Gene Symbol: ECs2853
Description: phosphomannomutase
Species: Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. Sakai

Top Publications

  1. Marolda C, Valvano M. The GalF protein of Escherichia coli is not a UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase but interacts with the GalU protein possibly to regulate cellular levels of UDP-glucose. Mol Microbiol. 1996;22:827-40 pubmed
  2. Marolda C, Feldman M, Valvano M. Genetic organization of the O7-specific lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis cluster of Escherichia coli VW187 (O7:K1). Microbiology. 1999;145 ( Pt 9):2485-95 pubmed
    ..The O antigen chain length regulator gene wzz was also identified in the vicinity of the O7 polysaccharide cluster. O7-specific DNA primers were designed and tested for serotyping of O7 E. coli strains. ..
  3. Jensen S, Reeves P. Molecular evolution of the GDP-mannose pathway genes (manB and manC) in Salmonella enterica. Microbiology. 2001;147:599-610 pubmed publisher
    ..enterica and more closely related species...
  4. Feng L, Han W, Wang Q, Bastin D, Wang L. Characterization of Escherichia coli O86 O-antigen gene cluster and identification of O86-specific genes. Vet Microbiol. 2005;106:241-8 pubmed publisher
    ..coli O86 in environmental and clinical samples. The relationship between E. coli O86 and O127 was also determined by comparing the two O-antigen gene clusters...
  5. Marolda C, Valvano M. Genetic analysis of the dTDP-rhamnose biosynthesis region of the Escherichia coli VW187 (O7:K1) rfb gene cluster: identification of functional homologs of rfbB and rfbA in the rff cluster and correct location of the rffE gene. J Bacteriol. 1995;177:5539-46 pubmed
    ..We also demonstrate that rffG is distinct from rffE and map the rffE gene to the second gene of the rff cluster. ..
  6. Marolda C, Valvano M. Identification, expression, and DNA sequence of the GDP-mannose biosynthesis genes encoded by the O7 rfb gene cluster of strain VW187 (Escherichia coli O7:K1). J Bacteriol. 1993;175:148-58 pubmed
    ..RfbKEcO7 was very similar to CpsG of S. enterica LT2, an enzyme presumably involved in the biosynthesis of the capsular polysaccharide colanic acid, but quite different from the corresponding RfbK protein of S. enterica LT2. ..