Gene Symbol: cysK
Description: cysteine synthase A, O-acetylserine sulfhydrolase A subunit
Alias: ECK2409, JW2407, cysZ
Species: Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Top Publications

  1. Byrne C, Monroe R, Ward K, Kredich N. DNA sequences of the cysK regions of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli and linkage of the cysK regions to ptsH. J Bacteriol. 1988;170:3150-7 pubmed
    Nucleotide sequences of the cysK regions of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli have been determined. A total of 3,812 and 2,595 nucleotides were sequenced from S. typhimurium and E. coli, respectively...
  2. Mino K, Hiraoka K, Imamura K, Sakiyama T, Eisaki N, Matsuyama A, et al. Characteristics of serine acetyltransferase from Escherichia coli deleting different lengths of amino acid residues from the C-terminus. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2000;64:1874-80 pubmed
    ..The C-terminal peptide of the 10 amino acid residues interacted competitively with OASS-A with respect to OAS although its affinity was much lower than that for the wild-type SAT. ..
  3. Ackerley D, Barak Y, Lynch S, Curtin J, Matin A. Effect of chromate stress on Escherichia coli K-12. J Bacteriol. 2006;188:3371-81 pubmed
    ..In both cell types, the SOS response was activated, and levels of proteins such as SodB and CysK, which can counter oxidative stress, were increased...
  4. Levy S, Danchin A. Phylogeny of metabolic pathways: O-acetylserine sulphydrylase A is homologous to the tryptophan synthase beta subunit. Mol Microbiol. 1988;2:777-83 pubmed
    The cysK gene of Escherichia coli K-12 encoding O-acetylserine sulphydrylase A, was cloned and its nucleotide sequence, together with that of the flanking regions, was determined...
  5. Mino K, Yamanoue T, Sakiyama T, Eisaki N, Matsuyama A, Nakanishi K. Effects of bienzyme complex formation of cysteine synthetase from escherichia coli on some properties and kinetics. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2000;64:1628-40 pubmed
  6. Parra F, Britton P, Castle C, Jones Mortimer M, Kornberg H. Two separate genes involved in sulphate transport in Escherichia coli K12. J Gen Microbiol. 1983;129:357-8 pubmed
  7. Brun Y, Breton R, Lanouette P, Lapointe J. Precise mapping and comparison of two evolutionarily related regions of the Escherichia coli K-12 chromosome. Evolution of valU and lysT from an ancestral tRNA operon. J Mol Biol. 1990;214:825-43 pubmed
    ..3 kb-(valU alpha-valU beta-valU gamma-lysV = supN) greater than xapR-xapA- less than lig-1 kb-cysK greater than -0.4 kb-ptsH greater than -0.05 kb-pstI greater than -0...
  8. Wigley D, Derrick J, Shaw W. The serine acetyltransferase from Escherichia coli. Over-expression, purification and preliminary crystallographic analysis. FEBS Lett. 1990;277:267-71 pubmed
    ..Since ultracentrifugation and gel-filtration experiment indicate that purified SAT is a tetramer, there appears to be one-half tetramer in the asymmetric unit (Vm = 2.55 A3/Da). ..
  9. Fuentes D, Fuentes E, Castro M, Perez J, Araya M, Chasteen T, et al. Cysteine metabolism-related genes and bacterial resistance to potassium tellurite. J Bacteriol. 2007;189:8953-60 pubmed
    ..compounds, we investigated the expression of Geobacillus stearothermophilus V cysteine-related genes cobA, cysK, and iscS and Escherichia coli cysteine regulon genes under conditions that included the addition of K2TeO3 to the ..

More Information


  1. De Reuse H, Danchin A. The ptsH, ptsI, and crr genes of the Escherichia coli phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent phosphotransferase system: a complex operon with several modes of transcription. J Bacteriol. 1988;170:3827-37 pubmed
  2. Awano N, Wada M, Kohdoh A, Oikawa T, Takagi H, Nakamori S. Effect of cysteine desulfhydrase gene disruption on L-cysteine overproduction in Escherichia coli. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2003;62:239-43 pubmed
    ..These results indicated that TNase and CBL did act on L-cysteine degradation in E. coli cells. ..
  3. Brun Y, Lapointe J. Locations of genes in the 52-minute region on the physical map of Escherichia coli K-12. J Bacteriol. 1990;172:4746-7 pubmed
  4. Baca DeLancey R, South M, Ding X, Rather P. Escherichia coli genes regulated by cell-to-cell signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1999;96:4610-4 pubmed
    ..The cma fusions were shown to be within the cysK (cma9), astD (cma48), tnaB (cma113), and gabT (cma114) genes...
