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Gene Symbol: LOC101755645
Description: late embryogenesis abundant protein Lea14-A-like
Alias: LEA14, late embryogenesis abundant protein Lea14-A-like, atypical late embryogenesis abundant protein
Species: foxtail millet

Top Publications

  1. Wang M, Li P, Li C, Pan Y, Jiang X, Zhu D, et al. SiLEA14, a novel atypical LEA protein, confers abiotic stress resistance in foxtail millet. BMC Plant Biol. 2014;14:290 pubmed publisher
    ..We characterized a novel atypical LEA gene SiLEA14 from foxtail millet, which plays important roles in plant abiotic stress resistance. Modification of SiLEA14 expression may improve abiotic stress resistance in agricultural crops. ..