Gene Symbol: D616_p80014
Description: ORF13
Alias: pLEW517_p13, ORF13
Species: Escherichia coli

Top Publications

  1. Steele R, Opella S. Structures of the reduced and mercury-bound forms of MerP, the periplasmic protein from the bacterial mercury detoxification system. Biochemistry. 1997;36:6885-95 pubmed
    ..The structure of the mercury-bound form of merP shows that Hg(II) is bicoordinate with the Cys side chain ligands, and this is confirmed by the chemical shift frequency of the 199Hg resonance. ..
  2. Qian H, Sahlman L, Eriksson P, Hambraeus C, Edlund U, Sethson I. NMR solution structure of the oxidized form of MerP, a mercuric ion binding protein involved in bacterial mercuric ion resistance. Biochemistry. 1998;37:9316-22 pubmed
    ..Structural differences between the oxidized and reduced forms may help explain why the reduced form is stable in the periplasm, which is considered to be an oxidizing environment. ..