  5. Mino K, Yamanoue T, Sakiyama T, Eisaki N, Matsuyama A, Nakanishi K. Purification and characterization of serine acetyltransferase from Escherichia coli partially truncated at the C-terminal region. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 1999;63:168-79 pubmed
    ..However, SAT delta C20 did not form a complex with O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase-A (OASS-A), a counterpart of the cysteine synthetase and did not reduce OASS activity in contrast to the wild-type SAT and Met-256-Ile mutant SAT. ..
  6. Benoni R, De Bei O, Paredi G, Hayes C, Franko N, Mozzarelli A, et al. Modulation of Escherichia coli serine acetyltransferase catalytic activity in the cysteine synthase complex. FEBS Lett. 2017;591:1212-1224 pubmed publisher
    In bacteria and plants, serine acetyltransferase (CysE) and O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase-A sulfhydrylase (CysK) collaborate to synthesize l-Cys from l-Ser...
  7. Ren D, Zuo R, Gonzalez Barrios A, Bedzyk L, Eldridge G, Pasmore M, et al. Differential gene expression for investigation of Escherichia coli biofilm inhibition by plant extract ursolic acid. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2005;71:4022-34 pubmed
    ..ursolic acid/ml, respectively, and 12 genes were consistently repressed that have functions in cysteine synthesis (cysK) and sulfur metabolism (cysD), as well as unknown functions (such as hdeAB and yhaDFG)...
  8. Awano N, Wada M, Mori H, Nakamori S, Takagi H. Identification and functional analysis of Escherichia coli cysteine desulfhydrases. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2005;71:4149-52 pubmed
    ..The gene disruption for each protein was significantly effective for overproduction of L-cysteine and L-cystine. Growth phenotype and transcriptional analyses suggest that tryptophanase contributes primarily to L-cysteine degradation. ..
  9. Bilous P, Cole S, Anderson W, Weiner J. Nucleotide sequence of the dmsABC operon encoding the anaerobic dimethylsulphoxide reductase of Escherichia coli. Mol Microbiol. 1988;2:785-95 pubmed
    ..The DMS C polypeptide is composed of eight segments of hydrophobic amino acids of appropriate length to cross the cytoplasmic membrane, suggesting that this subunit functions to anchor the enzyme to the membrane. ..
  10. Mendoza Vargas A, Olvera L, Olvera M, Grande R, Vega Alvarado L, Taboada B, et al. Genome-wide identification of transcription start sites, promoters and transcription factor binding sites in E. coli. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e7526 pubmed publisher
    ..coli. ..
  11. Denk D, Bock A. L-cysteine biosynthesis in Escherichia coli: nucleotide sequence and expression of the serine acetyltransferase (cysE) gene from the wild-type and a cysteine-excreting mutant. J Gen Microbiol. 1987;133:515-25 pubmed
    ..It was composed of a single polypeptide chain migrating in SDS gels according to an Mr of 34,000. As in Salmonella typhimurium, the enzyme was associated in a bifunctional complex with O-acetylserine (thiol)-lyase. ..
  12. Fimmel A, Loughlin R. Isolation and characterization of cysK mutants of Escherichia coli K12. J Gen Microbiol. 1977;103:37-43 pubmed
    b>cysK mutants, deficient in O-acetylserine sulphydrylase A [O-acetyl-L-serine acetate-lyase (adding hydrogen-sulphide); EC 4.2.99...
  13. Liszewska F, Gaganidze D, Sirko A. Isolation of Nicotiana plumbaginifolia cDNAs encoding isoforms of serine acetyltransferase and O-acetylserine (thiol) lyase in a yeast two-hybrid system with Escherichia coli cysE and cysK genes as baits. Acta Biochim Pol. 2005;52:117-28 pubmed
    ..the product of cysE gene) and O-acetylserine (thiol)lyase A, also termed cysteine synthase (OASTL-A, the product of cysK gene). Two plant cDNA clones were identified when using the cysE gene as a bait...
  14. Sigdel T, Cilliers R, Gursahaney P, Thompson P, Easton J, Crowder M. Probing the adaptive response of Escherichia coli to extracellular Zn(II). Biometals. 2006;19:461-71 pubmed
    ..coli proteins, and the results are discussed in light of recent genomic profiling studies on the adaptive response of E. coli cells to stress by Zn(II) excess. ..
  15. Flint D, Tuminello J, Miller T. Studies on the synthesis of the Fe-S cluster of dihydroxy-acid dehydratase in escherichia coli crude extract. Isolation of O-acetylserine sulfhydrylases A and B and beta-cystathionase based on their ability to mobilize sulfur from cysteine and to par. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:16053-67 pubmed
  16. Kumaran S, Yi H, Krishnan H, Jez J. Assembly of the cysteine synthase complex and the regulatory role of protein-protein interactions. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:10268-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on previous work and our results, we suggest that OASS acts as an enzyme chaperone of SAT in the CSC. ..
