Gene Symbol: Dsim\GD19844
Description: GD19844 gene product from transcript GD19844-RC
Alias: Dsim_GD19844, GD19844, dsim_GLEANR_3635, GD19844 gene product from transcript GD19844-RC, Dsim\GD19844-PA, Dsim\GD19844-PB, Dsim\GD19844-PC, Dsim\GD19844-PD, GD19844-PA, GD19844-PB, GD19844-PC, GD19844-PD, uncharacterized protein
Species: Drosophila simulans

Top Publications

  1. Hungate E, Earley E, Boussy I, Turissini D, Ting C, Moran J, et al. A locus in Drosophila sechellia affecting tolerance of a host plant toxin. Genetics. 2013;195:1063-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data are consistent with the previously proposed model that the evolution of D. sechellia as a M. citrifolia specialist occurred through a stepwise loss of aversion and gain of tolerance to M. citrifolia's toxins...