Gene Symbol: ClC-b
Description: Chloride channel-b
Alias: CG8594, Clcn7, DmClC-b, DmClCb, Dmel\CG8594, chloride channel-b, CG8594-PA, ClC-b-PA
Species: fruit fly

Top Publications

  1. Dow J, Davies S. Integrative physiology and functional genomics of epithelial function in a genetic model organism. Physiol Rev. 2003;83:687-729 pubmed
    ..With the use of the beautiful genetic tools and extensive genomic resources characteristic of this genetic model, it has been possible to gain unique insights into the structure, function, and control of epithelia. ..
  2. Tsubouchi A, Caldwell J, Tracey W. Dendritic filopodia, Ripped Pocket, NOMPC, and NMDARs contribute to the sense of touch in Drosophila larvae. Curr Biol. 2012;22:2124-34 pubmed publisher
    ..These cells show physiological responses to force. Ion channels in several force-sensing gene families are required for behavioral sensitivity to touch and for the formation of the actin-rich sensory filopodia. ..
  3. Rose U, Derst C, Wanischeck M, Marinc C, Walther C. Properties and possible function of a hyperpolarisation-activated chloride current in Drosophila. J Exp Biol. 2007;210:2489-500 pubmed
    ..DmClC-2 may serve general homeostatic mechanisms such as pH- and osmo-regulation or may support muscle function on high motor activity or during a particular neurohormonal state of the animal. ..
  4. Lotti F, Imlach W, Saieva L, Beck E, Hao L, Li D, et al. An SMN-dependent U12 splicing event essential for motor circuit function. Cell. 2012;151:440-54 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings directly link defective splicing of critical neuronal genes induced by SMN deficiency to motor circuit dysfunction, establishing a molecular framework for the selective pathology of SMA. ..
  5. Cabrero P, Terhzaz S, Romero M, Davies S, Blumenthal E, Dow J. Chloride channels in stellate cells are essential for uniquely high secretion rates in neuropeptide-stimulated Drosophila diuresis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014;111:14301-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This key segregation of cation and anion transport could explain the extraordinary fluid transport rates displayed by some epithelia. ..
  6. Saha S, Prakash V, Halder S, Chakraborty K, Krishnan Y. A pH-independent DNA nanodevice for quantifying chloride transport in organelles of living cells. Nat Nanotechnol. 2015;10:645-51 pubmed publisher
    ..We showed that lumenal lysosomal chloride, which is implicated in various lysosomal storage diseases, is regulated by the intracellular chloride transporter DmClC-b. ..