Gene Symbol: foxm1.S
Description: forkhead box M1 S homeolog
Alias: Trident, WIN, fkhl16, foxm1l, hfh-11, mpp2, forkhead box protein M1, foxm1, xlFoxM1
Species: common platanna

Top Publications

  1. Pohl B, Rössner A, Knöchel W. The Fox gene family in Xenopus laevis:FoxI2, FoxM1 and FoxP1 in early development. Int J Dev Biol. 2005;49:53-8 pubmed
    ..b>xlFoxM1 like xlFoxP1 are the first members of subclasses M and P described in Xenopus...
  2. Ueno H, Nakajo N, Watanabe M, Isoda M, Sagata N. FoxM1-driven cell division is required for neuronal differentiation in early Xenopus embryos. Development. 2008;135:2023-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we show that the Forkhead transcription factor FoxM1 is required for both proliferation and differentiation of neuronal precursors in early Xenopus embryos...