Gene Symbol: TICAM1
Description: toll like receptor adaptor molecule 1
Alias: TRIF, TIR domain-containing adapter molecule 1, TICAM-1, TIR domain containing adaptor inducing interferon-beta, TIR domain-containing adapter protein inducing IFN-beta, toll-interleukin-1 receptor domain-containing adapter protein inducing interferon beta
Species: cow
Products:     TICAM1

Top Publications

  1. Yang W, Zerbe H, Petzl W, Brunner R, G√ľnther J, Draing C, et al. Bovine TLR2 and TLR4 properly transduce signals from Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli, but S. aureus fails to both activate NF-kappaB in mammary epithelial cells and to quickly induce TNFalpha and interleukin-8 (CXCL8) expression in the udder. Mol Immunol. 2008;45:1385-97 pubmed
    ..of this activation is attributable to TLR-mediated signalling, since a dual transdominant negative DN-MyD88-DN-TRIF factor blocks >80% of the pathogen-related NF-kappaB activation in pbMEC...
  2. Dubbert J, Bowers A, Su Y, McClenahan D. Effect of TRIF on permeability and apoptosis in bovine microvascular endothelial cells exposed to lipopolysaccharide. Vet J. 2013;198:419-23 pubmed publisher
    ..gene 88 (MyD88) and the Toll/interleukin (IL)-1 receptor (TIR) domain-containing adapter-inducing interferon-? (TRIF) pathways...