Gene Symbol: lysC
Description: LysC
Species: Enterobacteria phage P2

Top Publications

  1. Ziermann R, Bartlett B, Calendar R, Christie G. Functions involved in bacteriophage P2-induced host cell lysis and identification of a new tail gene. J Bacteriol. 1994;176:4974-84 pubmed
    ..Gene X must encode a tail protein, since lysates from nonpermissive cells infected with the X amber mutant were complemented in vitro by similar lysates of cells infected with P2 head mutants but not with tail mutants...
  2. Linderoth N, Julien B, Flick K, Calendar R, Christie G. Molecular cloning and characterization of bacteriophage P2 genes R and S involved in tail completion. Virology. 1994;200:347-59 pubmed
    ..We propose that R and S are tail completion proteins that are essential for stable head joining...