Gene Symbol: Clc
Description: Clathrin light chain
Alias: CG6948, CLC, Dmel\CG6948, clc, clc1, clathrin light chain, CG6948-PA, CG6948-PB, CG6948-PC, CG6948-PD, Clc-PA, Clc-PB, Clc-PC, Clc-PD, clathrin, clathrin light-chain, clathrin-light-chain
Species: fruit fly

Top Publications

  1. Chang H, Newmyer S, Hull M, Ebersold M, Schmid S, Mellman I. Hsc70 is required for endocytosis and clathrin function in Drosophila. J Cell Biol. 2002;159:477-87 pubmed
    ..on eye imaginal disc epithelia, we have recovered a point mutation in Hsc70-4, the closest homologue to bovine clathrin uncoating ATPase...
  2. Goldbach P, Wong R, Beise N, Sarpal R, Trimble W, Brill J. Stabilization of the actomyosin ring enables spermatocyte cytokinesis in Drosophila. Mol Biol Cell. 2010;21:1482-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results show that the anillin-septin and cadherin-catenin complexes can serve as alternative cassettes to promote tight physical coupling of F-actin and myosin II to the cleavage furrow and successful completion of cytokinesis. ..
  3. Albertson R, Cao J, Hsieh T, Sullivan W. Vesicles and actin are targeted to the cleavage furrow via furrow microtubules and the central spindle. J Cell Biol. 2008;181:777-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Transport of F-actin-associated vesicles on furrow MTs and the central spindle is thus an important mechanism by which actin and membrane are delivered to the cleavage furrow. ..
  4. Abdallah A, Zhou X, Kim C, Shah K, Hogden C, Schoenherr J, et al. Activated Cdc42 kinase regulates Dock localization in male germ cells during Drosophila spermatogenesis. Dev Biol. 2013;378:141-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Ack associates predominantly with endocytic clathrin sites in spermatocytes, but disruption of Ack function has no apparent effect on clathrin localization and ..
  5. Bronk P, Wenniger J, Dawson Scully K, Guo X, Hong S, Atwood H, et al. Drosophila Hsc70-4 is critical for neurotransmitter exocytosis in vivo. Neuron. 2001;30:475-88 pubmed
    Previous in vitro studies of cysteine-string protein (CSP) imply a potential role for the clathrin-uncoating ATPase Hsc70 in exocytosis...
  6. Zhou X, Fabian L, Bayraktar J, Ding H, Brill J, Chang H. Auxilin is required for formation of Golgi-derived clathrin-coated vesicles during Drosophila spermatogenesis. Development. 2011;138:1111-20 pubmed publisher
    b>Clathrin has previously been implicated in Drosophila male fertility and spermatid individualization...
  7. Eun S, Banks S, Fischer J. Auxilin is essential for Delta signaling. Development. 2008;135:1089-95 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show in Drosophila that Auxilin, an endocytic factor that regulates Clathrin dynamics, is also essential for Notch signaling...
  8. Sommer B, Oprins A, Rabouille C, Munro S. The exocyst component Sec5 is present on endocytic vesicles in the oocyte of Drosophila melanogaster. J Cell Biol. 2005;169:953-63 pubmed
    ..that in Drosophila melanogaster oocytes the majority of the exocyst component Sec5 is unexpectedly present in clathrin-coated pits and vesicles at the plasma membrane...
  9. Vasyukevich K, Bazinet C. A Drosophila clathrin light-chain gene: sequence, mapping, and absence of neuronal specialization. DNA Cell Biol. 1999;18:235-41 pubmed
    ..coupled with PCR analysis of genomic DNA, showed that there is no neural specialization of the Drosophila clathrin light chain corresponding to that observed in mammalian neuronal light chains...

More Information


  1. Hagedorn E, Bayraktar J, Kandachar V, Bai T, Englert D, Chang H. Drosophila melanogaster auxilin regulates the internalization of Delta to control activity of the Notch signaling pathway. J Cell Biol. 2006;173:443-52 pubmed
    ..homologue of auxilin, a J-domain-containing protein known to cooperate with Hsc70 in the disassembly of clathrin coats from clathrin-coated vesicles in vitro...
  2. Guha A, Sriram V, Krishnan K, Mayor S. Shibire mutations reveal distinct dynamin-independent and -dependent endocytic pathways in primary cultures of Drosophila hemocytes. J Cell Sci. 2003;116:3373-86 pubmed
    ..the restrictive temperature in shits cells, receptor-bound ALs remain completely surface accessible, localized to clathrin and alpha-adaptin-positive structures...
  3. Hori K, Fostier M, Ito M, Fuwa T, Go M, Okano H, et al. Drosophila deltex mediates suppressor of Hairless-independent and late-endosomal activation of Notch signaling. Development. 2004;131:5527-37 pubmed
  4. Adamson A, Chohan K, Swenson J, Lajeunesse D. A Drosophila model for genetic analysis of influenza viral/host interactions. Genetics. 2011;189:495-506 pubmed publisher
  5. Hunter M, Lee D, Harris T, Fernandez Gonzalez R. Polarized E-cadherin endocytosis directs actomyosin remodeling during embryonic wound repair. J Cell Biol. 2015;210:801-16 pubmed publisher
    ..We used in vivo time-lapse quantitative microscopy to show that clathrin, dynamin, and the ADP-ribosylation factor 6, three components of the endocytic machinery, accumulate around ..
