K, Jones L, Richardson H, Saint R, Lehner C. Cyclin E controls S phase progression and its down-regulation during Drosophila embryogenesis is required for the arrest of cell proliferation. Cell. 1994;77:107-20 pubmed
    ..Therefore, Drosophila cyclin E, which forms a complex with the Dmcdc2c kinase, controls progression through S phase and its down-regulation limits embryonic proliferation. ..
  40. Sigrist S, Jacobs H, Stratmann R, Lehner C. Exit from mitosis is regulated by Drosophila fizzy and the sequential destruction of cyclins A, B and B3. EMBO J. 1995;14:4827-38 pubmed
    ..Mutations in fzy block both sister chromosome separation and segregation, indicating that fzy plays a crucial role in the metaphase/anaphase transition. ..
  41. Su T, Sprenger F, DiGregorio P, Campbell S, O Farrell P. Exit from mitosis in Drosophila syncytial embryos requires proteolysis and cyclin degradation, and is associated with localized dephosphorylation. Genes Dev. 1998;12:1495-503 pubmed
    ..We suggest that exit from mitosis in syncytial cycles is modified to allow nuclear autonomy within a common cytoplasm. ..
  42. Lane M, Sauer K, Wallace K, Jan Y, Lehner C, Vaessin H. Dacapo, a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, stops cell proliferation during Drosophila development. Cell. 1996;87:1225-35 pubmed
    ..Mutants unable to express the inhibitor fail to arrest cell proliferation after mitosis 16 and progress through an extra division cycle. Conversely, premature dacapo expression in transgenic embryos results in a precocious G1 arrest. ..
  43. Frolov M, Huen D, Stevaux O, Dimova D, Balczarek Strang K, Elsdon M, et al. Functional antagonism between E2F family members. Genes Dev. 2001;15:2146-60 pubmed
    ..This study shows how repressor and activator E2Fs are used to pattern transcription and how the net effect of E2F on cell proliferation results from the interplay between two types of E2F complexes that have antagonistic functions. ..
  44. Baker N. Cell proliferation, survival, and death in the Drosophila eye. Semin Cell Dev Biol. 2001;12:499-507 pubmed
    ..Reiterated episodes of cell death also contribute to precise regulation of retinal cell number. The EGF receptor homolog has multiple roles in retinal proliferation and survival. ..
  45. Horsfield J, Penton A, Secombe J, Hoffman F, Richardson H. decapentaplegic is required for arrest in G1 phase during Drosophila eye development. Development. 1998;125:5069-78 pubmed
    ..over-expression of Dpp in the eye imaginal disc transiently inhibits S phase without affecting Cyclin E or Cyclin A abundance...
  46. Echard A, O Farrell P. The degradation of two mitotic cyclins contributes to the timing of cytokinesis. Curr Biol. 2003;13:373-83 pubmed
    ..Stable cyclin B3 also blocks the later return to interphase that otherwise appears to impose a deadline for the completion of cytokinesis. ..
  47. Frolov M, Stevaux O, Moon N, Dimova D, Kwon E, Morris E, et al. G1 cyclin-dependent kinases are insufficient to reverse dE2F2-mediated repression. Genes Dev. 2003;17:723-8 pubmed
    ..The implication of these results is that cells containing dE2F2 require dE2F1 to either prevent, or reverse, dE2F-mediated repression. ..
  48. Lehman D, Patterson B, Johnston L, Balzer T, Britton J, Saint R, et al. Cis-regulatory elements of the mitotic regulator, string/Cdc25. Development. 1999;126:1793-803 pubmed
    ..We suggest that, during evolution, cell-type-specific control elements were acquired by a simple growth-regulated promoter as a means of coordinating cell division with developmental processes, particularly neurogenesis. ..
  49. Farrell J, Shermoen A, Yuan K, O Farrell P. Embryonic onset of late replication requires Cdc25 down-regulation. Genes Dev. 2012;26:714-25 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that high Cdc25 and Cdk1 contribute to the speed of the rapid, pre-MBT S phases and that down-regulation of these activities plays a broader role in MBT-associated changes than was previously suspected. ..
  50. Vaessin H, Brand M, Jan L, Jan Y. daughterless is essential for neuronal precursor differentiation but not for initiation of neuronal precursor formation in Drosophila embryo. Development. 1994;120:935-45 pubmed
    ..da is not required for the initial appearance of nascent neuronal precursors but is required for these cells to express multiple neuronal precursor genes and to produce the normal number of neurons. ..
