Gene Symbol: BOLA-DQA1
Description: major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha, type 1
Alias: BoLA-DQA, major histocompatibility complex, class II, DQ alpha, type 1, MHC class II antigen
Species: cow
Products:     BOLA-DQA1

Top Publications

  1. Nishino Y, Tajima S, Aida Y. Cattle cDNA clone encoding a new allele of the MHC class II DQA1 gene. Immunogenetics. 1995;42:306-7 pubmed
  2. Norimine J, Brown W. Intrahaplotype and interhaplotype pairing of bovine leukocyte antigen DQA and DQB molecules generate functional DQ molecules important for priming CD4(+) T-lymphocyte responses. Immunogenetics. 2005;57:750-62 pubmed
    ..Functional BoLA-DQ molecules are generated by both intrahaplotype and interhaplotype pairing of A and B chains and play a similar role to BoLA-DR in priming helper T-cell responses to important pathogens. ..
  3. Takeshima S, Matsumoto Y, Chen J, Yoshida T, Mukoyama H, Aida Y. Evidence for cattle major histocompatibility complex (BoLA) class II DQA1 gene heterozygote advantage against clinical mastitis caused by Streptococci and Escherichia species. Tissue Antigens. 2008;72:525-31 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first report showing that heterozygosity of the BoLA-DQA1 gene is associated with resistance to mastitis progression...
  4. Schwab A, Geary T, Baillargeon P, Schwab A, Fecteau G. Association of BoLA DRB3 and DQA1 alleles with susceptibility to Neospora caninum and reproductive outcome in Quebec Holstein cattle. Vet Parasitol. 2009;165:136-40 pubmed publisher
    ..caninum. However, an association of allele DRB3*1001 and allele DRB3*2703 with resistance and susceptibility to pregnancy loss, irrespective of infection status, was identified. ..
  5. Xu A, McKenna K, Lewin H. Sequencing and genetic analysis of a bovine DQA cDNA clone. Immunogenetics. 1993;37:231-4 pubmed
  6. Russell G, Gallagher A, Craigmile S, Glass E. Characterization of cattle cDNA sequences from two DQA loci. Immunogenetics. 1997;45:455-8 pubmed
  7. Takeshima S, Miki A, Kado M, Aida Y. Establishment of a sequence-based typing system for BoLA-DQA1 exon 2. Tissue Antigens. 2007;69:189-99 pubmed
    ..Together with the previously developed method for typing BoLA-DRB3, the PCR-SBT for BoLA-DQA1 clearly provides a useful tool for detailed class IIa haplotype analysis. ..