  6. van den Brink D, Banerji O, Tear G. Commissureless regulation of axon outgrowth across the midline is independent of Rab function. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e64427 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition we reveal that axon outgrowth of many populations of neurons within the Drosophila central nervous system is also independent of Rab activity. ..
  7. Lawrence P. Wingless signalling: more about the Wingless morphogen. Curr Biol. 2001;11:R638-9 pubmed
    ..Recent work on pattern formation in the Drosophila embryo reveals a new mechanism which shapes the gradient of the secreted morphogen, Wingless: Wingless protein is degraded more rapidly on one side of its source than on the other. ..
  8. HEERSSEN H, Fetter R, Davis G. Clathrin dependence of synaptic-vesicle formation at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction. Curr Biol. 2008;18:401-9 pubmed publisher
    ..prominent molecular constituents of a recycling synaptic vesicle is the clathrin triskelion, composed of clathrin light chain (Clc) and clathrin heavy chain (Chc)...
  9. Williams J, MacIver B, Klipfell E, Thomas G. The C-terminal domain of Drosophila (beta) heavy-spectrin exhibits autonomous membrane association and modulates membrane area. J Cell Sci. 2004;117:771-82 pubmed
    ..Spectrin may be an active partner in the stabilization of polarized membrane domains. ..
  10. Kochubey O, Majumdar A, Klingauf J. Imaging clathrin dynamics in Drosophila melanogaster hemocytes reveals a role for actin in vesicle fission. Traffic. 2006;7:1614-27 pubmed
    ..We monitored the dynamics of clathrin in live Drosophila melanogaster hemocytes overexpressing clathrin light chain fused to enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) using evanescent wave microscopy...
  11. Khodosh R, Augsburger A, Schwarz T, Garrity P. Bchs, a BEACH domain protein, antagonizes Rab11 in synapse morphogenesis and other developmental events. Development. 2006;133:4655-65 pubmed
    ..This raises the interesting possibility that Bchs and other BEACH proteins may regulate vesicle traffic via interactions with Rab GTPases. ..
  12. Kandachar V, Bai T, Chang H. The clathrin-binding motif and the J-domain of Drosophila Auxilin are essential for facilitating Notch ligand endocytosis. BMC Dev Biol. 2008;8:50 pubmed publisher
    ..Drosophila homolog of auxilin (dAux), a J-domain-containing protein best known for its role in the disassembly of clathrin coats from clathrin-coated vesicles, has recently been implicated in Notch signaling, although its exact ..
  13. Hardie R. Phototransduction: shedding light on translocation. Curr Biol. 2003;13:R775-7 pubmed
    ..New work has identified a phosphoinositide lipid binding domain in Drosophila arrestin and implicates PIP(3) in control of arrestin translocation. ..
  14. Peralta S, Gómez Y, González Gaitán M, Moya F, Vinós J. Notch down-regulation by endocytosis is essential for pigment cell determination and survival in the Drosophila retina. Mech Dev. 2009;126:256-69 pubmed publisher
    The clathrin heavy chain is a fundamental element in endocytosis and therefore, in the internalization of several cell-surface receptors through which cells interact with their environment...
  15. Kilman V, Zhang L, Meissner R, Burg E, Allada R. Perturbing dynamin reveals potent effects on the Drosophila circadian clock. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e5235 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest an important role for membrane scission in setting circadian period. ..
  16. Rikhy R, Mavrakis M, Lippincott Schwartz J. Dynamin regulates metaphase furrow formation and plasma membrane compartmentalization in the syncytial Drosophila embryo. Biol Open. 2015;4:301-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on these findings, we propose that cell cycle changes in dynamin orchestrate recruitment of actin regulatory machinery for PM furrow dynamics during the early mitotic cycles in the Drosophila embryo. ..
  17. Kuromi H, Honda A, Kidokoro Y. Ca2+ influx through distinct routes controls exocytosis and endocytosis at drosophila presynaptic terminals. Neuron. 2004;41:101-11 pubmed
    ..In shibire(ts1), a dynamin mutant, flunarizine or La(3+) inhibited assembly of clathrin at the plasma membrane during stimulation without affecting dynamin function.
  18. Yang W, Peng Y, Li H, Lin H, Lin Y, Lai T, et al. Nak regulates localization of clathrin sites in higher-order dendrites to promote local dendrite growth. Neuron. 2011;72:285-99 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that Nak, a clathrin adaptor-associated kinase, promotes higher-order dendrite growth through endocytosis...
  19. Kawasaki F, Iyer J, Posey L, Sun C, Mammen S, Yan H, et al. The DISABLED protein functions in CLATHRIN-mediated synaptic vesicle endocytosis and exoendocytic coupling at the active zone. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011;108:E222-9 pubmed publisher
    ..are known to play a conserved role in endocytic trafficking of cell surface receptors by functioning as monomeric CLATHRIN-associated sorting proteins that recruit cargo proteins into endocytic vesicles...
