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Gene Symbol: WFDC2
Description: WAP four-disulfide core domain 2
Alias: CE4, WAP four-disulfide core domain protein 2, epididymal secretory protein E4, major epididymis-specific protein E4
Species: dog
Products:     WFDC2

Top Publications

  1. Pera I, Ivell R, Kirchhoff C. Regional variation of specific gene expression in the dog epididymis as revealed by in-situ transcript hybridization. Int J Androl. 1994;17:324-30 pubmed
    ..The gene products CE1, CE4 and CE5, which are the canine equivalents of the human homologues HE1, HE4 and HE5, are shown to be expressed in a ..
  2. Ellerbrock K, Pera I, Hartung S, Ivell R. Gene expression in the dog epididymis: a model for human epididymal function. Int J Androl. 1994;17:314-23 pubmed
    ..cDNA cloning and sequencing confirmed that the canine gene products, CE1, CE4 and CE5 were indeed true structural homologues of their human counterparts...