  51. Edgar B. Cell cycle. Cell-cycle control in a developmental context. Curr Biol. 1994;4:522-4 pubmed
    ..Down-regulation of a cyclin specific to the G1 phase of the cell cycle, cyclin E, terminates the initial period of cell proliferation in developing Drosophila embryos. ..
  52. Xu J, Du W. Drosophila chk2 plays an important role in a mitotic checkpoint in syncytial embryos. FEBS Lett. 2003;545:209-12 pubmed
    ..J. Biol. Chem. 278 (2003) 8468-8475] in mammals, these observations suggest that polo might be a key target of Dmchk2 in regulating mitotic entry in response to DNA damage or replication block. ..
  53. Abdu U, Brodsky M, Schupbach T. Activation of a meiotic checkpoint during Drosophila oogenesis regulates the translation of Gurken through Chk2/Mnk. Curr Biol. 2002;12:1645-51 pubmed
    ..DmChk2 is a transducer of the meiotic checkpoint in flies that is activated by unrepaired double-strand DNA breaks. Activation of DmChk2 in this specific checkpoint affects a cell cycle regulator as well as mRNA translation. ..
  54. Foley E, Sprenger F. The cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor Roughex is involved in mitotic exit in Drosophila. Curr Biol. 2001;11:151-60 pubmed
    ..embryos are impaired in their ability to overcome a transient metaphase arrest induced by expression of a stable cyclin A. Rux has numerous functional similarities with Sic1...
  55. Stiffler L, Ji J, Trautmann S, Trusty C, Schubiger G. Cyclin A and B functions in the early Drosophila embryo. Development. 1999;126:5505-13 pubmed
    ..During early embryonic cycles, cyclin A was always concentrated in the nucleus and present at a low level in the cytoplasm...
  56. Thomas B, Zavitz K, Dong X, Lane M, Weigmann K, Finley R, et al. roughex down-regulates G2 cyclins in G1. Genes Dev. 1997;11:1289-98 pubmed
    ..In roughex mutants, cells accumulate Cyclin A protein in early G1 and progress into S phase precociously...
  57. Lilly M, Spradling A. The Drosophila endocycle is controlled by Cyclin E and lacks a checkpoint ensuring S-phase completion. Genes Dev. 1996;10:2514-26 pubmed
    ..Unexpectedly, two to three of the 16 cells in cycE01672 cysts frequently differentiate as oocytes, implicating cell-cycle programming in oocyte determination. ..
  58. de Nooij J, Letendre M, Hariharan I. A cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, Dacapo, is necessary for timely exit from the cell cycle during Drosophila embryogenesis. Cell. 1996;87:1237-47 pubmed
    ..Thus, dap functions during embryogenesis to achieve a precisely timed exit from the cell cycle. ..
  59. Lehner C, O Farrell P. The roles of Drosophila cyclins A and B in mitotic control. Cell. 1990;61:535-47 pubmed
    ..Indeed, in mutant embryos deficient in cyclin A, cells that accumulate only cyclin B do not enter mitosis. Thus, in vivo, cyclin B is not sufficient for mitosis...
  60. Whitfield W, Gonzalez C, Maldonado Codina G, Glover D. The A- and B-type cyclins of Drosophila are accumulated and destroyed in temporally distinct events that define separable phases of the G2-M transition. EMBO J. 1990;9:2563-72 pubmed
    ..of Drosophila cyclin B has greater identity with B-type cyclins from other animal phyla than with Drosophila cyclin A, suggesting that the two cyclins have distinct roles that have been maintained in evolution...
  61. Frolov M, Moon N, Dyson N. dDP is needed for normal cell proliferation. Mol Cell Biol. 2005;25:3027-39 pubmed
    ..Strikingly, the timing of S-phase entry or exit is not delayed in dDP mutant clones, nor is the accumulation of cyclin A or cyclin B...