  20. Chang H, Hull M, Mellman I. The J-domain protein Rme-8 interacts with Hsc70 to control clathrin-dependent endocytosis in Drosophila. J Cell Biol. 2004;164:1055-64 pubmed
    ..In addition, endosomal organization and the distribution of clathrin were greatly disrupted in Rme-8 cells, suggesting that Rme-8 participates in a clathrin-dependent process...
  21. Zhang B, Koh Y, Beckstead R, Budnik V, Ganetzky B, Bellen H. Synaptic vesicle size and number are regulated by a clathrin adaptor protein required for endocytosis. Neuron. 1998;21:1465-75 pubmed
    b>Clathrin-mediated endocytosis is thought to involve the activity of the clathrin adaptor protein AP180. However, the role of this protein in endocytosis in vivo remains unknown...
  22. Hennig K, Colombani J, Neufeld T. TOR coordinates bulk and targeted endocytosis in the Drosophila melanogaster fat body to regulate cell growth. J Cell Biol. 2006;173:963-74 pubmed
    ..In a genetic screen for novel TOR interactors in Drosophila melanogaster, we have identified the clathrin-uncoating ATPase Hsc70-4, which is a key regulator of endocytosis...
  23. Levayer R, Pelissier Monier A, Lecuit T. Spatial regulation of Dia and Myosin-II by RhoGEF2 controls initiation of E-cadherin endocytosis during epithelial morphogenesis. Nat Cell Biol. 2011;13:529-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we show that E-cadherin polarity is controlled by the polarized regulation of clathrin- and dynamin-mediated endocytosis. Blocking E-cadherin endocytosis resulted in cell intercalation defects...
  24. Rodal A, Littleton J. Synaptic endocytosis: illuminating the role of clathrin assembly. Curr Biol. 2008;18:R259-61 pubmed publisher
    Acute photo-inactivation of clathrin in Drosophila synapses sheds new light on a 35-year-old debate over mechanisms of synaptic-vesicle endocytosis: clathrin is essential for reformation of functional synaptic vesicles, but not for bulk ..
  25. Leventis P, Da Sylva T, Rajwans N, Wasiak S, McPherson P, Boulianne G. Liquid facets-related (lqfR) is required for egg chamber morphogenesis during Drosophila oogenesis. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e25466 pubmed publisher
    b>Clathrin interactor 1 [CLINT1] (also called enthoprotin/EpsinR) is an Epsin N-terminal homology (ENTH) domain-containing adaptor protein that functions in anterograde and retrograde clathrin-mediated trafficking between the trans-Golgi ..
  26. Jha A, Watkins S, Traub L. The apoptotic engulfment protein Ced-6 participates in clathrin-mediated yolk uptake in Drosophila egg chambers. Mol Biol Cell. 2012;23:1742-64 pubmed publisher
    b>Clathrin-mediated endocytosis and phagocytosis are both selective surface internalization processes but have little known mechanistic similarity or interdependence...
  27. Vazquez Pianzola P, Adam J, Haldemann D, Hain D, Urlaub H, Suter B. Clathrin heavy chain plays multiple roles in polarizing the Drosophila oocyte downstream of Bic-D. Development. 2014;141:1915-26 pubmed publisher
    ..b>Clathrin heavy chain (Chc) co-immunopurifies with Bic-D in embryos and ovaries, and a fraction of Chc colocalizes with Bic-..
  28. Sechi S, Colotti G, Belloni G, Mattei V, Frappaolo A, Raffa G, et al. GOLPH3 is essential for contractile ring formation and Rab11 localization to the cleavage site during cytokinesis in Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS Genet. 2014;10:e1004305 pubmed publisher
    ..Because cytokinesis failures have been associated with premalignant disease and cancer, our studies suggest novel insight into molecular circuits involving the oncogene GOLPH3 in cytokinesis. ..
  29. Schreij A, Chaineau M, Ruan W, Lin S, Barker P, Fon E, et al. LRRK2 localizes to endosomes and interacts with clathrin-light chains to limit Rac1 activation. EMBO Rep. 2015;16:79-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Various components of the clathrin machinery have been recently found mutated in familial forms of PD...
  30. Desai B, Shirolikar S, Ray K. F-actin-based extensions of the head cyst cell adhere to the maturing spermatids to maintain them in a tight bundle and prevent their premature release in Drosophila testis. BMC Biol. 2009;7:19 pubmed publisher
    ..This is likely to regulate mature sperm release into the seminal vesicle. Overall, this process bears resemblance to mammalian spermiation. ..
  31. Hirst J, Sahlender D, Choma M, Sinka R, Harbour M, Parkinson M, et al. Spatial and functional relationship of GGAs and AP-1 in Drosophila and HeLa cells. Traffic. 2009;10:1696-710 pubmed
    ..ARF (ADP ribosylation factor)-binding proteins] and the AP-1 (adaptor protein-1) complex are both adaptors for clathrin-mediated intracellular trafficking, but their relationship to each other is unclear...