Gene Symbol: HOXD11
Description: homeobox D11
Alias: GHOX4.6, homeobox protein Hox-D11, Hox D11, chox-4.6, chox-4E, ghox-4.6, homeo box D11, homeobox protein Hox-4.6, homeobox protein Hox-4E, homeodomain-containing protein
Species: chicken
Products:     HOXD11

Top Publications

  1. Rogina B, Coelho C, Kosher R, Upholt W. The pattern of expression of the chicken homolog of HOX1I in the developing limb suggests a possible role in the ectodermal inhibition of chondrogenesis. Dev Dyn. 1992;193:92-101 pubmed
    ..abstract truncated at 400 words) ..
  2. Nohno T, Noji S, Koyama E, Ohyama K, Myokai F, Kuroiwa A, et al. Involvement of the Chox-4 chicken homeobox genes in determination of anteroposterior axial polarity during limb development. Cell. 1991;64:1197-205 pubmed
    ..Those results suggest that positional information assigned by a ZPA morphogen is imprinted on cellular memory by expression of the Chox-4 genes to maintain positional signaling along the anteroposterior axis in the limb field. ..
  3. Izpisua Belmonte J, Tickle C, Dolle P, Wolpert L, Duboule D. Expression of the homeobox Hox-4 genes and the specification of position in chick wing development. Nature. 1991;350:585-9 pubmed
    ..The mirror-image patterns of Hox-4 gene expression, which are obtained in this way, correlate with the subsequent development of mirror-image patterns of digits. Hox-4 genes probably encode positional information. ..
  4. Kamiyama N, Seki R, Yokoyama H, Tamura K. Heterochronically early decline of Hox expression prior to cartilage formation in the avian hindlimb zeugopod. Dev Growth Differ. 2012;54:619-32 pubmed publisher
    ..are produced from a region that is defined as the fixed Hox code, we examined spatial and temporal patterns of Hoxd11/Hoxd12 expression in the developing limb bud, which defines the region from which the fibula emerges, in ..