  62. Ruggiero R, Kale A, Thomas B, Baker N. Mitosis in neurons: Roughex and APC/C maintain cell cycle exit to prevent cytokinetic and axonal defects in Drosophila photoreceptor neurons. PLoS Genet. 2012;8:e1003049 pubmed publisher
  63. Lin T, Viswanathan S, Wood C, Wilson P, Wolf N, Fuller M. Coordinate developmental control of the meiotic cell cycle and spermatid differentiation in Drosophila males. Development. 1996;122:1331-41 pubmed
    ..The arrest in cell-cycle progression occurs prior to degradation of cyclin A protein...
  64. Han Z, Bodmer R. Myogenic cells fates are antagonized by Notch only in asymmetric lineages of the Drosophila heart, with or without cell division. Development. 2003;130:3039-51 pubmed
    ..In addition, we provide evidence that whether or not Suppressor-of-Hairless can become a transcriptional activator is the key switch for the Numb/Notch activity in determining a myocardial versus pericardial cell fate. ..
  65. Vrailas A, Moses K. Smoothened, thickveins and the genetic control of cell cycle and cell fate in the developing Drosophila eye. Mech Dev. 2006;123:151-65 pubmed
    ..We conclude that both pathways have several, but differing roles in furrow induction and cell fate and survival, but that neither directly affects cell type specification. ..
  66. Stratmann R, Lehner C. Separation of sister chromatids in mitosis requires the Drosophila pimples product, a protein degraded after the metaphase/anaphase transition. Cell. 1996;84:25-35 pubmed
    ..Our observations suggest that Pimples and Three rows act during mitosis to release the cohesion between sister centromeres. ..
  67. Mihaylov I, Kondo T, Jones L, Ryzhikov S, Tanaka J, Zheng J, et al. Control of DNA replication and chromosome ploidy by geminin and cyclin A. Mol Cell Biol. 2002;22:1868-80 pubmed
    ..We found that the silencing of cyclin A, but not of cyclin B, also promotes the formation of a giant nucleus and overreplication...
  68. Pesin J, Orr Weaver T. Developmental role and regulation of cortex, a meiosis-specific anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome activator. PLoS Genet. 2007;3:e202 pubmed
    ..We demonstrate that CORT physically associates with core subunits of the APC/C in ovaries. APC/C(CORT) targets Cyclin A for degradation prior to the metaphase I arrest, while Cyclins B and B3 are not targeted until after egg ..
  69. Bier E, Vaessin H, Shepherd S, Lee K, McCall K, Barbel S, et al. Searching for pattern and mutation in the Drosophila genome with a P-lacZ vector. Genes Dev. 1989;3:1273-87 pubmed
    ..This type of screen appears to be an effective way to find new loci that may play a role in the development of the Drosophila nervous system. ..
  70. Deak P, Donaldson M, Glover D. Mutations in mákos, a Drosophila gene encoding the Cdc27 subunit of the anaphase promoting complex, enhance centrosomal defects in polo and are suppressed by mutations in twins/aar, which encodes a regulatory subunit of PP2A. J Cell Sci. 2003;116:4147-58 pubmed
    ..cells, such mutant neuroblasts contain elevated levels not only of cyclin B but also of cyclin A. Mutations in mks enhance the reduced ability of hypomorphic polo mutant alleles to recruit and/or maintain the ..
  71. Grosskortenhaus R, Sprenger F. Rca1 inhibits APC-Cdh1(Fzr) and is required to prevent cyclin degradation in G2. Dev Cell. 2002;2:29-40 pubmed
    ..Our data reveal a different mode of APC regulation by Rca1 at the G2 stage, when low Cdk activity is unable to inhibit Cdh1(Fzr) interaction. ..
  72. Fenger D, Carminati J, Burney Sigman D, Kashevsky H, Dines J, Elfring L, et al. PAN GU: a protein kinase that inhibits S phase and promotes mitosis in early Drosophila development. Development. 2000;127:4763-74 pubmed
    ..Our results reveal a novel protein kinase complex that controls S phase at the onset of development apparently by stabilizing mitotic cyclins. ..
  73. Ueda R, Togashi S, Takahisa M, Tsurumura S, Mikuni M, Kondo K, et al. Sensory mother cell division is specifically affected in a Cyclin-A mutant of Drosophila melanogaster. EMBO J. 1992;11:2935-9 pubmed
    ..A 13 kb wild-type genomic DNA containing the Cyclin-A transcription units rescued the mutant phenotype when introduced into the mutant fly. The regulation of cell type specific expression of the Cyclin-A gene is discussed. ..