  17. Boronat A, Britton P, Jones Mortimer M, Kornberg H, Lee L, Murfitt D, et al. Location on the Escherichia coli genome of a gene specifying O-acetylserine (thiol)-lyase. J Gen Microbiol. 1984;130:673-85 pubmed
    ..The enzyme appears homologous with the Salmonella typhimurium cysK gene product. This provides further evidence for the inversion of this region of the genome.
  18. Henzel W, Billeci T, Stults J, Wong S, Grimley C, Watanabe C. Identifying proteins from two-dimensional gels by molecular mass searching of peptide fragments in protein sequence databases. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1993;90:5011-5 pubmed
    ..One of the spots contained an N-terminally blocked protein that required enzymatic cleavage, peptide separation, and Edman degradation for confirmation of its identity...
  19. Lelong C, Rolland M, Louwagie M, Garin J, Geiselmann J. Mutual regulation of Crl and Fur in Escherichia coli W3110. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2007;6:660-8 pubmed
    ..Crl modulated the affinity of Fur at the fur promoter but not at the crl promoter. The triad RpoS-Crl-Fur may thus represent the centerpiece of a global regulatory system of response to different stresses. ..
  20. Quadroni M, Staudenmann W, Kertesz M, James P. Analysis of global responses by protein and peptide fingerprinting of proteins isolated by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. Application to the sulfate-starvation response of Escherichia coli. Eur J Biochem. 1996;239:773-81 pubmed
    ..N-terminal sequencing however, takes about 5 h/protein and approximately 1 pmol to obtain a 10 amino acid sequence for a search. ..
  21. Britton P, Boronat A, Hartley D, Jones Mortimer M, Kornberg H, Parra F. Phosphotransferase-mediated regulation of carbohydrate utilization in Escherichia coli K12: location of the gsr (tgs) and iex (crr) genes by specialized transduction. J Gen Microbiol. 1983;129:349-56 pubmed
    ..recombination event, the distribution of phage types showed that the gene order is cysA gsr ptsI (ptsH, iex) cysZ lig; both gsr+ and iex+ were dominant...
  22. Mino K, Imamura K, Sakiyama T, Eisaki N, Matsuyama A, Nakanishi K. Increase in the stability of serine acetyltransferase from Escherichia coli against cold inactivation and proteolysis by forming a bienzyme complex. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2001;65:865-74 pubmed
  23. Wiater A, Hulanicka D. Properties of cysK mutants of Escherichia coli K12. Acta Biochim Pol. 1979;26:21-8 pubmed
    Triazole and azaserine resistant mutants of E. coli K12 affecting cysK gene coding for O-acetylserine sulphydrylase were isolated. The cysK gene in E...
  24. Akiyama Y, Shirai Y, Ito K. Involvement of FtsH in protein assembly into and through the membrane. II. Dominant mutations affecting FtsH functions. J Biol Chem. 1994;269:5225-9 pubmed
    ..It was suggested that the amino-terminal membrane region of FtsH interacts with other component(s), and that the two putative ATP binding sites are of vital importance for the FtsH functions. ..
  25. Kumada Y, Zhao C, Ishimura R, Imanaka H, Imamura K, Nakanishi K. Protein-protein interaction analysis using an affinity peptide tag and hydrophilic polystyrene plate. J Biotechnol. 2007;128:354-61 pubmed
  26. Saffen D, Presper K, Doering T, Roseman S. Sugar transport by the bacterial phosphotransferase system. Molecular cloning and structural analysis of the Escherichia coli ptsH, ptsI, and crr genes. J Biol Chem. 1987;262:16241-53 pubmed
    ..coli genetic map: lig, cysK, ptsH, ptsI, crr, cysM, cysA...
  27. Sirko A, Zatyka M, Hulanicka M. Identification of the Escherichia coli cysM gene encoding O-acetylserine sulphydrylase B by cloning with mini-Mu-lac containing a plasmid replicon. J Gen Microbiol. 1987;133:2719-25 pubmed
    ..Enzyme assays on transformants carrying the cloned fragments indicated the presence in the latter of the cysA and cysM genes coding for sulphate permease and O-acetylserine sulphydrylase B, respectively. ..
  28. Kredich N, Tomkins G. The enzymic synthesis of L-cysteine in Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium. J Biol Chem. 1966;241:4955-65 pubmed
  29. Yamamoto K, Oshima T, Nonaka G, Ito H, Ishihama A. Induction of the Escherichia coli cysK gene by genetic and environmental factors. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2011;323:88-95 pubmed publisher
    Cysteine synthase A encoded by cysK catalyzes the synthesis of cysteine from O-acetylserine. Expression of cysK in Escherichia coli is under the control of CysB, a LysR family transcription factor...